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Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (courtesy RCMP)

“Canadian authorities said late Sunday that the gunman who fatally shot a soldier and attacked the Parliament building in Ottawa last week had ‘ideological and political’ motives,” Captain Obvious reports. “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in a statement that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had made a video of himself prior to committing Wednesday’s attack. No details of the video’s contents were released, but CBC News reported that the gunman appeared to make specific references to Canadian foreign policy in the video and praises Allah. CBC also reported that the video appeared to have been made the day before the attack and would be released publicly later this week.” Should they?

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  1. Why hide it? Perhaps because it shows that all those billions in spending aren’t keeping us safe from terrorists?

    Nah, that can’t be it.

  2. While I hate the idea of any of these puds getting attention at all, I find the idea of certain folks deciding what the public gets to hear (and what it doesn’t) FAR more disconcerting.

    In all liklihood, it makes no difference. Someone unstable enough to be motivated by the ramblings of these people is gonna be a problem sooner or later regardless of what they see or hear on any given day.

    • ^This!

      You don’t want to give them the podium in any way, but you also don’t want to block the information because if you can block this what else can you block?

      The only balance I can come up with is to wait some number of days before it is released. Let the initial media frenzy die down and then release the information. Not the best idea, but it does reduce the opportunities for the killers to be in the limelight any longer than necessary.

      • How about a compromise: Release it in the interest of Freedom of Information, but with the minimum possible hoopla and fanfare. Don’t plaster it all over you-tooobz, but put up a link: “You can get it here.”

  3. How many times do we have to hear Durka Durka Mohamad Jihad Durka before we realize that we need to glass the entire region and be done with it?

    • Don’t get pissed off when the grabbers start spitting their BS lines about how we all need to be disarmed then. That statement you made is the same logic.

      • Yeah… Bit of a difference. There are almost a billion islamic radicals… Compare that to a few hundred crazy gun owners…

        • ^this^

          As for the dead jihadi, bury him in pig guts and release his. Video next month, with pics of the burial.

      • I think Ben Shapiro outshines his mentor Breitbart in a number of ways.
        He is very young and is going to be a powerhouse.

        Ben Shapiro shares some tips on dealing with a Liberal

    • In reply to pwr’s original question; I wonder this too, and I would hope that a few more of these attacks or another 9/11 would finally summon a collective ‘ok we’re done with islam, time to exterminate these extremists once and for all’ however, that’s not PC or tolerant so I’m not holding my breath.

        • Leave them the hell alone, stop trying to impose our rule on their holy land, and deal with them when THEY make the 12,000 mile trip to OUR borders.

          Stop molesting children and undiapering grannies at the airports on domestic flights, and inspect the people who are COMING INTO the country.

          This is not rocket science, people!

    • Which region would that be? Middle East? You know that Middle East doesn’t consist solely of Muslims, and, conversely, that significant Muslim majorities exist elsewhere?

      (this is ignoring the fact that not all Muslims think that waging violent jihad is a good idea for the first place)

      • Yes, not all but a significant number support profound violence and violent intolerance of non muslims. The data show that even in western countries Muslims are significantly more misogynist and more likely to support terrorism.

        And in for example Egypt, which has 5,000 years of civilization, 75% of college grads, (ie not illiterate in villages) support the DEATH PENALTY for converting from Islam to aganosticism, atheism or Christianity.

        There is a specific and widespread problem within today’s Islam that does not exist in anywhere the same breadth in other religions

  4. Sure. Religion of pieces and all that dreck. Do ‘ya think he got the virgin payoff? The lunatic didn’t post to fakebook or other media?

  5. My initial reaction would be no, but if they really want to release it then it should only be made available online and only after someone pays a fee to watch it. The money collected from the fees would then go towards a fund to help the families of the victims.

  6. In general I am of the opinion that these mass shooter types deserve to die anonymous or even publicly shamed. The Isla Vista shooter is a prime example of modern media’s failure in this regard. This guy got so much attention for his obsessive nature, sick expectations of women, etc. and thanks to all the press he got, now in the back of every girl’s mind when she shoots down some creep is not only “is this guy going to try and put something in my drink, attack me, stalk me, etc etc” now they also get to think “oh is this guy going to video tape a manifesto and then plot for months to kill me and a bunch of other people.” I say, throw the shooter out into an open field in the middle of nowhere for the buzzards, redact their name from any public report, and instead focus on the victims of their heinous crimes.

    I guess this thing in Canada is different as it is a bonafide act of terrorism as opposed to the typical self absorbed “suicide by mass shooting” loner, but even then, terrorists feed off of suffering and seeing they had an impact however small so maybe it would be good to just let him die in ignominy and burn his videos. What good can come from showing them? Other than TV ratings for that night’s news of course.

  7. Yep, else we’ll never hear what these terrorists stand for. Instead, the headline would read “Gun drags man into office building and shoots up the place.”

  8. Yes, yes, and again, yes. Let the decent people of Canada and everywhere else see the face of the death cult known as radical Islam.

    • Amen to that. The PC Police are even going so far as to consider talk of radical Islam to be a hate crime. I want to know what this terrorist a$$hole was thinking so I can be more ready to pull the trigger in the next one.

      It should be obvious that embracing Islam, particularly radical Islam, is not a good thing for this nation. It certainly wouldn’t be beneficial for me as a Christian. If people actually practiced all the “coexist” crap, then fine, but that certainly doesn’t happen in Muslim nations where human rights / minority rights / women’s rights are slim to none.

      On a unrelated note, I had a lovely bacon egg and cheese sandwich this morning.

  9. Yes. These attacks are not some random acts of workplace violence and I want to know what’s going on in their collective heads so I/we can be better prepared for the next ones.

  10. Release it. The people have a right to know. Pluses and minuses over publicity, recruitment, glamorizing, etc. are secondary at best. This crime was committed against not just certain individuals, but against the peole of Canada as a whole. Let them see all of the evidence in the case of this crime against them.

    After all, would you want the government ever just to kill someone and feed a compliant, complicit media their own official line about who that person was or what motivated them? Really, all any of us knows about this case so far is what the Canadian government has allowed us to know. Yet, we’re all rock solid in our conclusions and policy prescriptions. Someone above wants to nuke people as a result, for crying out loud.

    Now, I’m not suggesting this killer was innocent or framed or somehow justified and that Canada is covering anything up. What I am saying is that releasing all of the evidence tends to prevent such from ever being the case, as well as to quell speculation and conspiracy theorizing.

  11. Absolutely should release it. We will learn a little about who and what was behind the attack and move on. It gives us a parity check on the Media and Government also. We may learn something we don’t want to see but blinding ourselves isn’t going to help any better. Sooner we see it the sooner we can move on to doing something better.

  12. I’m not recommending that these people be shot on sight…but, sometime between “Allahu” and “akbar.”

  13. ‘ideological and political’ motives,”

    That’s all he wanted. He killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in order to make sure as many people as possible were going to watch his stupid video.

    And he’s going to get what he wants.

    It will be part of public record. Let it be released months from now, when everyone’s forgotten his name.

  14. Tough call. On one hand I think the publicity given by the 24 hour media to things like this leads to copycat crimes and probably is a large part of the surge in school shootings since the 80s (when someone didn’t get their name and face plastered all over like a star for killing kids).

    On the other hand maybe it will let people know what the stakes are here and that there are those among us who will do this

  15. The media has always glamorized murderers. Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Bonnie & Clyde, Dillinger (who had the lowest body count), John Gotti, Ted Bundy . . . it’s never changed. Rather than swallowing the MSM’s line, turning lowlifes into heroes, wouldn’t it be better for people to see what these vicious animals actually are and what they actually do?

    • I believe that the light of truth sanitizes all, I just wonder if it also inspires more to do the same as well. I rather have the full truth, but I still wonder how many more wacko’s it also inspires.

      • There will be psychos motivated to murder whether this video is released or not. I’d rather have the ugly truth than the PC version.

        • Actually, Accur81; to call this man a “Psycho” is minimizing the true threat. If you watched the links in the posts above, (Ben Shapiro and Bridgitte Gabriel) you will see that this mans actions are not the work of some lone “Psycho”. This action was based solidly on an entire belief system that is held by hundreds of millions of people.

          Just look at the collective dysfunctional thought process of the liberal/progressive belief system held by hundreds of millions of people.

          This is much larger, and much more lethal to us as a civilization than just some lone “psycho”.

        • Actually Accur81, it would be good to not lose sight of the real threat. It’s not that the people in this belief system want us, the “Great Satan”, converted, subjugated or dead, that’s a given, they have made their desires very clear.

          The real threat is from those within our own culture, mostly liberal/progressives; that because of their dysfunction can’t accept the reality of the world and it’s people as it is. They refuse to believe the words coming out of these peoples mouths. So out of their delusion and denial they refuse to see the threat and be willing to defend themselves and their culture from this danger.

  16. The only reason to avoid showing a video like this one is the same reason the mainstream news channels stopped showing footage of the WTC going down as soon as they could. To sweep the true extent of the tragedy and horror under the rug, so the government can get on with their “move along, nothing to see here, we’re doing a good job keeping the nation safe if you just forget this ever happened,” program.

  17. yes they should like all those that show beheading of our men, our people that save our lives the innocent ones that were killed.. yes i would like to see the real UN EDITED TRUTH!!!

  18. Well, if we perform all this restriction of information then the state sponsored media will shape the release of media to their advantage. Sort of like the “work place violence” that occurred at Fort Hood. Remember that this guy is following the religion of peace after everyone else is dead.

  19. Yes. Release the video on YouTube, and make everyone realize what a L-O-S-E-R he is.

    Profile of your average wanna-be jihadi. Poorly educated because they didn’t want to learn. They think they are “too cool for school” and everything will be handed to them (ie: money, cars, women, etc) because it is theirs by right. Often involved in petty crime, such as theft, break-and-enter, assault, etc to support drug habits. Paranoia from when life has not happened the way they wanted. It is all a plot to keep them down. Someone is to blame. Paranoia is often exacerbated by the drug habit (meth, ice, cocaine). Religious epiphany. Now they have been shown the light and it is time to exact revenge, all with approval of the faith.

  20. When in doubt, we should prefer openness. Knowing the media as we do, we should want as much information as possible unfiltered by their view of things. There is some danger of him inspiring someone, but far more people will see what hate-filled nonsense their ideology is. On balance I say release it.

    • because the left is trying to make this about just some every day Canadian who killed because he had access to guns

  21. He is in front of a black flag.

    The issue isn’t; the hundreds of thousand so Muslims in Canada. It is a few thousand, under thousand who advocate violence

    The particular acute danger is few hundred who attempted to go fight for ISIS, had their passports revoked and which ISIS successfully instructed to hit soft uniformed targets in Canada. We saw two attacks in Canada and one in NY within five days as a result.

    The preference of the left is to shred rights for everyone even when a tiny — identifiable group — is the sole cause of a problem.

    You can bet this guy’s video has the black flag with Islamic script quoting the Koran as the backdrop for his video.

    there are score and scores of “in depth” profiles that do not even mention the shooter’s father was born in Libya and fought for Islamacists there. Oh no that would be xenophobic to even mention. lol.

    Either we let these nuts go to ISIS and fill and be killed, or we confine them

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