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In my own defense, this wasn’t my idea. I’m dutifully blogging the Washington Times’ shameless clickbait feature ‘Hollywood’s hottest gunslingers.’ Anyway, while Charlize Theron’s pic has its privileges (the cover shot for the article), and trigger discipline counts, and that’s not the best gun-toting snap of the actress, the answer to the question is Scarlett Johansson. Next?

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  1. Sadly both those hollywood leading ladies are rabid anti-gunners…

    Nah, the BEST, by far in Angelina Joile (Pitt now I guess).

    Not only did Mr Pitt build her a shooting range but her gun toting antics in Tomb Raider and Mr and Mr Smith, not to mention, Salt, are EXCELLENT.

    • Went to the WT article and started clicking through the pics. I did not get through the whole set and had to come back here and cast my vote. Halle Berry in the panties with the recorder taped to her inner thigh gave me a chubby. Could not even see the gun. I looked at a few more but went back to Halle. Yeah…that was hot. How David Justice ever let that get away…Oh my God she is fine!

    • And preggers at the time, too. I liked how her fighting style was realistic for a woman her size in her situation. That really made the movie.

  2. Sorry, Helen Mirren wins hand down for a single scene in the movie RED. Just the way she says, “This is going to be fun!” as she leans down to look through the scope…

  3. Scarlett Johansson is a mindless Obamaphile. I would bet the ranch she is another anti-gun Hollywood hypocrite. And she’s no better looking than any of scores of other celebrity airheads. I would rather watch Barbara Stanwyck take out bad guys with her shotgun/Winchester/derringer on syndicated Big Valley episodes. Guess I’m that old.

      • Well, taste is an individual matter, but the way I see it, there are dozens of “hottest woman on the planet” examples at any one time. Almost all of whom, for me, fail to live up to the hype. Politics aside.

  4. I’ll ignore the anti-sentiments for the moment, cause she’s also a lefty. I’d shoot bullseye next to her. No guarantee on my score though.

  5. I’m going to have to go with Tom Jane as the Punisher, with Colin Chou as Seraph in the Matrix as a close second. Among the chicks (which I also dig), I’ll go with Angelina as well.

  6. It’s more than just looking good in tight pants…there’s something about that voice. I’ll do anything you want, Scarlett, just keep talking.

    Although Linda Hamilton is a contender, too. The only actress on this list who was sexy not because she paired tight clothing or a pre-existing sexpot reputation with onscreen gunplay, but because her character was a woman who really knew how to fight. Women who defend their children are hot.

    • +1! I’d put Ellen Ripley in that mix too, though she didn’t employ the pulse rifle/flamethrower/duct tape combo more than she had to.

        • When I laterally transferred to the Holy Roman Church, I had to go through RCIA/Adult catechism.

          Final class was “Stump the Priest” Where you could ask any question of a non-embarrassing nature, about the Church, Priests, His Holiness. Any subject of the Church was fair game.

          My question was this, “Father, who do you think is hotter, Linda Hamilton in “Terminator,” or Sigourney Weaver in “Alien.

          Without a moment’s hesitation, he responded in his finest British accent, “Why Sih-gaaaw-nee, of course!”

    • +1…

      But if I had to choose just one, it’d be Kate Beckinsdale. Maybe Zhang Ziyi as a close second.

  7. Yo and where is 1st runner up Kate Beckinsale in that list?

    Criminally irresponsible not to include her. 🙂

  8. Angelina for sure. Not a hypocrite. Then again Scarlett Johansson stood with Soda Stream from Israel so she ain’t all bad. That 2 guns shooting is ridiculous. No recoil from her guns must be fun. I loved her in Captain America 2. Charlize is a LOON.

  9. How about Adrianne Paliciki as Lady Jane in the G.I. Joe franchise? She looks a lot better than I do in camo with a single point sling around her neck.

  10. In before the FUDDs bring up Angie Dickinson.

    As mentioned above, Kate effin Beckinsale.

    Also, that list was so full of fail.

    • Portman was supposed to do that, but she backed out because the director of the original film backed out and she would not do it without him. The script was re-set and re-written and became “Colombiana,” starring Zoe Saldana, who was a pretty hot gunslinger also.

  11. None of them. Women in tight clothes shooting fake guns just cheapens a movie, and doesn’t make them “gunslingers” any more than hanging a convenience store katana on your wall makes you a samurai.

    • Yeah! Using real guns and real bullets on set would be much more realistic…..oh, as an added bonus personal politics of the actors would be irrelevant because almost none would ever live through any one scene let alone a full length feature.
      Draw up the first draft of legislation!
      And lastly; pretty girls in tight clothing…….ewe……just ewe

  12. Milla Jovovitch in the Resident Evil Films (though I must admit the first one is where my like of Michelle Rodriguez comes from) with Scarlett coming a close second (I agree with Ing on the voice).

    Adrianne Paliciki and Rachel Nichols from the GI Joe movies are also definately up there.

  13. Gina Carano, Micro Uzi
    Michelle Yeoh, MP5
    Taraji Henson, FN P90
    Aishwarya Rai, PPK
    Hayley Atwell, Thompson

    I could go on.

  14. I don’t think we should make a determination without going through a nomination process that involves reviewing representative images of the nominees.

    Your readership is already what, ~98% male? I suspect the ladies who put up with the atmosphere around here are likely to roll their eyes, think ‘boys will be boys’, and move on to the next article.

    With that said, Jolie gets my vote. A woman who was happy to get a shooting range as a gift? The only thing better than that is being able to give a shooting range as a gift. Brad Pitt is incredibly *ing lucky.

  15. Nostalgia…. Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in the Avengers in all her black and white film glory. and the leather too.

    • Oh, yes. I’m ashamed I didn’t think of her. However I wouldn’t call her a gunslinger; I don’t recall her ever shooting.

      Halle Berry for least amount of clothes.
      Sigourney Weaver for most deadly and tied with Linda Hamilton for toughest.
      Charlies Theron got picked twice in the article; she’s the prettiest, most beautiful of all.
      But hottest? Scarlet.

  16. The gun geek question for movie geeks, regarding Charlize Theron in ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West.’: Those look like Webley Mk I revolvers – they were introduced in 1887. What time period is that movie? Is it suffering from the dreaded “movie gun anachronism” problem?

    • It suffers far more from being made by the idiot responsible for Family Guy, who by his own admission plays loose with facts, logic, and every narrative rule on the books in service of comedy, but is also seriously crippled by the fact that he isn’t funny.

      • Hevea to disagree with your conclusion there. Not with any of your critiques but I always get a laugh uot of the shows. Never seen his movies. He is funniest mocking him self though. Brian the dog for example. I’m aware that he seems very anti gun in his writing but intentional or not I get a genuine chuckle out of Peter Griffin (amoral idiotic incompetent foolish left winger) embodying gun owner stereotypes. It’s just more convoluted projection.

  17. Gina Torres as Zoey on Firefly. She’s the perfect mix of beauty and ass kicking, without looking like she spent hours on her looks and without any BS “waif-fu” involved.

      • Ralph beat me to it. Close second would be Maggy Q – especially during the ‘Nikita’ reboot…

      • Never liked River. They made a perfect space western and ruined it with a dose of X-Files (seriously, Fox asked Weddon to make it more X-Filesish). And she’s exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned waif-fu, although that didn’t really happen until Serenity.

      • I agree with Gina Torres. Speaking of which, she is one of the only “bad ass” female roles I’ve seen played by an actress who could actually sell it. Gina comes across as believable as a soldier… and as a goddess on Angel. The lady has a wide range.

        • She kicks ass on Suits, too. It’s a great show, and she’s a fantastic member of the cast.

          (Yes, I know what happens on that show bears zero resemblance to real life in the legal profession. The thing is, I just don’t care. And Meghan Markle makes me weak in the knees. Donna ain’t too bad, neither.)

  18. I have to go with Zoe Saldana. The way she slinked out of that ventilation shaft with a Blaser R93…. Needless to say my thoughts are NSFW and I don’t like slim chicks!

  19. Which one would you kick out of your bed and ask to leave by the back door? None? It’s settled then, all of them.

  20. Scarlett Johansson tied with Carla Gugino.

    I will literally watch any movie or TV show with either one in it.

    Give them guns as well….

    • Oh heck yes on Carla. Hottest “spy mom” on the planet. JLo is a babe onscreen, so basically any incarnation of Karen Sisco works.

  21. This sounds like an opportunity for a backdoor alternative to the Israeli supermodels policy. Just need the pics.

  22. I don’t know that she’s a gunslinger per say, buy Kate Mara is incredibly adorable and I loved her in “Shooter” with Mark Walberg.

  23. How to be a “hot hollywood gunslinger”

    Step 1. Hold a gun

    Step 2. Wear a skin-tight catsuit

    Step 3. Point your ass toward the camera

    Step 4. Contort your body to look at the camera while maintaining ass-to-camera contact

  24. Jeri Ryan. Not only does she look sexy with a 40 watt Phaser rifle she actually is pro-Second Amendment.

  25. Jane Fonda in Barbarella. I will say Jane was pretty cute on the NVA AAA gun. Sexy in that NVA uniform.

  26. As the question was who was Hollywood’s hottest gunslinger, I think that one would have to set politics aside to avoid narrowing the field. Most of the pretty (or handsome) actors know $hit about gun handling.

    Cameron Diaz is heading for some serious slide bite in her picture. Salma Hayek is going to get a face full of shotgun. Catherine Z-J isn’t even holding her rifle. Kiera has her finger on the trigger of her SG that’s resting on her neck. Mill a’s gonna shoot her foot with her trigger discipline.

    And so, moving into fantasy-land, my vote is a toss-up between Scarlett and her Glocks and Carrie-Ann Moss and her DE. (WIth a runner-up for Diana as Emma Peele (even though she shot her pistol very infrequently. Catsuit points.))

  27. The Crazy chick from transporter 2 with the full auto pistols equipped with extended mags and lasers

  28. How about Kate Beckinsale ? Mila Jovovitch is gorgeous, of course, but I believe kate deserves a mention, if only for all that yummy, yummy leather.

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