Question of the Day: Got Mouse Gun?

Ruger LCP II (courtesy

Gun guru David Kenick’s rule for concealed carry: pack the largest, most comfortable gun you can. Most days that’s my Wilson Combat EDC X9 in an outside the waistband holster, covered by a polo shirt or an UNTUCKit shirt (as above). But now that I’ve shed 20 pounds . . .

I can tuck my shirt in with something approaching dignity. So I’m carrying a Ruger LCP II in my pants pocket more often. Not ideal, but a whole lot better than nothing. And the Beretta Pico IMHO. Do you carry a mouse gun? If so, what, when and how?


  1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    Does a .45acp 4.25″ SnakeSlayer count? It’s real easy to hide in the shadow of my… pocket. I often carry that if I am walking the dog and am not dressed for carry. Well, maybe 1/3 of the time I walk the dog. The rest of the time it is a BUG.

  2. avatar James Earl Hoffa says:

    I live in Florida the home of the sweatbox so yeah I have three small Mouse guns. I have a Glock 42 a Glock 43 and I have a Kimber micro 380 ACP carry the little Kimber 1911 380 the most.

  3. avatar st381183 says:

    I call my LCP my church gun. I can stil dress nicely for church but stay armed for safety.

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      LCP is in my pocket right now at work. I pocket carry it or my 642 everywhere legal to do so.

    2. avatar Tile floor says:

      My size due to fatness is generally directly inverse to the size of the gun I carry. When I bulk up a carry an LCP because it’s the most comfortable, when I shed pounds and my clothes get looser I’ll either rock a Shield or stuff my Glock 17 in an IWB holster

  4. avatar Noishkel says:

    Closet thing I’ve got a mouse gun is an old CZ-82. But then again, I’m built like a tank in RL. So it kinda works, at least by comparison. :p

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      The 9×18 cartridge might qualify it, by the size weight doesn’t. CZ82 is a great midsize gun. I like mine a lot.

      1. avatar Wedge259 says:

        Agree on the size of the CZ82, but a Polish P64 could possibly fill the roll, ive pocket carried them before.

  5. avatar John E Davies says:

    The LCP II is hammer fired also, it re-cocks the hammer half way after each shot, so the trigger pull is reduced. They shortened the size of the rear slot, perhaps to reduce dirt entry, but you an still see the hammer in there. Neat, accurate, fun little gun, I love the design and feel of it compared to the older LCP versions and my old P3-AT. My Ruger is in my pocket during all daylight hours, every single day regardless of what other gun I am carrying. I use the lightweight ARX ammo, it shoots well and doesn’t weigh as much as regular ammo.

  6. In addition to my SIG P320, I carry a KelTec mouse gun, for a NY Re-load. When friends ask me why, I usually tell them that, even though I’ve never actually been in a life or death rock-fight, I figure I stand a little better chance with a .380. Maybe not much, but I’ll take what I can get.

  7. avatar Ogre says:

    SIG P938 in 9mm in my right front pocket in a Wild Bill pocket holster with one of those anti-print leather squares over it. Extended magazine in the other pocket. Maybe 9mm doesn’t qualify as a “mouse gun” caliber, but if I can carry the piece comfortably in my pocket, it’s a mouse gun. OTOH, if I carry it on my waistband, it’s not.

    1. avatar Notalima says:

      Same for me (gun and extra mag) except DeSantis superfly holster. Even if the cloth of you pocket gets stretched, just looks like your wallet is in your front pocket.

    2. avatar Parnell says:

      Me too. Kind of a mouse that roared.

    3. avatar ropingdown says:

      I, too, use a flat rigid rectangle to prevent printing when I pocket carry. My mouse gun is a pair of Glock 36 .45ACPs, usual carried one at a time, and loaded with 200 grain short barrel speer cartridges, which cycle the things just fine, and mainly in winter when a heavy long overcoat is required.

      Seems mousy to me….

    4. avatar Tom Moscone says:

      Just ordered a P938 2 weeks ago and took it to the range for the first time on sunday. What a great little gun! I have never shot such a short gun before, though, and was surprised at how difficult it was. The trigger, sights, and the rubber grips that came with mine were great, I was just not able to shoot accurately in that first outing. I can land on my 8″ target 100% of the time at 50′ with my Glock 19, but with the P938 I was missing the target a bunch at 15′. I would not have thought that 3.0″ barrel vs. 4.0″ barrel would make such a difference.

      It is a great excuse to practice more, though.

  8. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    At home, if I’m dressed in my schlumpy house shorts or pants (seasonal), I carry a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster.

    I’m not sure if a Ruger LC9s in a pocket holster in my suit counts (the suit won’t let me carry my Sig P239.

    When I worked in scrubs, I carried a NAA mini-revolver because that’s all I could conceal.

  9. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I also have a Ruger LCP for pocket carry.

    How often do I carry it? I will not say on an unsecured forum.

  10. avatar Bitter says:

    I carry a NAA 22 lr carried in a horizontal neck holster when I can’t carry my LCR.

  11. avatar Ed says:

    My mouse pistol/back-up is either a Kimber Micro 9mm or a Colt Mustang Pocketlite 380. Either one fits in front pocket easy.

  12. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    G19 appendix carry.
    Why change?

    And congrats on the weight loss Robert.
    I’ve shed 10 in the last couple months by hitting the treadmill getting ready for altitude elk chasing.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Chasing elk in mountainous terrain has got to be one of the most strenuous activities that I can imagine.

      I have contemplated elk hunting: I decided against it thinking that I would need ATVs or horses, neither of which I have, for the hunt and resulting meat transport.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Chasing them last year kicked my butt. I swore I’d get in better shape, so 4 days a week, I put in a few miles on a ten degree incline.
        I think it’s helping.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Throw on a day pack with a 10 pound bag of rice in it while you’re doing the walk.

        2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          Very nice Tom.

          I like jwm’s suggestion as well.

  13. avatar Colby Ruiz says:

    I love pocket carry. Can’t beat it for comfort or concealment. I carry an LCP or 642 depending on the mood.

  14. avatar Pierré says:

    Ruger LCR 357, The Mouse That Roars, in an Uncle Mike’s pocket holster

    1. avatar Cloudbuster says:

      A .357 magnum revolver doesn’t fit the typical definition of mouse gun.

  15. avatar MDH says:

    Any one of the head shots would have been sufficient to stop the threat. Nice shooting with the pocket pistols RF!

  16. avatar Ed says:

    Kahr CW380….great trigger and fits nice in front pocket

  17. avatar former water walker says:

    Dunno’ about a mouse gun but I got a Taurus 709. I’ve had a little 380 but can hide the 9 well enough.

    1. avatar Adub says:

      How do you like your 709? Mine was a light strike lemon.

  18. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    My edc is an officers sized 45 acp. My mouse gun is Beretta 21a in 22lr. I haven’t shot that in years. My smallest carry gun is a Sig P938 or P238 same as my 22 haven’t shot the 380 in memory. Compact 1911 IWB here in Florida works for me.

  19. avatar Alan Esworthy says:

    My Ruger LC9s Pro is certainly close to mouse gun size and weight, and it’s loaded with 9 mm Gold Dot. 7+1 in the pistol, and an extra 9 round mag on my weak side. Nemesis pocket holster in Duluth cargo shorts (I’m in Florida). This is EDC and is so comfortable it is always with me, with the exception of events such as an MRI.

  20. avatar RockOnHellChild says:


    I’m currently carrying a Ruger LCP in my front right pocket (De Santis pocket holster) while spending the day at the Great State Fair of Texas with my family.

    Easy to carry, conceal, and keep secured while playing games and riding rides. And perfectly legal to CC at the Texas State Fair, for those wondering.

  21. avatar Jon in CO says:

    I wouldn’t say it qualifies as a pocket/mouse gun, but I’ve got a G26 in a cargo pocket. With two reloads. Stuck in a building is more pertinent to having more ammo vs being at home or out and about.

  22. avatar Atty says:

    Great gun. Demand national CCW NOW!

  23. avatar Chet says:

    Smith and Wesson M&P 45c. I can wear it in a tuck able holster with a button up dress shirt and no one will know. 4 inch barrel, 8+1 .45 double stack with 10 round backup mags.

    1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      Okay, you have a different definition of “mouse gun” than most:-)

      1. avatar Chet says:

        Well, considering during deer season I pack a 6 inch GP100 concealed, a compact is a mouse gun. I don’t shoot pocket pistols well, so this is about as small as I go. 😉

        1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

          I carry an all steel 5.25″ .357 everyday now as my primary carry gun. We have fairly similar inclinations in that way. My Bond Arms is surprisingly a superlative pointer and my loads push 230gr HSTs to 950fps from it. I carry it as a BUG mostly so that I have a choice of opening draws.

        2. avatar Chet says:

          I’ve considered switching to a 3 inch .357 mag for edc, but, this 45c is easy to carry and a sweet shooter.

  24. avatar Mike J says:

    Taurus TCP with Crimson Trace laser in a pocket holster that came with the laser. I’ve noticed two problems with this arrangement. If I’m not careful, the holster comes out of the pocket with the pistol and blocks the trigger. Drawing from the front pocket of my jeans is slow while standing up and impossible while sitting down. Maybe I should carry it in a back pocket in a fake wallet, like the Duke in The Shootist.

  25. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    Well, it seems more weaker shots seems to be favored over fewer more powerful ones. It seems like a gamble of similar magnitude either way to me.

  26. avatar Roman of Texas says:

    Would a Makarov count? I carry that on days where my PX4 compact is to big to carry.

    1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      I am thinking that any gun you can conceal in normal sized pants pockets is a “mouse”, but that is probably a pretty liberal standard.

  27. avatar GaPharmd says:

    Colt junior…. 25acp.

    Mostly my glock 43 but since we talking MOUSE GUNS…. then yeah…. colt junior. Fits even in most body cavities from what I’m told

  28. avatar Hank says:

    I have a S&W Bodyguard .380 that I can carry concealed easily in the front pocket with a slim holster. I typically carry it days that I’m going to have to leave my firearm locked in the car because of hospital or school visits.

  29. avatar Ahil925 says:

    A Kel-tec P3AT and a spare mag in a desantis pocket holster is my current carry setup for all situations when not at work. I have a pocket clip coming my in the mail and going to order a trigger holster to experiment some.

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      P3AT in a Desantis Nemesis has been in my rotation for seven years now.

  30. avatar SouthernShooter says:

    Had a LCP but upgraded 2 a LC9s Pro. Either owb @ 8:30 (southpaw) or left front pocket in a sticky holster. Almost as easy to carry as the LCP.

  31. avatar Son of Alan says:

    S&W Shield in 9mm in a Sticky holster, general pocket varied, kits both Levis and what ever the Kirkland jeans are now.

  32. avatar David says:

    I still own, but no longer carry, my Masterpiece Arms MPA380. It’s just sitting around doing nothing these days. If you’d like to own the mouse gun TTAG loves to hate, reply and I’ll post it to GunBroker.

  33. avatar Gman says:

    Considering our usual carry, the new Shield is a mouse gun. We have a Remora and IWB kydex.

  34. avatar Ray says:

    In the summer I downsize to. 3″ Kimber TLE .45 ACP. I guess that would be my mouse gun.

  35. avatar Matt o says:

    At work I pocket carry a Bodyguard 380 as backup to my xdm45. Off the clock g43 iwb. Unless I want to be extra discrete then 380 in the pocket

  36. avatar Snatchums says:

    I own a Beretta Pico but I never carry it. It’s too small for my hands, and the slide sucks to rack. That said, it shoots decent, not too snappy and it’s an honest DAO hammer fired pistol. I’d just rather carry my SR9C.

    1. avatar Snatchums says:

      Just got around to watching the video, as far as dropping the magazine im a Pico goes, personally I can drop it one handed if I shift my grip a little bit, it helps to get it well broken in, those lil’ guys are tighter than (insert sophomoric genitalia reference here) right out of the box. Alternatively you can “pinch” that paddle with your weakside thumb and forefinger and pull down while stripping the magazine out. It’s a mouse gun, don’t expect to be doing speed reloads like a race gun.

      I agree with his assessment though, the Ruger is better.

  37. avatar Defens says:

    Springfield XDs in .45ACP resides in my pocket, in a custom holster, most places that I travel and at home. I upsize to a hi-cap whenever visiting the big city.

    Also have a Para PDA in 9mm, but generally carry that in an OWB slide on odd occasions.

  38. avatar GrumpyOldGuy says:

    I have an LCP and sometimes it is the right choice to carry, however lately I find the LC9S is just as easy to pocket carry in jeans and I am much more accurate with it than its little brother. Possibly it is the slightly larger grip and I get all 3 fingers consistently in the right place. Some people say carry the biggest gun you can control and conceal all the time, there is good logic there. Personally since smaller is more comfortable and more likely to be carried 100% of the time, I would add what is the smallest gun you can control rapid fire and hit the bad guy with no risk of wild shots hitting a bystander?

  39. avatar DrewR says:

    LCP 2 everyday, whether I carry so.ething else or not. Having tried Khars, Glocks, Diamondbacks and Keltecs the LCP 2 is, in my opinion, the best pocket .380 ever conceived.

    1. avatar Jericho 941 says:

      I absolutely agree but keep that trigger covered. I carry a LCP II in a sticky holster. It is very discreet and easy to drawl.

  40. avatar General Zod says:

    A Kel-Tec PF9 either in an Alien Gear IWB (in which it freaking disappears under a shirt tail – absolutely invisible) or in a DeSantis pocket holster is my usual go-to if I’m not carrying something larger.

  41. avatar Rusty says:

    Mechanic in sweaty florida – I carry an LCP2 in a BORii trigger guard in my leg cargo pocket of my tru-spec 24/7 pants. All the unique ways I have to contort my body every day working on/under cars, it’s the only way i can carry safely and without problems. I love that little gun, just sad the slide is starting to rust from resting against sweaty fabric all day

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      ” I love that little gun, just sad the slide is starting to rust from resting against sweaty fabric all day”

      Have you considered something like CeraKote on that slide?

  42. avatar strych9 says:

    Personally I don’t own one but my wife has had a Springfield XDs 3.3 .45 for quite a while.

  43. avatar Darkman says:

    Don’t own one. I have been considering a LCP 9mm Though as a backup.

  44. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Ruger LCP in desantis.

    Smith 042 in a Kramer.

    LCR (boot grip) in a Mika.

  45. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    The LCP II is perfect for backup or very discreet primary and the pocket holster it shipped with is surprisingly durable, since I expected to have to replace it before long, but even after a year it is in good shape.

  46. avatar J says:

    Congrats on losing the extra weight. Physical fitness, to include your body composition, is an important part of self defense.

  47. avatar jwm says:

    J frame. Only mouse gun I own. Would love to have a Beretta .25.

  48. avatar 10x25mm says:

    Kahr MK40 in a pocket holster replaced my PPK 10 years ago.

  49. avatar Jelly Roll says:

    Beretta Tomcat 32 or Beretta Bobcat 22LR when absolute discretion is necessary. Otherwise, S&W Mod 66

  50. avatar Jacob From Upstate NY says:

    I carry a Sig 238 most of the time, except when I have to travel into NYC or, ugh, New Jersey.

  51. avatar joetast says:

    Lol tt33 , the guy who sold it to me said” it’s like colts pocket pistol, it goes in your pocket.”

  52. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    I have cats, so I have no need for a mouse gun.

  53. avatar Adub says:

    I carry a TCP in my front pocket at all times. I live and work in a safe place so I don’t worry about more firepower when going to the office. I do keep more firepower in my car.

  54. avatar Rich Gun Guy says:

    Never admit to owning an UNTUCKit shirt. Dumbest product ever.

  55. avatar IdahoBoy says:

    Bersa Thunder 380 in a pocket holster. It’s little heavy, and some would say outdated, but Senor Bersa is a very old and reliable amigo indeed.

  56. avatar pickle rick says:

    My EDC is a Sig Sauer P238 Equinox – which is essentially jewelry in firearm form.

    I have a Beretta 950 in .25 ACP that I carry in my pocket in a “wallet” type holster or in a belly band under everything when I absolutely cannot risk exposure. I also like to carry it as a BUG to my 1911s that I carry on the weekends.

  57. avatar Jeff says:

    Kenik, not Kennick.

  58. avatar Kitty says:

    An LCP II in a Recluse front pocket holster. Always and daily, and in my home also.

  59. avatar Matt(Tx) says:

    I carry my LCP gen 1 in a Meco rear pocket holster.

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