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Yes, we know you won’t be carving the bird until Thursday. But if going around the table and declaring one thing you’re thankful for is a ritual where you’ll be having dinner, it helps if you’ve thought about it in advance. So assuming all semi-controversial talk hasn’t been banned at your house this year, what are you thankful for (balistically speaking)?

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    • Yep, me and most of my family on my dad’s side are very thankful for that. Can’t say my parents or my sister are very pleased about the outcome, though.

      • Yeah, I’m probably most thankful for the fact that Hilary lost, however, I am not looking forward to all the whining that will be going on in my family at Thanksgiving.

        • Liberal tears are the sweetest beverage. Enjoy the tears and whining. Gloat like it’s your job! I will.

      • That’s the exact situation I’m in. All of my dads family (my aunts, uncles, grandparents) are red as can be, but my parents and sisters were all big clinton supporters. And we’re spending thanksgiving at my dad’s parents this year. It’ll be interesting.

        • To hear the Liberals (if you can stand the whining) tell it everybody in America voted for Hillary, it’s that damned electoral college that’s electing Trump.

    • Good. Build the wall, and put them on the other side of it. They can have fun being a part of Mexico with no freshwater.

        • More water flows through Arkansas in a week than annual rainfall in CA.

          The case could be made to run a water pipeline from the east coast to Los Angeles but some environmentalist somewhere would bitch about it.

    • Well, only thing to say to that is. Fuck everyone of you. And hope you have a good thanksgiving. But fuck everyone of you.

      • LOL.

        Well, I was hoping Californians can calexit. You would go with them. Then later, after you guys left, east coast Californian’s would realize that most of the state’s area is republican. They would also realize that east coast Californian’s are no match for west coast California gun owners. So then after a micro civil war, west California can return to the US and a thin strip of liberal snowflake land would form their own nation on the coast. After a decade or so, when calexit implodes from their own liberal garbage mindset with mass migration and decay, we can reclaim what is left again.

  1. Harvesting venison for the table. Thankful for family, and having a job in this economy, listen to Obama’s propaganda if you must it’s just a polished pile of poop. Also thankful I was able to make it to Texas Firearms Fest.

    • TFF was fun, wasn’t it? My only bitch was that me and the boys skipped the skeet because an interminable address was holding everything up, then forgot to go back before we left. Shotguns and clay are fun, wanted to see if more expensive shotguns made it more fun.

      • JWT, to clarify, I’m thankful we did not get a Hillary, and did not lose the congress to (D)’s so that it may get signed into law. I’m tired of being charged unnecessary money to have a metal tube.

  2. I’m thankful for JESUS. I’m thankful for my wife of 27years. Living in America yeah I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful the hildebeast lost. Guns? I’m thankful I can buy ’em but they are just tools to me. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • My mom has a print of this painting hanging, along with others from the series. These were Rockwell’s propaganda paintings for Roosevelt’s new bill of rights, this one in particular was freedom from want. My mom is not a proponent of positive rights, she just doesn’t get into the weeds of political theory and the consequences of taking things to their logical conclusions. I get a thorn in my side whenever I notice one hanging. I hope to inherit those prints so I can set them alight.

      • The illustrations were based on Roosevelt’s 1941 State of the Union Address, though in my opinion the images don’t align very well with the speech. Roosevelt was speaking of his worldview, while the illustrations all show white people enjoying American traditions.

        When we entered WWII, those four illustrations served to remind us what we were fighting for, and they helped sell a lot of war bonds.

        • “Roosevelt was speaking of his worldview, while the illustrations all show white people enjoying American traditions.”

          Well back then there were ALOT of white folk. The Browning of America started in 1968 when Democrats stopped allowing smart white Europeans to immigrate and flooded American third world low IQ’s who could mark a ballet.

      • To most moms, I expect the painting represents a warm home life that most of us value, especially women. It devoid of politics, for them.

    • Well… then you can be thankful your fellow New Yorker’s haven’t imprisoned you because your opinions didn’t match theirs.

  3. I’m thankful for Donald Trump beating Hilary because he was the only Republican that could have done it.
    I’m thankful for the job I have and the people I work with. I’m thankful for some, but not all members of my family.

    And that’s about it. Everything I have or have access to that makes my life easier is just a product of the time I live in and boy the times are a changing.

  4. I am thankful for being in relative decent health.

    It sure could be better (Morton’s neuroma, mild tinnitus), but it definitely could be lots worse (you *don’t* wanna know)…

  5. Living in America, a roof over my head, good health, hot and cold running water, enough to eat, decent healthcare, fewer crazy people in my life this year, a decent job
    hope for unfettered access to suppressors and short barrels and other goodies.

  6. I’m thankful for Ruger for making an awesome 308 Predator rifle to get me addicted to shooting at 500+ yards, SDTA for helping me afford the suppressor habit, Hornady for their lock n load reloading press that has been helping me support my shooting, TTAG for my daily sanity check, and all of the gun community.

  7. I got a call from Jr Sanchez and Sutton Truluck (Marco Rubio’s Senior Policy Advisor and Legislative Correspondent respectively) today and they seemed pretty receptive to my arguments for repealing the NFA. I’m pretty thankful for that.

    Anyone in Florida should call his office now and tell them you want NFA repeal too.

  8. This may sound very smug, and hopefully I am not jinxing anything….

    I am thankful I am able to be thankful for so many great things, foremost my lovely kid. In the context of TTAG and POTG though, I am thankful that we can and will finally have some realistic hope of actual movement on National Reciprocity. November 8th may one day be seen as a kind of Stalingrad on the fight over gun control. Just when the struggle for our rights appeared bleak… there was a turning point, a seismic shift in momentum.

    I’ve read and heard many skeptics and negative forecasts concerning National Reciprocity, a lot of it unfortunately being realistic and reasonably possible. But, next year, there is a real chance to pass National Reciprocity, and with this, a real possibility of ending the gun control fight for a generation. Perhaps I am optimistic beyond reality… but when I can visit San Diego and San Francisco carrying a gun, and the sky doesn’t fall and life goes on, and the spotlight shifts to gun crimes and away from the absurd hysteria of “gun violence,” and a whole new group of people experience permits and their rights, the chorus of delusional parrots will inevitably get thinner and thinner… and perhaps, eventually just render themselves irrelevant. There’ll be holdouts and dead-enders– but the more people who are able to realize their rights, the more that inevitably will, and the less people will listen to the condescension and morally superior judgments of those panic-mongers clinging to a futile cause that fewer people believe is even worthwhile.

    And magazines will become stocking stuffers in every Bay Area home by Christmas! Okay… so, perhaps I am too optimistic, too gleeful with hope. But the fight over gun control has always hinged upon the fact that POTG have been “others” and “them” and “those gun nuts.” (Also, it has been hijacked and stranded in the quagmire of an association with one’s political orientation, the ridiculous cafeteria food-fight between “liberals” and “right-wingers” …such nonsense that simply must stop. Yes, I hear y’all… but that is another conversation entirely… the sweet irony of Trump’s victory being, as TTAG even mentioned, that it has awakened a 2nd Amendment consciousness in those who previously ignored or poo-poo’d the idea.) When National Reciprocity– and the inevitable court fights over a baseline equality for our right to bear and not just keep– is finally real, then even in my most pessimistic forecasts, I can only see things shifting towards the better. And that is something to be thankful for, surely.

    Where once I was a felon in a rogue state, I am now a law-abiding citizen with the basic rights that I enjoyed in my home state, the winds have changed for the better. And then all those Bay Area people who pulled 10-round magazines out of their stockings on Christmas morning will say…

    “Wait….? Why didn’t Santa bring me a 15-rounder? Maybe next year! And what’s with this goofy permit thing, anyway?”

    So, thankful…. This has got to happen.

    Be safe, and write your reps to demand National Reciprocity. Tell them: “One country, one Bill of Rights for all.”

  9. I’m thankful for the following having been born and living in this country, I’m thankful and proud of my Service for this country? I extremely thankful that the Anti-American Socialist Democratic Party is unable to screw with my life for the few years by passing Nanny care bills that are not wanted nor needed!

  10. I’m thankful for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that others could live free.

    And I’m thankful that, at least for now, the patriots in this great nation are able to out-vote the traitors.

  11. I’m thankful that I am lucky enough to live in the only free country on the planet. I’m lucky that in this country declared our independence of England to pursue Life, Liberty and happiness. I’m thankful that we have a Constitution that gives us a method to correct when we go off course (last 8 to 16 years) with the elective process that balances big states like NY and CA power with the rights of the smaller states. I’m also thankful that our Constitution has the provision for taking our country back by force in the unfortunate event that we are taken over by those that would enslave us. Most of all I’m thankful that our rights are inalienable natural rights bestowed upon us by our creator and none other than our creator may take them from us.

    • You know what? The lefties ought to be damned glad for the electoral college provision. It made it possible for a non-bloody change in governance. Otherwise, who knows what might have happened.

    • Two laps around the planet, I can say without reservation our dirt smells better than anyone else’s. I’m thankful for good dirt.

  12. Thankful that my favorite holiday hasn’t (yet) been overcommercialized. A quiet day, family, good food, horrid football, and I don’t get up early Friday to fight people over some electronic crap at 75% off.

  13. I’m Thankful that people are waking up to the fact that “Ourselves and our posterity” is not an open invitation to every piece of human refuse that washes onto our shore.

    • This.

      To hell with the “huddled masses” who want to live for free at the expense of the fruits of OUR labor.

  14. I’m thankful that God’s blessed me with the three B’s and maybe a little of number four. Beans, blue jeans, bullets, and a beer every so often. We have clothes on our backs, more than enough to eat, the means to defend my family and put food on the table, and a little liquid enjoyment. We’ve got a roof over our heads that’s finally paid for, I fought the cancer monster four years ago and so far he hasn’t come back. Add in a wife who has put up with my sorry butt for 40 years – she’s good looking and can cook too. Hillary isn’t in the White House and I can find .22 ammo in Academy Sports and Wally World. Life isn’t too bad.

    • I’ve done a few things in my life, once, on the far side, stood in front of a group of men, looked into their eyes and saw they were yoked to fate by birth in a land that squandered whatever opportunity they could contribute or succeed in their country. That moment I finally understood what America represents. This country creates a medium that, anyone should they choose, and willing to work, can achieve whatever they want. By virtue of pass generations trial and tribulations, I’ve been gifted liberty in a republic, privileged to serve it and with every drop of my blood preserve it.

  15. I’m thankful for blogs such as this and the hundreds of thousands of people who have the same interest as I. Who share what they think, feel and love with a passion not found, I believe, anywhere on earth. I thank G#d for my defensive firepower and pray that I shall never have to use it to protect myself, family or a fellow citizen. I’m thankful that after 32 years as an aircraft mechanic, in less than 300 working days, I will say goodbye to that endeavour and pursue another trade, spend time with the best Wife any man can have, practice defensive carbine, play with my Grandchildren, ride my Polaris…..but most of all, up to this point I thank the G#d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that I have lived long enough to experience all these things……and my greatest of all hopes is that each and every single one of you, have a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving……thanks to all of you 🙂

  16. That my mom and dad adopted me as a baby some 58 years ago from a european country and brought me to the United States. I have no idea what my life may have turned out without them, but I have a feeling I would have never been as blessed as I am. I miss them both…

  17. There is a lot to be thankful for but at the very top of the list is the astonishing fact that the woman I love loves me too, and married me.

  18. Thankful for the young folks doing the job I did for 22 years. My beautiful wife who put up with deployments and many moves, my children, the wonderful church fellowship we have been led to by God. Thankful for the amazing men and women who fought for, gave their lives and forged this United States of America. That with this election our 2nd Amendment rights seem secure for now. Thank You Lord!

  19. Thankful for many things. My beautiful wife. My dog. My family. My job. An America that might be back to being the greatest country in the world.
    And thankful for ttag and all the people who post here. I’ve learned a lot from everyone. So thank you all

  20. Being thankful: I have never read so much hate in a long time. Wake the frell up, “We the People” are frelled. There is nothing to be thankful for. We as a nation are finished

  21. Dear Innarwebs,

    I’m thankful for 9mm, I’m thankful for my 45 ACP shooting friends who are cool enough to shut the fuck up about their 1911s long enough for me to get my shoot on at the range. I’m thankful for Uncle Eugene and Uncle Gaston. I’m thankful that after years of shopping I’ve found my new hunting buddy, a Stainless Savage in 270 Win topped with a Trijicon 3×9 (you’re perfect, bruh). I’m thankful for the big fat doe I shot last week and the fresh backstraps on my Thanksgiving table. I’m thankful for my first pistol in 45 ACP, a Springfiled XDs. I’m thank for daughters that love the same things I do, Shooting, Art, SciFi TV and Books, Snarky Comments, and black coffee. I’m thankful for a 5 year old son who throws a tantrum when he find out that I went hunting without him (he does get to go sometimes, just not every time….

    …and, most of all, Lord above, thank you for the US Army who is taking my jackass nephew that I’ve been raising for the last year. I hate that little bastard. Well, I don’t “hate him” hate him,… I just need that fucker gone so my life can get back to normal. I’ve never met a hornier little fucker in my life and I swear if he tries to nail another one of the neighborhood girls I’ll have his dick broken.

    I swear.



    .. and extra double most of all, Lord, I thank you for giving me the strength to quit drinking and be a better man for my family. 10 years with out and it just gets better.

    Shoot strait, Bitches,
    Mr Bad News

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