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Here in The Lone Star State, we got ammo. Stores are still limiting sales per customer but I’ve seen supplies of all the popular calibers at all the popular stores. Twenty-two, too. Primers and powder as well, though they’re a bit pricey. What’s the sitch in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Sorry for the delay in getting this live. Believe me when I say it’s more annoying to me than to you.

    I’ve had almost no luck in and around Orlando at getting any of my calibers (.22LR, .243 Win, .380, or .40) on a “walk-in” basis. Gander Mountain is about the only store that has any real quantity of ammo; it’s a decent amount, but it’s off-brands and it’s not cheap. They had effectively zero .22LR when I was there a couple days ago. I haven’t seen .22LR or .40 in Walmart in months.

    I still have a healthy stockpile, so I’m not shooting “hand to mouth” yet. With the price of gas, when I do get around to restocking, I’m not even going to bother driving around, I’m just gonna hit gunbot or slickguns or some other online outlet and save myself the time and hassle.

    • By the way, I just want to say that very rarely do I feel lucky about things I buy, but here’s a line from one of three identical orders I placed with Palmetto State Armory in late October 2012.

      CCI AR Tactical .22lr 40gr 5 $14.99 $74.95
      Subtotal $74.95
      Shipping & Handling $11.00
      Grand Total $85.95

      $17.19/box for 15 boxes of CCI AR Tactical, including shipping. 4.6 cents/round. The cheapest I can find it now, IF I can find it, is $26-27/box. Why three orders of 5? No, they didn’t limit me. Something about the way they structured their shipping, the cheapest per-unit cost was at 5 boxes. If I’d ordered 15 boxes at once, the price per box would have been near $18.

      Anyway, I feel pretty lucky about that, and I still haven’t burned through all of it, mainly because I try to reserve it for my Mosquito, as it’s somewhat finicky but really likes this stuff. My 10/22 will eat anything.

      • Holy Moly – that is a f-ing GREAT price right now – I’m assuming this is a 500 round price (14.99?)?

        I have been able to order some random 22 from midway for two weeks now. The first order was ~90 for 1k rounds (9.0 cents per round), and the second order just two weeks later had the price come down to 7.5 cents per round for another 1k rounds. Different brands though, first time was CCI and second time was.. uhh, .22? Thunderbolt bulk I believe.

        I’ve also just gotten a .22 (Neos) so I’m still learning the ins and outs of them and the percularities of the ammo.

        • Nah, not 500 round boxes. CCI AR Tactical comes in 375 round boxes. It was still a really good price, even back then. 500 round boxes would have made it a ridiculously good price.

  2. The drought continues, but there are occasional drops of rain.

    Two weeks ago I found one box of 50 CCI Stinger .22lr at WalMart. First time I’ve seen .22lr in the wild since March. Just walked by the counter and there it was, like a small-caliber rainbow with a box of rimfire gold at the end. Then last week there just happened to be 3 100-round boxes of Federal 9mm. I’m on a poor man’s budget, but i couldn’t pass it up; I put a couple boxes of Captain Crunch back on the shelf and bought a box of bullets instead.

    There are still big, gaping holes on the shelves where ammo used to be, but occasionally they’re not completely empty.

        • What are you shooting that Federal Target in? I ask because I tried it in my Mosquito once and it wouldn’t even cycle the slide. It fired, but wasn’t even cycling far enough to extract. I didn’t get double feeds because the slide didn’t go back that far. I will admit my Mosquito was a little dirty (maybe 100 rounds), and it was bone dry (which it doesn’t like), but still… I switched to some Remington Golden Bullet (yech!) I got from a buddy (traded him for the Federals), and aside from the customary FTEs that I always get from GBs, it ran just fine the rest of the day.

        • Been running it in a Ruger 10/22 and S&W M&P 15/22. Cycles both and runs reliably. I have a GSG 1911 but it prefers faster CCIs. The GSG 1911 replaced my Mosquito because I had nothing but problems with it. It would not run a can more than 4-5 shots no matter ho much I cleaned it or how hot the ammo was…

        • Interesting. My buddy (where I got the idea for mine) has a Mosquito with a Silencerco Sparrow (the older one, with non-stainless internals) and it will literally run until the carbon is caked on it. I really enjoy my Mosquito (no can yet, sadly), but they definitely seem to be picky.

        • Hey, Eastern WA right back at you! GO COUGS!
          I’m jealously hoarding the Stingers because they and Velocitors are the only hollow-points that’ll reliably fire in my semiauto .22. Plus, it’s great shtf ammo for the other guns (lever-actions aren’t picky).

    • Our local Wal-marts are still bone dry for everything. They are even running low on 12ga. LGS are better but, there are 3 wally worlds within 20 mins of me and they are all empty.

  3. I don’t waste my time trying to find ammo locally. I use GunBot and other such engines to grab deals when they come up. I’ve been using Freedom Munitions reloads for my 9mms, 2,000 rounds and not a single problem with a single round.

    I grabbed some Federal .224 for around 45 cents per recently.

    All mail order. No sales tax. No hassle and no stupid waiting in lines at WalMart or something idiotic like that.

    Just have to watch for the deals.

    • Same here. I don’t even look locally any more. I use gunbot and Georgia arms. It’s cheaper to pay shipping and order online.

      • Georgia Arms at the gun show used to be my go-to for plain ol’ FMJ range ammo. Their stocks have been so low they haven’t even come to the Orlando gun show since something like January. Wasn’t worth the price of gas to come down.

        • Second on the freedom Munitions. Love this stuff. Probably one of the few reliably cheap AND in-stock places I have come across.

          They have a “blaster” brand that is cosmetically blemished rounds, works like a dream and a couple bucks cheaper.

  4. Here in MS, the shelves are pretty well stocked everywhere except Wal-Mart, and even they are starting to get better. .22lr can be found, though only in small boxes mostly. I’d say we’ll be back to normal in another month or two.

  5. It’s so sad that that (pics or it didn’t happen) is so appropriate. I’ve been clinging bitterly to my remaining meager stores and actively not thinking about the ammo drought, myself. Surprisingly effective.

  6. Central IA Wally reporting… Haven’t seen 9mm and .22lr in decent quantity (but, I have seen it) a long time. Been picking up .45ACP easily for the past month or so (WWB value packs and Federal 50 and 100 packs). Same with 5.56/.223. I’ve seen plenty of .40 and misc other hunting ammo. for reference. I stopped showing up early in the morning a long time ago, so what I’m buying and seeing seems to last for a decent while.

  7. I buy all of my ammo online, and the supply situation is effectively back to normal for me. I can get 40SW remanufactured rounds for 30c/rd or less, new Federal for 40-50c/rd. I knew the pistol ammo situation had turned the corner when I started seeing 155gr loads show up again after months of 180gr only.

    Lots of 5.45×39 shipments arriving from overseas, too, which also makes me happy.

      • Brock, I don’t get enough live-fire range time (~3x/month) to run the Freedom reloads — several folks I know have found their 40SW products to be less than 100%. I’d shoot it if I couldn’t find better training ammo, as my HK does fine with anything but aluminum-case Blazer, but I prefer pistol food that goes bang 100% of the time and yields consistent velocity.

        I’ve been pretty happy with the BVAC reloads. Good quality brass, doesn’t shoot significantly dirtier than some of the imported new-manufacture 40SW FMJ target grade rounds. I don’t see any on gunbot at the moment, though. Maybe it all sold out for the weekend.

  8. Everything but .22 is back in south Louisiana. 9mm is back is small quantities although I have been forced to accept crappy aluminum cased total nylon jacket crap at times.

  9. Picked up 7 boxes of Tula Brass, and one box of steel at Walmart this week in 3 separate trips. All 9mm. It’s all gone now, but I do think things are starting to improve.

  10. Tennessee here. The big retail stores are starting to have in everything that is not .22lr in stock, though not at a good price. Gun shop prices are often even worse, but sometimes there are deals to be had. Gun show prices are all over the place from reasonable to “did you eat paint chips as a child?”

    In other words, while not quite normal it looks like it is going through the downward curve getting there.

  11. .22 is still spotty, but pretty much everything else is to be had at LGS’s. Reloading supplies are not hard to come by. The box stores don’t have a damn thing.

  12. Central Missouri, usually can’t find 22lr, haven’t seen CCI in months. 9mm is also hard to find, but I do see it now and then. And I’m including Midway since they are located here.

  13. Here in reno u can find anything except 22 if u want 9mm u have to look other than that things see. To be almost normal again

  14. Drought seems to be over online. 9mm and 40 (never had problems finding 40) are both available for $0.26 a round, 45 for $0.40, and 223 for $0.30. Now seems like a pretty good time to get your stash back up to whatever you consider reasonable. Normal priced 22lr is still MIA though.

  15. here in Kodiak its spotty. got 2-525 bricks of 22lr thursday, first time I’ve seen any since december.
    occasional box of umc 250 rnds in 45, 9mm. 380, 38, but very rare and timing is everything.
    just a slow trickle.
    still cruising the interweb for others, they email me when avail, but gotta jump quick.

  16. In eastern OR, we started getting powder and primers back in stores, and I picked up a few thousand 22LR recently.

    There’s been a steady trickle of Tula 7.62×39 and .223, but brass .223 is still .60c/rd at the cheapest 🙁

  17. In the Phoenix area at Walmart, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Bass Pro ammo has just been sitting on the shelf.

    At Walmart, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223, 5.56 have all been available for about two weeks now. 9mm is still scarce though. On several occasions .22 has been there 40 or 50 boxes for several days; CCI stinger, quiet and the normal velocity stuff just sitting there so I made several trips, fulfilling my 3 box quota over a few days and it’s still there the next day. As for 5.56, several Walmart locations had 1000 rnd boxes of XM855 just sitting there, 10 or 12 of them for about $450.

    At Sportsman’s Warehouse people used to line up a hundred deep on ammo delivery days but now I just see a lot of people browsing multiple shopping carts of ammo (they quit stocking shelves because it didn’t last so they’d just load ammo up in shopping carts) and very few people lining up to buy, myself included. Stuff I would have bought several months ago I don’t now ’cause prices aren’t as low as I’d like and I kind of don’t have to as ammo is in ample supply now and it seems like most others are doing the same as me.

    • Not sure what part of “Phoenix” you’re in, but I can confirm the same in the East Valley. I was going to post about the 1000 round 855 packs at WalMart since I haven’t seen any AR food there in ages. The same WalMart had UMC 250-packs of 9mm and .45 on the shelves. Sportsman’s in Mesa has had multiple flavors of .223 and 5.56 for a few weeks, at least.

      I still haven’t seen any .22lr, but I haven’t been looking too hard. I snagged a bunch at the Crossroads show in January before it was all gone; I can afford to wait a little while for better prices and availability. I have seen .22lr offerings on SlickGuns, including a bunch from Cabela’s, so it seems like that’s on it’s way back, too.

  18. Denver reporting in. Hit the new Cabela’s in Lone Tree. Just got Aguila .22 by the 500 for $53 (ouch, but still). Some Federal 9mm too. But no .300win mag… Elk season is coming, come on people!

  19. The local shops have stock on the shelves, including small lots of .22. The online place I shop has all the calibers I need and the prices are coming down a little.

  20. I have had my normal healthy stockpile so I have not run out of ammo. .22 is what I shoot the most to the tune of 20k+ rounds a year. had to change up my shooting a little to conserve but I got lucky last night at walmart and was able to buy my limit and my wife’s. so 3,300 rounds of .22. the prairie dogs will have to watch out. almost every other caliber is now available in my area.

  21. NW Iowa-50rd boxes of 9/40/45-20rd boxes of 223/5.56 and 7.62×39 @ Walmart. 22lr just showed up @ Scheels (Winchester 50rd boxes). most places still holding to 3 boxes per person

  22. in henderson, nv there is a store that has had 22lr ammo in stock 9/10 times ive been there in the past few months it’s 100 rounds for 10 dollars though and it’s just random assorted but they have always had what I wanted when I’ve gone in. 9mm, 40′ 30-30. even plenty of decent priced 223 and 556 they do have a limit though in the 22 on bag a day.

  23. North West Indiana, this morning walmart had 2 1000 round cases of federal 223 for $447 and some of just about everything else in stock. Gander Mountain always has ammo though pricey, but if you are desperate, that’s the place to go.

    3 months ago a new mejer opened near by and I got 1664 rounds of 22lr for 75 bucks, haven’t lucked out like that since.

  24. In Phoenix ammo shows up and get’s sold within an hour of being pulled off the truck.

    Most rifle calibers are now available. But 22LR, 9mm and 40S&W are hard to get. (especially 22)

    .45 acp is available if priced rather high.

  25. I haven’t seen a brick of .22 since November and any .22 I find online is usually cheap shit that I wouldn’t dare run in my 10/22. I mean it could probably take it, but I don’t know how reliable over time some of the stuff I’ve seen is. On the other hand I’ve had great luck online finding 9X18 Makarov ammo for my CZ-82.

  26. ‘Round here, the drought never hit the types I buy. Others were less fortunate.

    However, it’s pretty much over as near as I can tell.

    Now if we’d just get some relief from that other drought… pray for rain ’round here, ‘K?

  27. I haven’t been up to Cabela’s in a while but a few folks on PAFOA said it was well stocked ammo-wise when they were last there. So there’s my second-hand observation. Locally (Reading area) it’s steel-case overprice fiesta. I’ll feed that shit through my long guns but my hand blasters deserve better.

    Hopefully we find ourselves in an overstock situation with ammo within a year from now. Late 2014 is my target to buy cheap and stack quite deep in anticipation of all hell breaking loose when Hillary gets elected in ’16.

  28. North east Texas here.

    A few local stores have sporadic quantities and prices of ammo. Mostly the profiteering Fudds buy it up and resell it on Facebook trader groups and such.

    And my brother gave away 700 rounds of 22lr to his friend because “we just don’t go shooting no more.”


  29. Lots of centerfire rifle ammunition at the Norman OK Academy Sports with no restriction on purchase. 5.56 in the Federal brown box is still a little pricey at $9.99 for 20 – last year at this time it was two bucks or more cheaper. Plenty of steel case Russian 7.62X39 on the shelves and that’s back down to last year’s prices. Academy is only limiting 9mm and .22 only to two boxes per day. I picked up two 100 round boxes of Winchester .22 hp on Labor Day. Academy shipments here come in on Monday morning and you can usually find some .22s before noon.

    Bass Pro in OKC has a pretty good supply of 5.56, 7.62×39, .308 etc. BP has always been pretty high on price but they seem to be getting things back in stock. I’ve never seen .22 in stock at BP since last fall although some of my friends say that they’ve hit the store at the right time.

    Our local Wally Worlds have nothing. I walk past the gun counter every time I go in and I’ve never seen anything on the shelves. I’m sure that the “retired with nothing to do but buy ammunition at 6am on Tuesdays” crowd scarfs up the .22 as soon as it comes into the store.

    I reload .38/.357, .45ACP, ..44 special/mag and 30-06 and I’m usually able to find the components and supplies that I need. Since I’m a reserve deputy I can get range pickups from our quals for my .38 and .45 brass. Some of the other guys get the 9mm and .40. I have a couple of hundred rounds of .44 mag reloads and that will keep me going for at least two or three years. I don’t shoot my .44 that often since I really don’t like the pain. If I go through 50 rounds a year of 06 I’m shooting a lot so I’m pretty well set in that caliber too. I’ve been able to find primers and powder from Graf and Powder Valley and bullets from Midway. I have noticed that my favorite brands may not always be available, but I can find something that will work. The Tula primers I bought from Powder Valley a while back have worked every time even if some people look down on them as “Russian crap”. I guess the secret right now is to plan ahead and try to have enough mad money to take advantage of targets of opportunity – if for example you see .22 at anything close to a reasonable price, buy it right then, because it won’t be there tomorrow. In this tired old man’s opinion the supplies are starting to come back, but .22s are still pretty scarce in the Oklahoma City area.

  30. My Gun store has plenty of rifle in stock (5.56/762.39/.308 etc) handgun is showing up in the defensive/specialty types (JHP etc) still no 22 cal. I think they don’t make it any more lol.

  31. We have a new Gander Mountain around the corner. They have plenty if you’ll pay 60cpr for 223. Academy is putting ammo back on the shelves and not behind the front counter (except for 22). Cabelas has had stock when I was out their direction. What I’m not seeing is 22LR on the shelves. Maybe there is a little but there are limits.

    I don’t spend my gas and time looking locally much anymore. (Dallas Tx area). When it started getting stupid I got serious about shopping online. I wasn’t going to go to Walmart at 5am to hang with the homeless/hopeless people.

    How I stocked my ammo fort…I joined and S&W ammo forums. Learned how to set-up page monitors in Firefox to alert me when something changed. Back ordered from Sportsmans Guide when you still could. Got one deal at SPG for 5250 rnds of Fed 22LR for $199 and that includes shipping and tax.

    If you are reasonably computer savvy (I am a FOWG) and have a few bucks available when a deal pops up, you can save a lot of time and money. All my purchasing was done on an iPad sitting off to the side of my desk while I worked.

    Last, when the UPS driver asked me about where to purchase ammo for himself, I asked what he wanted. Sold him two boxes of M22 at my cost and now my deliveries go behind the gate if I’m not home.

  32. I’m in Central Texas, couple hours north of Austin. We’re not as blessed as Robert…maybe Austin is hogging the line? From here to Abilene it’s still very unusual to see anything on the shelves other than hunting rifle and shotgun loads more than 15 minutes past delivery. Our LGS still has to scrounge retail himself for .22.

    I lucked out last night at Wal-Mart. They got just 2 boxes of Remington UMC 9mm in their shipment, and had some Tula. Remington was 14, Tula 10 and change. I haven’t seen hollow points there in a year.

    They had what looked to be a couple dozen 50rd boxes of CCI Quiet .22 as well. So we’re still in the drought around here.

  33. My local WalMart has three 1,000 round boxes Federal 62 grain 5.56, plenty of 7.62×39, plenty of 40 and some 9 and 45. It was a beautiful sight and it gets better every month. By better I mean the ammo sits longer and in larger quantities.

  34. In Wyoming, while shelves got real thin, we never completely ran out of everything. There were a few months where people were rationed to only 200 primers per day, only 1lb of any powder per day, only 100 bullets per day until the supply chain caught up. By June, we were starting to see .22LR re-appear on shelves. Some powders (like CFE-223) we haven’t seen in 10 months, just about anywhere in the state. Some powders, you could find continuously throughout the ammo buying binge (H-414, H-380, IMR-4064), others we’ve not seen in a long time (H-4841 or 4831SC) are just now starting to re-appear on shelves. Primers we have in abundance now, too. Quotas have been lifted to 500 or 1000 primers per person per day in many shops.

    As of today at the local “Big R” farm/ranch supply store, they were very well stocked with ammo in all centerfires, only .22LR was still thin. I bought a case of 12ga target loads, $6.47/box of 25 shells.

  35. Dallas-Fort Worth area here.

    walmarts are hit or miss around here. some have bookoos of ammo, others are lucky to have tula! the walmart i frequent almost always has .223 but good luck finding pistol ammo.

    the wal mart near my lady’s in Ennis….lets just say they have AR-15’s in stock.

  36. I went ammo shopping at several Walmarts and Dicks stores today, and I bought various types of ammo(even 22 LR) at every store at great prices. I even went to a real gun store where you could buy the same ammo for a MUCH higher price. I’ve also had great luck with Cabelas, and I’m getting the feeling that the ammo shortage is almost over. One of the guys at the local gun shop had a guy stop in several times a week to pick up his daily limit of 7.62’s. They received so much 7.62’s that they decided to remove the limit and allow anyone to purchase as much as they please. He didn’t buy a single box even though it was cheaper than the prices during the daily limit days. No one else is buying it either and now they’re offering discounts on their glut of 7.62 ammo.

  37. I have not set foot in a sticks brick store for ammo since early 2013, everything has been on line purchases most from and a couple of on-line ammo companies. Mostly .22lr & 9 mm luger. Ruger SR 22 will eat anything, so some CCI mini mags 3000 rounds, lots of other brands for total of 5000 rounds. Probability 900 to 1000 rounds of 9 mm for Ruger P95 9mm luger pistol. All on-line purchases. Inherited my dad’s Colt govt .380 along with 10 50round boxes of Winchester 380 FMJ , .

  38. Robert, I am always frustrated by your claims of ammo available in TX. Here in Spring and east in Channelview, TX, where I work, ammo is still unavailable uncles you are the first few in line at Gander Mtn, WalMart, or Academy at 6:30am on a Tuesday or some such bullcrap.
    LGS’s sell ammo with a new gun. I haven’t been shooting in months yet I live in your state.
    Am frustrated to say the least.

  39. In western Oregon, .22 is about the only spotty round. When the local Bi-Mart has it, the limit is pretty strict. Primers are starting to appear. Powder, not so much. Boolits a plenty tho. Since I’m a serious hoarder, (always have been), it has had no effect on me.

  40. 3x 100rnd cans of Tulammo 9mm from the Walmart in Liberty MO for $23/can. THye typically have .45 in stock, now, but that’s the first 9mm I’ve seen in 12 months. The restriction on purchases “after hours” (no ammo sales between 11PM and 8AM) seems to have deterred the Gunbroker resellers.

  41. I feel well stocked up after finding some Winchester 555 packs of 22lr at a local Walmart (so Cal) although I woundn’t have been able to do it without the help of
    I also try to round out the other calibers by buying online at calbelas and Palmetto, the cost for shipping usually equalizes the 8.5% sales tax if i had bought locally.

  42. Louisville here. Everything except 9mm and .22 back in normal stock here. 22 vanishes the rare second it hits the shelves. Can find slightly overpriced 9mm at LGS often.

  43. I’m now reloading all my calibers, much earlier than the estimated spring 2014 I thought I’d have to wait for due to finances.
    Only issues I have with reloading is brass for .50AE, .500mag. Tough to find. Bullets would be next in those two calibers but they are available. As for .223. .308. .30/06 for rifles and 9mm, .357 mag and .44 mag no issues at all finding reloading supplies like dies, primers, brass and bullets, at reasonable prices here in the midwest.
    If you are a reloader times are getting much better. If you are stuck with buying out of box prices still suck.
    Unfortunately, with the dems new “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act” ammo and ammo supplies may be getting a huge tax hit soon, hopefully it will go the way of the failed gun control bills.

  44. In Wichita, finding ammo well stocked for most types. 22 LR is probably the most hard to find, with 9mm still a little hit and miss but seems to be opening up. Supposedly it has been seen at Walmart and I have picked up 150 rounds this week at Gander.

  45. Minnesota here: low on the common calibers of pistols/rifles. Some WWB and Fed. FMJ in .40 and .45. Almost never 9mm, never any .22. Shotguns are okay for 12 and 20 ga. .308 and 5.56/.223 is a no-way-Jose situation.
    On a side note, my neighbor up the road (a half mile) works for a major national ammunition manufacturer and I befriended him (I drove by when he was hosting a social shoot and introduced myself as a fellow gun nut – he said gear up and join in with them).

    I am able to get the factory ‘seconds’ which are the slight imperfect production rounds, typically they are cosmetic with a scuff on the case or a blob of varnish (I think) on the case which brushes right off with scotchbrite pad. Let’s see, I last got 575 rounds for $60 bucks (and a dozen pallets). Those were a mix of first rate .20 gauge bucks and slugs, 22lr match grade and subsonics; the rest were ‘seconds’ of 9mm fmj’s, .45 fmj’s. Good Times.

  46. Here in beautiful southern Ohio there are some localized and short lived shortages on about any common center fire day by day but a tour of local gun shops will always net what you need and no one shop is ever out of anything for long now. It seems to be improving weekly.

    What I’m not seeing outside of limited quantities at walmart are white boxed federal stuff or yellow box pmc. The ‘cheap’ ammo I’m used to has largely been replaced by new names and lots of steel cased Russian stuff.

    Still, PMC XTAC 5.56X45 is 20 for $7.99
    And the lower end of a 50 cnt box of .45acp is about $19.00

  47. The Cabela’s in WI had CCI Mini Mag for 8.99 / 100 with a 1 box limit, and Remington Viper for $6.99 / 100, PMC X Tac 5.56 Green Tip $9.99 / 20, Remignton 180 grain .40 $38.99 / 100 Value Pack, PMC 7.62 147 gr FMJ $17.99 / 20, and Rem UMC 6.8 FMJ $16.99 / 20.

    Not stellar prices, but not terrible either. I’ve got to replace stock I’ve been shooting, and what I’ll burn up tommorow in the gravel pit. I haven’t found any decent .38 Special +P, but I can buy some of that online until CA bans online sales.

  48. Central Indiana: just from shopping at my local Walmart and Gander Mountains, popular handgun calibers are starting to come back. Walmart is still a shot in the dark, but sometimes if you go in they will have some 9mm, .40, or .45 in stock, though usually not any combination of those. Gander Mountain in Lafayette usually is pretty well-stocked, thought with both it and the Indianapolis/Castleton location its best to call ahead to make sure they have what you want.

    As far as rifle calibers go, Walmart has had 5.56 and 7.62×39 in stock for weeks now. As usual, they also have .30-06 coming out of their ears. I can’t speak for Gander Mountain on those, but if you shoot anything that doesn’t feed from a 30round mag (like 9x18mak, .303 british, and 7.62x54r) you can usually get all you need.

    Legends tell of a round you could once buy in boxes of 500 for $20, that was plentiful and fun to shoot. It was by far the most popular round to just go and plink with (plinking was this thing people used to do, just go out and shoot for fun, crazy right?). The legends say the round was .22lr, but there’s no way that’s right, because the only .22lr I’ve seen has been at gun shows for $70 a box.

  49. Palmerston State Armory has been offering quality ammo at reasonable prices, when they have it. They could be gouging, but they are not. We should all remember who tested us well during these times when ammo gets plentiful again

  50. Pickins are still pretty slim here in Sarasota. Especially in my caliber of choice, .380, but Cabelas and Midway just came to my rescue, ammo shipped and on the way.

  51. Walmarts are still bare, Sports Authority is slowly recovering, Academy Sports is almost back to normal (only .22 is missing), and at the Bass Pro that just opened, everything is available. I’ve bought over 700 rounds of bulk .22 in the past week (and a new gun, and other ammo). I imagine that will not last long, but I’m enjoying it while I can.

  52. I’m in the southern tier of upstate NY. Walmart is still very sporadic in what they have. My gun shop on the other hand has pulled through a long ammo drought this summer and now I can find everything I need. He’s still limiting the amount I can buy but he’s got my .45 and the elusive .22 back. For some reason now he can’t get in some rifle calibers like .30-30 and .45-70.

  53. Eastern OH – Northern WV here. No popular calibers at Walmart, haven’t checked the local shops, Wheeling Cabela’s had plenty of everything except rimfire. Handgun ammo was priced normal, but rifle ammo was high.

  54. Just saw bricks of .22 for the first time since….wait, when did I graduate again?
    No, but seriously, it was crazy. 325 round boxes of somesuch (CCI Blazer I think?). I didn’t even ask how much, I just bought as many boxes as they’d let me (one).
    They were also selling 9mm, by the half case only.

  55. Just delivered by UPS, 400 rounds of Winchester FMJ for target practice from Cabela’s, 100 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense from Midway for carry, with enough on hand now to do some practicing with my actual carry ammo. Heading to the range tomorrow. BTW, this was a lucky find. I checked both places 2 days after ordering and they were all out again.


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