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Now through September 5th, or until supplies run out, Primary Arms is selling Anderson Manufacturing stripped lower receivers with integral trigger guard for $29.99. I’m thinking this is the lowest price on a stripped lower that I’ve seen since…ever?

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  1. If I needed some more AR lowers, I would probably snatch this deal up. They would also be good to store away for one of the next elections down the road.

  2. Well that’s nice and all, but I think I’d rather just buy a Ghost Gunner and churn out all the AR-15s I need.

    But then again I always perfected the AK platform for intermediate cartilages. So.. if anyone see’s an milled AK receivers for that price…

    • I chose 80% lowers for election profiteering. Since they aren’t firearms, there’s no concern about The Man claiming you’re an “unlicensed dealer” and they can be shipped door-to-door without any restrictions at all. I think I bought 25 lowers from Polymer 80 this time last year. Needless to say, I still have ’em. I’m open to offers haha

      • I’ve done a half dozen aluminum lowers using an 80% Arms AR-15 Easy Jig Gen 1. It’s a sweet Jig. I’ve used it for Anderson and AR Stoner 80% aluminum lowers. It’s not cost effective. More just a hobby. I enjoy putting together ARs when I have the time and money and this makes it easy with no transfers.

  3. I bought 2 dozen of these (2 per month), in the year run up to the election. I paid $79 each without the integrated trigger guard. This deal is awesome.

  4. Don’t Anderson lowers use non mil spec grip screws?

    Aero precision lowers are my go to. They have excellent fit and finish and they can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Also Right now they’re about $40 bucks.

    • ^^^ Agree. My Aero Precision matched set is excellent.
      You can pay more, but might not get a better product.

    • Anderson lowers are just fine. I’ve used both their complete and their 80% over the last year and a half with zero issues. The anodizing isn’t as good as Aero or Spikes, but very close.

      Neither Aero or Anderson uppers are dry film lubed which ticks me off. I like dry film lubed uppers. Spikes and YHM use dry film lube on their uppers.

    • Bingo.

      I won’t touch Andersons if you gave em to me for free. Even if you paid me.

      Quality first. Quality only. Wake me when Anderson makes something worth a hoot.

      • So what do you find lacking with them?

        I’ve put a bunch together with all sorts of different LPK’s and drop in triggers and have never had an issue. I never even experienced the issue some reported with the grip screws.

  5. I’ve built two budget rifles with Anderson lowers and Delton upper kits. If I recall correctly the lowers were about $50 in the days leading up to the election when we thought that the Hildebeast might pull it off. I’m assuming that all of the Delton parts were mil spec because everything fit and worked fine. Maybe I’m too dumb to know the difference. Anyway both rifles (a 20″ barrel fixed stock and a 16″ barrel carbine) are reliable and shoot well. At these prices you can knock together a serviceable rifle on the south side of $500 and have money left over for magazines and ammunition.

  6. Palmetto was selling pretty close to that for awhile. I think $39.00. I got two with sequential serial numbers. They are not top of the line, but not bottom either.

  7. If you want a budget rifle, I don’t see the value in building one right now. You can get a basic S&W or Ruger carbine for $450 or less, and I’ll bet we see those for $399 before the market hits bottom. I can see building one if you want something specialized or higher-end, but for a basic AR-15, the economics don’t seem to favor homebuilds right now. Which probably explains why they’ve lowered these to $30.

    • Well, when you assemble one yourself you get two things. One, additional familiarity with the gun. Two, pleasure from doing it yourself.

      Putting a value on such things is something only you can do, of course.

      • An Anderson isn’t really a budget lower. It is price wise, but quality wise it’s up there with the rest. Especially if you plan to color it with Duracoat or the like. As the only difference between an Anderson lower and a Spikes is the anodizing. Their uppers aren’t dry film lubed, which Spikes is. But even Aero Percision doesn’t dry film them any more.

        • I completely agree.

          I think that some people forget what the lower is for. As long as the magazine fits and the pin holes are correct so it will hold a decent trigger and a buffer tube will screw into it, it’s good to go.

          The parts you put in it is what makes the rifle, not the receiver itself.

      • In addition to the personal gratification of building your own rifle, when you’re done, you have exactly what you want, not what someone else thinks you should have and end up having to customize it anyway.

        I can’t see ever buying an AR off the rack. I’m also not interested in a “budget build”. I’d rather have one $1000 AR than two $500 ARs.

    • But the price per is lower if you do two or more for most FFLs. The California fee is $25 for the first DROS, and $10 for each additional, plus whatever the FFL charges to push the paperwork.

  8. I’ve purchased quite a few of these lowers. Only one had an issue and that was in the magwell. I thought it was out of spec but it was due to the coating. I used sandpaper and took it down until the mag dropped free. While the back of the magwell is now shiny, I didn’t care. It went on a beater rifle.

  9. Unregistered lowers are illegal in both Massachusetts aka birthplace of America and Connecticut aka the Constitution State.

  10. Thoughts on who makes a quality lower for a reasonable price? Sounds like aero and Anderson are pretty comparable and in the $30-50 range. Thoughts?

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