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Sally Kohn (courtesy

PetitionForRedress sent us a link to, which reveals that “A prominent CNN commentator [Sally Kohn, above], the top two political reporters for The Huffington Post, a Reuters reporter, the editor of The Nation magazine, a producer for Al Jazeera America television, a U.S. News & World Report columnist, and approximately two dozen Huffington Post contributors are among the more than 1,000 members of Gamechanger Salon. Founded by leftwing activist Billy Wimsatt, the group is a secretive digital gathering of writers, opinion leaders, activists and political hands who share information, ideas and strategy via a closed Google group.” And how many of them support individual, uninfringeable gun rights? I’m thinking . . . none. But does this prove that there is, indeed, a left-wing/Democratic/Progressive conspiracy against firearms freedom? Or is that something you knew anyway?

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      • That “dude”, Sally, is the love child of Janet “The Mongoloid” Napolitano and Elena “Bill Richardson” Kagan, being hatched by the one of them after being inseminated (can’t disclose which one due to HIPPA)by a musician named Crosby – That clear enough for you? Please stop the hate

  1. Is this a rhetorical question?

    If not, there is only one correct answer to the question: of course there is.

  2. “Conspiracy” implies secrecy. There’s nothing secret about the Left’s anti constitutional agenda.

    • Indeed. The conspiracy piece is the GOP Establishment that also wants to see guns rights and ownership restricted and taken away. The Left and Right Wings are simply two sides of the same bird.

    • Agreed. They might want to repeal the second amendment without an amendment to the constitution, but they aren’t exactly secretive.
      Deceitful, lying, but not secretive.

      • Amendments to the Constitution are too blatant and obvious and are hard for the Media to ignore. So, they use all kinds of legislation with hidden amendments and agency policies to work their agenda in. They count on the ignorance and apathy of the American people to accept the Mainstream Media script and not ask any more questions.

        • Really? I have seen no MSM coverage on Reid and the Dems trying to change the 1st amendment to not apply to their enemies.

        • There is a difference between ignoring the Constitution and actually amending the Constitution. Congress cannot amend the Constitution all on its own as it requires the additional approval of 3/4 of the States. What they are doing is writing legislation to take away rights, which is just subverting the Constitution, not amending it. So, my point stands and they are doing things exactly as I described.

        • @B; Sure there is B, It’s called the “Fairness Doctrine” the Left has tried to reintroduce repeatedly in congress; this is the requirement of radio news but not television news to give equal time to the opposite view point being discussed.

          So television news which is mostly liberal/progressive; could give an anti-gun message but not a pro-gun counter; but the radio news; which is mostly Republican/conservative; would be required to give an anti-gun view equal time if they talked about a pro-gun message.

          You see; not “fair” at all; and a violation of the right of free speech and an attempt by the left to control and restrict the conservative/republican message.

          There has also been an attempt to require certification of bloggers on the web, before they can post their ideas and information, but not of “authorized” journalists. ie The old media.

    • Exactly. There’s been absolutely nothing secretive about the left’s agenda for decades.

      Ask any of the rabidly left-wing Jewish “intellectuals” who have been tearing down the Constitution since WWII. They’re quite public about it. Howard Zinn wrote a book that is used in schools today that makes clear their agenda.

      • I confess I do not have a wide and deep knowledge of the anti-constitutional aspect of the Progressive v2.0 movement. But my radar is set off when I read “Jewish” as part of a broad generalization,

        so I’m definitely going to read up, as you suggest, on Zinn, Dys, as you have been a fountain of deep knowledge on gun history and technical details. And I’ve been intrigued with your reference to western water rights, for as a side issue on Bundy, for example…not to digress, just an example of complexity that requires study, to begin to see patterns, and why I read TTAG for the wide ranging intellectual diversity here, that I find remarkable, even if I disagree, on tangents.

        I’ll just note the obvious, and agree on the Alex Jones entreaty, that there is a HUGE difference in opinion, political trends, and ideology, within the group generalized, as ” Jewish”, and that is especially so for American Jews, vs European, vs Israeli flavors.
        And I suspect a huge sea change underway here in US, on constitutional issues, in the first group.

        And to avoid hijacking this thread by mistake, steering back to the gun part,
        note that on 2A, these Jews have been on it for some time: JPFO.

        • Not that Dys needs any help, but there is a distinct pattern among American Jews against Gun ownership (conservative values as well)

          JPFO is a great organization, and they actually address this issue in an article on their site..

          An applicable excerpt – for those who won’t make the jump.

          “Yet Jewish leaders — in Congress of all places (e.g., Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Barney Frank, Frank Lautenberg, Carl Levin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, others) — are the anti-rights leaders on the self-defense gun issue. They are the very strongest proponents of relying on government for safety and of destroying the right of the individual to keep and bear arms. Somehow, America’s liberal Jews expect the police to protect them, a reliance that has failed the Jews throughout history.”

          The entire article is worth reading. In sum, it’s not anti-semitic to indict the Jewish elite (and a significant portion of Jewish Americans) as hoplophobes leading the charge to destroy the second amendment. It is however tragic, given that a disarmed helpless Jewish community will almost inevitably face attempted genocide.

      • DG, there’s one thing that Biden, Kelly, Brady, McCarthy, O’Malley, Durbin, Cuomo, Malloy, Pelosi, and the Boston Archdiocese have in common. I’ll give you a hint: they ain’t Jews.

        I could make the list a lot longer, but I think you already get the point.

        • Oh, most certainly. The RCC has always been quite socialist in their outlook (take from the rich, give to the poor, with the RCC taking their cut in between), but until the installation of the most recent Pope who actually is open in his support of “liberation theology” (a distinctly South American brand of marxism), the RCC had drawn a line at supporting actual Marxism. After all, the true Marxists have no room in their epistemology for religion whatsoever, so not only would the pews in the Catholic Church be empty, the true card-carrying Marxists would quite happily have the Catholic clergy sent into the cold to count trees.

          You’re naming elected politicians. I’m talking about unelected (and unaccountable) people who have ginned up entire political movements or attacked the Constitution in academia. Two examples: Saul Alinsky was never elected to jack squat. His tactics have been used by two entire generations of leftists to attack civil society and make political discourse in the US a no-holds-barred bar brawl. Howard Zinn was a card-carrying communist. His idiotic book is used by more than a few school districts and colleges to “educate” young generations of the “history” of the US.

          If you read up on the history of the start of the strain of idiotic thought now termed as the “progressive” movement in the US (which is merely a re-labelling of the “new left” of the 60’s), you see the lefty Jewish intellectuals cut a pretty wide swath in the movement – clear up to today, when we have Bill Ayers writing Obama’s “memoir.”

          One person who used to be just such a “red diaper baby” who has broken with the movement and has turned on them with a vengence is David Horowitz. Horowitz has made second career (his first being a lefty egghead for the Black Panthers) of exposing the roots of today’s left, both historical and modern.

    • The secrecy is the membership of so-called main stream media. Journalists are supposed to be neutral on the topics they report, sticking strictly to the facts at hand. Something that disappeared around 1970 give or take.

      • I’d say it never existed, the impartiality of the 4th estate is the biggest lie of all time and the internet is finally disabusing us of that notion.

        • Exactly.

          The Journ-List email list also showed us that the reason why some phrases become so commonly used among various news outlets is because they co-ordinate how they’re going to cover various issues. The twerps and poo-flingers of the Juicebox Mafia on JournoList decide what/who/how they’re going to spin an issue, and suddenly you see the same spin on a story all over the media, down to the same exact wording. eg, the use of the word “glitch” to describe the fact that the Obamacare website was a piece of non-functional trash from the get-go. They co-ordinated together to call that a “glitch” rather than a “steaming pile of dog poop,” which would have been more accurate.

      • Journalists have never been impartial as a whole. Some are much better than others; but all have a point of view. Some are more honest or cognizant of their perspective than others.

        This applies to both sides and is relative to the society in which the news outlet lives as well as inconsistent within it.

        So some articles on CNN are better than others. CNN International is generally much better than HLN.

        Some stuff on FNC is great; others is GOP propaganda.


    • Also agree with Ralph….

      Have I “always known”….no, but I always suspected even before I paid attention. Now that I have made more laps around the sun it is obvious, as it should be to any open-minded free-thinker. The “far left” march to the same drum…most are simply worker bee’s. Not sure whom is in charge, but “they” have a short game and a long game. They do a great job of controlling the wording (even into the dictionary it would appear). Also they practice the 3 D’s…deny, deceive, deflect. And its not just about the 2nd Amendment.

    • I gotta think that there are open parts of their anti-gun efforts and somewhat more secret parts of their efforts. For example, we don’t really know whether Fast & Furious was a conspiracy against our gun rights. We suspect it, but we don’t know it.

    • “Conspiracy” implies planning together. This is just a whole bunch idiots who all hate the Constitution and are terrified of the concept of individual self-responsibility.

    • Likewise there is nothing secret about a feeling that many on the right are willfully ignorant as to the meaning of a “well regulated militia.” And this is one of those arguments where rightwingers have become their own worst enemies.

  3. If by conspiracy you mean a group of people collaborating with the shared goal of restricting gun rights, then yes.

    • By that same logic we are engaged in a conspiracy to restore gun rights.

      Either is ridiculous because there’s nothing secretive about it. It has to be secretive in order to be a conspiracy and the agendas of these groups are paraded loudly in various media.

      • Well, BB, If you read most of the posts so far; most of us are saying there is no secrecy in the leftist/statist/progressive agenda to dis-arm so that they can enslave us all.

        Because that has always been the definition of a free man versus a slave; a free man can freely KABA; and a slave is one that is denied that right.

  4. “Is There a Left-Wing Conspiracy Against Gun Rights?”

    Someone once told me, “There are no stupid questions”.

    • Yes. There are no stupid questions. Why are people so quick to blame the question, anyway? It is totally NOT the question’s fault.

  5. In 1971 as art of a project in government class I went to the high school library to do research on the 2ND Amendment. It was rarely even talked about in class so it was only natural for myself to do the essay.

    There were exactly TWO books in the whole library with any mention of the second amendment and those were encyclopedia with less that 3 pages including pictures.

    My fight against gun-grabbers started that day! This conspiracy started long before this article!

    • Indeed the anti’s conspiracy did start long ago, but it has evolved to include a national, organized, lefty progressive ‘legacy media’ propaganda movement in concert with the antis’ efforts.

    • Exactly. Journalism is dead when reporters who purport to be objective engage in partisan political strategizing.

    • It undoubtedly is the new instance of Journo-List.

      After Journo-List was exposed, no one with a whit of common sense should have believed that these “journalists” reformed their ways simply because they got caught.

      They just stepped back, regrouped and came up with a new communication channel.

      • And the beautiful irony is that technology can be used to to nail ’em.

        Thanks to this electronic searchable media, the catch-phrases like “glitch” and “gravitas” (From years back) the marching orders are quick to spot. At the least, it will force them to break out the thesaurus.

  6. The “group” is almost certainly conspiratorial to some degree – why wouldn’t they be? But, I think its solipsistic to think gun rights is their only progressive bone to pick.

  7. There is a leftwing conspiracy against freedom. Dictatorship is what they do. But don’t worry there will be free drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll.

  8. For me, the question isn’t if they are conspiring to stop
    gun rights but whether they are actively trying to end
    all individual rights. Considering how the MSM treats those
    who disagree and openly and blatantly create and/or repeat
    abject fallacies, I say it’s the latter.

  9. I believe the word for that is Cabal. The secret isn’t in their views, it is in that they are organized and collaborate in secret while appearing to be independent thinkers and journalists to create a image of legitimacy by virtue of the illusion of independence and objectivity.

  10. “… does this prove that there is, indeed, a left-wing/Democratic/Progressive conspiracy against firearms freedom? Or is that something you knew anyway? ‘

    Yes. Yes.

    “Progressives” have always believed themselves to be the intellectual and social elites of the society, and as such, they share the typical power-hungry elitist antipathy toward any possibility of the peasants (“the great unwashed”) being armed. The elites of the world saw what happened in America in 1776, France in 1789, and everywhere else that the peasants got personal arms that were effective against the minions of the ruling classes. Since then, they have worked very carefully to disarm the “lower classes” whenever possible.

    Read the Declaration of Independence, and note the only DUTY mentioned in that document. Then read the 2nd Amendment and try to tell me it is about hunting.

    • IdahoPete wrote:

      ““Progressives” have always believed themselves to be the intellectual and social elites of the society,”

      Easy to spot a Progressive on the stump when they use phrases like “We’ll do (X) smarter!”

      Re: John Kerry

  11. Gun control is just one aspect of the Progressive agenda.

    Of course its part of an organized effort, both overt and covert.

    If anyone doubts that various members of the media, NGO’s, Executive branch appointees, and Czars, and senior managers in various agencies have been working in collusion, “under the radar” to subvert the rule of law, in this area, in voter suppression (IRS), the environment (EPA), and state run healthcare (ACA), then they simply havent been paying attention, or worse, are being paid to perpetuate the propaganda, lies, stone-walling, and conspiracy of the left to seize power, in an extra-legal, non-democratic, near totalitarian state model, thats familiar to anyone who has studied the Soviet Socialist model and history.

    This proof of active agitprop by left-wing media leaders and content providers, in collusion with well known fronts for activism (Talking Points Media) and even taxpayer supported news manipulation (Nudge Team) in a secret manner is just another example of whats been long documented at grassroots on up (Journolista). I call them the StatRunMedia™, a term that would be ironic, if it weren’t so frightening, in the implications, and terrible lessons of history we seem to be unable to avoid repeating.


    • “…the propaganda, lies, stone-walling, and conspiracy of the left to seize power, in an extra-legal, non-democratic, near totalitarian state model, thats familiar to anyone who has studied the Soviet Socialist model and history.”

      Nailed it, rlc2. Perfect summary of “progressivism”.

  12. Considering how many of the anti-individual-rights crowd screeches about some big-bad-evil Gun Lobby it only makes sense that they themselves have some big-bad-evil group of their own. Why else would the be so quick to blame others if they themselves don’t already have what they accuse others of? It is the ultimate form of projection…. we have a Cabal so of course everyone else has one too and all the others are evil and must be stopped!

  13. I wonder if this is where “talking points” are born and developed? It would have been nice to have a mole or two inside to influence the discussions.

    the old-media way of reporting the news; time to retire it.

    • mirgc wrote:

      “I wonder if this is where “talking points” are born and developed? It would have been nice to have a mole or two inside to influence the discussions.”

      How do you think Ezra Klein’s closed JournoList got exposed?

      “After Klein shut down JournoList, a new group, calling itself “Cabalist” was started by Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic, Michelle Goldberg and Steven Teles, a professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University. The group, which had 173 members by late July, was made up mostly of former JournoList members. Its existence managed to stay secret for several weeks, until The Atlantic magazine correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg revealed its existence in a blog post on July 21. ”

  14. What is really clear, to me, is that if we have a group as described, patting themselves on the back for their amazing intellect, and not even ONE (I bet) supports the RKBA despite its inclusion in the BOR (which, of course, was conceived by persons not blessed with “our” amazing intellects), then the whole bunch really should realize what morons they are. We must forgive them, however, because they are too stupid to recognize that they are morons.

  15. So, any plans to infiltrate this group using a false alias?

    C’mon, it would be fun. It would be like a writer version of “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

    • Go for it, lol. You already have the euro/scandi socialist state location going for you…
      a separate nom de plum, your tech knowledge, youth, etc.

      They are always looking for nitwits with an anti-US imperialist rap…

  16. Yes. A vast, coordinated conspiracy against all freedoms. Not just the RKBA. Unless it applies to liberal elites, of course.

  17. I suppose you could say that individual gun rights are a conspiracy against the left (state).

    “A well regulated Militia [is] necessary to the security of a free State,” because a well regulated Militia is the most effective means of invoking the “Right of the People to alter or abolish” “any Form of Government [which] becomes destructive of” “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” For a disarmed populace, the Right to alter or abolish a Form of Government is dependent on the good will of that same Government and is thus meaningless.

    There was, from the beginning, a conspiracy against the state. However, that conspiracy is unraveling.

  18. There is the old intel chestnut about happenstance, coincidence and enemy action. I mean this is real Charlie Brown and the football gag kind of stuff. Not long ago here at TTAG you guys quoted the ever swinish Howard Metzenbaum as saying that not only was absolute civilian disarmament the goal but that anything done in that cause was allowable. Including but certainly not limited to lying, misrepresenting and outright fabrication. As the late Sen put it, there is no way that socialism can be fully introduced until we disarm all those who would oppose it. On a personal note, I only hope Howard is frying real good.

  19. “… does this prove that there is, indeed, a left-wing/Democratic/Progressive conspiracy against firearms freedom? Or is that something you knew anyway?”

    I am not sure if there is an out-and-out conspiracy so much as there is concerted effort on a massive scale of the left-wing/Democrat/Progressive camp. Maybe that is just an argument about semantics.

  20. There is a conspiracy against all individual rights, it’s called the state. Journalists, like most other professionals, tend to serve the ruling class. The ruling class hates individual rights, so journalists do too.

    Check out Herbert Spencer’s “Man verses the State.” It’s on line at

  21. I used to blame the rich for running (and ruining) the world, and my enemy was wealth. Then I blamed an authoritarian cabal of bankers, technocrats, etc. for spoiling the well. After that, I blamed the institution of government itself. I was typically an anarchist: Who’s anyone to force someone else?

    But then I asked again: Why do we have government? It’s the embodiment of the desire – within (unfortunately) most people – to control everyone else. And that’s why we: The People of the Gun – Are in such an “out-group”. When you’re capable of defending yourself, you no longer need police or military. You can up-hold your own rights, and the need for a government fades away.

    It’s all about bringing you and I back onto the plantation, friends. But we can’t go after the government, which is like attacking an idea, or – even worse – go after their fretful ideas of people like us. Instead, we need to convert more of the masses into people like us. And we need to congregate together, leaving them in their cattle pens to their own demise. Stay free, my friends…

    • As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that the whole of the human population in the US can be broken down into two groups.

      No, it isn’t “Republican vs. Democrats,” or “conservatives vs. liberals,” or “rich vs. poor.”

      It comes down to these two groups:

      1. People who think that they know what is bad/better/best for some other group of people, and spend their time and money organizing groups of similar minding busybodies to legislate, litigate and pontificate their long, intrusive snouts into other people’s business “for their own good…”

      2. And people who want to be left the hell alone and will leave others alone in kind.

      Group #2 is getting increasingly furious that they’re unable to be left alone in any aspect of their lives by the busybodies in group 1. It doesn’t matter what the issue, there’s bunch of group of group 1 people who want to meddle in everyone else’s business. Food, diet, childhood education, drugs, booze, sex, how much money you make, how much money you donate, what kind of car do you drive, what size house do you live in, what kind of clothes do you wear, what kind of pets do you have, how you raise your children, what you teach your children, your religion, your business organization, your health insurance, you doctor(s)… and of course, whether or not you own guns, where you shoot guns, what kind of guns you own, etc.

      • Yep: D.G.; You’re channeling R.A.H. He basically was speaking of the timeless universal “truth” of the many facets of human nature in his stories. This idea of basically two types of people in the world is one of them.

        Robert A. Heinlein; a great man.

      • “Men can never be free, because they’re weak, corrupt, worthless… and restless…” -The Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-files.

        Cynical, but fvcking true in many respects.

  22. I’d going to have to say ‘yes’ in that the fact most of these organizations are claiming to be for ‘gun safety’. All while they’re actually pushing a gun prohibition and confiscation agenda. Just because they’re fairly bad at hiding their motives doesn’t make it false.

  23. I’m starting to believe that there’s a conspiracy against & for a lot things.

    The people that have been ridiculed and poked over the past couple of decades and labeled tin foil hat nuts may be right about lot things.

    Their last laugh will be long and loud.

    As far as a Gun grabbing conspiracy.. it’s no secret what they want. It may have started out secret but its been laid out on the table for all to see.

  24. Against guns? Far too limiting, more like the entire American way of life. Taking away the guns may be the first step in any socialist agenda, but it’s only the first step. Once the public is pacified the real fun begins!

  25. There’s definitely coordination among these people, as evidenced by their lockstep unquestioning of ridiculous studies and verbatim use of offensive, inflammatory and frequently inaccurate/fabricated terms.

    What’s worse than all that, though, is the degree of non-coordinated synchronicity among them. In thoughts, views, biases and nastiness, these people are genuinely homogeneous. They actually are each independently that mediocre and that dangerous.

  26. Well, when you see the utter ignorance of data and facts by the control crowd you have to wonder if 1) otherwise intelligent people can really be so worked up and emotional on one issue that all rationality is thrown to the wind? Or 2) at the upper echelons, most know damn well the controls they propose either duplicate existing (but often unenforced) laws or will have zero impact on actual gun crimes.

    If you believe the latter (and I increasingly do) then the explanation is that there is a general agreement amongst these folks that the endgame is get as many restrictions and laws on the books (that have no effect) and then throw up their arms and declare that outright bans are the only possible solution…the missing piece is an incident of sufficient magnitude to fuel the right level of blood dance.

  27. Of course there is a conspiracy. Next question? Gee Charles5 where do all Republicans want to take away my 2A RIGHTS? Maybe a few here & there (Peter King) but compared to Barry & Company they are my heroes.

    • fww, youre as big a hypocrite as the Hollywood celebs….you cling to the concept of repubs saving your rights, all the while which repubs acted to prevent the shredding of the remaining Bill of Rights? As long as you can you retain your privilege, no longer a right, to have your firearm, who cares about the liberties this country was founded on?

  28. Sounds like the crew over on /k/ need to contact their tech-savey homies on /b/ and liberate some transcripts from the Google Group.

  29. Yes of course there is. they are all “Progressives” and Progressives by nature are elitists who believe their elite ideas must prevail over everyone elses ideas and values. They believe in population control and various ways to reduce the population and sterilize people who are not part of their hierarchy. They believe all rights spring from the government, and can be modified or removed depending on the governments position at the time. As for guns it naturally follows in their philosophy it follows that they believe in guns for me and not for thee.

  30. Yeah, I think it’s obvious. Most of these “Gatekeepers” of the media all have their own agendas, it definitely trickles into their story segments and talking points. Making anyone for the uninfringed right to keep and bear arms out to be a militia-crazy nutbag conspiracy-theorist is definitely one of their agendas, the other being disarming the general population so that their idealist totalitarian regime would be the only protection we would ever need. Because why would the people ever need to protect themselves from their government? That’s just absurd.

  31. @RF: “But does this prove that there is, indeed, a left-wing/Democratic/Progressive conspiracy against firearms freedom? Or is that something you knew anyway?”

    Of course. Its been apparent for about 50 years or so. So, yes, I knew it. I thought everyone did?

  32. The Left needs no conspiracies, though it does have them from time to time. The Left is always and everywhere opposed to property, family and tradition. They always use reasonably spontaneous means to settle on some cause that opposes these three things without unnecessary coordination.

    Think of right vs. left as the opposition of those who want to build against those who want to destroy. Those who want to build need to coordinate, or else no building will happen (for instance, shall we build a cathedral or a gas station?). Those who seek to destroy need not to coordinate beyond finding opportune places where others are destroying and join in.

    So to answer your question, this probably is a conspiracy, like Ezra Klein’s JournoList before it, but the truth that they need no conspiracies is far more frightening than this.

  33. Thanks for that list. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more of an uproar in the right-side of the blogosphere, since this came out on Drudge three days ago. Perhaps its resignation, or a sign of how nothing is shocking about how the anti-American Progressive network operates, any more. I mean, who would have thought six years ago, that we’d have the IRS suppressing political perties, the DOJ stonewalling on gun smuggling, the CIA spying on the Senate, and NSA, Google , and who knows spying on regular everyday citizens, with a Democreat controlled Congress enabling an incompetent takeover, nay nationalization, of one-sixth of the economy. And POTUS arming radical jihadis while telling Israel they cant defend themselves and kids from being rocketed. And the immigration disaster underway, with threats of “executive action” sidestepping the legislative branch?

    Any one of these “suggestions” as to how the Progressive Agenda would be enacted, back in 2008, would have brought howls of outrage, “raaacsistttt”, “tin foil hat” mockery, and scorn, from the MSM…

    now, its like a train wreck that even former fans like Dana Milbank, Tom Friedman, and Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, to name a few, have gone silent, or even huddling in the awful realization they were taken for a ride, and true to their useful idiot roles, cant figure out how to jump off…

    While more are doubling down, willing to break more eggs, as the ends justify the means…

    How will it all end? Who knows? But when even the LIVs wake up, its not gonna be pretty.
    Who’s got the popcorn?

  34. I checked out their membership list and 2014 calendar. This is a serious group–leftist activism multiplied by infinity. Their focus on “educating” our young people is intensive and alarming. Scheduled events include the Young Invincibles, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference, Young People for Training (referred to as ongoing), Nexus Global Youth Summit, U.S. Students Association Annual Student Congress, the Young Democrats of America National Convention and my personal favorite, the Million Hoodies Power Summit, a two-day Freedom School in Philadelphia, PA, for local college students to strategize and design action plans to address gun violence and criminal justice issues in their communities.

  35. It’s wondering refreshing to be included in a group of independent thinkers who can clearly see through the multiple levels of liberal progressive bullshit being thrust upon our nation. Yes, there is a conspiracy as well as blatantly obvious efforts to attack the 2nd from the media, wealthy individuals, and by statist politicians. The desire for nanny-state thinkers, both elected and otherwise, to sink their slimy tentacles into our rights is readily apparent. They are also supported by a greedy and ignorant electorate that will gladly “balance” their freedoms against public safety – especially of they can get a free handout from the deal.

    We’ve got the Arms Trade Treaty, mainstream media collaboration (who do you think came up with police-style assault shotgun?), and multitudes of bureaucracy from anti-gunners working together with the overlapping mission to diminish the rights and freedom of the individual.

    Thankfully we also have very effective groups opposing anti-gunners.

  36. You’re overreacting. Why on ABC News tonight they discussed the guy in Detroit who shot the black girl on his porch with a shotgun. Oh they forgot to mention she was bombed (drunk) and banging on his door real loud (that’s no excuse for firing a shotgun through a locked screen door) after leaving her car because she crashed it (ABC Nesw said “she left her car while failing to note she crashed it and did report the police said she had been drinking, they just failed to report she was bombed). He was safe and didn’t have to shoot.

    But they did bring up Trayvon, the black youth who was shot by that white guy, Zimmerman. And I though he was Hispanic?

    RF, ditch the tin foil hat . . . . . . . or maybe not?

  37. Probably the Liberal Media Workshop that the MSM journalists keep yapping about. No conspiracy folks, this is more like a collection of zombies chasing after the living.

  38. If it wasn’t for the internet; the “obviousness of the truth” would not be so obvious. The control of the flow of information through the schools, universities, the Old Media and from government by the statists; until the web, was almost complete.

    But it is because, for now; the free flow of information on the web. and for me; my connection to the Christ, that helped me to begin to see the truth. May it continue for us; in what ever way works for you all.

  39. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t a Right Wing conspearicy to do away with our gun rights.

  40. Yes it was obvious that the MSM is organized but it’s always good to have confirmation. I have noticed that those with a canned response can often be spotted by some body language they exhibit. While the interviewer is posing a question or while an opposing opinion is being presented they put a smirk on their face including that crooked smile and the eyes go vacant as if they are not listening but just waiting for the chance to speak.
    This is just another example of how the media has an agenda not to report the news but to change how people think. Higher education shoots out trained recruits who believe, and are eager to prove, they can manipulate public opinion. Sites like TTAG are very effective and it seems like POTG are gaining ground but they will never give up.

  41. It’s just another reenactment of the eternal battle between Good and Evil, where Free Will is Good and Tyranny is Evil.

    According to, this time Good will win and Evil will be banished from Creation, because the Divine Will is Free Will.

  42. Sharing “information, ideas and strategy” doesn’t really smell like “conspiracy” to me. I mean, I talk to other gunowners on an anonymous messageboard about stuff like how to argue with my anti-fun “Mr. and Mrs. America, hand ’em all in” relatives. I’m not at all influential, but it’s the same kind of thing, and I don’t think even my relatives would call it a pro-gun conspiracy.
    I mean, you say “left-wing conspiracy” and I think of the crazy shit that gets tossed around sometimes on anonymous message boards, shit like certain shootings were false-flag operations made to push public sentiment to restricting gun rights.

  43. Emiya Shirou ; look up the “Northwood Documents”. It was a proposal by the US military to JFK to stage false flag attacks against American targets; blowing up airplanes and attacking power stations in the US and blame it on Cuba to give an excuse to invade and overthrow Castro.

    JFK refused; but the point is that the military proposed this is if was a legitimate and accepted technique to manipulate public opinion. So the question does arise;when have the military proposed this in the past and the president of that time said yes.

    So it gives a whole new perspective in looking at trigger events in the past that was used as an excuse to go to war. “Remember the Maine” anyone?

    So what is so different in using false flag attacks to manipulate public opinion to restrict gun rights?

  44. Conspiracy by definition is something that remains secret. It’s no secret that lefties was us all disarmed. ergo, not a conspiracy , but yes on “coordinated political effort”.

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