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As Dan noted in last night’s digest, President Trump will have a new whip: “The Beast.” The armored limo’s exact specs are secret, but we know Trump One — and its decoy doubles — are equipped with tear gas cannons and a shotgun.

Wait. Does this mean that the Secret Service recognizes the shotgun as the ultimate man stopper? And what of capacity? If ANYONE is going to be attacked by multiple assailants with bullet resistant outerwear it’s the POTUS.

Anyway, as the taxpayer’s paying, price is, of course, no object. So what shotgun to defend the Commander-in-Chief?

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      • Isn’t there more magazine availability with a Saiga 12? If so, and since we’re talking the gummint here, y’all are correct, it will be the Vepr.

  1. 1917 A.H. Fox 12 gauge SXS. If the Fox was good enough for Teddy Roosevelt, it’s good enough for DJT. And it was American made.

    • I wonder if DJT would try to buy up one of the Invincible SxS’s. After all, he’s not going to have a shotgun without some gold inlays in there.

  2. Alex: What is, Wilson Combat- Scattergun Technologies Border Patrol?
    Next I’ll take Stupid Questions for $1000.

  3. Man, there is a whole lot of HOT in that pic, between the car and the chickie with the shotgun, my God. (although I’d hate to see what would happen if she would pull that trigger. that thing would probably swing back and split her pretty little head open)

    • Whole lotta not hot, because unless those leather low-thigh boots are lined with exhaust wrap, you’d smell her not-so-fatted calf cooking from here, had she driven to the shoot in those wheels. Just sayin’.. 😉

      Otherwise, another replicobra, a (likely) cute dye-job, who’s apparently a southpaw (bonus), and an unremarkable shottie. Talk about a formulaic shoot, 0/10 points for even pretending a wild stab at creativity. Oh well, whatever the client pays for I guess.

      • Ok, we get the message, you date supermodels and drive Ferraris, that is why you are so critical of that picture that the rest of us plebs are drooling over. It certainly isn’t because you have been rejected by every girl you’ve asked out and are over compensating; no, it can’t be that.

        • Hardly. But if you can’t look at this stuff with a very jaded eye by (latest) your early twenties, you really need to get out more. If a ~$40K replicobra, a $400 shottie, and talent who very likely has a primary job waiting tables is somehow impressive, you really should live a little before you die.

          Or not. Your choice. McDonald’s makes a good hamburger, and Olive Garden is real Italian food….

        • I have to agree with 16V on this.

          Fake car, fake blonde, low-rent shotgun.

          When you’ve lived for a few years in Los Angeles, you’re no longer impressed by this sort of thing – because it’s what you see every single day.

      • Speaking as someone who got rid of a fast-in-a-straight-line-but-won’t-turn-for-shit Faux-bra to buy a Lotus 7 (ok, a Faux-tus 7), I agree with 16v on his assessment of the photo.

        • Man, I drive a 4 cylinder 4runner. You guys are talking another language of which I know nothing. As for the blond. All I want is to see the top of her head for a couple of minutes.

  4. Having seen a surplus of physical evidence that Trump makes Tony Soprano seem a valid arbiter of tastefulness…

  5. I can see no reason that extended mag benelli m4s wouldn’t do the trick…but maybe that’s just because I have a possibly unhealthy love affair with mine. Otherwise any of the popular magazine fed options, such as aa12s, 1014s, or saigas. OTOH, if money was no object, I’d have a specially designed minigun style full auto shotgun on a turret. I mean, if you really have to clear a crowd to protect the POTUS…

    • “Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my BOOMSTICK! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart’s top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That’s right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It’s got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That’s right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that?”

  6. Piss on the shotgun, that looks like one of RF’s Israeli supermodels, and that looks like a damn COBRA!

    • It’s just another one of the many, many thousands replicobras floating around. Though at a glance, it’s at least a decent-ish one.

      I’m sure there is someone who owns a real Cobra that will rent it out for photoshoots, but that rental would be well in excess of the day-rate for the talent. They’re just too damned valuable at this point. Even a 289 went for over $1MM this year, as well as a 427 or two.

      • Not to mention, which of course I will, Cobras SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK to drive… if you like your cars to turn that is.

        • I got the chance to drive a real 289 back when they were worth just about the same as any other novelty car. It was horrid.

          Some of the kits are way better, but yeah, there are some inherent limitations that are just unfixable.

    • Slightly off topic, I’ve always thought Tailgunner Joe must not like his wife…he never told her to reload that double barrel.

  7. Maybe he’ll ask Uncle Joe- ” just shoot in the air” or Barry- ” we shoot skeet all the time” for their sage advice?

  8. Kel-Tec KSG with holographic sight (pick a
    flavor) and a vertical grip on the front (pick a flavor). Can be stowed semi-discreetly and easy to swing out of the doors when disembarking from the Beast. Stuff it with your shells of choice.

  9. Pop-up vehicle mount for a dual-set of belt-fed USAS12’s scaled up to 10ga. Gold inlay, naturally.

  10. Maybe Cabot will branch out into shotguns, and they can make an engraved pump shotgun out of iridium with mother of pearl inlays.

  11. Sawed off 12 gauge (whatever brand can be found in the LGS used rack) with electrical tape wrapped on cut down stock. A business gun for a business man.

  12. I suspect that in this context the shotgun(s) are directed strategically at the exits to clear a mob away from those areas to facilitate escape from the vehicle in the event it is disabled and leaving the relative safety of its armor is advisable (such as its burning, or being pushed over a precipice).

    A simple handheld shotgun would hardly be interesting in this context.

  13. Benelli M3; never know when something might mess with the semi, so at least you can always go back to the good ol’ pump ‘n dump.

  14. Whatever shotgun they picked my best guess is they paid way to much for it, by spending 400 times way to much deciding on which one to buy, and paying even more then that to their crony buddies that eventually made the damn thing.

  15. OK seriously disappointed at the readership of TTAG right now. You guys have a crap ton of knowledge of firearms individually and collectively. You are the old fat white guy wizards of ballistics. And yet no one mentioned a 40mm grenade launcher w/ 40mm buckshot? Seriously?! Yeah we probably can’t mount a a 120mm anti personnel round on a limo but 40mm is already hand held.

    • 40mm buckshot? That’s one yuge buckshot. You won’t need your .9mm backup after center punching some dude with a 40mm buckshot.

      • While not exactly in the “spirit” of the question, pretty sure he is referring to M576, so the correct answer would be an M32.

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