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ISIS killer (courtesy

An ISIS attack against the West is [only] a question of timing,” CIA head Gen. Michael Hayden” told In fact, “The FBI and Homeland Security have warned police forces across the country to be on the lookout for terrorist threats as a chilling note was posted online warning that Chicago could be an ISIS target,” reports. “The federal agencies sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies warning them to be on the lookout for terrorism. Although no specific threats have been identified, they could not guarantee no future attacks, the federal agencies said.” And there you have it: the feds (read: police) can’t guarantee your safety. Especially when we’re talking about these . . . animals. So, are you upping your own plans to protect you and yours? Avoiding large crowds? Upping awareness in malls? Prepping? Anything new or same-old-same-old?

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  1. Same old?
    Unless you live in a major city or visit one daily (work, shopping) you shouldn’t need to do anything special. Just the standard home defense stuff…

    • Unless you live anywhere close by the US/Mexico border. Already pretty well-armed, people living near the border in Texas are forting up. When the bad guys come across people living alongside the border are the most vulnerable.

    • Even if you do what can you do? I mean it will most likely be some sort of cowardly soft target bombing attack. That’s their typical MO for the West. Murdering civilians via gun fire is what they do in the 3rd world.

    • I rather doubt the Islamic State is going to attack rural Indiana. We actually do have a token Kurd who is a nice guy.

  2. The real question should be, are you ready for a cartel attack? Every big city to small village has skin in that game.

    • Its already happened here on more than one occasion. Again, the mainstream media (Communist News Network and the like) wont report on this because it is contrary to the speakings of “Dear Leader”(The Border is secure LOL Guys!) I live a short distance from the US/MEX border and this crap is happening as far north as PHOENIX…

      • I’m almost 2000 miles from the Mexican border and it has happened here as well. We really can never rely on the lame street media for any truth on any subject. They have been proven not to be trustworthy.

  3. Gee, now I wonder why they would choose Chicago, of all places? Couldn’t be because they know that most everywhere else they would get an immediate armed response from the citizens. No that can’t be it. Obama’s home town? Possibly. The Japanese refused to attack us because they feared, “a rifle behind every blade of grass”. So if they attack Chicago it will probably be because they know the sheeple there are unarmed. I sincerely hope that they don’t attack but when they do it will be ugly.

    • It just occurred to me that Chicago may have been a diversionary tactic. The other places that I think they would attack are Boston or NYC. Again disarmed populace.

      • Don’t forget DC. That’s America’s most disarmed city. You’re lucky if the people have a home defense weapon.

      • IMO…

        ISIS will do what they have done in the past, having been so successful. They wore down their target to a point where people would be willing to surrender almost immediately. In Iraq, they diverted the Euphrates river, cutting off water to hydroelectric plants and farms. No electricity. By doing this, water, food and news were eliminated from the populace. Within a week, people were willing to surrender in dozens of cities and towns. They took those towns and moved on to take more.

        Something similar will likely happen here. Again, this is just my opinion.

        • Not with the river systems. That would never work here. If you think ISIS would never attack here… well you might be right, you trusting soul! But terrorists have been known to attack us in the past. I am not so trusting. A few strategic attacks on the power grid can knock out a considerable amount of electricity for an extended period of time. This is very similar to what ISIS did in Iraq.

          There are other ways to wear us down. Major sickness. It actually looks like biological warfare is being waged on our country right now. They may attempt to break our spirit by destroying a major city. Or collapse our economy by attacking our oil refineries. Or blowing up wall street. Any of these things could kick off a “zombie apocalypse” within our borders… and then Americans will start shooting each other.

          The point is, an enemy can find ways to soften us. Softening the target is what ISIS has done in the past. I would expect they would try it here if they ever had the balls to attack us.

    • Any big city will do, simply because there would be a higher incidence of casualties. If past practice is any guide, it will not be an armed attack but a suicide bombing, so whether anyone is tooled up will make no difference. Most likely target is a large suburban mall, because the targets will be civilians, not government buildings.

    • IMTS is a big industrial trade show in Chicago starting the 8th. People coming from all over the world for this thing. Thankfully my company hasn’t sent me to a trade show for years and they’re not sending me to this one. Hopefully nothing happens to my fellow employees while they’re out there.

    • Considering the weekly carnage in Chicago even now, if there is a terrorist attack, how will we know?

    • Wouldn’t it be ironic if all the illegal guns owned in Chicago helped stop and attack? ALA the mob boss in the Rocketeer?

      Neville Sinclair: C’mon, Eddie. I’m paying you well. Does it really matter where the money comes from? [siding with the G-men to fight the Nazis]
      Eddie Valentine: It matters to me. I may not make an honest buck, but I’m 100% American. I don’t work for no two-bit Nazi. Let the girl go!

  4. Just finished reading a Tom Clancy book in which concealed-carriers thwart part of a multi-faceted terror attack on western US cities. Coincidence?

    Anyways… I can’t say I’m doing anything differently. Just trying to remain vigilant, as always.

    • Clancy’s a witch. “Debt of Honor” had a jumbo jet deliberately crashed into a building years before 9/11. Terrorists used modified Ebola as a bio weapon in “Executive Orders” , More terrorists attacking malls simultaneously in multiple cities in “Teeth of the Tiger”, and China getting all uppity and starting a war in “The Bear and the Dragon”. Crazy how he gets so close to reality.

      • I remember reading the plane crash scene in Debt of Honor back when it was first released and having this feeling of utter dread wash over me. I immediately knew it was a mere matter of time before it happened for real. Turning on the TV in time to watch the second plane hit the towers live on 9/11 caused an immediate flashback to the book.

      • I wrote a research paper on Tom Clancy’s books just on that topic. specifically the 747 into the Capitol building. I got a C+ in November of 2000.

        • No I was just a high school sophomore, But I tried to get my grade improved since my Hypothesis was proven correct. But that English Teacher had gotten himself fired.

      • If you want really spooky, you have to go to the games. Ghost Recon was released in 2001, but it’s set in 2008, and kicks off when the Russians intervene in unrest in South Ossetia.

        In 2008, the Russians intervened in unrest in South Ossetia.

        • Is it really spooky that the Russians are stirring the pot of global unrest? Seems like being called a genius for saying a fly will head toward the pile of manure.

  5. I don’t generally go places where there are large crowds, exception being the grocery store and the occasional movie. I carry, my wife carries and our heads are always on swivels. Hunker down at home is the plan if any heavy shit goes down in Waco…

  6. Situational awareness is number one. The fight you always win is the fight that you’re not even in ’cause you were able to avoid it. This is something that everybody exercises to some degree or another… although some are decidedly less aware than others (but that’s totally fixable).

    The next step is everyday carry of a tool set that we’re familiar and competent with (and presumably legal in your jurisdiction). This is no big leap for (most of) us in the Armed Intelligentsia, but some of us unfortunate enough to be stuck in Slave States will be hampered quite a bit. About that, though I will just say this: though I would never advocate breaking the law (and I don’t myself), there are some laws that in some scenarios could be broken and even the most over-zealous prosecutor would have trouble finding a jury willing to indict much less convict you — and even then, only if you get caught.

    • Agree completely.

      …CIA head Gen. Michael Hayden …the FBI and Homeland Security
      …Although no specific threats have been identified, they could not guarantee no future attacks, the federal agencies said.”

      So the Federal FUD Complex has been singing the same song since 2001, and the “Heavy Weapons Manufacturers” have been getting rich from it. And nothing has happened yet.

      Except that DoD and DHS have been handing out military equipment like candy at a birthday party, and we’ve seen domestic spying become the new “growth industry.” All because it says, in fine print almost at the end, “no specific threats have been identified.”

      So it’s all only in someone’s imagination anyway.

  7. We’re giving too much credibility to these ham-gobbling, yeast infected menstrual clots. They’re obviously cowards capitalizing on the publicity their barbaric actions have garnered them.

    They don’t have the BALLS to attack here, even the gang-bangers and thugs would mutilate them…

    • Did you happen to miss that little incident at the WTC a few years back? Or the one at the WTC a few years before that one?

      Not sure I’d put 100% of my ‘trust’ in them not trying something. Ya just never know.

      • Just 99% of my trust. Those were “one offs” that relied more on luck than skill and precise planning. And the “Spying Industrial Complex” will have their names, phone numbers and license plates before they get anywhere near something to blow up, I’m sure.

      • Oh I forgot that these jihadie maniac’s haven’t been planning anything until last week. Thanks for the correction.

        • TL;DR, just a matter of time, and doesnt need planning- plenty of practice already.

          Most dont know it, as you aren’t going to see this in the StateRunMedia,

          but LEOs do – Tucson and Phoenix are the kidnapping capital of US, dramatic rising numbers,
          and whats reported to cops is about 1/4 of what goes on- the rest handled by family, directly or using go-betweens, who pay ransom and part of the deal is the family agrees NOT to call cops.
          Even then the numbers are not good- only get back the kidnapped about half the time, despite paying.

          Its all run by local gangs working for the cartels. Much more profitable and lower overhead- mostly against other drug runners and criminals, now, but just like what happens south of the border- it could be anyone who has family with money willing to pay, execs of multinationals, etc.

          And like south of the border, taking off fingers, ears, as a proof of life is common, as is beheading to make a point. Its already documented by Border Patrol that a rising percentage of “other” nationalities is being stopped at the border- middle easterners, chinese, and keep in mind these are the amateurs, that get caught.

  8. Not to alarmed. I’m betting an attack will most likely happen in a city that has a high density of COEXIST bumper stickers. Irony burns hard sometimes.

  9. I occasionally go to downtown Chicago.(did last week). It would be SO EASY for terrorists to wreck havoc. Thousands of detached sheep with headphones/earbuds/nose in their phone types. I just hope their dirty bomb doesn’t reach us south of Chicago. Be prepared…

  10. Of course, Islam will be smeared again. It’s only the billion extremists who make the dozen or so moderates look bad.

    • How many muslims have you actually met? You’re basing your generalization of billions based on what you see on the news. Hell, the antis do the exact same thing with gun owners. Lawful gun owners rarely make the news, it’s always the crazy ones. So, the antis assume we’re all crazy because that’s all they see. How is what you’re saying any different?

      • OK here’s the problem; let’s assume every last muslim in the world today becomes peace-loving. No more problems… until the next generation starts reading the Koran and Hadith. The basic tenets enjoin war, suppression and murder of non-believers, so every new generation will produce a new subset of barbarians – those who read and understand the words of islam the way they were meant to be understood.

        • It’s simple; order the kindle English translation of the Koran and read the words of the prophet yourself. Oh, and the Hadith.

          You will see for yourself what Muhammad taught and showed by example what a good devout Muslim is not just advised or encouraged but commanded to do to advance Islam.

          There really isn’t any action that the supposedly most “radical” “extreme”, “murderous” “barbaric” Muslim terrorist of today that wasn’t committed by Muhammad in spreading the Religion of Submission, by any means, no matter how blood soaked.

          But don’t believe me , go to the source.

      • Its written into the very foundation of their beliefs, the Koran is essentially a how to manual on how in deceive, invade, overthrow, conquer, and subjugate people to the wrath of Sharia Law.

        • Except there are many example through history of people using the Bible for the same goals. Crazy huh!

          • Amazing, isn’t it? All a ruler needs to do to justify some conquest is paint a cross on a shield. Somehow that cross justifies conquest… right? When a people are illiterate or poorly educated, religion can easily be used to manipulate them.

            The difference between real Christianity and real Islam, however, is that the Koran actually, truly, genuinely endorses murder. Christianity does no such thing. The two faiths are as far apart in comparison as heaven is from hell.

  11. government getting rubes in a ruckus as an excuse for a power grab and further trampling of our rights.
    LIke usual the slowest of the bunch walk right into it.

    • This. I live 30 miles from the Seattle metro and have a good 45 days food/water so I’m not really concerned about the violence associated with any attack. I’m likely not even to be inconvenienced considering my lifestyle. Maybe have to take a few workdays off.

      What worries me more is further degradation of our civil rights for The Greater Good. (THE GREATER GOOD- Hot Fuzz).

      Terrorists can suck it. Our so called Gun Culture makes us (well anywhere not urban) a nightmare for any sort of ground campaign.

      • And the cops and gang bangers will make any urban campaign a living Hell for them. Do you have any idea how many sniper nests and ambush sites exist in one city block? Hundreds.

  12. If you need another reason to avoid large clots of people – shopping malls, multiplex theaters, football/baseball stadiums, etc., here it is. And if you need another reason to GTFOO any big city, here it is.

  13. My guess would be simultaneous mass shootings in disarmed states and public areas. So keep your CCWs handy for your defense.

    • I can’t say that I’m ‘ready’ but I can say that I’m more prepared than I used to be….

  14. I’m not worried about an attack, the FBI will protect us by tricking mentally deficient minorities into a conspiracy concocted by the FBI. We’ll be fine.

  15. Most of you out there have nothing to worry about. The unarmed, helpless citizens of NJ, NY,MA, RI,CT, MD, DE, IL and CA (did I miss any?) will gladly act as shields for the rest of ya’ll. Plenty of targets for the terrs’ here that
    are unable or unwilling to defend themselves.

  16. I remember the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001, the gubmint was contemplating shutting down all the bridges and tunnels over the Hudson, East river, and the Delaware river that evening. Might have been other places as well, but I don’t remember. So you have to be prepared for the damage of the actual attack, AND also the potentially stupid stuff the gubmint might do after, that could prevent you from getting home, or bugging out of harm’s way. I’m thinking of the lock-down “Shelter in place” event that happened in Boston after the marathon bombing. What if you don’t want to “shelter in place” 15 miles from your family and refuge? Since 9/11, I have worked on several alternate routes home off major highways, and I have put some stuff in each of our cars to eat and drink and keep warm and dry. So my planning for the next attack started 13 years ago, and has continually evolved.

    • Yup, same here. I remember on that morning DC basically shut down by 10 a.m., and public transportation and surface streets and highways went into gridlock until the next day. I’m glad I retired, but I feel bad for the people who’ll be stuck downtown.

  17. I can’t see ISIS attacking the US anytime soon. Then again, I wouldn’t be the least bit suprised if ISIS attack were the CIA or at least partly facilitated by them. If that’s the case, a US attack is pretty easy.

      • Their screwing of the pooch two decades ago led directly to where we are today. Funded by the oil exporting nations and armed by the CIA and the KGB. Oh, and don’t rule out the Chinese in Africa.

  18. Am I ready for a terrorist attack? Well, I’ve been married twice, so been there, done that, lost the T-shirt in the divorce. Those jihad assh0les have nothing on my first ex-wife’s lawyer. It wasn’t my head that he was trying to cut off.

    Now, I stay out of most big cities and all marriages, so I’m safe. Kinda. Besides, ISIS couldn’t find my peaceful little town with a map, a GPS and directions from a CITGO gas station attendant.

    • I’m sure you had heard it before, you know how it goes. We had a 50/50 settlement on our divorce, my wife got 50% of all assets, and her lawyer got the other 50%

  19. Its impossible to be prepared for random acts of violence.
    If a person wants to blow themselves up, a car up, or anything else there is literally nothing you can do to survive it if you are in the death zone of the attack.

    • incredibly morbid but 100% right.

      I’d take explosion though over some of the downright barbaric stuff these animals do to their victims. That photo above is a good example, the whole tape is available, go to live leak and look around at what these subhuman rats are doing to their victims. The general plot is shoot until victim looks like jelly, rinse wash repeat. These guys are as sick and evil as can possibly be imagined.

      • They aren’t any evil or more depraved than anyone else.
        Its very important to never vilify and dehumanize these people.
        We need to understand what would make people choose that life over the alternative.
        Maybe if we look at ourselves and what the US government is doing we might be able to attack to root cause as to why people become that way.

        • 100%
          time you wake up and stop believing in the non-sense government news tells you.
          they are people like you.
          You need to be asking what could drive them to that.
          and no the answer isn’t “islam”
          The vast majority of muslims like christians are peaceful

        • Sorry David the man, but once you kidnap and murder innocents (women, children, etc…) You are not “like anyone else” You are trash that needs to be disposed of.
          There is NO justification for this. To attack soldiers, hell, even politicians to enact the policies I can maybe understand – innocent people, nope.

        • Actually they are.
          That you can’t see the disconnect between US soldiers who you call brave and hereos who do the same thing as well as torturing people speaks volumes to the lack of ability you have to look outside of the forced narrative.

          They are people who are doing terrible things, lets see why they do it and try to stop the cycle.

          Doing more of the same will led to the same results.

        • No, he’s right. They are monsters, to be sure. But if you truly want to beat them, you need to understand them, understand their cause, and understand what drives them. Then you can defeat them that much more effectively. You need to remove the root cause in addition to bombing the ever loving shit out of them, otherwise they’ll just regroup and come right back.

        • They aren’t fighting because of Islam.
          They are fighting in response to political oppression in their homeland that is aided by US foreign meddling and support.

          Hell US itself is the motivator behind ISIS, in its creation, funding, and training, yet here you all are claiming that suddenly its their religion and they are monsters.

          You need to wake up and see religion is rarely the motive for any war or violence, its just the easy cover.

        • Nah dude. Pretty sure killing every last member of ISIS is the way to do it. Bring back Napalm.

        • Brotherhood,
          “bring back napalm”
          And mix a little beacon grease in with it!
          No, make that a LOT of beacon grease!

        • John E
          crusades were a battle of empire, not religion, you do know that don’t you?
          Saladin had a empire that was expanding and encroaching on Europe, using faith was a way for the fading and threatened european force to unite around something shared to present a united front in trying to stem the tide of their receding empire.

        • You claim you are the moral superior yet you are advocating the slaugther of all of ISIS, which has women and children and can’t recognize that you are nothing more than the opposite side of the same coin.

        • If the women and children are carrying weapons and participating in executions then they are now combatants, subject to the same scrutiny as the men, and can be shot on sight as well. They are no longer innocents if they are participating in the fight.

        • Interesting theory/excuse, David, but use your own logic for a moment. These nutbars include citizens of UK and US, with no relatives involved in the area, exactly why does your theory say they get the motivation to drop everything and run out to get a passport and emigrate by hook or crook to a madrassa to be trained to fight and kill and die, kidnap, rape, torture, and murder? The only answer I can come up with is religious extremism, what the government of Antarctica or whatever your rash concerns is completely uninvolved. The religion wants to kill everyone, your making excuses does not change that.

      • Yeah like I said you are just as bad as they are.
        The only difference is they probably know the real situation better than you.

  20. I’m not concerned, look how we got those guys on 9-11? Oh, we didn’t but the airline hijackings were “rare”, look up “list of airline hijackings” in google and click on Wikipedia, it’s been going on for well over 60 years, maybe we should have limited access to the flight deck? OOpppsss, the airlines don’t want to delay our departures and raise costs so we might use an alternate means of travel, but we got it covered with the TSA!

    Well anyway, at least we can depend on the NYPD to protect our national treasures like the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh yea, those guys who replaced the American flag with whited out flags. BUT, they weren’t terrorists so the system works.

    It wont be guns, it will be more insidious, bacteria, chemicals, nuclear plants or perhaps an EMP. Oh don’t worry about nuclear facilities, especially bomb making facilities.

    Oh crap, this from last year,

    KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — An 83-year-old nun and two fellow protesters were convicted Wednesday of interfering with national security when they broke into the primary storehouse for bomb-grade uranium in the U.S.

    The trio spent two hours inside the complex, which has had a hand in making, maintaining or dismantling parts of every nuclear weapon in the country’s arsenal. They cut through security fences, hung banners, strung crime-scene tape and hammered off a small chunk of the fortress-like Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility, or HEUMF, inside the most secure part of complex.

    Sister Megan Rice, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed, who testified on their own behalf during their federal trial, said they have no remorse for their actions and were pleased to reach one of the most secure parts of the facility.

    Defense attorneys said in closing arguments Wednesday that federal prosecutors had overreached in the charges against the trio because of the embarrassment caused by the break-in.

    “The shortcomings in security at one of the most dangerous places on the planet have embarrassed a lot of people,” defense lawyer Francis Lloyd said. “You’re looking at three scapegoats behind me.”

    Well okay, I guess there are a few holes in the system, nothing that billions (ala TSA) won’t fix (or make friends of politicians real rich).

    We will be blindsided. Think if the Internet is attacked? How do you pay bills, got any real cash, how do we get car parts, where do we get prescriptions from ? Don’t kid yourself, we don’t have the smartest people in the world on our side, they are on both sides. The John Wayne days are over.

    But I’m not depressed, we had George Bush and now we have Obama, what could go wrong with those guys back to back?

    • Do you have any idea how small an amount of time you’ll have to remain mobile if you stole any substantial amount of U-235 or U-238? Go back to the movies.

  21. Pork filled hollow-points. And I’m getting some “Infidel” grips for my 1911. That enough?

    • Yeah. Not that there’s not always a possibility of an attack… it’s happened before. But it just feels like immedate-post-9/11 all over again. Lots of fear mongering, beating the war drum, and totally ignoring the reasons why ISIS, or anyone, might have the desire to attack us in the first place (surely it has nothing to do with the US Government getting deeply involved in the affairs of other countries).

  22. Just had a big quake here in CA. Just north of me. In my life I’ve been in blizzards, 2 tornadoes and a hurricane. I was activated into fema during the flooding in WV back in the 80’s. Add to that the Boy Scouts and the military. Beeing prepared is sort of in my dna.

    Every household in America should have a couple of weeks of bug in supplies and at the very least a shotgun. Every household regardless of the occupents feelings about gun control and preppers.

    Does this make me paranoid? See the list of events above and decide for yourself.

    • No. Not paranoid. Common sense. TL/DR: Bug in with 2 weeks minimum, better 60 days food and water. Its not that hard to store, if you just buy what you already like, or can get to liking in canned goods, basics like pasta, powdered milk, etc.

      Lesson learned in 20 years of living in CA, after growing up in Midwest in tornado alley, blizzards that closed schools for day or two a winter, and traveling to third world countries where the power is out plenty of times, and people adjust, to the monsoon, flood, whatever, that is part of their life.

      Its not the one to three days of power out that is not that uncommon in other parts of the US, think hurricane parties, etc.

      Its the reaction of the unprepared- especially in clueless urban and suburban So Cal.
      In San Diego people were driving on sidewalks after 4 hours in traffic when the power went out, a year back in ALL of San Diego county- Mexico to Camp Pendleton, ocean to Yuma, when some maintenance guy thru the wrong switch and the safety breakers cascaded to protect the grid.

      Initially they said power out 24 hours, and a rumor started it might be 3 days… I was listening to AM because the disk jockeys there had learned lesson of wild-fires- just take call in’s, and gather local info, to tell all listening… the FM station assigned as the Emergency Broadcast was down I think, and many others just kept the regular programming- music, pre-recorded whatever…

      Some people who prepped like above- not Doomsday Preppers, not Mormons with a year of food, just boy scout types, or careful parents who paid attention to FEMA, and had the minimum 72 hours food and water-

      Most just took it easy, and hauled out the fire pit and cooked up the meat, fed the ice cream to the kids, walked over to check on neighbors, the old folks down the street, etc.

      Those who DIDNT were the ones who rushed to the store, and I recall one neighbor first out the door who told me the grocery store down the hill was cleaned out in about 4 hours of most everything good, and lines around the block by 8 hours, I think, for the rest.

      No power meant no ATMs, which meant no gas at most stations. Heard a story on the radio about a guy offering $200 for a 5 gal tank of gas, to get somewhere, and the freeways were a parking lot, and side streets slowed to a crawl by people who forgot how to take turns when the traffic lights go dead… So Cal drivers…typical.

      Cell towers not powered by battery backup were out, and that were, had to take on the higher load, which caused them to drop out, to default to 911 only, by design. Imagine how the 911 calls were going,
      when on average in urban areas you get the recording more often than not…in normal times…
      texts worked fine, as I recall, but most people forgot that calls take a LOT more bits and bytes, and freaked when they couldnt get thru, kept trying…Forgot the lessons of 9/11 WTC I guess.

      Yep, its not the “disaster” that will get you in CA – its the panic that quickly escalates and becomes the problem itself. I suspect this is true of any urban population that is so big or “safe” that it doesnt have the experience of midwestern towns or coastal areas with communities that have to pull together, once or twice a decade, to help one another. Its a culture thing, too, and too late to figure it out when TSHTF.

    • I’ve been recommending the Israeli bug-in model for my relatives in CA: water, food, bottled gas and a camp stove, and plastic sheeting and duct tape for doors and windows. That will get you through the worst of chem/bio/nuclear until you can poke around for yourself again.

      With Fukushima, WIPP and earthquakes/nuke power plants you really never know.

  23. Up here in the middle of nowhere, where the city I live in is hardly large enough to qualify as one, there is no realistic probability of a terrorist attack. So no, I do not plan on taking any extra precautions.

  24. FBI, law enforcement, and all other similar groups should just pay close attention to who is partying it up at the local strip club. Those persons rocking it out like it is their last few days on Earth may need to have a close eye on them.

  25. My main preparation is gearing up mentally in case I have to act.

    Additionally, several years ago, I chose to carry a full size handgun to maximize my accuracy at longer ranges in case I have to engage terrorist attackers well beyond the usual “social work” distances. Of course to be self-consistent (about being prepared to engage such attackers), I carry at least one extra magazine around town and two extra magazines if I happen to go to a crowded location.

    Closer to the holidays, I carry a .40 S&W caliber Kel-Tec SUB-2000 carbine folded in half in a notebook computer case. I keep a 15 round magazine in the grip and have two additional 20 round magazines ready to go as well as a spare 15 round magazine. Under that configuration, I have 70 rounds of ammunition available in the carbine and 43 rounds of ammunition available for my primary handgun … for a total of 113 rounds of ammunition. If I cannot shoot my way out of a terrorist attack, I’ll at least inflict a lot of damage in the process.

    • Important clarification:

      My last sentence in my post above should have read something like this:

      If I cannot fight my way out of a terrorist attack and survive, I hope I will at least take out several terrorists in the process and improve the chances of other good people to survive.

      • I accept your sentiment, but the terrorists will blow themselves up before you get a chance to kill them. They will not have the rein of power to do what they want here as they do in their patch of sand. This history of terrorist attacks in the USA has been bombs. It is more important that you carry a med-kit and know first-aid or advanced first-aid than having the need to return fire. If there is a terrorist attack, probably better to have many bags of QuikClot and Israeli bandages than 40 S&W.

  26. Even though the majority of the population here in Wichita Falls is armed, The city is still one that can be considered a possible target due to the fact we have the largest NATO training base in the world adjacent to the city.

    The wife and I stay well stocked and ready at all times…

  27. These people are cowards: they’ll either try to crash a plane or use bombs. There isn’t much a civilian will be able to do about it if it happens because they won’t see the cowardly sneak attack coming. It would be about dealing with the fallout. ISIS, and ever other identical muslim terrorist-wannabee group just like them, don’t have the balls for anything else – I’m not going to be worried by these closet-hiding p*ssies.

    …. just more towel-head hide-and-seekers waiting for us to find them.
    I say the military should kill every farmer and sheep herder found to be hiding them or feeding them info, and drone all their houses. That will make anyone think twice about supporting them. If anyone wants to complain about the US killing innocents, then maybe those “innocents” should stop supporting those terrorists.

  28. I live in CT, I am pretty much going to bet I am safe and if anything happens in NYC, I can see the smoke over LI Sound. Storm Sandy taught me to stock up for 30days because another hurricane IMHO, is more likely than ISIS coming to CT. And given TS CRISTOBAL looks to cause troubles very soon, I will keep an I on it versus IS.

  29. Meh. I figure there are probably ten thousand other ways to die that are way more likely than a terrorist attack. More people have been killed by lightning on U.S. soil than by Islamic terrorists.

  30. Did anyone hear of “ISIS” before about six weeks ago? With all the billions of dollars wasted on “intelligence”, how likely does that seem to you? Oh-oh. Not plausible? Then maybe somebody dreamt up a new bogey man. Terrorist attack? Have your phone charged up and videotape anything and everything to go over with a fine-toothed comb after the fact.

    Say, when you cut someone’s head off, shouldn’t you expect a great deal of blood? Hmm. One of those minor details the videographer/director forget. Maybe they used up their stock of stage blood at the Boston Marathon Bombing(s)… I’ve never seen real blood remain bright red and not oxidize like that. Another minor detail. They just don’t make disinformation agents like they used to.

    Aside from the actual lone nut who shot McKinley, has there ever *been* a genuine “terrorist”? It seems like they’re all working for one government or another.

    • Actually yes, I’ve known about ISIS for a long time, because I keep up with international events. They started as a faction of Al Queda in Syria, known as Al Nursra, Al Nursra elvoved out of imported AQI (Al Queda in Iraq) members who hopped to border to fight Assad, and make IEDs. A particular faction of Al Nursra, lead by Bagdahdi was known for his extreme violence towards the enemy and local population, and several months ago him and his followers were actually excommunicated from Al Queda for being too brutal. Yes, Al Queda even thinks they’re brutal. When this happened he declared Al Queda had become weak and was forming a new Islamic Army that would fight to conquer the Middle East. ISIS then began to grow, taking in members off of Al Nursra and the remnants of the FSA. Once ISIS had become strong enough, they saw how weak and easy Iraq would be for the plucking so they ransacked northern Iraq…

      It’s all been there, it just hasn’t been on CNN/FOX/MSNBC, but they’ve been on the BBC since last fall.

    • Also, I must add…. Iv’e personally bled bright red blood. Its what happens when you have a main artery cut, or a very deep flesh wound. The blood in the arteries is loaded with oxygen. Especially the massive artery in the neck responsible for bringing blood to the brain. Sever a head, and you are sure to see a bright red splash. Your giving the CIA way to much credibility… Look at their operational history. Allot of people have been brainwashed by movies to think they are this all godlike powerful entity. Far from the truth. In reality they are just like every government organization. Large, bumbling, leaky, bureaucratic and inefficient. They don’t not have the capability to raise, train, fund, euip, and lead an organization like Al Queda or ISIS. And people also greatly underestimate their real leaders. As someone who’s met a high ranking member of AQI, I can tell you, he was very well spoken, educated, ruthless man. These aren’t just a bunch of “dumb arabs” being ordered around by a guy in a suit.

      • The FBI and the CIA and the military in general has been neutered and placed up the alter of being politically correct.

        Back I believe in the mid-80s, Hamas kidnapped some Russian Diplomats. The Russians tried to talk to them, then reason with them and finally gave up. They then turned it over to the KGB. They found the brother of the head of the group of the time, kidnapped him, cut off his man parts and mailed them to the leader of Hamas with a note. In that note, they listed every relative and suggested that they would go down the list and do the same with each of his relatives and if they ran out, they would then come for him.

        3 days later, the let the diplomats go. Terrorist do not like to be terrorized themselves. Our current Administration believes if we all held hands and sang together all the world would be right. That the USA is just a big bully — in short, he is out of touch with reality.

        This is a time to act, to cut off some man parts and mail them back. Once they know our response, they will change their tune. We try to hard to make a dirty war clean

  31. I’m getting the hell out of dodge and headed to the woods, where my cousins and family are abundant down in mid-Missouri.

    The only tense part would be getting the hell out of the city, and I like to think I’m more than ready to make that run.

    • Sure. You and a half million other sh1tbox cars and trucks and mopeds that will break down in front of you. Not a good plan unless you evacuate on a bulldozer.

  32. This is more of the same ole same ole. And oh by the way because of the threat of terrorism we are going to start (fill in the blank) for your safety and security. More crap to help justify the infringing of more of your rights.

  33. Problem: Islam is EVIL!

    The so-called “moderate” Muslims here in the USA (the Canada/UK/Australia/EU/Scandinavia) are NOWHERE to be found, they’re either cowering in fear of their brutal brothers or more likely secretly financing and logistically supporting them by picking out targets.

    Solution: Buy efficient (read: modern) semi-automatic firearms of ALL types and cases of ammo for EVERY member of the family including children as you’re NEVER “too young” to help defend your home and fellow family members from savage Muslims hordes that seek to torture and kill us.

    Join the the 21 Century Crusade, and help stamp out Islam here in the U.S. (and worldwide).

    • What I neglected to include is that Muslims have been recruiting in our prisons here in the USA since the 1960’s, The Nation of Islam with the late “prophet” Elijah Muhammad then Louis Farrahkan, and now Malik Shabazz have done quite well, why do you think so many Blacks with criminal records have “Muslim” names? These are our enemies too, they hate us, they hate our nation and only seek our death. You heard their cries during the Trayvon Martin crap and now in Ferguson with thug Mike Brown and NYC with convicted felon Eric Garner.

      • Be honest with us… How do you feel about Jewish people? Your answer will determine if we think you are batshit crazy or not.

        • It’s not that I hate Muslims or Jews, I despise the self-hating Liberal Jews who would renounce their heritage and sell out their nations (Israel/USA) and allies for “peace” which will never come with bloodthirsty, goat-raping, uncle****ing Jihadists marching across the desert seizing territory and military equipment/stores (fuel/food). I have no use either for “devout” Muslims, as opposed to Jews/Christians a large percentage of Muslims are afraid to speak out against those of their own faith that seek to oppress them, they refuse to fight, they’re cowards.

          I was raised a Catholic, worked at a Jewish community center during high school and other Jewish owned businesses. I dated a bunch Jewish girls including some that later served in the IDF. I’m still friends with some and have no problem with them, they weren’t alive to nail our (Christian) savior to the cross.

          I’ve worked with people from over the globe here in the USA, most are/were recent immigrants to this once great nation, my co-workers included Jews (many don’t ascribe to a nationality), Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Yugos, Albanians, Russians, Taiwanese, Turks, Jamaicans, Nigerians etc. and yes, even Muslims from Pakistan, the majority are looking for a better life for their family here in the USA. I do remember some Irish (of which I’m part) financially supporting the IRA which did not then and doesn’t now pose the threat to the USA and the Free World that “radical” Islam now does.

          “Radical” Muslims are much different, their like HIV/AIDS, who needs them? I think Al-Sisi in Egypt, a protege’ of Murbarack will be a good thing, a stabilizing force. He’s a REALIST, he’s working WITH Israel so he’s ok in my book, just look at what he’s done to the Muslim Brotherhood.

          The hipsters, contrarians, idealistic products of our Liberal indoctrination centers (colleges/universities/high schools) and uninformed citizens of the USA, EU, Canada, Scandinavia etc. must realize Israel’s survival is key to our survival in a world where terrorists are just a plane flight away, due to it’s location Israel is the “first responder” and a bellwether. Whatever it’s faults in resettling Palestinians residing in “Palestine” prior to 1947 Israel is a stabilizing force in the Near/Middle East, a region which is a tribal in nature, has been for over 2000+ years, the borders drawn after WWI/WWII didn’t take into account strife and resentment so “strongmen” are best to keep the populaces from slaughtering one another within a nation’s borders ie. Libya/Tunisia/Algeria/Egypt/Syria etc. In the aforementioned regions the only thing they have in common is Islam.

          So who do I “hate”? LIBERALS! ….. and of course Jihadist Muslims and cowards of ALL faiths.

        • BTW the coworkers I mentioned from nations all across the globe had ONE thing in common, they ALL including the Blacks from Nigeria and Kenya voted for Conservatives and those I’m still in touch with still do

  34. Not sure I’m doing much of anything different: emergency prep, awareness, that sort of thing. The thing is that ISIS (or substitute whatever the terrorist flavor of the day happens to be) will go after crucial soft targets – they’re hoping to cause change by creating disruption. So think system distribution centers or population centers. In those cases, there’s not much you can do other than be aware, prepared, and hope it’s not your number that comes up when they try.

    Frankly, much better for us to go full battle rattle and clean up the mess before they try again.

  35. It strikes me that these scum suckers are targeting the moderate normal citizens of Iraq and Syria. That is the real warning. They see the peaceful coexistence of different people as betrayal of the laws of their version of Islam. It is no wonder they hate the melting pot of America and why they will target normal people. Be Ready.

  36. Power grids and malls. I fear for both.

    9/11was my awakening. It is one of the reasons I got into guns. Thankfully the odds of me being caught up in the initial event is miniscule, unless the billions that Isis has has bought them some nuclear or chemical (more likely) weapons.

  37. Am I ready for a Terrorist attack? How can you be ready for something that can come from any direction at any time and in any form? Frankly I’ll live my life as I see fit and according to my needs and desires, not becasue some religious fanatic has decided to dictate how I conduct my day to day living based on what they may or may not do. If they come up against me, then they can face the same as any armed intruder. And be damned with them.

  38. My concern is, given a choice are they going to hit a country where the people have a right to keep and bear arms(mostly), or will they go for a soft target as the UK has become?

  39. The Fab shop where I’ve worked as a design engineer for the last 15 years is in a poured reinforced concrete (reinforced poured concrete?) building; essentially a fortress. When all the design work dried up thanks to Obamanomics, I essentially went broke, so in lieu of maintaining an apartment, the management lets me sleep in my office. It’s also 2 stories tall, so ifwhen the S really diddoes hit the F, I’dI’ll have a spot similar to those Korean guys durning the Rodney King riots Opening the roof door at the top of the ladder is a bitch for a sedentary 65-year-old nerd, but like a coworker once said, “You’re an engineer. You’ll figure it out.” I’ll have to discreetly find out what caliber of ammo we need for the rifle that the boss keeps behind the safe.

    But frankly, I’m about 1000x more worried about the Gendarmes with MRAPs than anybody who’d have to come traipsing half-way across the planet to carry out any kind of assault.

  40. I have been on the road so I didn’t see that the 982nd keyboard commando brigade is out in force. Here is what is going to happen if you are at the scene of a terrorist attack. Some of you will be killed or maimed. Some will be heroes and render aid. Some you will be cowards and run away. None of you will know which group you fall in before the event.

  41. Two “big picture” thoughts for people to consider:

    1. Terrorists need the attention of the media. Their targets will be in places and structures or events that will have ready access to a “flood the zone” response by the media. This means attacks will be made in large cities (NYC is first, followed by DC/LA etc) with a large media presence. Terrorists need to terrorize people – and they can’t accomplish that without a fawning press/media to amplify and re-play their exploits again and again for the public to take in.

    How to avoid terrorists? Simple. Avoid their desired stages: Large urban areas with large mass media organizations, or events with lots of media coverage. eg, Something like the Superbowl would be a magnet for terrorists.

    2. The government is now a more persistent and pervasive threat to individuals than terrorists. There are multiple agencies at the federal level who are just chafing at the bit, craving more power, larger budgets and even larger staffs, who would love for the terrorists to attack. These agencies are seeking to justify their existence in the light of their failure to perform as promised since 2001, and what they want is a reason to demand much more money to “enable” them to deliver “mission success,” even when ‘mission success’ is defined by stripping you of your civil liberties.

    How is it that we’re still being sexually molested at airports 13 years after 9/11, and yet the TSA has yet to stop a single terrorist with this tactic? The answer is simple: The TSA doesn’t want to actually stop terrorists. They’re just a bunch of low-rent pervs who want to grope you.

    The bombing of the Boston Marathon and the response of government actors following this event show the whole of law enforcement (at both the local and federal level) to be both feckless and incompetent. Our intel agencies failed to see this attack coming, even when it was served to them on a plate by outside sources, the “shelter in place” nonsense was an indication of how utterly illegal actions will be taken by agencies when given a chance, and the idiotic final “shoot out” (against a man with no gun in a fiberglass boat in a built-up residential area) shows how feckless American law enforcement will become given a reason to start shooting.

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