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The Dallas Morning News is responsible for the anti-gun agitprop above. A video which starts off by proclaiming “thirty-three-thousand Americans are killed by guns every year.” A statement which unselfconsciously suggests that guns are doing the killing. The video goes on to posit that the “gun lobby” is stymying “common sense gun reform” (paraphrasing). It’s all par for the course, of course. But how in the world does the anti-gun rights DNS survive in a county that’s redder than the blood of the patriots who died to defend our firearms freedom?

As a former CNN journalist, I know how the Left took over American media: by creating a “good old communist” network for hiring like-minded college-educated reporters, editors, cameramen, etc. But how do these blatant proponents of civilian disarmament continue to generate revenues when they singularly fail to represent their readerships’ conservative views, including the pro-gun rights perspective?

Many members of our Armed Intelligentsia live in conservative cities/states serviced by liberal newspapers and TV channels. Are they changing? Are they doomed? What’s your take?

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  1. How do they survive? By the skin of their teeth. For now. All the Dead Tree Media are zooming rapidly toward the bottom of the birdcage. Hey, turnabout is fair play. They’ve been sh!tting on us for years.

    What we have to worry about now are the left-wing true believers who inhabit the market space known as “New Media.” Those poor, displaced Communist operatives will be spreading their lying manure long after the NY Slimes, the Daily Snooze and their ilk are used for nothing but kindling.

    • I am more concerned with the root of the problem. Public school indoctrination. If people didn’t believe in the lie to begin with, then the anti fun media would surely choke and die. Teach kids that guns aren’t inherently evil, and they will learn to discern bs from truth on their own, growing into adults with (hopefully) constitutional beliefs.

      • As someone who was born in Maryland and went to public school most of his life, this statement is not inherently true. In fact I can’t remember a single time guns even came up as a topic of conversation.

        • There have been a lot of changes since then, Vhyrus. Back in the day, students weren’t suspended for politically incorrect nibbling on a pop tart, or pointing a finger and saying “pew, pew.”

          Huxley warned as about this Brave New World — although he should have called it Cowardly New World.

        • Back in the mid seventies in my rural high school in northern Alabama, it was not uncommon for guys to have riffle and shotguns in the racks of the their pickups and go hunting before class. quite of a few of my teachers were hunters. Looking back through the inevitable rose colored glasses, it did seem to be much simpler time.

      • Public school educated girls in cities? Definitely anti-gun. They don’t have positive representations of guns in THEIR media. NO doubt. Boys? White suburban boys play video games. They love first person shooters. They know plenty about guns—and when they get old enough and earn money, they buy the guns they saw in Battlefield or Call of Duty.

        The libs’ plan may have backfired.

  2. These newspapers aren’t dying, they’re evolving. They’ve moved to an online format just like everyone else, but they maintain the same journalistic integrity (an oxymoron if there ever was one) as their previous incarnation. Look at all the newspapers that endorsed Hillary Clinton. Even the one here in AZ did and when they were called out for it they literally told everyone to f**k off.
    The only way to beat this is to starve them out. Don’t read their articles, don’t click their links, and DEFINITELY do not use their ads.

    • If you’re going to read or share one of their articles, use an archive site like so they don’t get any page views / ad revenue.

  3. They seem to be dooming themselves, and if they need my help I’d be more than happy to kick the stool out from under their feet.

    • Wikipedia: “Although Dallas County has become much friendlier to Democrats in presidential and Senate elections since 1992, it remains a mostly Republican county in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Texas Legislature.”

      Still, text amended.

      • It can be considered purple by most standards but a quick search of “Is Dallas red or blue” will bring up more than enough examples showing it leans more blue than red.

        Even Tarrant county is on the cusp of going purple which bothers me more than Dallas.

  4. Gun control was dying after their failure to pass anything post Sandy Hook, and the Heller decision. Trump will put the last nail in the coffin, assuming he doesn’t sell out.

    • There will never be a ‘last nail in the coffin’. They will never give up & they will continue to expand in the states where they have sway which can be seen by the recent passage of several ‘background check’ laws.

  5. HRC hung herself by clinging to ideas which no longer work. The MSM being in for her lock, stock and barrel, championed her as if America truly agreed. “Ninety percent of Americans believe…..” Now that they have collectively stuck their feet in their mouths, they refuse to acknowledge their error.

  6. Many of the big parts of the lamestream media are funded by trusts of really rich people that allow them to run in the red for long times.

  7. “But how do these blatant proponents of civilian disarmament continue to generate revenues when they singularly fail to represent their readerships’ conservative views, including the pro-gun rights perspective?”

    Their revenue streams are definitely in serious decline … which does not seem to matter.

    The reason that old-guard media stay afloat is because there is a lot of competition. They are going to lose some followers to alternative media no matter what they do. So they focus on Progressive positions for hot-button issues which is a siren call to Progressive viewership.

    And that still works because old-guard media is really only relevant any more in densely populated urban areas … which is where most of the Progressive population lives. Thus, old-guard media are “preaching to the choir” in their urban centers and keeping enough viewership to stay afloat.

    Consider a retail shopping analog. The retail sales company Target knows that they are going to lose a lot of shoppers to alternate retailers no matter what they do. So, they promote sympathy for homosexuality and men in women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms to differentiate themselves from their competition and to cement the customer base that is friendly to homosexuality and men in women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms. Target’s response to people who formally contacted Target and explained that they would cease to visit Target stores while Target promotes homosexuality and men in women’s facilities: good riddance.

    The same applies to old-guard media who openly promote Progressive positions. If you disagree with their Progressive advocacy and threaten to stop your patronage, they will tell you good riddance as well.

  8. When the DMN endorsed Shillary their subscribership took a big hit, they’re just doubting down now.

      • Yep. They always double down. That way, when their business/industry fails, they can blame it on all the unenlightened proles instead of their own dumb decisions. And of course they’ll be welcome among the other leftists in whatever spheres of life the maggots have infested.

  9. They won’t survive. Trump won WITHOUT any support from the so-called mainstream media. Unless you count FOX…alt news,web news,twitter,FB,Instagram,et all got Donnie in. BraveNewWorld is the operative phrase…

  10. If you offer people the opportunity to feel good about themselves without having to do anything hard, you’ll always have a market.

    • Reminds me of that scene in Citizen Kane where the title character, a wealthy newspaper owner, is told by his accountant that he’s losing a boatload of cash per year in his failing rag and replies, “at that rate I’ll be out of money…in 80 years.”
      **paraphrasing here, it’s been awhile

  11. The only way to kill the fascist, facts-don’t-matter-unless-we-fabricate-them media is to kill thier revenue stream. Stop paying to see their movies and stop buying cable/satellite subscriptions. Hollywood is already in decline, just look at all the sequels and reboots they’ve been churning out. Studios are sticking to movies that already have an established fan base to avoid the risk of making a flop that they cannot afford. The major media outlets have been hemorrhaging advertising revenue due to lack of viewers.

    They try to blame it on digital services but I’m speculating that much of their loss is due to people like me who just refuse to watch their garbage on any platform. How many people are done supporting these studios and networks, their over-exposed actors and executives that try to crap on our nation’s foundation at every turn.

    I may be wrong but I posit that is is worth considering.

    • I hear you, I know you’re right, but I just gotta have me some popcorn and *butter* from time to time, a movie goes good with that.

  12. Funny how the video talks about all of the government spending on medical advancements that have proven to be incredibly difficult to overcome being less than private funding into protecting a basic human right, without mentioning the exponentially higher amount of corporate spending on government lobbying in favor of our unpredecentally expensive healthcare.
    Yep. Thanks Obama(care).

  13. typical leftist apply the wrong solution to the wrong problem scenario. they are trying to stop the problem in the middle, not at the source.

    they should ban stupid.

  14. “This NPR agitprop brought to you by the Joyce Foundation”

    –That’s how they’ll survive; billionaire sugar-daddies & politicians will always feel like meddling with the rights of the common folk, so there will always be a market for propagandists.

  15. Just as they have for 50+ years. There is a market for foolishness. As to the details of how they will do it….Bloomberg, Soros, Brady, Gates, et. al.

  16. The “lugrenpresse” (lying press) ie. Liberal Media networks, survive because they are YUGE conglomerates, their Leftist propaganda station’s continual loss of viewership means advertising revenue is plummeting (which is directly based on number of viewers) yet they still hang on by using their other holdings to finance their failing media enterprises.

    Fact: ABC is owned by Disney, NBC/MSLGBTQ is under Universal Studios, CBS/MTV/VH1 etc.are VIACOM, CNN is Time-Warner and worst of all most local PBS affiliates and NPR are owned by US, the taxpayers. The solution is to boycott their holdings until shareholders revolt which was almost was successful last year with stockholders infuriated with Universal/NBC at their yearly meeting. One thing we do need is for Trump to torpedo PBS by cleaning house and casting the Communists/Cultural Marxists out into the wilderness where they will be forced to compete for jobs with the rest of us.

  17. Dear Dallas Morning News,
    “common sense”, you keep using that phase,
    I do not think it means what you think it means..

    After all, if common sense is the standard,
    all gun control laws would be repealed since they make no sense at all.

  18. It survives purely on the narrative and deep pockets of people like Bloomberg. Even the smallest percent of people that are ignorant enough to believe the anti-gun propaganda and are too lazy to research any other perspective, the truth and simple reality of being armed for self defense and it’s basic benefits can’t be denied.

    When the whole argument is distilled to:

    When faced by a terrorist/criminal, do you:
    1) Don’t buy a gun and stay at risk of being a victim
    2) Buy a gun and don’t be a victim

    More people are picking door #2.

    Especially in today’s culture where terrorism on US soil is a reality. What the anti-gun position didn’t anticipate by plastering every mass shooting on our screens and blaming the “guns” is people aren’t dumb. They obviously see the problem as being the person’s fault.

    The anti-gun machine spun such a ludicrous fantasy with no real solutions (sorry disarming Americans doesn’t make sense to ANYONE), that now the public is solving the problem on it’s own. They are arming up and it “feels” like the right decision. Because, in this case where feelings are involved, it is aligned and backed with facts and logic.

  19. Starving them out entails much more than not reading their articles or clicking their ads. Many of these sites are owned by a parent company in an entirely different industry. To answer the authors question of how they survive… they survive by being the pet project of and online voice of people like Jeff Bezos who makes billions off Amazon and spends virtually nothing (comparatively) to fund the Washington Post. He can run the Washington Post at a loss indefinitely so long as that’s what he feels like doing and so long as Amazon continues to generate a fortune for him. Then take a character like George Soros… Don’t think he’s concerned about turning a profit with his media properties when he’s literally manipulating economies the rest of the time. Not to mention in the reality TV world we live in, click bait and the more outrageous the claim, does in fact attract viewers. People arguing over it in the comments section increases that viewership exponentially and is a part of the editorial strategy.

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