Tijuana murder scene (courtesy sandiegouniontribune.com)
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I should probably let this whole Trump shithole thing go. But I came across an article at sandiegouniontribune.com on the current chaos in Tijuana: Control for street drug trade pushes Tijuana to grisly new record: 1,744 homicides. The firearms-related mayhem just south of our border got me thinking. Is Tijuana a Trumpian shithole? And as we’re a firearms website . . .

does the fact that the majority of the Mexican city’s estimated 1.8m residents can’t exercise their natural right to keep and bear arms have anything to do with it? I mean, does the RKBA have any dampening effect on corruption, or does Tijuana and, for that matter, Chicago, get what it deserves “gun violence” wise?

More generally, is it a coincidence that the more corrupt the community — police, courts, government services, unions, etc. — the harder it is for people to keep and bear arms legally?

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  1. One could say that a “shithole” is a place more people are trying to get out than to get in.

    It is possibly a coincidence that these less-than-desirable places deny their subjects the right to arms. And, possibly not.

    • Nope. A lack of basic civil rights – namely a right of self-defense, is a defining characteristic of a “shithole”. Either the criminal cartels or the government (often one and the same) are the only ones with the ability to use deadly force – and it is invariably used against the People when they won’t toe the line correctly. I suppose there may be a shithole or two in the world where people can and do have a right to keep and bear arms without government interference, but Chicago’s South side is the closest equivalent I can think of… and the gov there is interfering as much as they can.

      • Indeed- and to expand on your statement, it is happening in this country too. Sure, as US citizens we have the RKBA…but is this anything more than nominal? Let’s face it, as soon as we do not “toe the line”, the .gov will come after us…even for what really are morally neutral acts. I hate to be the guy on a gun website bringing up Ruby Ridge, but as far as the Fed’s were concerned, all Weaver had allegedly done was saw a shotgun barrel and look at the results. I guess the point that I am trying to make is that we have this Enlightenment era mindset of natural law and freedom (which I firmly believe), but the powers that be, nationally, statewide and even locally don’t see it that way. Natural law or not, they still feel that we are “allowed” (by them) to have firearms. So does that mean we live in a sh!thole country? Some of us certainly do, depending on our zipcode, and it could be argued that with our out-of-control government, we all live in a sh!thole country but the stench hasn’t reached our nostrils yet.

        • I hear what you’re saying, but..

          No. Just no.

          Live in Haiti a year with the ‘common folks’, and then tell me how bad Chicago as a whole is.

          Meaning, you *can* claw your way out of Chi-town, good luck with that in Haiti…

        • Well said. We don’t have perfect freedom (there are still plenty of stupid ways an average, responsible gun owner could run afoul of the law), but we still have most of it. I hate to use comparative analyses of how far gone certain fundamental rights are, but we as American citizens, throughout most of the country, still enjoy a far higher degree of personal freedom than anywhere else in the world. Even countries with relatively healthy gun cultures and halfway not-horrible laws still have nothing on us, particularly when it comes to the laws surrounding self-defense. There is always room for improvement (and thankfully, the direction throughout most of America in the last 5 years or so has been a significant swing toward gun rights rather than gun control), and we still have a ways to go until such a fundamental right is truly treated as such. But we have it better than almost anywhere else. Never give up the fight, but never forget what we have either.

        • We definitely have it better than many countries…so what? The point I’m making is that our government only gives nominal, superficial support to our RKBA. Not all politicians in that machine do, but I would argue most. The minute they arbitrarily decide we’ve “broken the law”, then we all can become outlaws, just like that. We know there are plenty of these politicians who would gladly strip us of these (and other) rights, but they know it isn’t currently politically expedient and/or viable. Once they decide it is…they’ll do what they can to take them. Does Haiti have a longer row to hoe then we do; absolutely, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t a couple years away from our own troubles. The knob to the door is turned but the deadbolt isn’t locked.

        • “We definitely have it better than many countries…so what?”

          Perspective, kind sir, perspective.

          It’s a *major* attitude adjuster. Example – I know people who will not walk 100 yards to the corner store here. Them not having a car is unthinkable to them. If you were to mention that to someone back when cars were very expensive rich people playthings, they would rightfully laugh in your face.

          ” The point I’m making is that our government only gives nominal, superficial support to our RKBA.”

          Disagree. SCOTUS did us the biggest ‘solid’ in the past 50+ years with the Heller and McDonald decisions. Before then, you could not lawfully own a handgun at home in NYC, Washington, DC, and many other (Leftist-controlled) places in the country.

          That’s not insignificant, by *any* measure. We stand a very good chance of having SCOTUS even more in our court (so to speak) in the next 3 years. That, is gonna be *huge* for lawful armed carry, nationwide…

        • I will concede your point with SCOTUS on those two cases. But let’s not forget that the door was left open due to “reasonable restrictions”. Well what are reasonable restrictions? The court also declined to hear challenges to the Maryland restrictions, and if I am remember correctly, a 9th circuit appeal as well. It would be great to continue to add solid conservatives to the bench for future cases. However I will always be wary of an un-elected, unaccountable body of appointees.

    • I agree. Quick look at immigration/emigration statistics will show you general picture of which countries are shitholes and which are not.

      A few people just need 1 reason to leave, lack of gun rights or even just for the heck of it. But I think for most people decision to leave is a combination of several factors, family, job, gun rights, crime, etc. So in general, i believe emigration stats correlates with shitholeness.

    • Los Angeles has many high crime areas that make Tijuana or Kabul look peaceful and LA is notoriously anti-gun, but more people keep moving to LA. We have more high crime areas in this country than many war zones.
      The term “shithole” is not very descriptive and says more about the speaker than the area being described as a “shithole”.

      • If you think LA is the worst, then you obviously haven’t seen much of the world. Even the worst gangbanger in LA will shit his pants if you throw him in the worst areas of Tijuana, Kabul, or for that matter any city in a 3rd world country.

  2. “is it a coincidence that the more corrupt the community — police, courts, government services, unions, etc. — the harder it is for people to keep and bear arms legally?”

    Criminals/government hate competition; Stop trying to fight them

  3. To answer your question regarding places I’ve been:
    New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Canada and Japan are absolutely first-class, premium, wonderful countries. And you can’t bear arms in any of ’em.

    Parts of America are more of a ****hole than any of them. I visited southern California last year — the whole area around Los Angeles looks like a hellhole. My daughter who has lived in Canada for the last decade just looked around in wonder and asked “what happened to this place?” We used to visit SoCal on a regular basis when I lived out west. No more. The Manhattan streets were as filthy as some sections of India. And let’s not even get started on Chicago or Detroit or on and on. There’s wonderful, beautiful, magical areas of the USA, and there’s areas that have degenerated to the point where, yeah, I can see why Norway residents wouldn’t want to immigrate to certain areas of the US.

    The right to bear arms is a major bonus to the US, but it is not the determining factor in whether a country is a ****hole or not.

    • Funny how certain homogeneous race countries with STRICT IMMIGRATION rules are “nicer” than others with looser laws.
      different 3rd world immigrants, bring their Incompatible 3rd world
      culture here, mix with progressive policy voila instant Shit-hole!

      • It has nothing to do with guns.

        You could have unrestricted gun rights and everyone carrying every day or totally ban them; it would make no difference at all to any outcome based metric you care to measure. When we say “It’s not the guns”, we can say it with confidence, because it’s totally true. Culture eats guns – and everything else – for lunch.


      • “Funny how certain homogeneous race countries with STRICT IMMIGRATION rules are “nicer” than others with looser laws.”
        Not funny how racists can never seem to see beyond their nose. Mexico’s immigration rules are far more strict than that of the US.

        • Mexico does have strict immigration rules and strict rules on lots of things. Criminals ignore all the rules in Mexico and the police, army and politicians are out gunned.
          As far as immigrating to Mexico only central Americans are trying to get in, on the way to the US. El Salvador and Nicaragua are probably bigger shitholes than Mexico. Hence Mexico’s laws on immigration.
          We need a guarded wall 5 minutes ago.

        • The point isn’t racism, the point is culture. Given your experiences overseas, I’m sure you would agree that not all cultures are 100% equal. This is not at all to disparage the fact that every cultures has outstanding individuals who either buck the trends or exemplify all that is great about a given culture, and that in plenty of examples, individuals who might otherwise be paragons are prevented from doing so by outside forces (kind of hard to champion civil rights for your people when your children are literally starving because of drought and government corruption). That being said, culture is a CRITICAL piece of a nation. American culture isn’t even super strict or all-encompassing either; we’re too much of a melting pot for such a thing to happen. There are just a few tenets, including rugged individualism, natural rights, work ethic, and the idea that anyone can succeed.

          I’ll be the first to admit that plenty of Americans DON’T possess these traits, and historically, we have not been the best about living up to our ideals. But they are still ABSOLUTELY worth striving for, wouldn’t you agree? And yet, when you allow large numbers of immigrants from fundamentally different culture into the US and REFUSE to require assimilation, problems arise. I work in construction, and most of my co-workers are Hispanic, including several who are not here legally. I don’t care; they work hard, they contribute by offering a valuable skillset, and they mostly agree with the above mentioned values.

          It is absolutely true, particularly when you’re talking about people from more homogenous nations, that culture typically falls along ethnic lines. But the two are NOT the same, even if plenty of people on both sides falsely equate them. Foreign immigrants who came to America with little more than the clothes on their backs, a dream, and a willingness to assimilate and work their asses off, built this country. Hell, the Intercontinental Railroad was largely built by Chinese immigrants, many of whom died building it. Those that didn’t were basically treated like shit and paid next to nothing. They didn’t care, they succeeded, and now Asian Americans are probably the most successful single demographic in the US.

          Genuine racism absolutely exists, and it pisses me off. Anyone claiming that true Americans are “X” color and anyone else needs to GTFO doesn’t understand what it means to be an American, and they are too dumb to recognize that their faux patriotism-fuled xenophobia is the exact fvcking opposite.

          Culture and assimilation is EVERYTHING. Immigration without assimilation should not be allowed to happen, and should not be encouraged. Immigration WITH assimilation makes America stronger.

        • Yes it is sad that “Racist”, Racial relations, and blacks are all worse off than when Obumer arrived to squat in the Whitehouse.

    • Fair enough.
      True, there are many places where the People do not have a right to keep and bear arms that are perfectly pleasant places to visit. Not live there, mind you, just to visit.
      But I can’t think of a single example of a shithole that respects the civil right of self-defense of its people… not a single one. So I’ll stand by my earlier statement: a shithole is a place where only the cartels or the government has the right to use deadly force. There are other defining problems like rampant corruption, but a lack of basic civil rights is a universal characteristic.

      • It’s hard to draw conclusions from such observations, because there really are very few countries that respect the RKBA like the United States does. The idea of giving more than lip-service and theater to the idea of the consent of the governed isn’t a terribly popular idea with ruling classes the world over, nor would I expect it to be.

        • Is it really more than lip service and theater in this country regarding consent of the governed? Sure we have it better than many people the world over…but are any of us really satisfied with our current government?

        • “Is it really more than lip service and theater in this country regarding consent of the governed?”

          Yes, yes it is.

          For proof, see the election of November 2016, and look how the Leftists responded to it…

        • Geoff PR-

          You are right, we as the people of this country made a small noise electing Trump president, and it was fun watching the leftist progs cry and bellyache…now what? What meaningful firearms legislation has been passed? There has been a new tax bill…the results of which remain to be seen. And we’re still nose deep in this foul PC culture that has already sapped this country of what made it great. And you didn’t answer my question: are any of us truly happy with our government? Are you?

        • ” And you didn’t answer my question: are any of us truly happy with our government? Are you?”

          I am far happier than unhappy.

          Because we have the tools, if necessary, to replace it.

          I’ll offer you an analogy that may be a bit before your time, but it explains things beautifully. It’s from the old ‘Beavis and Butthead’ show.

          It goes like this –

          Beavis – “Why do we have things that suck? Why can’t everything be cool?”

          Butthead – “We *must* have things that suck. How else will we know what is cool?”

          Think about that for a bit.

          Truer words never spoken. Apply that to politics and government…

        • It is a good analogy Geoff, and I am familiar withe Beavis and Butthead (Anderson spawned Hank Hill, the greatest American of the 20th century). But it is more aptly applied to music and our consumerist culture…not government and laws. Personally, I trust my own judgement to know suck from cool, and the .gov ain’t too cool. When it comes to personal liberty and freedom, dealing with suck to understand cool isn’t acceptable. As you mention, perspective. Indeed, perspective.

    • Every one of those places TexTed uses as an example of American Shitholes are places that have lost their way and guidance from the roots of American democracy. I wouldn’t label any of the foreign nations on his list as 1st class Premium nations either.

      • The entire country has lost its way from our American democratic roots. Again I say, look at our government now. Is it in anyway compatible with the intentions of our Founding generation? All things must adapt to time, but there are fundamental principles and aspects from the founding of our country that are wholly compatible with the modern world.

        • “Again I say, look at our government now. Is it in anyway compatible with the intentions of our Founding generation?”

          To that I say, look at the self-correction that took place last election.

        • Geoff PR

          See my response to your previous response to my response, haha. The election was over one year ago…we haven’t taken the next step. It will all be for naught in 2020 if a (D) is elected again. So far no meaningful legislation on firearms or personal freedom. Basking in the glory of the election is fine but ultimately work has to be done. I want Trump to make things happen but then again he’s a politician…and we all know about politicians. Trump is independently wealthy, but all of the spineless folks in Congress got jobs to protect. They’re never going to make any waves, except to continue to restrict our freedoms so we have no “legal” way of kicking their butts to the curb. What has our wonderful political aristocracy done for us since the election?

    • The sh_ttiest places in the world are where:

      1) The Individual has no personal sovereignty.
      2) Individuals think they = > 1 person due to some mental social-defect they have that makes them feel somehow superior to other humans or fellows of Society.

  4. Actually, there is a pretty good corelation. New Orleans had a severe problem with witness intimidation. Chicago has similar issues. People who can’t defend themselves tend not to speak up to police for fear of being victims themselves. Crime rises because there’s no penalty for it, cycle self-reinforces. Corrupt politicians aren’t at all interested in self-defense because that reduces the need for their power. If you can just shoot the guy who’s kicking in your door, you don’t need their enforcers.

  5. I don’t think there is a link between ‘shitholeness’ and the ability of the population to defend themselves (via the use of legally owned weapons or otherwise). By any measure, Somalia is a dump but seems to be awash with firearms, and with no police to investigate their ownership or use. In contrast, there are many very nice countries that have no right to self defense. The common link to ‘shitholeness’ seems to be ingrained corruption, mis-management and the squander of a countries resources.

    In many countries, the population is used to being ruled by corrupt, unelected tyrannical overlords, that’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it will always be. It’s a shame but I don’t think it’s our place to try to fix those countries or open our borders to those fleeing them.

    The first step to fixing them however (by their own people with the assistance of the international community, not just by the USA!), is to acknowledge that they are indeed ‘shitholes’ (whether that was said or not is still uncertain). You can’t fix a problem unless you acknowledge that problem in the first place. Politically correct pussyfooting around the truth will never help the situation, that’s for sure.

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. It is not our place to “fix” other countries unless they are a direct threat to America. As you state, we are also under no obligation to take those fleeing broken/corrupt/sh!thole countries, or immigrating from first world countries either. This whole farcile outrage at what Trump may or may not have said (he probably said it, he’s Donald Trump) is ridiculous. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, feelings and PC be damned.

      • Personally I don’t care if he said that or not, it was a closed door meeting and part of his appeal is direct, refreshing non-pc speech! I personally believe that a merit based system of immigration should be put in place. All other developed countries (including those lauded by the left) have such a system in place. An example is Australia, there is a points based system based upon age, qualifications, experience within your industry, criminal free background etc etc. If Australia needs a certain skill set, they allow immigrants in (a fixed number though) with those skills. Immigration should benefit the host nation, not be used as a way to import a certain voting block. In cases of genuine humanitarian need, a temporary refugee program is the way to go (always with the aim of eventual repatriation).

        All of the immigrants that I know from developed countries (including myself!) respect the USA, its founding principles (love the Constitution!), the people, culture and the opportunities more than (what seems to be) a lot of the US born population.

  6. Simple cause and effect:

    1. No guns for law abiding citizens.
    2. Criminals get guns illegally and terrorize / control law abiding citizens.
    3. Police can’t contain criminal element due to corruption, politics, or lack of resources.

    Rinse and repeat.

    The lack of control over be criminal element is the main issue. How it gets controlled with or without the deterrent from armed law abiding citizens is just one factor.

  7. Shitholes are places not people.
    Shitheads are people not places.
    Assholes bring Shitheads to America from shitholes to vote for assholes.

  8. One could say that a “shithole” is tube connecting your mouth and a_ _ with not enough distance between if you think Trump used that term just because LYING POS (D) MF DICK-LESS DURBIN said so.







    "If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings," Durbin said last week.





  9. truth be told it was really funny watching the left attack Trump while simultaneously trying hard to avoid the fact that he wasn’t wrong, and that everybody knows hes right, and that he maybe said what we all think exactly.

    truth is, he probably didnt say it and the democrats and media are once again making up bullshit

    but this one time i kinda wish he did haha, because this whole PC bullshit is such an infection on reality and it’s about time somebody told it how it is

  10. We agree to abide by certain social and moral standards, and etiquette. gun owner ship works here because WE abide by those standards. Like I said before; INCOMPATIBLE 3RD WORLD CULTURE.

  11. Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt

    Those not of the West bring their shit holes with them. That is why they must all go back.

    If they dont, the only difference guns will make, is who owns the shit hole after it has been created. And of course by then it will be too late.

    • Totally agree with your “not of the West” comment. That’s why everyone east of I35 needs to GTFO. We don’t need your kind here!

      • My Kind? You mean Americans? The actual “Ourselves and Our posterity” that the founders thought so important to the foundation of America that it was the 1st sentence of the Constitution?

        All of your preening and name calling wont change the fact that historically, your opinion is wrong. Culture eats civics for lunch. I suppose it takes guts though, to hate your countrymen as much as you do, and to openly advocate for the destruction of American culture. You are a true patriot.

        • And it’s true patriots like me, and the founders of this nation, that will keep on making sure unAmerican trash like you never succeed.
          Remember, there’s no such thing as “magic blood”.

  12. About 20 years ago I was in El Paso and we went across to Juarez twice. The first time it was hard to tell you were in another country – Holiday Inn, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc lined the streets. The second time we went through another crossing. There must have been half a million people living in corrugated tin shacks. We crossed a creek and it just reeked because it was what passed for a sewage line for the shantytown. I’m sure it’s probably worse today.

    I can’t necessarily say the whole country is a ‘shit-hole’, but if the local creek is flowing with mostly raw human sewage, it’s a pretty good indication that you’re living in a shit-hole.

    • The first time you visited the entire area was ruled by one cartel. And RULED that way for 50 years. Governed tightly.
      The second time, it had experienced a few years of the post Sinaloa era cartels fighting for the territory. Everything was up for grabs, no control, a free for all. And that clash is picking up again. It’s going to be a return to the dark days of Mexico here real soon.

      • Indeed. I hope something happens that results in a massive populist uprising among the Mexican people, though it would be grisly as hell and with uncertain results. Still, at least the people would have a chance to take back their country. I work in construction and most of my colleagues are Hispanic, including several who actually grew up in Mexico and then came here. The stories they tell are horrifying. One guy was telling me that you do NOT take any kind of 4wd vehicle into Mexico (especially if you’re white), because whatever cartel controls the area will almost certainly steal it. If you comply completely, they will probably just take your car and leave you stranded. If you so much as verbally protest though, the bastards will scoop your eyes out with a spoon and then take your car. It’s horrifying, and a level of oppression absolute nobody should live under.

  13. “get what it deserves ‘gun violence’ wise” is a pretty insensitive statement. While a lot of the people getting shot and killed are gang members, innocent people are also getting killed in the crossfire. Said innocents have little say in the policies that feed crime in their city.

  14. You don’t have to live in a shithole. But many people do work in a shithole.
    San Francisco and Baltimore are shitholes. Both are politically corrupt. Street crime, assaults, break in’s are so common the residents are no surprised when they happen.

    Because they are run by gay democrats and straight democrats the media looks the other way. Crime is going down in areas where you have easy access to a legal gun and easy access to a carry permit.
    Crime is going up in shithole San Francisco and Baltimore.

  15. and immediately to TJ’s north is San Diego – which has the lowest big city murder rate in the US, according to the FBI, and one of the lowest violent crime rates in the US

  16. Last time I was in TJ was 1979,it was a shit hole then and probably more so now.
    Some places are just shit holes,I have driven through Indiana just to avoid the shit hole known as Shitcago.

  17. Hmm…I’m from Canada and I have, as the media would put it…an ‘ARSENAL’ so get bent that we can’t have guns in Canada. I hear New Zealand is pretty cool with it too. Get your facts straight Libtard propagandist.

  18. Man all this whining about Chicago. Large parts of Chiraq are good to go to…including all of Illinois as a shitehole is just plain retarded. Yeah I avoid a whole lot of Chicago but some of you supposed gunowners sound like puzzies. I’ve been in every neighborhood-UNARMED too.

  19. Australia does allow in refugees. Only USA and Canada take more. But they are all checked for criminal history etc or should be. Some do slip through. Illegals get sent home. One great advantage of being an island.

    As Brit said above if we need engineers, doctors etc you can apply usually with conditions to work in remote area for several years.

  20. The Second Amendment is about more than just citizens keeping and bearing arms, per se, just as keeping and bearing arms is about more than just being prepared to defend yourself with deadly force.

    The 2A reflects an underlying trust and respect between the government and the governed. It’s an indication of the mutual understanding that a just government has nothing to fear from an armed populace. (Hand out AKs and RPGs like candy to the people of North Korea and see just how long Rocket Man is for this world.)

    Similarly, actually keeping and bearing arms is interwoven with concepts of individual liberty, personal responsibility, self-reliance, rugged individualism, heritage and posterity, among others.

    The lack of an explicit constitutionally enshrined right to keep and bear arms may not necessarily put you in shithole status, any more than its presence would qualify you for 1st world status. It’s a major metric, though. It’s symptomatic of how one’s government views you, whether as citizen, subject, property, or worse.

    Consider that most of the day-to-day misery in this world stems from the fiction that people are not sovereign, independent entities, but rather are tools/resources/chattel belonging to imaginary gods and incompetent governments. People can still make bad decisions on a nationwide basis and live in a less than ideal society. Having the right to keep and bear arms at least ensures an outcome something better than one man, one vote, one time. Having ready the means for a national do-over helps forestall ever having actually to conduct one.

    As the saying goes, the Second Amendment is unique in that it’s the only one you don’t really need, until they try to take it away.

  21. Here’s the thing: gun rights are an EXCELLENT proxy for how a nation views individual rights in general. Maybe it exists somewhere, but I have yet to hear of any nation where gun rights are restricted but the remaining fundamental rights (like free speech or Habeas Corpus) are fully respected. I don’t care how nice the buildings are, how clean the streets are, how strong their economy is, etc. A nation that doesn’t respect its citizens fundamental rights is a shithole. Hell, I would even describe Germany, pre migrant crisis, as a shithole. However great a nation scores in the various metrics used to determine quality of life (and based on those standards, the US is more of a shithole than plenty of other countries), a nation with a government that tramples those is inherently a nation of subjects, always at the mercy of the state. And that is my definition of a shithole.

    Singapore is an excellent example. It’s reputed to be an excellent place to live according to the obvious things, but it’s also a police state. Basic human rights for clean streets and very little crime is an atrocious trade if you ask me

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