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The folks at Dark Storm Industries sent over a little note this morning announcing that they’re releasing an AR-10 pattern rifle in .308 Winchester as well as 6.5 Creedmoor. Yeah, it’s another AR pattern rifle. Try to contain your excitement.

But don’t be too jaded. The fact that they’re making one in 6.5 Creedmoor is cool. So is the fact that they have New York and California compliant “featureless” versions, too. Tyler’s response to the press release: “I want to run one in a carbine competition.” I’d love to see him try.

Here’s their presser:

Dark Storm Industries, LLC, a New York based firearms manufacturer, is proud to introduce its newest offering in our line of Modern Sporting Rifles. Founded in 2013, Dark Storm Industries developed the DSI line of rifles to meet the ever-changing regulatory environment in states like New York and California. The DS-10 is the evolution of our DS-15 series of rifles. The DS-10 will be offered in the venerable .308 Winchester as well as the super-hot 6.5 Creedmoor.

Complete rifles are available in three models to match our already existing DS-15 line. All DS-10 rifles feature billet upper and lower receivers, mil-spec buffer tubes and a mid-length direct impingement gas system. The MOE® model includes an 18” HBAR barrel, Magpul MOE® stock, Magpul MOE® pistol grip and Magpul M-LOK forearm.  The Typhoon adds a billet ambidextrous safety, tactical charging handle, Hogue® rubberized grip, Magpul CTR® and 15” DSI ultra-light free-float M-LOK handguard.

[…]MSRP for the DS-10 is $1195.00 – $1545.00 depending on model, color, and caliber. Trigger upgrades are offered on all our DS-10 and DS-15 rifles, the 4LB Drop-In trigger is priced at $100 as an upgrade to any rifle. (normal MSRP $169.95)

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  1. Been wanting a gas gun in 6.5CM but now it’s old news. An AR platform gun in 6mm Creedmoor would be a head turner.

    • The rifle pictured has a pistol grip, telescoping stock and threaded muzzle device. They all gotta go.

      More likely, in NY, they will try to sell it to you with a fixed P-Mag 10. So, you’ll have to pop the take down pin and open the rifle to reload it. Fun, huh?

      • Yeah, but the article was about the new rifles AND the state compliant versions.
        If you add a Thordsden stock and crowned barrel, you’re good to go.
        Although the result is kinds fugly and may scare small children…

  2. It might not be the most thrilling post in the world but some of us who’ve been wanting an AR10 for while now have another option. It’s good for the market, as I’ve noticed AR10 prices coming down along with the rest of the market. I personally love reading about market saturation, as competition drives prices downward. Now, that I’ve said that… Also looking forward to that happening in health care soon.. Hopefully.

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