Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – David Manning

It’s hard to go wrong with an M&P9c and a good blade as the basis for your everyday carry gear. And David hasn’t added much superfluous gear that might weigh him down. See what he’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar PDW says:

    I don’t know about the M&P9 but my M&P40 has got one of the worst trigger pulls of any semi-auto that I own. Other than that, it’s okay I guess.

    1. avatar HornyBunny says:

      It is probably because you s*ck

      Try a BB gun

      1. avatar PDW says:

        Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

        1. avatar HornyBunny says:

          No I am alright

          Thanks for apologizing bro

          .40SW might also be more than you can handle, try a 22lr

          Peace on earth, happy holidays, keep it real.

        2. avatar RustyNutz says:

          Haha damn, someone is having a bad monday eh?

    2. avatar Big Lou says:

      Apex Trigger. Problem solved.

    3. avatar Big Lou says:

      Apex Trigger. Problem solved.

      1. avatar PDW says:

        Thanks, I had read about Apex triggers for the M&P’s. I have improved my Glock 20 trigger pull with a Ghost Products replacement trigger connector already and am satisfied so far. My Springfield XDM in .40 caliber has a much better stock trigger pull ( for me ) than my M&P40.
        I think horny bunny is confusing trigger pull with felt recoil. I own a model 500 with a 6.5″ barrel from Smith&Wesson Performance Center and prefer to never shoot rounds less than 400 grains. It goes without saying that felt recoil from a .50 caliber magnum ( and the subsequent wave of over-pressure to bystanders ) far surpasses my model 686 and 629 and utterly dwarfs any impulse produced by either of my .40 calibers.
        Anyway, thanks for the info.

        1. avatar Big Lou says:

          Your welcome. For your XDM40 try Springer Precision triggers or Powder River Precision they both do excellent trigger jobs.

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      Goodness, what big pockets you have!

  2. avatar Fred Frendly says:

    Wow, that is one cool keyfob. These pocket dump articles always amaze me with the types of keys, condoms, gum wrappers, Viagara pills and lint that people have in their pockets.

    Maybe we can have a “Gun Bag Dump” article everyday, so we can see the spent brass, leaves, missed targets and pieces of broken KelTecs rolling around in them.

    And a “Toilet Dump” pic of the day would be great too.

    1. avatar PDW says:

      …that’s pretty funny. I already had some weird mental pictures concerning the term “pocket dump”

  3. avatar Docduracoat says:

    Smith and Wesson M and P 9c
    An excellent choice!
    I am thinking about one as I am looking for some more capacity over my Sig 938
    12 rounds of 9 mm and only a little fatter than a shield

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