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Who is Lycette Cornejo? Does it really matter? Thanks to YouTube and social media, anyone can develop their own “brand,” accumulate a following, and amass over 100,000 subscribers. Which makes Ms. Cornejo not much different than any other Jane Q. Public.

In this video installment, Lycette recounts her experience getting robbed recently by a gun-wielding wack-o as she walked to her car. Something that happens about 125,000 times a year in the U.S. If you include stick-ups facilitated by knives, other weapons and so-called “strong-arm” tactics, that number rises to 300,000 annually.

And that’s why so many Americans choose to avail themselves of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms…where not prohibited by law, that is. And let’s face it, sometimes even in those jurisdictions, too.

They say a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged by reality. We have no idea what Ms. Cornejo’s political orientation is, but now that she’s stared into the face of reality, will she consider armed self defense as an option? Here’s hoping. If she does, and were she to ask for your advice, what gun would you recommend for her?

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  1. Lycette…..Cornholio? Sorry, all I could think about was Beavis and Butthead when I saw her last name.

  2. This just shows that at the very least she should have been armed. If not her, then her brother. Any small concealable gun would do. One cant really recommend a specific gun for an unknown quantity,
    When I owned a factory in the seedy part of town . Myself or my business partner were armed and escorted the women from the building to the parking lot at the end of the work day. Every day, everyone without failure.

    • I agree, can’t recommend a specific gun without meeting the person and letting them handle different firearms. I would recommend a gun from a reputable manufacturer in a common self defense caliber. I would also recommend pepper spray and/or a taser for places she can’t carry a gun. I would also recommend ongoing unarmed self defense classes from a competent teacher.

    • Well said. I remember some recent pop song which had the line “You said it best, When you said nothing at all”. Minimalism at its best. I wish more comments were like this.

    • Anything larger than an NAA and smaller than a full-size 9mm. No Derringers.

      As long as it makes a really loud BANG! when she points it in their direction and emits a huge flash signature she should be good to go. Intimidation is the key on these crimes of opportunity – they aren’t in it to get killed, just to get high. If showing the gun isn’t enough give ’em the shock and awe of popping a round in their direction. If YouTube is any measure this is a highly successful tactic.

  3. Making a few assumptions here, but if she is on the slightly more petite side then maybe a Glock 43, S&W Shield 9mm, XDS 9mm (or similar) depending on which model fits her hand best.

    The video also leads me to believe that the beautiful Ms. Cornejo also has a sense of style. If a plain-Jane black single stack doesn’t appeal to her, then how about one of the more fanciful Sig P238’s, with a decent .380 self defense round, that comes in a myriad of colors and finishes*.

    *Disclaimer: I am not a fan of the multiple flashy colors nor the .380 cartridge. However; these guns exist for the purpose of attracting people who otherwise would never consider armed carry, and that is a better thing than any useless opinion on cosmetics. Furthermore, an educated and trained Ms. Cornejo armed with a flashy .380 is far more effective at seeing to her own self defense, than the same woman without any gun (as was the case in this video).

    Nuff said…

    • To put things more concisely your recommendation is basically: “If she is on the petite side, let’s get her a gun a that she has almost zero chance of being able to control or hit anything with any reasonable amount of accuracy…”

      “Let’s get her a cutesie little subcompact single stack!” – Said nobody who has ever taken and actual female shooting.

      • It depends on the woman. My wife carries an XDs 3.3 in .45 most of the time and she shoots it just fine.

        • I wouldn’t call the XDS a small gun at all. It’s only about 0.1″ narrower than a gen4 Glock 19 and other than barrel length they fit in nearly the same foortprint. With the extended mag anyone without abnormally large hands can get a full 4 finger firing grip on the gun. In fact the 4″ version is my default recommendation to anyone who can’t fit their hands around the grip on a Glock 19.

          Now, I will say it is about the minimum I would recommend to anyone, and I would probably start them on 9mm, but not at all surprised your wife shoots it well, it’s nearly twice as big where it matters as the guns recommended by the OP above.

        • Tek300Blk: The XDs is only a hair past 7/8″ wide. I have one, I’ve measured it at the widest point on the grip (not counting the slide release or take-down lever). The G19 is 1.18″ wide which means the G19 is over 1/4″ wider than the XDs, which we know, 1/4″+ extra width is fairly significant. That said, the XDs is heavier than the G43 (although the XDs is slightly slimmer), which is why the XDs shoots softer. In fact, the XDs-9 weighs almost as much as a G19. There’s both positives and negatives associated with that extra weight. There’s an extra ounce just in the barrel, since it was originally designed for .45 ACP, they kept the same opening at the end of the slide and just used a thicker walled barrel.

      • First, second, and third rule of a gunfight: Have a gun. Given that almost all DGU’s end with no shots fired, that is the most important consideration. Everything else is secondary to simply having a gun. Also, most people (particularly smaller-framed individuals and those who are not really “gun people”) are unlikely to carry a gun (even one they bought for that purpose) if it’s too uncomfortable or too much of a hassle. Sure, it’s probably best (solely from a defensive standpoint) to OWB carry a full size pistol, but that takes a LOT. Someone like her would probably be best served with a gun that is small and light enough that it can be thrown on as an afterthought, rather than having to restructure her entire wardrobe around it.

    • Hey, my usual EDC is a Model 60 LadySmith loaded with .38 Special; I think it’s a great gun. I’ve put 100 rounds through it in one range trip before.
      However, all my friends who’ve tried it out say it’s a “beast” and didn’t even want to finish the cylinder. One didn’t even believe me that it was double-action, because she couldn’t budge the trigger. Which I guess leads us back to, it’s all an individual thing.

  4. As other commenters mentioned, it is really hard to recommend something without knowing the person.

    Playing on the stereotype that many women are quite averse to recoil, I like a compact (but definitely not subcompact) semi-auto pistol in 9mm for women. The semi-auto action absorbs some of the recoil. And 115 grain (light for caliber) self-defense loads also help reduce felt recoil. Plus they allow for fairly fast reloads with a single spare magazine. And having two magazines holding something like 7 rounds each (for a total of 14 rounds) plus one in the chamber is a decent amount of “firepower”.

    If a semi-auto is out of the question, then a smaller revolver is always nice — although they have some snappy recoil. Truth be told: even a recoil-averse woman will NOT feel recoil from a small revolver in a real self-defense event. Thus, I always tell recoil-averse people not to be overly worried about recoil.

  5. Since she’s Hispanic there is an 85% chance she is liberal, and about as likely a percentage that she is lying about being robbed.

    The left loves fake hate, fake rape and fake crime.

    • She was aware he was there on the sidewalk before heading to her car. She just didn’t wanna believe that he was going to do anything to her.

  6. Another vote for the Sig 938 in 9 mm or the slightly smaller 238 in .380
    They are both extremely easy to rack the slide
    That is the most important consideration for the women I have taught to shoot
    The fact that they come in a wide array of finishes is another plus for the fashion conscious woman

  7. She can’t talk to anybody about it, except the interwebs and be sure to leave a “thumbs up” at the end……..BS bring the TP!

  8. Something concealable worn on body so this means single stack 9mm or 380acp. Something reliable so this means anything form Smith, Ruger, Glock, Sig, HK, Walther, Kahr…
    Other than that, it really doesn’t matter. They will all accomplish the same thing.

  9. Smith X-frame, open carry. Then no one will ever have to listen to her rant about being robbed again.

    Although I only made it about one minute into the video so I may have missed the interesting part.

      • Seriously, if I were out looking to mug little girls I’d stay the hell away from the one with the .500S&W in the chest rig!

        • Yeah, a .45 acp will kill your soul along with your body, but that .500 S&W also kills your diesel truck.

    • I knew an old-timer who was a regular at the Rampart range above Colorado Springs. Guy was short, scrawny, and carved out of wood. He didn’t do much shooting, but pretty much just spend the day gleaning brass & lead…. while carrying a custom “combat” Linebaugh in an equally custom chest rig.

      It was so deadly, the thing wouldn’t just kill you and your truck, it’d kill your ancestors and descendants too. And bring the Rangers running from down in GotG…. unless you were the one shooting, it sounded like a pipe bomb going off and made any functioning car alarms within a quarter mile go nuts.

      He was good with it… and would only touch it off after being goaded and taking abuse all day from guys who didn’t know him. Once. Thankfully.

  10. Take an Introduction to Firearms class and rent several guns. Then decide on what is best for you and within your budget. Then take a pistol level 1 class. If you like it take the level 2 class. And live fire practice at least once a month. All that is just for having a gun in your home. That does not include carrying a gun. That requires more classes.

  11. Key phrase in her video:

    “… I don’t like to judge people, but…”

    My take, from having spent some time in some of the less fashionable neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the 80’s:

    “Bzzzzt. Young lady, you just failed Street Awareness 101. Thanks for playing. You just learned that the streets don’t conform to high-sounding aspirations of liberals.”

    Guy who is shouting at clouds, coming in off the street, asking to use J. Random Business’ restroom? That’s a light orange color level in most any neighborhood, right there.

    That this happened is in Las Vegas, the Dead Ender magnet for the entire North American continent, where mumbling nutjobs are practically the native fauna now? That’s bright, fluorescent safety orange, with the “rapid red upgrade” option.

    Part of being situationally aware is making snap judgements of people all the time. On the street or in real-world encounters, you don’t have time to sit there, observing people, notepad in hand, like some sort of academic anthropologist, withholding judgement until such time as you have enough information to write a peer-reviewed paper. Not only that, but you change your judgements of people on a moment’s notice, as you gain new information about their behavior and actions.

    In my experience, a big part of the reason why this guy hassled her after asking to use the restroom is how she handled that first encounter. He came away from that first encounter with a judgement about her, and that judgement was “easy mark.”

    A gun alone won’t help this woman. Guns are not magic – owning one simply doesn’t make problems like this go away. If she had a gun, she still probably wouldn’t have some out of this encounter well, but for her brother coming to her aid. She needed to take notice of this guy to whom she refused a restroom, who likes to talk to the air, waiting outside. She should have then had her gun in one hand, her car keys in the other, as she walked to her car.

  12. Glock 19.

    If you can’t conceal it, it’s because you’re not trying.

    If she’s under 90lbs or works in an NPE, I could see a 43.

  13. Maybe something new such as
    for the stylish and unproven design, which you can match to your clothing or hair color of the day.

    A bum opening his coat is always alarming, and we can’t be sure that what she saw wasn’t a replica. His unwillingness to grab it may indicate it was a toy or a replica, or that he simply had no bullets left after dealing with his last victim. Either way, she could have perforated him there and then. The level of threat was real. Hopefully, her little bubble of innocent ignorance will have been burst by this unsavory experience. But she can only profit from it by now learning what to do about it. Get trained, get carrying.

  14. I couldn’t even watch 5 seconds of this video before turning it off. “Like, it’s so annoying” (and I’m not an OFWG).

  15. Hand this LITTLE ‘girl’ a gun?


    It would take months to train the STUPID out of her!

    Not worth the time, unless she is paying or you’re married to that!

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