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I’m thinking yes. Yes, he is. Jerry Miculek is the coolest shooter in the history of the world ever. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve met some truly awesome shooters, from Mas Ayoob to FN’s Dave Sevigny to the late, great Tom Knapp. But Jerry is in another league. He’s fast, funny, dead nuts accurate and humble. He is, in short, the ultimate OFWG. Kirsten, you know I love you. You know I have nothing but respect for your mad shooting skillz, but . . . you have GOT to invite Mr. Miculek to the Texas International Firearms Festival. To see both of you shooting together would be amazing! Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Meanwhile, I’ll ask you again: is Jerry The Man?

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  1. He is the coolest shooter currently living.

    Others that are deceased such as Annie Oakley were cooler and much more popular if you scaled their popularity to today’s standards. Some shooters who are in their “infancy” may surpass him.*

    * Note: This claim has not been substantiated.

    • I don’t know if he is the coolest, but his videos and the way he presents himself certainly adds to the ‘cool factor’ of the sport in the mainstream.

      Or at least likely to potentially make some fence sitters smile if they watch a video, making it easier for me to lure them out to the range (in which case 90% are no longer fence sitters after that point).

    • Not going to go with the joke candidates Lee Harvey Oswald or Gavrilo Princip.

      My vote would probably be Simo Häyhä.

  2. RF, I see what you did there.

    Well played. *golf clap*

    And I can’t say anything about Jerry that hasn’t already been said better by someone else. Best of the best, all things considered.

  3. Jerry is scary. I say that because he makes me fear for the future of shooting sports. Now one gun at a time isn’t good enough. #6guncompetition

  4. If there was a Mount Rushmore for exhibition shooters, Jerry would be right up there with Annie Oakley, Tom Knapp and Ed McGivern.

      • Good call on Munden. I only left him, the Toepperweins, Herb Parsons and others off of the exhibition shooting Mount Rushmore because there was no room left on the mountain!

        • “I only left him, the Toepperweins, Herb Parsons and others off of the exhibition shooting Mount Rushmore because there was no room left on the mountain!”

          I hear new room on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is available since “The Old Man of the mountain” fell off.

          Just say’in…

  5. I’ve been lucky enough to compete against him. He is a true southern gentleman.
    So yes, in this current space-time continuum, he’s the man.

  6. Come now, we ALL know Jerry is the Terminator. It’s obvious. Jerry could pick up ANY gun in the world and kill you with it faster than you can blink. And laugh while doing it.

    And yes,

    Jerry does scare me. He doesn’t need full auto to ventilate somebody.

    • No….it’s more like, YEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!….GET SOME!!!!!
      Coolest father or grandfather ever, too.

  7. Since Bob Munden is dead, Jerry is definitely the man. However Bob wasn’t as humble or funny as Jerry so maybe he’s better than Bob in that respect (but not faster).

  8. Jerry is scary. Well, scary AMAZING. He’s probably the bet shooter of the current time. Sometimes I think he can reload a revolver faster than a semi-auto. I salute you!

    • “I wish I had some how managed to marry into his family.”

      Marry into that family? Are you kidding? You would need 3-4 full-time jobs to afford the ammo the kids of Miculek blood would burn through!

  9. If I could meet Jerry at the festival, I’ll definitely make an effort to go. Kirsten is cool and all, but I could actually tell my wife I want to drive 2 hours to meet Jerry. Can’t really do that with KJW. And I just love seeing him shoot revolvers.

  10. Did I once see a Youtube video of Jerry putting his shoulder up against a 105 Howitzer breach for better aim, recoil be damned?
    Not sure, maybe

  11. I may reschedule my crossbow hunt which is tentatively scheduled for Nov 7-10 if I could either meet Jerry or see him shoot.

  12. I can’t help but laugh with him after he unloads on a target. For the curious or uninformed, he’s a great example of how shooting isn’t just about hunting or defense, but purely for the joy of it.

    I’d like to see him go head-to-head with Dugan Ashley. That would be epic, and not just because they sport the same eyewear.

  13. From my personal experience, I’d have to put Jerry at a very close second to the late Bob Munden.. Jerry is possibly a better marksman, and has shooting talents probably equal or better than any shooter that has ever lived, but Mr. Munden could really put on a show that you would NEVER forget. I watched a segment on “super humans” hosted by Stan Lee of Marvel comic fame exploring special people that had “super” powers. Seeing Bob Munden’s draw in extreme slow motion with accelerometers attached to his hands and arm was amazing. His hand pulled g-forces that are beyond what is supposed to be possible:
    I have also seen video where you could see the bones in his arm bending with the force he applied during his draw.

    On a side note, it was interesting to watch Jerry try to talk with 2 firearms attached to his hands. He uses his hands a LOT when he talks, which made it a bit entertaining to see.

  14. Jerry is def. the tops.

    I’ve watched a lot of Bob Munden videos. He was an amazing shooter, but really hammed it up for the camera, lol.

    Jerry just comes off like a regular, cool guy who’s good a something normal like throwing darts, when in reality he’s (still) the hands down best at what he does.

  15. Yes. Yes he is…and we are the same age which makes him even more astounding. His semi auto shotgun speed is mindblowing.

  16. How many YouTube vids did Elmer Keith make? What about Ed McGivern? If they couldn’t even make that much of an effort, why should we surprised Jo one remembers them?

    • They weren’t alive when The Internet existed.

      Or were you being sarcastic? Hard to detect sarcasm throygh text.

  17. How many YouTube vids did Elmer Keith make? What about Ed McGivern? If they couldn’t even make that much of an effort, why should we surprised no one remembers them?

  18. I hope that when I am his age my reloading shelves will be so well stocked, wow.
    He must have the best yard sales.

  19. There have been so many really great shooters (RIP Bob Munden), it would be hard to say that Jerry is the best ever, and I doubt he would say so. Of the living shooters, I would say he may be the best.

  20. My non-shooting wife and daughter watch Jerry’s videos with me, just to share in his joyous laugh and the exhilaration he receives from shooting!

    AND, of course, Jerry’s the only man Chuck Norris crosses the street to avoid!

    I’ve got tickets for the November event already, but would be thrilled to think Jerry might be present!

  21. Given that our birthdays are less than a year apart AND that Jerry once did a standing mag dump shoulder firing a Barrett .50 cal rifle with six hits, Imma hafta agree: Jerry is THE man.

  22. I have the utmost respect for Jerry. But I would like to put a vote in for the late great Bill Jordan. Famous US Border Patrol agent, Marine veteran of WWII and Korea, and author of No Second Place Winner. I just happened to be going thru some old memorabilia this past week. I ran across clippings from the live shooting demo I saw him give. It happened to be, in of all places, a big old Manhattan theatre in NYC in 1976. It was to be his last live demo. All I can say is that 38 years later the memory of him is still with me. He had this Louisiana drawl. A towering guy at 6’ 6” he just exuded authority. He put on a demo that was mind boggling. Drawing as fast as lighting. Shooting an aspirin tablet on a fast draw. Pulling guns out of shirt sleeve. First time I ever heard the expression “fast is fine, but accuracy is final”. Dang, that was a man !

    This is one of the few videos of about him on the web. It is from the NRA TV show American Rifleman…trust me it is well worth watching. I understand Midway USA has some DVDs of him also…

  23. Yes. Jerry Miculek is the greatest of all time. Followed closely by the late great Tom Knapp. Add in hicock45, and you have the Holy Trinity of Gun Grandads all of us hold dear in our hearts.

  24. Oh yeah…competing against guys young enough to be your son or GRANDSON(!) & WINNING sets Jerry apart from oh…EVERYONE who ever lived. I used to compete in weightlifting and bodybuilding and 60 year olds sure as hell didn’t go even up with 20-30 year olds. Or any other strenuous sport.

  25. The old codger obviously stays in shape. Has anyone actually tried to strapping on an AR Pistol with the Sig Brace? It’s like trying to hold steady on target with a 5lb dumbbell tied to your forearm. Gets heavy and shaky quick! For mere mortals, the unofficial CQB utilization of the Sig Brace is much more pleasant and effective for fast and accurate shot placement.

    • Though ATF says its legal I suspect it is not PC to advertise such. Doing so just shows how insane the Federal laws are. But if, like JM, your livelyhood depends on working within the system and with/for companies that have to also, you behave like a good boy and don’t tweek the 800 gorilla.

      • I’m glad Jerry demonstrated the officially correct use of the Sig SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace lest ATF or anyone else doubted it can be utilized in the product design approved manner.

  26. Question of the Day: Is Jerry Miculek The Coolest Shooter in the History of the World Ever?

    In modern times, yes. Without a doubt. Of course, I haven’t seen Jerry’s mounted shooting, so I’ll reserve judgement on “Ever”.

  27. Lol, when I read the title I thought to myself “I don’t know, has he dual wielded miniguns yet?”

    Then I saw the video and laughed cuz obviously miniguns would be impossible but doesn’t mean he won’t try something ridiculous like dual ar.

  28. Amazing – he actually is able to make the preferred Hollywood “sidewayZ pistol hold” work! With two guns! And make it look easy.

    Of course, when you are listing amazing shooters, don’t forget Audie Murphy – who did it with an M2 Browning .50 from the top of a burning M10 tank destroyer, for real, in WWII. And he was a pretty good shooter with handguns, too.


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