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I’m inherently lazy when it comes to carrying. Yes, I pack daily. In some way, shape or form. But I rarely pocket an extra magazine or stripper clip (let alone a speed loader). It’s less a case of complacent slothfulness than not wanting to be weighed down by still more chazerai rattling around in my pockets. But when I’m not toting my 642 or the Bodyguard wheelgun I’m trying out, it’s usually a GLOCK 42 that’s nestled between my waistband and my Calvins. Which means, as Kevin Michalowski points out above, should my 42 prove to be less than Perfection and I encounter a Type 2 malf, my pooch will be well and truly screwed. Do you pack extras? Do you carry an extra mag when you leave the house each day?

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      • I carry 1 spare mag & keep another in my car. It’s only 20 rounds between 3x mags, if I carried a full size pistol I probably wouldn’t keep a spare on me.

    • I know a dude that carries a full size original XD, a full size XDm, and an XDs with spare mags for each. It’s ridiculously funny, when we walk around he literally gets tired from the ammount of hard ware he carries and has to sit down frequently. I tell him man why don’t you just carry one with a spare and maybe the back up XDs but he won’t listen that’s what he likes.

    • ^My exact thoughts.

      I carry a Glock 26 in an ankle holster daily at work. Being in and out of tractors and trucks a IWB carry gets uncomfortable. So that said I carry a 17rd mag in the mag pocket of 5.11 pants.

      Going in town I carry the same mag in a cargo pocket or if it’s an LCP an extra mag or two also.

    • Of course…As I recall the rules for a gun fight are:

      1. Bring a gun
      2. Bring ammo for that gun
      3. Bring all your friends that have guns

      When rule three isn’t an option…make sure you can compensate.

    • Because the odds of needing the gun I carry are already very low, thankfully. The odds of needing more than the 15+1 rounds I have loaded are much, much lower.

      And based on lots of range time shooting both my carry ammo and a variety of other ammo, I’m convinced that the risk of a malfunction (at least, one which could be fixed by a mag swap) is low enough that carrying an extra magazine isn’t worth the extra weight and space in my already crowded belt or pockets.

      Too much cost (size, weight), not enough benefit.

  1. 2 spares + 1 reload for my back-up. It takes 15-25 minutes on average for a pd 911 response outside the city, 10 minutes in city.

    One area they only work 9-5 unless a reporter is riding along. They actually hired $8.00 an hour unarmed security to work the busy time.

  2. 17, 19, or 229 I carry one extra mag in a raven. Basically weighs nothing and I don’t even notice it. I agree, it would suck to carry in my pocket.

    1911 I carry two extra mags, also in a raven. More noticeable but then again I’m carrying a 1911, so it’s usually owb with a heavy belt anyways.

    Only time I don’t is “PJ” carry of a S&W 327

  3. No I carry 2 for my shield. In addition, I have a lot of other stuff in my EDC pack. I do not trust Obama or the anti-gun liberal politicians to protect me or the country.

  4. Sometimes. Kahr 380-yes, they are so small and only 6rd. Springfield xds .45- sometimes, I usually carry it with 8 rounds loaded and sometimes another mag. Baby eagle style 9mm- no. I’m getting out of the ao at least enough to get supplies from my vehicle if I need more than 16 rounds. The knife is a backup also.

  5. Always. No. Matter. What. The. Gun.

    I have an over the door clear shoe organizer in my closet. All of my holsters and loaded spare carry mags are there, at least 2 for each gun loaded in the safe. Grab a gun (depending on where I am going), select appropriate holster, grab a spare. Usually in a Remora IWB. Never an excuse.

  6. Well, yeah, but not sure it counts, since carry is LCP. I mean, 7+6 still isn’t much. Still, if I can get to the car, there’s a Kimber with another 8+7 of .45 ACP in one of the cars, in the other one they’ll never catch me. Think “faster than a speeding bullet”.

    • What if you don’t need more than 17 rounds but something went wrong with that mag and you only had you one in the chamber? An extra mag can be a life saver if you accidentally drop the mag out of the gun or if the mag has a malfunction.

    • Yep, I carry my CZ 75 P-07 Duty. If I need more than 16 rounds.. I’m in deep shit that I’m probably not going to survive.

      • I carry a P07 as well. I keep two extra magazines in the truck and I will occasionally carry an extra one in a pocket. Really depends on the environment. Not packing for the OK Corral just to grab a gallon of milk. Places that are more popular among mass shooters I will bring an extra magazine.

        Late night, cross country driving I usually carry a bit more, as I’m going into gas stations and other places late at night when they are more likely to be robbed.

        Also, you can do a Type-II malfunction fix with a single magazine. I love the P07 as it tends to spit out double feeds with just a couple racks of the slide (note: after 2k rounds, the only double feeds are the ones I created for training. Never happened spontaneously)

    • Careful. Thats the same logic the Antis use. Ever heard the phrase: “you don’t need a (enter firearm or accessory here) for self-defense” ?

      As far as I’m concerned, no reason not to keep spare mags (or hell, a spare piece) at the ready. Keep shooting till there’s no more threat or you cant shoot no mo.

  7. Not on my person. I figure that a self defense encounter will be 15 feet or less and be over long before it becomes necessary to reload. I’m not looking for a gun fight or prolonged battle. I figure once the shooting starts the attacker will be down and out or running away as fast as possible, or I will be.
    In the car yes, there are extra guns, ammo, and mags ready to go when needed. I built a hidden locked strong box for them and they are always there.

  8. I don’t always carry but when I do I carry an extra mag. If I carried a revolver I’d probably carry a speed strip.

  9. No. I travel as lightly as possible, with my BG380. If I’m working, I have firepower available in seconds. If I’m just out and about, I’m counting on statistical probability. I accept that I may be hosed but at least I’ll have a fighting chance…

  10. Always. I keep 2 15 round clips ready. I also keep 100 rounds in the boxes in my car at all times. I believe things may happen any day, any place. If more people were ready, prepared, and stood fearlessly against those who want their 15 minutes of fame for shooting innocent people the number of shootings would drop. Outlaw the right to keep and bear arms and I will be an outlaw.

    Guns and the Bible. Everyone needs to know how to use both and stand fearless against evil.

  11. Keep in mind that any self defense encounter is probably going to be a spray of bullets.
    That’s how police can somehow manage to miss 90% of their shots. Poor training, yes, but I doubt many people will react better when the time comes.

    For that reason I would recommend at least one spare, and if it fits in your pocket get a higher capacity spare than standard capacity.

  12. P-64 mag only holds 6, so yes, I typically carry an extra, usually in the rule or cell pocket in my pants. Truthfully, tho, like others have posted, if I need more than 7 I’m likely toast anyway. And if I need more than 13–well, it will be a wonder if I even get to 13 I expect.

    • Since my 9mak has itty bitty mags, I can carry a second or third without much stress, I doubt I’ve trained enough to retrieve and reload them under stress though.

  13. You are one tactical mofo if you can clear a type II malfunction with a lethal threat bad guy facing you at bad breath distances. I mean really, truly, badass. Yep, clearing a type II requires another magazine. Here’s the other thing you need – a few seconds. While the occasional shooter / armchair commando / weekend enthusiast might clear a type I pretty fast, the type II requires a bit more time. I automatically assume a type I and speed clear that.

    With that being said, I sometimes carry a spare mag. Why not always? Because I’m not a one trick pony, and sometimes I just dress light. At work I’ve got multiple force options. I have multiple options off duty as well. Hands, elbows, feet, knees, knife, gun, running away, letting the dogs loose, possibly a Taser. Of course I’d be better armed with a bigger handgun, spare handguns, extra mags, extra lights, extra knives, my spare body armor, Taser, pepper spray, less lethal shotgun, shotgun, spare slugs, AR, spare mags, chest rig, steel toe boots, elbow pads, knee pads, and armor plates. I just don’t carry all that stuff.

    I sometimes carry a revolver and don’t own any speed loaders. I do have two olde-school belt loop shell pouches, so I’m not only carrying 5 rounds. If I carried a .380, which I consider to be a pretty weak caliber, I’d definitely always have a spare with that.

    Anyways, that’s just me. Maybe I answered wrong because everyone else always carries spares. Keep calm and carry on.

    • A81. Thx for the reality check…;)

      I wonder if a poll of TTAG on how many can name the malfunctions, and how to would be useful.
      And last time they practiced dry fire and malf drills.

      I’d fail, as I’m still waiting on the judges to decide if POTUS Prettiest State AG gets to play on Peruta, and until then old reliable 870 backs up the dogs at the door, and stll practicing my Spyderco Wave pocket open…for concealed carry lethal force defense out of the house.

      Thanks for the tip, RF.

  14. No, usually not. I’m not Rambo. My gun is there to end a threat quickly or buy some time for me to get my ass out of there.

    • Yup, cuttin’ the odds, basically why I carry. When I’m in the shop, I have an extra mag handy, in a robbery-type situation I might actually have to–and have a chance to, from behind cover– use it. Again, I do typically carry an extra mag, because it is pretty much no extra effort, so why not?

  15. No. Revolvers don’t take magazines. Odds are 6 rounds of Double Tap .357 will kill the bad guy dead enough.

    Also, in the video he says if you’re not carrying an extra magazine you’d be out of the fight if you had a ‘type 2’ malfunction, which is simply not true. The only difference is you can’t drop the magazine on the ground. Either way I can’t think of a situation where I would be justified to use my weapon but had time to stand there for 5 or 6 seconds clearing a jam. Once you’ve found cover worry about getting your pistol functioning again.

    • 6 rounds of 357 will kill the guy dead, ASSUMING:

      1. You hit.
      2. You hit at least twice if not a head shot.
      3. there are 3 or less participants and you have 100% accuracy.

      If you fail on any one of those points, guess what: You didn’t bring enough lead.

      I carry 20 rounds of 9mm… WAY more than I will most likely need, but that is enough to deal with either 3 really big methed up bikers or an angry flash mob of crazed yoots (but not both), which would be the two most extreme scenarios I have a snowballs chance in hell of encountering.

      • I used to carry a Beretta 92 (17+1) but switched to a revolver because they’re much more accurate. If the bad guy is within 50 yards 100% accuracy won’t be a problem. At a hundred yards he’s got a chance, but he’d best find some cover fast.

        Anyway it’s all about the odds. The odds that I’d have a malfunction in the Beretta are pretty remote, but so are the odds I’ll need more than 6 rounds, especially with the extra power each one packs. If it turns out that I chose wrong I might have a speed strip in my pocket, but usually I’d have to make it to my truck to access more ammo. Odds are I’ll never have to fire a shot in anger anyway, so I’ll carry what I want and leave the worrying to others.

        • You must be the world’s best combat shot if you can out shoot your Beretta in combat settings and can benefit from the accuracy of a revolver.

        • The Beretta’s a pretty accurate combat pistol IMHO, but the range in both power and accuracy is about half of my .357. Inside of 25 yards that’s a moot point, at least the accuracy and the capacity makes up for the sacrifice in power. But 25 yards is barely just across the street. I figure the odds of needing a 7th shot are probably less than needing to take a longer shot or a highly accurate one. I’d also consider the odds of a malfunction into the equation but I’ve never had one in several thousand rounds with the Beretta. If the zombies ever come out I’ll grab the Beretta, but for EDC I’m pretty happy with the GP.

        • Wth situation on the street are you shooting a handgun at from 25-100 yds that you dont expect to immediately get locked up afterward? Are you gecko45? Do you wear two plate carriers duct taped to your back to protect you from 308 sniper fire?

        • There is typically at least 50 feet (16 2/3 yards) between the sidewalks in a residential neighborhood.It’s about 40 yards from my front door to the front door of the house directly across the street. That doesn’t seem like that long of a shot to me, but if you trust your neighbors, feel free to carry something that’s useless at across the street distances.

  16. Is there any consistent terminology when it comes to malfunctions? I thought it went:

    Type 1: Failure to fire (lite primer strike)
    Type 2: Failure to eject (stovepipe)
    Type 3: Failure to eject (double feed)

    It looks like he’s calling a double feed a type 2. Anyways, for the first 2, I just tap rack bang. For a double feed, I remove the magazine and hold it with my firing hand’s pinky, rack rack rack, then reinsert the magazine and rack again. For me, its faster than digging around my pocket for another mag.

  17. Yes, 2 spare mags , always. If you get a kydex double mag carrier you can forget they are there, and it balances the weight of the pistol.

  18. I’m limited to ten round mags here in MA, so yeah, I carry a spare mag when I carry a pistol or a speedloader or two when I carry a J-frame. I carry both a pistol and a J-frame revolver when I go to Boston, but I only do it to piss off the local pols and to create firearms envy among my Bostonian friends.

  19. If I’m gonna carry, I will just man up and take the two extra mags. I have my gun there to stop shit. I’m not gonna leave myself hanging because I sprayed all of my bullets and didn’t hit dick. I am going to bring the most effective rig I can bring. Why? Because I carry to protect myself, not as an afterthought for what matches my outfit.

    I’ve been playing with a handgun-type paintball marker with 7 Rd mags. I know what I’m gonna do during an adrenaline dump with a hand gun. Accuracy does go to shit, supressing fire does happen. I know I need extra mags. And imagine, in my situation I only need to hit the guy once to get him out, not the multiple times to stop a threat.

    I carry these extra mags not in the case that I will need them, but for the reason that I won’t have to be in want of them if I should have to defend myself. I will never complain that I didn’t use them, but I will if I find myself with an expended mag, my sole one, with a either wounded or unhurt attacker advancing on the cover I am hiding behind because I tried to cover and run. No one has ever complained of having excess ammo after a fight, no one, and I intend to survive to say that as they do.

    • paintball is a little different because the average marker is a full auto minigun that holds 200 rounds. Going in with a pistol is the equivalent of fighting an entire fire team of SAWs with a 1911.

      • Plus an errant paintball on a course won’t kill anybody. A 9mm -.45 ACP hollowpoint can definitely hurt or kill a bystander. I get that misses happen, but where those rounds end up is the responsibility of the shooter(s).

        • Yeah I’m a bit worried at how much lead he’s planning to toss around with seemingly little thought.

      • Okay, I understand that. I wasn’t talking about who I was up against. That is completely different than what I was saying. I was using that to indicate what happens to me with adrenaline and a handgun. I know the force I’m fighting is completely different.

        2nd commenter: Yes, I understand that those rounds have to go somewhere. I never said I would stop aiming. This is a post to justify why I am bringing the lead I am to the fight, not about the speculative gunfights. Simply put, if I am going to carry, I am going to be ready for anything.

        3rd commenter: The whole point of the post was that I have it if I need it, not that I will dump every round I have gangbanger style. I am straight shooter, but I still don’t want to handicap myself.

    • Interesting. I carried a revolver for 30 years before I ever owned a semi. 6 .357 rounds in a 4″ Python always seemed like plenty to me, even though one of the plans in my head was for an unseen or out-of-range attacker involving one round of suppressing fire, to let the offender know I was armed, in case he’d rather leave than continue. And if the scenario was out-of-range, say 150-200 yards, the attacker better be lucky, because my hit rate on a man-sized target was pretty high at those distances, over 50%. “Spraying” was so far from my mind, I don’t think even another 30 years will make me consider it an option. Many of these assumptions make me think we really DO need capacity limits, just to alter some mindsets. Guys, those bullets are not going to disappear after you’ve tossed 30 or 40 out in the street. If that’s today’s gunfight, when everybody is out of ammo, my silly .380 LCP will rule the day when I finally step out from cover.

    • Anybody focusing on the paintball point completely missed the point of this guy’s response, and it was a good, relevant response to boot: Accuracy turns to shit and you’re not the operator you think you are. Bring more ammo.

  20. Maybe I’m naive, having never NEEDED a carry weapon, but I figure 9 rds of 45ACP is much better than nothing and 17 or 25 rounds isn’t that much better than 9. I’m not going to try to protect those who refuse to protect themselves, or trying to apprehend a suspect, just want to convince the suspect to leave me alone if the first couple of shots don’t end him outright.

  21. For my single-stack gun, yes! For my double-stack, sometimes.
    I do maintain a backup gun and mag well-hidden in my car.

  22. Yes. It’s too easy, so I can’t justify not carrying one.
    Of course, it’s not just about having additional capacity. It’s also in case of primary magazine failure.

    • I keep hearing “magazine failure”. If I didn’t trust my firearm more than that, I would still carry a revolver. Do you guys ever shoot the things? I have never had a mag failure, see no reason to expect one the first time I actually need the gun.

      • Only kind of “mag failure” I’ve ever dealt with was with .32 acp rounds getting rim-locked in the magazine. An extra mag might help, but as I recall, it not only caused an FTF but it made it hard to drop the mag because of the slide’s pressure on the “locked’ cartridge. I read somewhere that, on the “failure” scale, that one counts as a “go to your BUG” … In my case, the problem pretty much went away when I went exclusively to FMJ.

      • Nope. But, according to the “literature” out there, a mag failure is reportedly more likely the failure point as opposed to the gun. I was just parroting what I (perhaps incorrectly?) assumed was true.

        I carry a G27 (9+1) IWB and a spare standard G27 mag (9) in a Desantis Magpacker in my weakside pocket. It goes unnoticed by me during my daily routine, so why NOT carry a spare mag? As has been said, “Nobody every regretted having ‘too many’ rounds on hand.”

  23. The LCP came w one mag. I keep the LCP on me most every day. An I have bought one other mag (they aint cheap) an I have it on my belt in a knife pouch sometimes.
    At home I have a 2nd gun in reach most of the time.
    I am piss poor, and married.
    That said getting more guns and mags are hard to keep buying.
    I was in the Army, an I hope if something goes down I can keep those I love safe enough and get out of dodge…

  24. Yes! Always. It would be foolish not to.

    Love this new horizontal carrier from “”

    Very comfortable and easily accessible, yet stays out of the way.

  25. @ Dan Zimmerman (or anyone that carries a j frame .38)
    You mentioned you carry a 642. Im wondering what defensive ammo you carry? From internet research I have done, a lot of reputable SD ammo sucks out of 2 inch or less barrels. What is the best .38 SD ammo for snub nosed revolvers?

    • S.Crock, I carry a 642 (and previously a 638 or a 637) almost all the time. Just use American-made or high-class European HP ammo and don’t worry about it. Leave the cheap FMJ foreign stuff for the range.

      My choice is Hornady Critical Defense because it works every time and the name isn’t going to set some hoplophobic DA’s hair on fire if I have a DGU. But any quality HP ammo will do its part if you do yours. Just put the rounds on target.

    • I used to carry my 340 PD J frame .357 with Winchester PDX 135 grain .38 Special + P JHP. There were reasonably controllable in the freakishly light gun. They are the LASO duty-approved load. I like Critical Duty more than CD.

      Then I figured screw it, I can’t shoot the gun all that accurately without legit sights, and switched to .357 JHPs, and moved the .38 + Ps to reloads. If I manage to reload the gun under stress, I imagine any reloads will do.


    • I recently switched my wife’s .38 snubbie to the Lehigh ammo reviewed here a while back. She’s got one of the titanium S&Ws (think the gun is like 11 oz.), and I fired it with +P HP loads and it freakin’ HURT. Recoil was far less with the Lehigh, which appeared to work real fine against gelatin. Not gonna be a whole lot of practice with those, though, the stuff is expensive! Like $1.50/rd.

  26. Well for years I have carried 2 extra Wilson 47 D 8 rounders for my Kimber TLE2. As of late I carry 4. 2 in a mag pouch on my belt and now to in my left hip pocket. RULE FOR LIFE never be the first guy to run out of ammo. I do so want to be prepared for a chance meeting with anyone who hates infidels…

  27. All day, every day, everywhere. Even sitting at home typing on the computer now, I have my gun, extra mag, and knife.

    • Hey, me too! Of course, the only things I know how to do with my knife is impress people by snapping it open one-handed, and cutting string.

    • Yep…and I’m washing the car, on the roof cleaning out gutters and changing the oil in the pickup in a while….

      I either have an XDs .45 or Bodyguard .380 on me depending….ALWAYS carry a spare mag!

  28. I own a real belt and as such can carry a full size gun and two extra mags with out notice (short of a awkward seat in which case the beaver tail pokes me from time to time)

    • Pooey on your “real belt”, mine is elephant with tooled sterling hardware, and holds my LCP in a Sneaky Pete up just fine.

    • Better have ear pro in your car too. I love the M44 but that Russky bastard is loud and the hurt you bring may be to your own ears.

      • Obviously it is a purely defensive weapon in a SHTF situation and the last option. Thanks for the advice…

  29. Oh, I should add I live in Florida. An I wear shorts an a T-shirt. Most of the time. I also leave the house w/ 2 pocket knives and I do have a cane near by. I am in my 30’s,. I worry more if my wife is with me or out alone. She wont go to a range. Rarely has ever shot anything. An never fought. She even leaves the mace I got her in the “vehicle” she has. An she dont “jog” I think she wouldn’t make it a 1/4 mile. She goes places I give her credit with me if it dark an she would be uncomfortable with. But I know I cant keep 3 people my LIL one included in a all out shoot out an riot. Or if haji comes to walmart with friends for jihad. I feel like my odds improve if im on my own. Wish I had more ccw options….

  30. OC a full size 1911 W/ an 8 rnd mag. Two ten rnd. mags in a belt holster, A pocket BG .380 W/ an extra mag, Streamlight Stinger flashlight, S & W BG pocket knife, Leatherman multi-tool. I-Kam extreme video/audio sunglasses.

  31. I do carry an extra mag now, but I am switching back to revolvers as soon as I can get to my LGS. My new philosophy is why carry extra mag when you can carry an extra gun? I’m going to invest in two LCRs in .38 +P, with boot grips and night sights, and carry them both. Both of them loaded weigh only a few ounces more than my Sig and extra mag. IMHO, they are safer, more reliable and more accurate FOR ME, IN MY HANDS, because I was raised shooting revolvers, and no reloading is required. I will probably invest in double jet loader pouch, though, bringing my potential round count up to 20. I would have the option to just carry one LCR, or both, or both plus the loaders. Not a conventional choice, I know, but it’s what’s right for me. If I anticipate more trouble than that, I’m either staying home, or it’s shotgun time.

    • Interesting. So shoot one dry, switch to the other while reloading the first. And both are the same, with the same ammo, no need to adjust anything between guns. Not bad. I might have to consider that. Why not .357? Is the .357 LCR bigger or something?

  32. AN extra mag ? I carry two, generally, either Magazines or speedloaders, and keep a 50 round box of loose ammo in my vehicle. When talking about life and death, I’m not calculating the minimum, I want a generous margin for error.

  33. Yes, I run a Glock 19 and always carry two extra Glock 17 mags with + 2 extensions and a flashlight, don’t forget the flashlight folks.

  34. I carry a reload most of the time…

    But, I would carry a BUG over a reload if I had to choose or the other.

    I would rather have two guns and no reload than one gun and one reload.

  35. Usually, I carry an m&p full size 9mm. I don’t carry an extra magazine. I shoot a magazine of carry ammo at the range every time I go and I’ve yet to experience a failure of any kind so I’m pretty confident I won’t have an issue. I tend to agree that any dgu I’m involved in will be a fast situation so time to reload or clear a failure isn’t a luxury I plan to have.

    The exception is if I’m going some place extra crowded or isolated. Then I carry an extra mag…or two if a log way into the woods.

    That being said I always carry 2 extra magazines in the car. Because terrorism….

  36. Every single time. Either a spare mag in my front left pocket in a Galco pocket mag carrier or in a leatherman case on my left hip.

  37. With shorts (always of cargo variety) yes, always have a spare. With jeans, only with a jacket (lack of pocket space). That will change when the belt mounted mag holster shows up next week for my Shield.

    While clearing a type 2 malfunction may take precious seconds, I believe there are scenarios such as active shooter scenarios (made much more likely since the string of individual terrorist attacks began) indoors where you may be trapped that a second mag for clearing a type 2 or even just for more ammo is a very good idea.

  38. The best way to clear a double feed with a Glock is just rip the magazine out and put it back in. One round will fall out of the magazine well and the slide will close on the one in the chamber. You don’t need a second mag to clear a double feed in a Glock. Works with most guns that are not 1911s as well…

  39. Yes, in my front left pocket. A full size mag for my P220 Compact and a speed strip when I carry my 2.5″ 686

  40. I carry a G26 IWB and a Taurus TCP in a right back pocket holster. No spare for either firearm, but each firearm’s sole mag is essentially the other sidearm’s backup.

    In my truck, however, I do carry one spare each 10rd and a 33rd magazines for the Glock. This being Houston, what with daily police chases, open air shootouts, and packs of vicious, feral dogs, it’s when you’re out in the world moving between relatively safe places that you’re most likely to need that kind of extra ammunition. Or so I tell myself.

  41. With the G36, yes.

    When I’m carrying a revolver, maybe I carry nothing extra. Increasingly, I think of the 5-shot lightweight, small revolver as my “when you have to go as light as possible” gun, because even tho it has only five rounds ready to go, there is no argument about those five rounds “being ready to go.” There’s no stovepipe, FTE, double-feed, whatever.

    This is yet another case where people need to learn to appreciate that revolvers have very compelling arguments over a semi-auto in some situations.

    • The only revolver I own currently is a Rossi .357 in 6″ barrel, which I bought new because I needed it for qualification. It’s fine, I suppose, but out of six rounds, there’s about a 75% chance that one round will fail to fire. I’ve tried different ammunition, by brand, .38SP and .357, and SA & DA mode, but it still happens. There’s never been a time that firing through the other rounds, and coming back around for a second chance on the one that failed originally, didn’t result in it firing upon its second attempt. I chalk it up to an iffy firing pin on a low priced revolver and that it is what it is.

      Still, it’s a high volume product from a major firearm manufacturer and one would expect it to work near flawlessly. What if the one that fails to fire is the first round? That’s vital time and an unnerving surprise in a DGU. I understand that revolvers, in principle, are less prone to malfunctions overall than SA’s, but I suspect that their vaunted reputation for reliability through simplicity may be overrated.

  42. I sit at my office desk.
    Extra mag in my briefcase(soft canvas) but not on me when I walk about.
    Shield 8+1
    Then 7

  43. My carry gun is an FN FNP45 with a 14 rd mag. I always carry an extra 15 Rd mag in a Galco carrier. The flat based 14 rd mag conceals a bit better but 29 rds of 45 ACP +P JHP should handle most any needs.

  44. I always have one nearby. I keep them in my backpack, gym bag, center console, nightstand, and sometimes, though rarely, on my other hip. But yes, I always have a spare. I also replace my mag springs every 2 years, and clean and care for my mags. It’s expensive to have so many, but cutting back on the Latte’s to buy a mag a month also made more room under my belt to carry one.

  45. I carry two extra mags on a belt holder. I also usually have a backup gun (BUG). About the only time I deviate from this is during shorts n’ T-shirt months.

  46. I almost always do, the magazine is a potential point of failure for a firearm and one that is easy enough to fix by carrying a spare. I carry a P226 in .40 with a 12 round mag in there, that is the largest one that fits flush. I carry a 15 round extended mag in ;my pocket 95% of the time.

  47. Yup, I always carry at least one spare mag with me.

    My most common carry is a Smith M&P9 Compact in a Crossbreed IWB, and I keep a spare 17-round mag in a kydex OWB belt holder. It actually helps balance out the weight on my pants. I also keep another loaded 17-rounder in my work backpack; better to have it and not need it, right?

    If I’m schlepping my Kahr PM9 in a pocket, I’ll generally have two spare mags stowed on my belt in a Ripoffs cell phone holster.

  48. I carry one spare mag in a horizontal holster and never
    leave home without one spare mag sometimes two and that depends
    on what I am carrying for the day,

    I also have extras in a hidden lock box in my vehicle as well as another
    firearm and mags for that as well plus some loose ammo.

  49. Never. Living where I do, I seem no reason to do so. There are maybe three to five shootings a year in the whole county, and only one or two of those don’t involve some sort of domestic dispute, and the rest involve people in the drug trade. People do get accosted, mostly at night, and mostly with strong arm tactics or a pocket knife, not guns. There are gang members, but so far no battles over territory. We have a lot of Mormons, but no Muslims that I know of, and my little town is unlikely to be a target for terrorist activity. Add to that the fact that the average DGU involves three or fewer shots, and most no shots at all, the eight rounds I carry will be more than enough to address any realistic threat.

  50. I carry 2 extra mags for my primary and 1 for my backup. I don’t think anyone has ever been in a gunfight has ever said “damn I wish I hadn’t have brought so much ammo!” All this “you don’t need more ammo” bs is something someone in the Peoples Republic of New York or Commiefornia would say.

    • I think it really depends on where you live and what you do, not what state you live in. Where I live, street crime is negligible; but if I lived in Stockton, Fresno, or LA, it would be a different story.

      So let me ask this question: How many people who read this site have ever had a DGU that involved a reload, other than cops in the line of duty? (I exclude them since in many places, cops shoot to empty and reload, even in my little burg. I have never really understood why–it degrades accuracy and more often then not is completely unnecessary, and indeed would probably lead to prosecution if done by one of us “regular” civilians.)

  51. No, because it is such a perfect world and I am an excellent shot. Why would I plan for anything but the best case scenario?

    Actually, yes. One spare mag on me and two in the car.

  52. I really like The Yankee Marshal, makes a lot of sense. My carry piece is Ruger LCR .38 with a 5 Star five round re-loader in a pocket. Doubt will ever need even one round.
    As an older woman, who does not do stupid things around stupid people or put myself in stupid situations. Only time likely to need my revolver is to dispatch critically injured animal of side of country road I travel often. I carry for the same reason as having proper number of fire extinguishers in house and cars. I have pistols and revolvers for recreational shooting & self defense if ever needed.

  53. Wow! I am amazed how many people do not carry a spare magazine. The only time you should not carry a spare magazine is if you have a spare gun. Magazines fail, more more than that, bad guys are working in teams. If there is a pause in the fight, put a full magazine in the gun, and stash the partial regardless if you have a 15 round or 8 round mag.

  54. Carrying a single stack subcompact means I have 1 in the tube and 7 in the magazine, therfore I don’t carry 1 extra mag I carry 2.

  55. If I’m carrying then I carry a spare mag.

    Glock 23 with a standard 13 rd mag, 15 rd mag in a Remora pocket double mag holder with a flashlight in the other slot.

  56. I now carry two revolvers CA Bulldog IWB on right appendix carry , and a CA Undercover .38 on left IWB , there is a Speed Strip for each in my right front pocket , it’s not that the crime rate is bad where I live it’s just you never know when trouble will come your way , I just want to have a chance to protect mine and me from the lowlife s that roam and prey . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  57. I carry an extra mad in that little pocket above my right pocket on my jeans. What else could it be for?

  58. Absolutely.
    A HK P30 v.3 9mm with 16rds in (15+1) and a spare 15rd mag on the belt with the SureFire E2D-LED. Or
    Sig P-226 MK25 9mm with 19rds (18+1) and a “Plus 2” 20rd mag on the belt. Or 15+1 mag in and the 18rd mag on the belt for slightly lower print profile. The baseplate on the MecGar 18rd is almost flush fit but makes more difference than you’d think in printing.
    And a Benchmade 9051SBK AFOII. 😉

  59. Custom shop Kimber Gold Combat II and two extra mags in a speed draw holster. That’s 3 mags and 22 rounds I’m hoping in a situation that is enough (can never have too many bullets or mags) I just try and balance between easy carry and bulk. Mom carries a Taurus P85 and a couple of spare speed loaders in a separate area of the purse that’s only 15 rounds looking for a better solution on that. In both situations I hope I never need either.

  60. Depends if I am going to a place with more possible aggressors than rounds in 1 clip. I bring one extra clip. But Im a spry young lad so the plan is to evade as soon as possible barring innocents are threatened

  61. G codd incog. You’ll always have a spare mag. Best for appendix carry. I keep a glock 19 and a sparr g17 mag. 33 rounds of riot prevention.

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