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“As the alt-right becomes emboldened under Donald Trump’s presidency, one leftist group is not only bearing arms but training its growing membership to use them,” Durham, North Carolina’s reports. “It’s called Redneck Revolt, and they have a meeting in Durham on Sunday.” (That’s a different groups’ photo below, but you get the picture.)  According to the Durham group’s Facebook page . . .

“Armed self defense is necessary for the survival and relevance of our future organizing in the face of a growing insurgent fascism.” Not mentioned in the article: the Redneck Revolt is, by their own description, “a movement amongst white working people that works toward the total liberation of all working people, regardless of skin color, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, or any other division that bosses and politicians have used to fragment movements for social, political, and economic freedom.”

So, a whites-only movement? How racist is that? Anyway, all Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. That includes citizens who’d gladly see conservatives disarmed, or worse, eventually. How do you feel about that?

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  1. Leftists have the same rights and responsibilities I do … even if they don’t believe it.

    I sincerely hope that those that arm up choose to act in a more adult fashion than, say, the antifa idiots. Otherwise, arming up and acting like a terroristic thing is a faster way to get yourself shot.

    • See the black and red in the photo. For all intents and purposes, these guys ARE Antifa. the black and red are the colors of Anarcho-communists, which is the parent category of both specific groups. For all practical purposes they’re the same group. Antifa is bunch of city/suburban dwelling hopelessly indoctrinated whites and these guys are the same but from the suburban/rural areas.

      • Visit their website they all refer to each other as Comrade, an openly speak about overthrowing the government and seizing a portion of the country for communist only! Eventually a confrontation will explode into gunfire and then the shit will hit the fan. They want revolution, but when they start it, I don’t believe they will like the way it ends!

        • If that happens they will not be alive to like it or not. A lot more of us would willing fight and die if necessary to put them all down.

        • Yes, well…

          We all know how well that ended the last time some group tried to seize a portion of the country for their own political use.

          I say we skip all the unnecessary wasted ammunition and just give them a place of their own. I’m thinking maybe the west coast of California from Marin County down to maybe Santa Barbara and inland to about 1 mile west of the I-5.

          One proviso – they get NOTHING from the rest of the country they do not pay for in CASH. And since the want to secede, no federal funds either. You want communism, take it, revel in it, DIE in it.

        • Cliff, cliff, Cliff….the area you describe is an income generator, and receives far less in federal taxes than it pays out. As the guy who penned a plan to divide California into five different states recognized, it is self sufficient.

        • As the guy who penned a plan to divide California into five different states recognized, it is self sufficient.

          Well, good for them. They should have no objection to the plan then. Happy to send them off to be successful under their new socialist government. Iexpect that will work out like it always works out.

      • Red neck revolt? They are revolting, also disgusting, vile, and despicable commie scum that is a cancer in the body of Lady Liberty, a true insult to every true patriotic “”red neck” that loves their country and a clear and present danger to every freedom we Americans hold dear.

        These were the foot soldiers and “useful idiots” that fought for the communist “utopias” that led to the hundreds of millions of deaths in Russia, China, Cambodia and every other hell hole created when communism/socialism was attempted.

        They are foot soldiers of a belief system that has proven over and over to be nothing but pure evil, with nothing but blood and death and tyranny as a result. Yes, Satan is real, and they are his minions.

        • Yes I couldn’t be more true. These are just one of Satan’s creations, left and right, Created by the same Donald Trump that split, divided and crushed America And her Constitution.

        • “Created by the same Donald Trump that split, divided and crushed America And her Constitution.”

          You should meet my cousin the social justice warrior. He is unalterably convinced that the US is the root of all evil the world has ever seen, including history before the US was established. All because the US has control over the minds and emotions of the entire population of the planet. Indeed, he believes that the US was created BECAUSE of all the evil it caused prior. You gotta respect his thinking, though. He believes every person on the globe should be rich, lacking nothing, and benefiting from all the good things that only a positive, intelligent and caring world government can provide.

      • In this month’s Atlantic magazine, which I seldom if ever read, there’s a long article about the “state”of America’s consciousness. In describing Antifa the author contends that the Antifa is a leftest/anarchist organization that wants to disrupt existing government. That’s not quite right. Antifa is a fascist organization. Fascism originally sought to do away with traditional political parties, replacing them with a single one-party state which institutionalized its political dogma. In its efforts to tear down democracy, which it sees as corrupted by capitalist and class based excess and exploitation, fascists seek to impose their idea of order—which is inherently authoritarian—via a one-party state. This “withering away of the capitalist state” isn’t just a communist ideal; it predicates in one way or another all leftest thinking.

        • Leftists with guns are simply the next step in the antifa movement. It’s unclear whether they’ll be well funded or not. If they are not, they’ll go the way of the Weather Underground and the SLA, who had to expose themselves too often in robbing banks and quickly fell apart. While individual members were free for a long time, they could not do anything to draw attention to themselves.

          On the other hand, if they are funded and armed, they will go the same way as the Red Brigades in Italy or the Red Army Faction in Germany, both of which conducted operations for over a decade in a long and brutal terrorist war which only really ended when their funder and trainer, the USSR collapsed. It just depends on how, and how much, money and arms they get.

    • I agree. It is mostly a nonissue, just as right wing militias are a nonissue. If these guys engage in violent acts, they will find themselves inside a cell for a good long while or dead. Just as the “racist” militias will, except in clear cases of self-defense. and not too many people are stupid enough to attack a group of people with ARs and AKs strapped to them

    • Nor do I care. Every person has the right to defend themselves, regardless political beliefs.

      I will care when that person chooses to attack me/mine.

      “…a whites-only movement? How racist is that?…” I dunno who this author is, nor do I care, but to ask such as this indicates they are not thinking.

      How racist is BLM? Or the Negro College Fund? Or BET (which all network Tv is converting to)? How about the black congress organizations? How racist is a government program that declares “white men need not apply”? How racist is a society that allows its history to be destroyed by– you guessed it– racists.

  2. Well, criminals will always have guns regardless of the law.

    If there are some law-abiding leftists who want to keep and bear arms, that’s OK too. In the long run, some percentage of them may be smart enough to internalize the safety rules and maybe even teach themselves something about personal responsibility and self-reliance in the long run.

    • Exactly so. Criminal types, whether gangsters, youthgangers, or political activists, will always be able to get whatever weapons they want. Laws don’t stop behaviors, or drugs and prostitutes would be unavailable. That’s the very reason honest folks NEED firearms! Because the world is a dangerous place, and laws don’t change that, no matter how much hand wringing a bunch of so-called ‘liberal’ loonies do….

  3. Had a conversation with one last night. He wants to buy one because guns are cool but doesn’t think the populace should own them.
    Yeah he’s thinking like an elitist.
    But he is a NJ subject so too bad. He’ll see how hard it is and limited his choices are for buying a gun and he’ll give up.

    • That’s the biggest issue with these “pro gun” leftist groups. They’re not “pro gun” in the sense that they believe in the 2A and RTKBA. It’s that they believe THEY have a right to arms, and no one else does.

  4. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that. My question is what racism are they armed against? Racism in hiring practices? Racism in housing opportunity? Racist words? It can’t be racist killings because people in America mostly kill people of their own race.

  5. They have a right to bear arms. More importantly they are the kind of people the globalists want so they aren’t going anywhere. Expect them at every Trump rally muzzling you if you react too aggressively to getting hit by a club or doused in piss, shit, or chemicals

  6. History shows leftists cannot be persuaded, cannot be reconciled with anyone else. only eradication works, and then only for the short term. Evil will always return. Leftists do not back down. They must be conquered. After 240+ years, we have not eliminated them through politics (or even civil war) in this country. Hence the phrase, “eternal vigilance” from the founders.

    The fear of insurrection from “rightists” (POTG and other intellectual retards, in the eyes of the left) gets plenty of public attention, but it will probably be the left that actually begins widespread armed aggression. And the government will back their play. A third civil war will not be ignited by people on the right, but through manufactured provocation on the left. While “patriots” did not rally to the Bundy family (for whatever reasons), the entire government and half the citizenry will rally to support the brownshirts of the left.

    As to the appropriateness of allowing/supporting the notion that leftist hate groups having firearms….of course. The founders knew that should it be necessary to throw off a tyrannical government, there would be armed response from the government, and armed citizens who would support tyranny.

    • Actually the patriots DID come to the aid of the Bundys… at their home. But then the d!psh!ts pressed their luck and even then the patriots tried to help them by marching in and attempting to talk them out of their foolish occupation that had no supply lines or readily apparent goal. It did no good. They wanted to be martyrs and Finicum got his wish. The rest of them will probably end up in federal prison for the occupation, but not the original standoff in Bunkerville. It doesn’t look like the feds will ever manage a conviction for the original 2014 standoff.

      • “Actually the patriots DID come to the aid of the Bundys…”

        Yeah. I should have been more clear. I was thinking only of Bundy 1. SOME patriots did appear, but not THE patriots, as in huge masses of people facing-down the government regulators (term used in the 1880s sense). We are long beyond when the original patriots would have cleaned-out D.C. and certain state governments. I often wonder just what it will take for the third revolution to be sprung upon the nation. I think it should have happened after Waco, or Ruby Ridge. But I did not form my own militia for the purpose of spanking the local or national politburo. So, I remain an observer and critic; nothing more.

      • You ever see the video taped inside the vehicle Finicum was riding in? The FBI starts shooting as soon as it stops and well before he gets out and continued to fire at the vehicle that had and woman and a young girl in it screaming for them to stop so they could surrender. They also removed evidence from the scene before it was secured for investigation.

  7. From what I hear, Redneck Revolt behaved itself very well in Charlottesville, acting to prevent violence from either side without firing a shot. They pretty much did the same thing the Right Wing armed militias were doing, but getting more positive press coverage for it.

    Just another case of Gun Control Verb Conjugation:

    I am protecting peaceful protesters.
    You are chilling free speech through intimidation.
    He is a trained and vetted professional who can be trusted with guns.
    They are militarized enforcers of a racist system.

  8. The only answer to 1984 is 1973. #FreeHelicopterRides

    There’s you answer. Any scum bags that wave the red flag of socialism should be treated 100% the same way they people treat the KKK. Of course, memes aside that actually is accurate in that I DO support the right of the KKK and ‘Redneck Revenge’ to engage in thing they have the right to do. Even if it is pretending to be Che Guevara and whacking off to their own fiction of what ‘The Revolution™’ would look like.

    That said, I have zero problems with blowing a commies head RIGHT OFF the MOMENT one of them shoulders a firearm at a ‘protest’. Just the same way I would have gladly put down the guy in Charlottsville, if I saw him driving through that crowd. Assuming it did happen that way, of course. And I’m seen enough camera angles on it that I’m not convinced either way.

  9. Here is a more thorough critique of Redneck Revolt. Spoiler alert: 1 it’s not flattering, 2 they are antifa like, 3 like many of the leftist groups, they are Marxist based in both principle and rhetoric.

    “Much of the group’s official website includes rhetoric pulled straight out of Marxist publications, echoing various talking points often spouted by leftists about the evils of capitalism, property ownership, “artificial borders,” and basic systems of social order, including police, prisons, and courts.

    Redneck Revolt refers to these public institutions as “systems of social control [that] only exist to serve the rich,” and calls for the end of the “nation-state project.” It lists the US Armed Forces alongside the Ku Klux Klan as having “undermined the struggle for freedom among all people.”


  10. I think that Communists like Redneck Revolt are terrorists should get a nice helicopter ride, Communism is responsible for the deaths of millions of people and was is a failed ideology from the start.. Some people work harder than others and therefore should be paid more, not everyone is equal and it’s a scientific fact.. Things like labor unions should be completely banned and the leaders arrested for interfering with the market with their demands for unsustainable wages and benefits, they are the reason many jobs went overseas and why states are going bankrupt from public-sector unions.. Abolish unions and declare Antifa, BLM, Redneck Revolt terrorists and take them out before they become more of a problem.

    • Yeah, that would be a huge violation of the constitution. You can’t just declare every group you don’t like terrorists. The hard pill to swallow about America is that the constitution allows the existence of ideologies that you don’t like. Deal with it.

      I pretty much don’t like anyone, but you don’t see me trying to get them declared terrorists.

    • “Abolish unions and declare Antifa, BLM, Redneck Revolt terrorists and take them out before they become more of a problem.”

      We have a *welcome* update in the Antifa movement.

      Feast you eyes on this gem:

      “DHS Formally Calls Activities Of Antifa ‘Domestic Terrorist Violence’”

      The gears are now starting to turn on the Antifa.

      And I have an update on the ‘Darling’ Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and her IT guy:

      “Wasserman Schultz Aide Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ As Prosecution Drops Hints About A Broader Probe Of Awan”

      As for the Leftists tooling-up, there is now an effort being started to get a *lot* of live video recorded of Antifa at future protests.

      What the Antifa doesn’t seem to understand is, a brick, a club, or a chain is a lethal weapon when those masked thugs start using them on us. I predict we will find out in the near future an Antifa thug will be ventilated by a POTG, and that POTG will likely *walk* after the video evidence is disclosed.

      And *that* will make the Antifa’s heads explode (perhaps literally) when an Antifa assumes room temperature and the ‘Nazi’ will walk free…

  11. I would like to know what the typical militias training looks like. I would assume it probably ranges from very mild to very intense depending on which one you joined.

    TTAG should do an article on miltia training, maybe send someone to go visit one of the more prominent ones?

    • Personally I’m more interested in watching these communist clowns trying to ‘train’. I get mental images of ‘Tactical Blind Fire’ each time. 😛

    • That could be a very interesting article or series of articles. There are some seriously excellent groups out there; I’m proud to be a part of one that has worked with and assisted law enforcement on multiple occasions.

    • To paraphrase a John Wooden comment:
      … somewhere there is a young man the same age, with the same physical size as you. And every time you meet on the court he will defeat you. It’s not because he has more “God given” talent than you. It’s because he lives, breathes, and sleeps basketball. He practices every chance he gets. He works harder and longer at getting better in every way. So you see, it has nothing to do with basketball. It has everything to do with personal choice, character, initiative, drive, and perseverance.

      Let them have their firearms, it is protected under 2A.

      Beware the man with only one gun.

  12. I don’t feel great about any group with an underlying militant ideology arming up regardless of what that ideology might be. That said, this is America and until they commit felonies, the individuals who comprise such groups have every right to do so.

    I don’t particularly want to be around when/if the war of words and fists between the militant left and militant right turns into the shootin’ kind, but as long as no innocents are killed in the fray, it could be a win for society as a whole.

  13. The problem with leftists tooling up isn’t their right to do so, it’s that they believe that THEY are the only ones who should be permitted to KABA. And they believe that the power of gubment should be used to keep the rest of us from KABA. They will keep pushing that idea until the issue comes to a head.

    I don’t think it will end the way they think it will end.

  14. First Rednecks are not part of the left. Second I do not trust the left with guns. They will shoot you just because you disagree with them, and they will feel justifyed, because, well if you do not agree with them you do not deserve to live. They are commies, the KKK, and nazi’s all at the same time.

  15. My buddy and I were discussing this last week. Personally, these folks make me nervous to some degree. I don’t question their right to arm up but I do question the wisdom of doing so. Like stupid people and heavy machinery or, well…. anything else. Stupid people don’t mix well with anything and these folks are flat-the-fuck-out retarded.

    Now, before someone comes along screaming “strych9 wants to take away people’s rights!” (which has happened here before) I’ll explain what I mean. Anyone who accuses me of such behavior, I’ll say prophylactically, is a moron with no reading skills.

    I view these people as children running around with a can of gas and a book of matches. There’s nothing illegal or intrinsically ultra-dangerous about the situation but the potential for catastrophe is there, and much higher than usual, because these folks really don’t understand what they’re doing.

    Some people would draw a parallel between these people arming up to fight against “fascists” and “racists” and whatever other bogymen they see out there and someone buying a gun because they might have to deal with a home invasion. I’d argue that actual fascists and racists are extremely rare to which some people would rejoin that so are home invasions. That’s a fair point. However, here’s the distinction: people who buy a gun for a potential home invasion don’t go around creating home invaders out of whole cloth. In other words: POTG don’t (generally, I’m sure there’s some asshole out there that does this) simply start accusing anyone they disagree with of being a home invader and using that as a justification for violence.

    The danger I see here is that the Left labels anyone they don’t like as a “fascist” or a “racist” and we all know it’s already acceptable to “punch a Nazi”. IMHO, it’s only a matter of time before some of these morons start blasting on people simply for wearing a “MAGA” hat or holding a differing opinion. Oh, wait, that already happened at the Congressional baseball practice…

    Sorry, “Putting the RED back in Redneck”… I mean you gotta be pretty fucking dumb to say something like that and honestly I don’t like/trust stupid people. I especially don’t like the ones that flaunt their idiocy and tomfuckery as some sort of badge of honor. Add to this situation that the media basically defends these people no matter what stupid shit they say and you’ve got a bubbling cauldron of potential disaster with more wood being fed under it every day.

    Some say “Avoid stupid people in large groups” or “Avoid stupid people and places. strych9 says “Avoid stupid people like the motherfucking plague because it only takes one retard to turn everything pear shaped no matter where you are.”.

    • “The danger I see here is that the Left labels anyone they don’t like as a “fascist””

      True, but there are groups on the right who label anyone they don’t like as communist or leftists.

      When I look at the extremes on both ends of the spectrum, what I see are people who hate liberty and would happily embrace totalitarianism as long as that totalitarianism enforces their own world view. I see them all as weak willed herd beasts who aren’t emotionally and psychologically strong enough to really be an individual. Only the weak must meld into a group in order to feel powerful.

      • The difference is that the Left has turned its monomania into justification for indiscriminate violence and mob action. The hard left (worldwide) is dangerous in a way that the American right wing never has been.

    • @strych9

      I usually understand what you write. Your comment here is not one of those times. There seems to be an inordinate amount of name-calling, that distracts from the essential message. My “takeaway” may not be correct: you are suspicious of leftists/fascists/liberals being armed; maybe tending toward somehow marking these people as too irresponsible/dangerous to be allowed firearms. Or not. As best I can make out, you are a bit on edge that the elitists will start something with a gunshot, and become heroes of the anti-american gangs.

      Did I get it right?

      • I am suspicious of people who, IMHO, have a tenuous grasp on reality. Maybe that comes from watching my uncle slide into violent dementia and I’m hypersensitive to it but I am not comfortable with people preparing themselves for threats that basically don’t exist when their behavior suggests some level of delusion.

        I’ll try to boil this down to the absolute basics to keep it short.

        These people make me nervous because they’re arming up for a threat that doesn’t really exist and for which the definition constantly expands to encompass more and more people who simply hold a different political view than the hard Left does.

        To put it as simply as I can: I view these people as a bunch of emo-hipster-commies who aren’t very bright, have nearly zero useful education, are hopped up on a cocktail of youthful rebellion and corrosive modern politics, have been fed a line of BS that’s constantly reinforced by the media echo-chamber in which they reside, an echo chamber that doesn’t eschew violence but rather encourages it and these folks have been allowed to set their own definition for words that have actual meaning without any consequence.

        The result is a bunch of deluded morons running around starting riots, fires, attacking people etc and feeling righteous about doing it. Now subsets of them are arming up. I can’t help but feel that this is a recipe for serious problems.

        Let’s be real here. These are the same kind of folks who were talking online about how a week of training on a farm was going to have them at Tier 1/SEAL/MARSOC/MAC-V/SOG levels of competence. They’re not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

        Look, maybe it’s “name calling” but IMHO these people are stupid. Really stupid. They’re all about “Putting the RED back in Redneck”. It’s 2017 and you’re a commie? Even after a century of seeing how that’s worked out? That’s abject stupidity. Now you wanna pick up guns in the current political environment, which the Left created and continues to agitate all the while promoting violence? It’s not a long jump from “punch a Nazi” to “shoot a Fascist”. So, for me, alarm bells are ringing. These guys are a bad parody of RATM’s music but without the intelligence that music suggested.

        • “I am suspicious of people who, IMHO, have a tenuous grasp on reality.”

          There you go; nailed it, right there.

          BTW, I agree with your new comment.

        • I should also point out that in terms of “these people” I’m not particularly worried.

          What worries me is that if these people start enough trouble, like doing something really stupid at a “protest” I think you’re going to see a serious crackdown at certain levels of government when it comes to both the 1A and the 2A.

          When it comes to the 2A, we don’t need enemies when we have morons like this who will be portrayed in the media as “being on our side”.

        • “I think you’re going to see a serious crackdown at certain levels of government when it comes to both the 1A and the 2A.”

          To launch a “crackdown”, you must find behavior (or people) who need to be cracked. Upon whom should we expect the hammer of government will assuredly fall? Krystallnacht, anyone? Burning the Reichstag? We have all seen this movie before.

        • Sam:

          That’s pretty much my point. These morons do something incredibly dumb and the rest of us pay the price for it. I don’t think it’s part of some plan. I just think that’s the way it is.

          As my wife often says when she sees someone do something really stupid: “This is why we can’t have nice things”.

        • I do agree with your wife.

          However…..never ascribe to stupidity, incompetence, ignorance or random chance that which can easily be explained by collusion and conspiracy.

  16. I do not look forward to the coming dramatic increase in accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wounds. However, any leftist who wishes to do his/her/it’s part to help clean up the gene pool deserves a big thank you!

  17. That picture of the John Brown club is hilarious. Bunch of pussies. Just wait until they run into some conservative pipe hitters who are done with their bullshit.

  18. As a gun owning lefty who’s also a range officer, IPSC / Steel Challenge competitor, reloader, and CPL (Concealed Pistol License) holder with three gun safes packed with toys, I think it’s a good thing.

    Education is the key to solving a lot of problems. You see, lot of people on the left hate guns because they fear them. They fear guns because they don’t understand them. They don’t understand guns because they don’t know anything about them. Once educated about guns they understand them, stop fearing them, stop hating them and many, in my experience, become gun responsible owners.

    • “Education is the key to solving a lot of problems. You see, lot of people on the left hate guns because they fear them.”

      Since education is controlled by the anti-American elites, education is hardly a viable hope. In addition, if leftists/statists/fascists/demoncrats could be educated, they would not be leftists/statists/fascists/demoncrats.

  19. My “FEELZ” don’t matter. Millions of commies and leftard socialists have guns. In AMERICA there’s a multitude who will oppose your BS. Be warned anarco-antifa azzwholes…

  20. Until they break the law they have the right to gun up as we do.

    Besides, folks this stupid will make a second term for The Donald a shoe in.

  21. Couldn’t care less who owns what gun, as long as it aint pointed at me. Once I see a credible threat, I’ll take care of it.

  22. I’m all for it. And the sooner they open fire, preferably on unarmed people, the better.

    I don’t see any point in waiting on a confrontation with communists.

  23. P.S. These “people” aint rednecks. The only rednecks I’ve seen in the media lately are the.ones hauling john boats, air boats, and jet skis to Houston to help save people from the flood. AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE, I MIGHT ADD

  24. These idiots are nothing more than a bunch of rich kids with nothing better to do than play terrorists. Too much video games! Enjoy your 2nd Amendment rights, just don’t walk by my house attempting to intimidate us, it won’t be pretty.

  25. “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered. Any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.” If they were really leftists they would take Marx’s words to heart instead of being antigun, hierarchical SJW buttheads like they are.

  26. This has the potential to strengthen the gun rights movement – provided that these left wing gun activists remain law abiding and as a result more Dems become pro-gun rights………..

  27. Why all the hate for lefties with guns? It’s not their fault they write funny, shoot funny, bat funny, and play tennis funny.

  28. A bad joke, bought and paid for much the same way BLM and other hard left/Antifa retards are; by the same person, probably.

    Also looking like perfect caricatures of your modern hippie leftist doesn’t help them any.

  29. Our, “the Right”, (as well as those on /pol/-4chan-8chan) aim should be to identify by name as many of these Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyite/Anarchist scum as possible. The fact is a large percentage of “the Left” has engaged in violent attacks across the nation for decades and upped their activities in the last year and a half. By identifying them and forwarding info to law enforcement it allows them to be prosecuted usually for “felonies” thus making them “prohibited persons”.

    Joining forces with the Trump-loving “auts” (self described “autistics”) on /pol/ I was successful in ID-ing a particular POS that attacked Free Speech Rally attendees in Boston earlier this year, it took no more than an hour and a half of watching videos, scouring “AntiFa” and Leftist-type pages on Facebook, he’s now facing multiple felony counts of “Assault w/Deadly Weapon” and numerous other charges,

    We ARE #MAGA

    • “Our, “the Right”, (as well as those on /pol/-4chan-8chan) aim should be to identify by name as many of these Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyite/Anarchist scum as possible.”


      We can do this at the next ‘Antifa’ protest with volunteers who will, when the attacks start, rush the ‘Antifa’ and snatch those masks off their faces. About half of the volunteers need to be with the ‘snatchers’ to video their faces.

      Since ‘Antifa’ love to attack those videoing them and destroying their phones, the video *must* be streamed off-site.

      ‘Antifa’ must be held accountable for their actions. When they discover they can’t hide, it may cool their ardor to have a spotlight shone on their faces for *everyone* to see the cockroaches they actually are …

  30. Lefty activists have never been from “the working class,” never mind rednecks. That’s the hilarious irony of these clowns.

    Like the Weather Underground in the late 60’s, and even Osama bin Laden, these “activists” and these sorts of lefty thugs are invariably from pampered, upper-middle class upbringings. The founders of BLM are too. They’ve been to “good” schools (which usually are the places that radicalized them), and they’ve never wanted for a meal.

    Their only talent is to goad witless dupes into voting for them or financially supporting them, much as ISIS and AQ duped lots of dumb-as-dirt young men into packing bombs around their chests, and blowing their fool heads off. The Islamists promise a garden paradise chock-full of doe-eyed virgin pussy when their dupes get to heaven, and the lefties promise a classless world, where every day is filled with handouts of free milk & honey, everyone gets to fart through silk drawers that are tailored to fit their well-padded posteriors and the laws of human tribalism are repealed. Oh, and, if we are to believe the recent NY Times twaddle on this matter, socialist women are going to put out like a bunch of professionals – but they won’t be able to charge what women would be able to charge in a heartless capitalist country.

    But when the crap hits the fan, these pampered twerps scatter, like squawking geese in front of a lawnmower. OBL ran out of the caves in Tora Bora – and ended up in a rather snug and refined accommodation down the street from the Paki military academy. The Weather Underground clowns ended up safely ensconced in American academia, that precious place where there is no accountability, no requirement to actually perform, and those who can’t do, teach, and those who can’t teach, teach teachers – on the public dime, with free medical insurance and lofty retirement bennies.

    Here’s a little insight into this latest bunch of thumb-sucking, red-diaper babies:

  31. This is only a regional issue. The communists of California can’t open carry. And most can’t get a gun because of previous convictions. But in Red States everyone can get a gun. I don’t believe your typical left winger has every been in a gun store. They have never held or shot a firearm.

    I suspect they will shoot each other by mistake. People who don’t respect the individual will not respect a firearm either.

  32. The impression I’m getting, is that people here believe in the 2nd amendment, but…
    Just like the politicians that this website likes to ridicule.

  33. So long as they are not hurting others or plotting to do such. Using political affiliation as an indicator of someone being allowed to have firearms (or not) is a piss poor way to go through life. Don’t forget how when Omoron was in charge they were trying to ban “terrorists” from guns while at the same time trying to label the NRA and any conservative group they could as “terrorists.”

    Short of them being actual felons anything that is used as a cudgel against their gun ownership could easily be turned on us. The Black Panthers in the late 60s comes to mind.

  34. As long as they maintain their current level of competence, I don’t care. Fortunately they are not shy about LARPing for the camera. If you have some in you’re area, figure out who they are and make a note to kill them first if things get squirrely.

  35. They are willing to lay down their lives for Bernie and free college. They are modern day Minutemen (wait a minute let me check my IPHONE.)

    • Your comment should actually be formed as a question:
      “ARE they willing to lay down their lives for Bernie and free college?”

  36. I am always for the use of firearms for self-defense and non-violent activities. Unfortunately, the Progressives are following the same pattern the Nazi’s used to take over Germany in the 30’s. They have used extreme violence to silence their opponents, and with repeatable history as my proof, I have every reason to believe they intend to escalate it to firearms. As long as liberal police departments stand down, liberal politicians praise these violent groups, and the main stream media spreads their propaganda, people will die and war will become increasingly inevitable. Truly scary times we live.

  37. They have the right to keep and bear arms, same as every other citizen of the USA. They have the right to peacefully demonstrate with those, same as every other citizen of the USA.

    However, I wonder, how many of them believe these rights are unalienable and natural (or God given as you may prefer). I wonder how many of them are willing to respect those same rights for other people? Given AntiFa’s demonstrated behavior, I suspect some of them believe they’re more equal than others.

    If they got their way, how quickly would they give up their guns to their almighty State?

  38. They may have guns but, if they try to use them the mighty hand of Lord will swoop down in 2secs and they will be history!
    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

    • “Considering how many people that post here are self admitted authoritarians and fascists…”

      But we are on the side of the angels, so all is well and righteous.

  39. I came here to see if there are any people on the right who want to extend the freedoms they enjoy to the left. It looks like the answer is “We need to kill all leftists.”


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