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As Leon writes, “All this goes on my person daily while I’m working in my home state. Not all states have reciprocating agreements on carry permits and automatic knives. I have to make adjustments when traveling.” Check it all out at Everyday Carry¬†. . .

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  1. This looks like a reasonable EDC for a regular tech-inclined kind of guy. I just bought the silver-colored version of that Streamlight on Amazon. The body is a bit too smooth for my tastes, though I haven’t managed to drop it yet. Seems well built. I like the grippier feel of my 5.11 ATAC PLx. Came lose to buying the Bodyguard 380 too, because I thought the laser was cool, but the LCP won out due to no manual safety and smoother lines.

    • I never touch the safety on my BG380 (it’s stiff won’t go on accidentally either!) because the trigger pull is safety enough. But the laser isn’t really useful so I kinda wish I had gone with a different pocket gun.

  2. I like the “looks” of the BG380 but am still using my P3AT. Just yesterday I got the 9 rd mag, (so 10 rounds of mouse ammo – ARX) still trying it out. Maybe I’ll get a laser for it!

  3. The various pocket pistols on the market are made that tiny for one reason: convenience of carry.
    Not comfort. Not ease-of use. Not accuracy. Not stopping power.
    They are the answer to the person who looks at their other EDC options and says,”nah, that gun is too hard to carry today… I’ll leave it at home.”
    But as I tell my customers, they are like trying to write with a pencil that’s been sharpened down to a short nub – very hard to use effectively.
    Want something better? Try going just a tiny bit larger: the Glock 42 is popular but take a look at the Remington RM380 – just a tad shorter than the Glock and a bit wider than the Smith… but that width is what makes it feel pretty good in the palm for a lot of people without being too big to carry.


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