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At 1:30 into this video, the interviewer asks rapper YFN Kay if “gun violence” can ever be stopped. “I think it can be contained, but never stopped,” he opines. “I think it’s like part of the world it’s just what goes on. It’s just part of the world goin’ and changing and it’s gonna go and change with it, but I don’t think it’s ever gonna stop.” In other words, there are bad people and there are guns. You’ll never stop bad people being bad or stop bad people from getting guns.

That reality — that bad people ignore “good” laws — undermines gun control. Its advocates either ignore the implications or resort to incrementalism. If a law saves just one life, it’s worth it! Never mind all the lives not saved (i.e. lost) because gun control laws prevented civilians from arming themselves in defense of innocent life.

So why can’t gun control advocates face reality? What is it that keeps them in a permanent state of denial (e.g., California)?

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      • Agreed, we have a winner! Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control. Anti-gunners ARE facing reality…their reality that the populace needs to be controlled by the government. It is pro-gun people who don’t get it. We keep talking like it’s about the guns. We cite our DGUs, declining crime rates and 2A, etc. when that is the least of the problem. The question is: Why don’t WE face reality?

        We need to side with every politician and movement that is opposed to a statist society. They are our allies, even if they are not concerned about guns.

    • Progressives have a common trait with statists in general, in conflating symptoms and causes — they confuse thermostats and thermometers. They think that changing the reported temperature will change the actual temperature, as if pushing a speedometer needle around will change the car’s speed.

      This extends to solving problems by passing laws — all that counts is intentions. “So let it be said, so let it be done.” When their laws worsen conditions, they think conditions have worsened and just need more laws.

      And finally they project their experiences on to everybody and do not believe that people can have different thoughts. They think guns are icky? So does everone, and that is reality. Anyone who doesn’t think guns are icky is delusional. Anyone who thinks individually and doesn’t toe their accepted line is delusional.

      • “They think that changing the reported temperature will change the actual temperature”

        They confuse political fact with real fact. If they say a thing is a certain way enough times, they feel it should be that way, reality or no. They make a new reality which aligns with their politics.

        When real reality does not align with their political reality, it confuses them. They will deny blatant truth and cling to their mental construct to eliminate this confusion.

    • Yep. +1000 You nailed it. Gun control, like environmentalism for example, is not about guns or the environment at all.
      Both are about political power and control.

  1. The simplest answer is that they aren’t trying to solve these problems.

    The problem they’re trying to solve is the one of good people having guns.

      • Not wondering so much as worrying because as delusional as they are, they can be convinced to vote for more Utopian dreams. Notice that in spite of every reason that Hillary was THE WORST candidate in the history of the country she still managed to get a significantly larger portion of the popular vote than Trump. Thank Heaven for the Electoral College! The Founding Fathers got it right once again!

        • By the way, it just this moment occurred to me, that the Dems in the previous two elections managed to elect the worst candidate in U.S. history for no other reason than he was (half) black. This time they came uncomfortably close to electing the actually WORST candidate in U.S. history for no other reason than she was (allegedly) a female.

          That’s pretty scary. They seems to have no standards whatsoever other than your victim-class status.

        • If you look at the numbers you will see that Nationally (as of DEC. 14) Clinton got 2,864,978 more votes than Trump. In California alone Clinton got 4,269,978 more votes than Trump. So, we can see how the ingenious design of the Electoral College saved the Union from the tyranny of the God forsaken Communists who dominate California. We can also see how vacuous and misleading the Democrats’ whining “…but Hillary won the popular vote!” is. If you take away California’s votes for both Clinton and Trump, Trump wins the popular vote by 1,405,000 in the other 49 States and the Territories. Also, the EC vote would change to Clinton 177 versus Trump 306 without California’s 55 ECV’s. THIS is exactly why we do not want to alter the Electoral College except to possibly tie ALL the States and Territories Electors to their own individual popular vote rather than the Total of the National popular vote.

          I used the numbers found here:

        • Ever wonder why it is that no candidate who won both the popular and electoral votes comes up with the idea to abolish the EC?

        • No, but I do not think the general situation has ever created an atmosphere where so much attention and controversy was ever attached to the EC as we see following this Election. I have understood the structure and intent of the EC ever since I came of age to vote. I do not think any Candidate has ever been motivated to advocate for abolishing the EC before (in MY voting lifetime). The last Election I know of with such a divisive outcome was the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, and that started a Civil War. Yipe!
          “Normally” the EC vote is merely a formality and passes barely noticed by the Electorate. However, the Democrats expected Hillary Clinton to be coronated …er elected… as POTUS and got majorly blind-sided, which they were completely unprepared for. Hence, all the bawling and devious, desperate schemes to get what they thought they had “in the bag”. So, now that Trump is elected per the EC, we might all want to hold-on to our butts insofar as what happens next. This could get ugly…real ugly.

        • Trump also won four times the counties Hillary did, maybe that would be a reason to take the election away from her if she won! Or, I guess, we could just follow the constitution or change it.

    • Waffensammler98 gets it.

      As I have said numerous times lately, Progressives operate on altruism, fantasy, and emotion. That means reality does not occupy any place in their mind.

  2. First off, there is no such thing as gun violence, only violence. The instrument of such is irrelevant.

    Man has been killing man since the beginning of man. It will never change, only the method will.

    • And Gun Control means that enough Good Guys have guns that they stand some chance of keeping the Bad Guys to a minimum. Or at least contained to areas where they are only killing each other for control of neighborhoods or blocks of “turf”.

      We will know we are making progress when the gang bangers and other petty criminals are reluctant to leave their enclaves for fear of being shot.

      IMO, if you have visible and identifiable gang tattoos on your body and you are shot dead outside of your “turf”, no crime should be charged against the shooter. Better yet, the city should pay you a reward equal to what it would have cost them to prosecute the S.O.B. if they had managed to catch him before you shot him often enough to “stop the threat”.

      Visible signs of affiliation with a criminals enterprise should be the equivalent of seeing a bear or lion or tiger walking down your street – immediate application of force in self defense. But that’s just me dreamin’.

  3. “So why can’t gun control advocates face reality?”

    All of the above. The reality is that they know they cannot gain and retain power so long as the people who love and defend the Constitution have the weapons to oppose them. Second reality – they depend, heavily on the low-information voter and the useful idiots as their base. SO long as their base can’t or won’t work out the truth for themselves the Progs stay in (or have some hope of getting back) power and control. That is their only reality.

  4. Because they must believe that evil is caused by an external force, be it systemic poverty, institutional racism, etc. if people are not inherently good, then their collectivist vision and yearning for an earthly utopia cannot be achieved. If humans have the capacity for evil baked into their DNA, no such utopia can ever be realized.

    We tend to believe that good and evil is in everyone’s heart, thus we are each individually responsible for choosing one over the other. So we tool up to defend self and others against those who choose poorly.

    • “Ameritopia” by Mark Levine.

      He goes into detail about various Utopian theories and explains how every single one relies heavily on all citizens accepting without question the societal concept. Such societies CANNOT allow dissent and so must invariable resort to violent suppression of dissidents and eventually isolationism to keep out foreign influences. The end game of every Utopia is a nightmare of fascism in an attempt to control the “dream”.

      Fascism: “We have decided what is best for you. If you know what is good for you then you will NOT oppose us!”

  5. Because they are retarded…no offense to the developmentally disabled. Why did the Hildebeast get 3000000 more votes than Trump? Same deal. A woman with NO known accomplishments other than she hooked up with slick Willy. Or a certain community organizer… as Lady Liberty said it’s about control.

  6. It would be necessary for all rappers to acknowledge violence well beyond ‘gun violence’. ‘Gun’ violence is NOT a source or a cause, it is merely an effect. The root cause is violence itself and it would be nice seeing many black men in many areas around the US acknowledging just this.

  7. At the top the gun control advocates don’t care about reducing violence, in fact the violence serves to enhance their power to infringe on the civil liberties of their subjects. Down at the street level the rank and file can’t face reality because they’re stoopid liberals who’ll buy anything their superiors feed them hook, line and sinker.

  8. Guns, religion, politics… for the believers no further proof is necessary, for the nonbelievers no proof is enough. Plus, everybody in an argument runs the risk of confirmation bias, and therefore they surround themselves with only information that supports their view. Some antis can be given situations in which they would admit a gun would be useful, some may change their tune once they get to shoot, but those chances are rare. That only makes them MORE valuable, however. Take an anti shooting!

  9. I heard, “grow and change.” As in violence will always be a part of human nature. Vatican tries to control the cross bow and long bow to control the violence. The czar tries to control blimps dropping bombs and battleship development to control violence. One day there may be phased plasma rifle control and there will be a 40watt range limit to control the violence….. grow and change, grow and change with it…. cant stop the violence, and you shouldn’t keep people from being able to ably defend themselves.

  10. It’s because they have faith in the government. Overall it’s a general, yet misguided faith in people. The idea that people can solve any problem if they work together. Yeah. At the core of gun control is just an unbreakable faith in the government.

  11. So we are…let’s see if I got them all…

    Insane (again)
    Insane (still…)
    Nihilistic (ooooh, good one)

    Ad hominem ad nauseam. Does the ConcernedBlahBlahBlahTroll even know how to do anything else?

  12. Why can’t the Anti-Rights crowd face reality?

    They do! The have ‘their’ reality in which all they need is one more law to prevent the evil from getting too close to them. Their reality is governed by feels and intentions and takes place in safe places where bad things happen to other people.

    Our reality is quite a bit different, governed less by feels and more by preparedness and a strong sense of self.

    Neither reality is wrong, they are just incompatible with each other. Our reality can’t coexist with their reality for a list of reasons that would take far too long to list out.

    What to do about it?

    Try to convince them our reality is better than their reality.


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