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We’re living in a nation divided against itself. On one hand we have bible-clinging, small government seeking, get-off-my-lawn, live-and-let-live conservatarians. On the other hand, bleeding heart pro-government liberals. While there are non-gun owners in the former group and gun owners in the latter, people on all sides share one firearms-related characteristic . . .


The number of people who know nothing about guns and gun rights is staggering. Not to mention millions of undereducated Americans who know nothing about anything, including the fact that they live in a constitutional republic.

When it comes to our Constitutionally protected firearms freedom, ignorance is not bliss. Far from it.

When a person doesn’t have a clue about firearms, when they don’t know the truth about guns, they rely on “common sense” and emotions. Making them silly putty for mainstream media anti-gun agitators.

So what should all Americans know about guns? Here are my three ideas (kept as simple as humanly possible):

1. Americans have an absolute right to keep and bear arms — no matter what criminals, crazies and terrorists do with guns

2. Guns save life

3. The Four Safety Rules

What are your three “you should damn well know this” points for firearms ignorami?

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  1. As one of those “small government seeking, get-off-my-lawn, live-and-let-live conservatarians” (whatever that is), the three things everybody should know about guns are

    1. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Or a good woman. But not a good guy with a good woman. Although that’s not bad.

    2. Guns don’t kill people. At least, not most guns. Sure, every once in a while, a gun goes off by itself, which is why I don’t buy Remingtons. But mostly, somebody has to load them, aim them and shoot them.

    3. Don’t hate guns because they’re black. That’s just prejudiced.

    • (((DEMOCIDE))) (Mass) murder of people by a government which has power over them.
      Governments have killed more people than all wars combined.
      …and what is the first thing they do (((?)))

      P.S. Do not believe me or anyone else unless you can prove it with your own research, but do listen to everyone. MWC

      …and stop fighting amongst each other, that is exactly what (((THEY))) want. (((Ordo ab Chao)))
      God Bless US, because we need it!

      • Can some one please explain why jewish politicians are in the leadership working to disarm the civilian population???

        Or tell me why blacks are in the leadership working to disarm all civilians???

        Or explain why elected white homosexuals are in leadership positions working to disarm the civilian population???

        Or why elected women are working to disarm the female civilian population???

      • “It’s the “Jewish echo,” bud. /pol/tards have broken containment.”

        I’m aware of that, Evey259.

        I was trying to bait that bigot into *admitting it*…

      • “Or why elected women are working to disarm the female civilian population???”

        Not all of them, Chris.

        Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa is a proper POTG and *votes* that way…

      • Jodi Ernst is in favor of a Bump Stock ban. Maybe you are in favor of a Bump Stock ban as well???
        I’m not. And I left my comments on the ATF web site.

        We have a very serious problem in the gun community when so called “gun rights” people can’t articulate the reasons and importance of private rapid fire guns in the hands of a responsible civilian population.

        The Second Amendment is not about hunting or three gun!!! Nor is it about have a shinny gun collection.

        There are many on TTAG who support a ban. What else are they willing to give up??? Any and all semi-automatic rifles???

        A ruger 10/22 makes a great machine gun.

  2. 1.People kill people, not tools.
    2.Weapons are not toys.
    3.Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are intent on killing whatever the gun is pointed at.

  3. What does the image have to do with the question? I am not complaining, just asking. Are you leading us somewhere?

      • Yep that’s a good one up there. That beauty is the only reason I’m this far down the page and I hear ya, but be wary of them…very way. I’ve got a thing for them thanks to a fire haired ballerina I dated in the Alabama ballet back in the day. Ruined me forever. Ended up marrying one and I’m still paying the price for dating that dancer. I’d get a divorce, but I’d prolly just marry another one. I’ve always said that for chicks it adds 2 on the hotness scale. Red hair turns a 5 into a 7 and a 7 into a 9. I married the latter.

        Oh yeah… guns an’ stuff, too.

      • Oh hell yes! I myself am a red-headed man, which I love. Though if I ever meet a nice red-haired woman and decide to settle down with her…. hoo boy, look out world!

  4. 1. There is “no such thing as gun violence!” It is violent human behavior that must be dealt with and accounted for!!
    2. Firearms, knives, hatchets, hammers, bats, screw drivers and cars are all tools. Neither of them by itself is more violent than any other one. It is, and always will be up to the person to decide how and when they are used whether for good or bad.
    3. No gun control law can, or ever did stop a determined individual from committing an act of violence with a firearm.

  5. My three:

    1. Mind your own business and control your own life, taking full responsibility for the consequences of your choices and actions. Nobody has legitimate authority to control other people.
    2. Defend yourself from attack, but never initiate force of any kind against another.
    3. Take full responsibility to raise your children to accept self ownership and personal responsibility. Be the best example you possibly can be.

  6. 1. The right of the People to keep and bear arms does not require interpretation. If you can’t understand that you are no American. This right does not end at state lines.
    2. Those who disagree with item 1. are not worthy of public office. If a politician can’t get that right they are incapable of getting anything right and will neither serve the People nor the Constitution.
    3. Shoot first, ask questions later, let God sort it out, dead men tell no tales and don’t waste taxpayer dollars.

  7. Guns in the hands of the common man scare totalitarians. Guns are cheap under the Trump administration. You do not want be on the wrong end of a gun

  8. What are your three “you should damn well know this” points for firearms ignorami?

    1. Guns are dangerous. You shouldn’t have one.
    2. Guns are expensive, you can’t afford one.
    3. Ammunition is dangerous and expensive, you don’t need any.

  9. 1) Guns are the great equalizer, they diminishes the disparity of physical strength and speed between people.
    2) When you value the individual rights as much as the group, then bearing arms as in the 2A becomes critical.
    3) Guns and rules about/against guns don’t fix stupid/mean people from being stupid / mean.

  10. 1. Guns are inanimate objects. Like SUVs, they are incapable of self-actualization.

    2. Guns do not exert mystical powers over the minds of peaceful law-abiding people.

    3. When armed, avoid traveling in CA, IL, NJ, MD, HI, and other fascistic jurisdictions.

  11. The number of people who know nothing about guns and gun rights is staggering. Not to mention millions of undereducated Americans who know nothing about anything, including the fact that they live in a constitutional republic

    Citizenship requires responsibility. Those described above are bereft of one and should be stripped of the other.

    • Really? Didn’t read that in the Constitution: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

  12. 1: Anything written about guns or gun owners in the mass market media is a pack of lies & propaganda
    2: Firearms are the most effective tool of self empowerment, they equalize everyone independent of age, sex, race, religion or disability
    3: Most politicians are self serving, corrupt, petty, wannabe tyrants on a power-trip who believe that they are better than you. They don’t want you to have guns; discuss!

  13. 1. Guns are like penises, bigger is better.
    2. Guns are like penises, shoot first and worry later.
    3. Guns are like penises, keep it in your pants until you actually need it.

    I’m starting to have real fun with this one…

  14. Points for firearms ignorami. 1. Guns don’t kill people. 2 Apes with guns kill people.3 Ignore Rami and anyone else who tells you different

  15. 1) Guns don’t shoot themselves. They require a human operator, regardless how many times you read the lie, “the firearm discharged” in a police report of a negligent discharge.
    2) “Military style” guns are no more dangerous or deadly than grandpa’s hunting rifle. Sometimes less so.
    3) People with government-issued permits to carry guns have proven to be less dangerous than the rest of the population.

    • “Guns don’t shoot themselves. They require a human operator, regardless how many times you read the lie, “the firearm discharged” in a police report of a negligent discharge.”

      Remington 700 series aside…

    • Haha, regarding #2: then why does our military not use bolt action rifles for most of our troops? Sure, on a shot by shot basis a bolt action rifle is just as deadly or more so (I.e .300 win mag vs 5.56). But realistically, that’s not true. Having more firepower on hand allows for more rounds fired in a given amount of time. That’s why a lot of people prefer an AR-15 over a bolt action for home defense (among other reasons).

      • 2. Because the majority of gun owners want a good modern firearm for home defense/hunting and shooting.
        The platform is the AR, a military style weapon is far removed from the weapon the majority of gun owners can own. Hence the difference between an SP AR-15 and an M-27.
        Just because it looks like a weapon of war doesn’t make it a real weapon of war.
        Example: The Ruger 10/22 wearing the stock that resembles an Assault Rifle.
        It is still just a .22 lr carbine not a war weapon.
        Looks, do not kill.

  16. I have only one. If your daughter were being attacked by a robber or rapist, would you want her to have a gun to defend herself?

    Face it fellow PotG; we aren’t as good at persuasion as the professionals on the Anti side. This is not a match of “My statisticians can beat your statisticians!” That just doesn’t move voters; and, we need to move voters.

    The Constitution is on our side; but, most voters whom we need to persuade are not much interested in the Constitution. The facts are on our side; but, most voters whom we need to persuade will not be moved by facts. Do we want to succeed? If we do, then we had better get ourselves educated on what forms of communication are successful.

    Scott Adams (author of the Dilbert comic strip) wrote a book titled “Winning Bigly” wherein he explains how Trump won the election. Notwithstanding that Adams is a self-admitted lefty, he publicly predicted – from the outset – that Trump would win; because Trump was a masterful persuader. Ever been puzzled by what Trump says when he seems to be shooting-his-mouth-off? Winning Bigly will make it clear.

    Adams explains what we already figured out. People make decisions by listening to their emotions; they arrange the facts to justify the emotionally-driven decision. We need to lead our campaign by addressing emotions.

    How do you REALLY feel about your daughter being defenseless? Can you count the seconds between her dialing 9-1-1 and the cops showing up? Do you think anyone will hear her scream? Blowing her rape whistle? Do you think an unarmed passer-by will rescue her from an armed thug? Do you think your daughter could learn to handle a gun responsibly? Did she learn to drive a car safely?

    Only if some such question prompts some emotional response is a voter likely to take an interest in learning more.

    • “I have only one. If your daughter were being attacked by a robber or rapist, would you want her to have a gun to defend herself?”

      Spot on.

      “Face it fellow PotG; we aren’t as good at persuasion as the professionals on the Anti side.”

      We need to realize we must compensate for how un-compelling our cause us. Also, don’t assume your audience is stupid. Be respectful, don’t use cliches, listen to issue behind the argument.

      Thanks for posting that.

    • How about this one: When you’re alone on a dark street and a rapist attacks, would you rather have a cell phone and know how to use it or have a gun and know how to use it?

  17. Quite often, firearms owners are their own worst enemies. The duck hunters don’t like the AR-15 “black rifles” so they see no problem if attempts are made to ban them. The traditional rifle owners don’t like machine guns, so they have no problem with them being legislated out of existence. Some pistol owners see nothing wrong with certain long guns being outlawed just as some rifle owners would have no problem seeing pistols banned.
    Friends, ALL firearms advocates must “hang together” and realize that an assault on ANY means of firearms ownership and self-defense is an assault on ALL forms of firearms ownership and self-defense.
    There is absolutely NO ROOM for complacency among ANY Second Amendment supporters. An attack on one is an attack on ALL…
    ALL firearms laws are unconstitutional on their face. Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”. The Second Amendment is clear–what part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians and the media not understand…of course, they understand full well…it’s part of their communist agenda…

    • I know quite a few duck hunters, most of them have AR15’s. Duck hunters are gun enthusiast too. Most rifle hunters see any infringement on firearms as an infringement on there bolt actions, not all but most. And both groups, not all but most, have pistols.??? I think the NRA started that, hunters don’t like machining gun thing, just to stir shit up.

      • It’s human nature…many people don’t mind if someone else s rights are infringed, as long as their own small interests remain untouched. Another human “vulnerability” is that of being too eager to “compromise”, in order to “protect your own turf”. Freezing the machine gun registry in 1986 (NFA) while enacting the “Firearms Owners’ Protection Act” was a prime example of a “compromise” that many firearms enthusiasts could care less about.
        We either hang together or we will all hang separately…NO COMPROMISE…

  18. 1) The reason that most American can go to sleep at night free from the worry of home-invasion robbery and assault is because a large minority of homes have a firearm at the ready. Those that don’t have a firearm benefit greatly from those that do.

    Does anyone know the percentage of armed homes?

    2) The original gun control laws in the U.S. were Jim Crow laws intended to deprive blacks of their constitutional right to a firearm.

    3) Automatic firearms have been illegal for many decades. When the media and Bloomberg operatives talk about automatic weapons they are intentionally misleading folks into thinking they are still commonplace. Only semi-automatic weapons are legal for sale.

    • Sorry but #3 isn’t correct. While the Hughes Ammendment outlawed new machine guns for the NFA registry, any machine gun manufactured before the May 1986 (otherwise already in the NFA registey) law is still eligible for transfer to civilians. You just have to fill out the paperwork and pay about $25K for a registered M16. Thank the NRA and asshat Reagan for that gem.

  19. 1) Guns save a lot more than they kill

    2) Gun owners are generally friendly and responsible people. If you don’t believe me, go to a shooting class.

    3) Gun safety is for everyone, whereas gun owning/carrying is not.

  20. 1. I’m about as likely to give up my guns as you are giving up your made up gender.
    2. Guns are tools nothing morenothing less. Their evil or good to society is completely dependant upon the person holding them.
    3. My rights don’t end where your feels begin. Rights don’t change because your feelings are hurt.

  21. 1. Humans have an absolute right to keep and bear arms — no matter what criminals, crazies and terrorists do with guns (let’s just be clear that absolute means virtually every gun control law on the books violates this right).

    2. You need a gun because guns save life

    3. The Four Safety Rules

  22. 1. It’s a right to own them
    2. 4 firearm safety rules
    3. Operation of said firearms they either choose or not choose to own

  23. 1. Guns are tools of oppression.
    2. Guns give humans an unfair advantage over animals.
    3. If one man can do it, everybody can do it.

    • Response:

      1. Only cuz the oppressed have been denied their 2A right. People with guns don’t end up with the oppressed label.
      2. Yeah that’s kinda the idea. Ever tried to get some protein the honest way? It’s really hard and you’ll prolly run out of calories trying.
      3. Agreed. Guns are the great equalizer.

    • 1. People have been oppressed long before the invention of the gun.
      2. Starving to death was always an option even before guns made starving less of an option.
      3. (?) WT&?

  24. 1. If you’ve never exercised your Second Amendment rights, you can learn about firearms and experience shooting in a safe, controlled, beginner-friendly environment by renting a firearm at a local shooting range. Opportunities are available even in places with restrictive gun control laws:

    2. Firearms laws vary *wildly* from state to state. Plenty of these laws are just plain stupid, and can entrap people (even non-gun owners) with harsh penalties for innocent acts, like possessing empty shell casings [link below]. The job of police is to enforce the law. The job of legislators is to create the law. Our job is to fire legislators who pass stupid laws like these.

    3. The government / police are not legally bound to protect you:

  25. 1. That they are an enumerated right and our founding fathers did indeed envision civilians owning weapons of war.
    2. Firearms make our society SAFE, not the antithesis.
    3. Firearms are the great equalizer. They grant normal people the ability to face threats of violence with a fighting chance to overcome their oppressor and live.

  26. 1 i have the right to own guns
    2 if you intent on taking them away, remember, i have guns
    3 if you intent to harm me, i still have them

  27. 1. Governments have no righteous authority to “regulate” good people and firearms.
    That means governments should not tell good people which firearms they can have, which features their firearms can have, how many firearms they can have, where they can have them, when they can have them, how to acquire them, how to dispose of them, how to carry them, nor how to transport them. Nor should governments require licenses or charge fees to own, carry, possess, transport, purchase, trade, inherit, gift, or sell firearms.
    2. Businesses and private property owners have no righteous authority to ban effective self-defense firearms without providing serious and effective on-site and personal security to guests.
    3. The benefits of widespread responsible firearm ownership wildly exceed the drawbacks of widespread responsible firearm ownership. This is not a specious claim. Ample data, evidence, and realistic analysis establish this fact.

  28. 1) GOD knew we’d make gun/smokeless powder out of the stuff that HE made.
    2) GOD knew we’d make guns out of the stuff that HE made.
    3) GOD knows what we will do with the guns and ammunition components from the stuff that HE made.

  29. 1. A gun possessed by a good guy is a good thing.

    2. A good guy who knows how and when to use a gun is a very good thing.

    3. Bad guys have guns and are always closer than you think, looking for an opportunity. They are a very bad thing.

  30. 1) Gun violence statistics touted by politicians are almost invariably taken out of context to deliberately mislead you. For instance, if they say that the rate of gun violence in America is 3.8 victims per 100,000 people, whereas Canada (for instance) has a rate of .48 victims per 100,000 people, that may seem very shocking. But the false impression that this creates is that ANY given 3.8 in 100,000 Americans could have gun violence rained down on them. That is not true at all. The reality of gun violence in America is that the overwhelming majority of gun violence consists of poor people shooting other poor people on the wrong side of the tracks over drug traffic disputes. Should we seriously ponder how to fix that problem? Absolutely. Does the fact that a bunch of criminals with no regard for the law are shooting each other tell us anything meaningful about how likely you and I are to get shot? Not at all. To imply otherwise is fallacious.

    2) Guns do not work the way Hollywood says they do. Most people who get shot once don’t die, and they most certainly are sent flying across the room.

    3) Silencers aren’t silent. They simply take something that sounds as loud as a car crash and make it as “quiet” as a firecracker.

    4) Any confusion over the meaning or significance of the 2nd Amendment is a newfound phenomenon. It’s revisionist history, plain and simple. To suggest that we no longer need the 2nd Amendment and that the constitution should be rewritten to dispose of it is your right. To argue that it was never intended to confer an individual right is sophistry.

  31. 1. The Right to Keep and Bear arms is a natural right and exists independent of Government, the 2nd Amendment or whims of the Supreme Court.
    2. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, or personal protection, it was affirmation that we the people should be armed to protect ourselves and our liberty against a tyrannical government.
    3. The Federal Government has absolutely no delegated power over the Country at large to regulate, legislate or make rules regarding firearms, that would also include things we might find appealing like National Reciprocity. States are Sovereign entities, we are not the United State of America, but United States, a union of Sovereign States.

    • “The Federal Government has absolutely no delegated power over the Country at large to regulate, legislate or make rules regarding firearms, that would also include things we might find appealing like National Reciprocity. States are Sovereign entities, we are not the United State of America, but United States, a union of Sovereign States.” – Go read the 14A.

  32. Murder and violent crime in Europe started a steady decline shortly after the invention and wide distribution of practical handguns.

    The European homicide rate in the 1400s outside of warfare was over 40. By the 1600s it had plummeted to under 8, and by the 1700s, below 3. This coincides with technological developments making the carry of firearms practical and affordable and the effect it had on crimes like highway robbery and murder. Before firearms, a man who was experienced and capable in the realm of violence could confidently confront the average traveler, knowing that there was nearly no chance of effective counterattack. When someone who makes a career of inflicting violence on others is faced with an effective counter that takes relatively little skill and training in comparison, it has a chilling effect on his career productivity.

  33. Lots of good ones above. Here is what I’d like to add.

    1. Know how guns work, what they can and can’t do. Familiarity helps against irrational fears.

    2. Know existing gun control laws. People need to stop thinking that buying a gun is easier than buying a book or fruit. (I believe it should be the same) When they learn how many bullshit unconstitutional gun control laws we already have, maybe they stop yelling for more. Man can dream, right?

    3. Criminals kill people, not the tools in their hands. Making it ‘harder’ to get guns works only for folks who you don’t have to worry about in the first place. Criminals don’t care about laws.

  34. 1. A gun is a tool like a hammer, saw or shovel the intent of the user makes it what it is, not it’s designed use.
    2. A Gun owner is not an automatic killer just as a Hammer owner is not an automatic carpenter.
    3. The second amendment gives people the right to own a weapon, or not if you don’t like guns don’t own one do not presume to limit my right to own one.

  35. Thee things EVERYBODY should know about guns:

    1. ALWAYS keep a gun pointed in a safe direction
    2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
    3. Gun control = people control

  36. Shane’ll tell ya: “A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.”

    One great movie!

  37. 1.You must own one
    2.You must know how to use it (safety rules, etc)
    3. You may need to use it against your own government, which is the reason you own it in the first place.

  38. 1. Democide was the #1 killer of the 20th & 21st Centuries to date. By the way that means death by your own government.
    2. Criminals don’t obey laws by definition. If you want to be a victim that is your choice, for yourself only! I personally don’t like victims that do so purposely by empowering criminal elements of society.
    3. Educate about firearms, existing legislation and the history of such legislation. Rather than yelling “catch-phrases” like a trained parakeet.

    ps. Does it have to be only 3 things?


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