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Madison Wisconsin Cocks Not GLOCKS rally (courtesy

In the video below, a gun rights advocate confronts dildo waving members of the pro-gun control group Cocks Not Glocks. “I have a friend who was raped on campus,” the unnamed pro-gun gal tells the protesters. “She wasn’t allowed to have her concealed carry with her, and she was raped because of that. If she would have had her concealed carry, I guarantee she wouldn’t have been raped.” Check out CNG’s reaction. And then tell us what happens when you confront antis with the truth about guns.

NOTE: No flaming (ad hominem attacks on the protesters) allowed.

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  1. Two Words: Autistic Screeching

    And that’s sadly not even me being flip-pit. I’ve had so many conversations that do really devolve into that. I had one long thread on a Facebook post involving a ammunition vending machine at a gun range. The one guy there just kept loosing his mind over it and no mater how much I tried to talk him down he kept making up more BS. All the while he was getting more and more belligerent in his words until he just started openly insulting me. And even worse, I’ve had the same conversation on other platforms.

    There’s some people out there that are just ideologically bent out of shape about guns no matter how you try to talk to them about it.

    • You were telling a bigot that his deeply held beliefs are all wrong and by implication that he may not be as intelligent, sophisticated, or morally superior as he would like to think he is – What did you expect?

      • Hmm. You know, on contemplation, that’s pretty much spot on. I’m not at all a friends with him anymore anyway. The guy really was a progressive ideological bigot. The man was almost a perfect check list of far left ideology.

        Of course I’m sure that people could say the same thing about plenty of right wing types. But even then, I don’t see nearly the same level of unwillingness to consider the other persons argument out for the right as you do from the left.

    • @Nioshkel
      Autism does not automatically=screeching, nor do autistic people screech any more than any others. We do have meltdowns, but it is not over a tantrum, it is sensory overload. Really assholish when people use autism as an insult. There is a huge difference between sensory overloads and repetitive words/actions and morons who are too stupid to wipe in the right direction to avoid yeast infections yelling about shit they do not understand.

      The people in the video (excluding the woman with the masterfully shaped ass defending the right to carry on campus) are too spoiled and stupid to realize what they ask. Men are evil according to feminazi’s. Most rapes are by men. Why do they not ask for cock control then? Just as impractical. Is even funnier that when a rape occurs they want the big strong men with firearms to grab the evil man (whether it is the right man or not) and nail his ass to the cross with weighted ankle bracelets. Empowering women by making sure we cannot fight back. I am big for a woman and even I know to reach for something if a man reaches for me.

    • *flippant

      I wouldn’t normally, but if you’re going to post about what a cretin someone is for disagreeing with you…

      • (Mental image of gumball-machines in random places, dispensing handfuls of loose, assorted cartridges. “Oops, I’m out of .22–d’you have a dime?” “Here, and pick me up a copy of the WSJ.”)

        I can go to bed happy now.

        [That top part should have been there and I don’t know why it wasn’t – OregunianC96)

  2. Typical leftists, when confronted with someone destroying your arguments, and you don’t have the intellectual capacity to rebut, shout them down.

    Someone should tell them we live in a republic, not a democracy.

  3. Depends on how anti. I’ve converted a few here in my unionized job place. A lot of people who didn’t see a need and thought things like 30 rd mags should go away, have turned around and seen the light. You just can’t change some people’s minds.

  4. I shouldn’t even comment on a video that has a bunch of ignorant hens standing around chanting with dildos in their hands.

  5. “If she would have had her concealed carry, I guarantee she wouldn’t have been raped.”

    I appreciate the courage it can take sometimes to speak to anti-people of any kind, but it would be so much better if those engaging in this discussion did not indulge in bad arguments.

    There is absolutely NO GUARANTEE of any sort that having a gun will produce a good outcome for the defender. They certainly have a better chance of defending themselves, but there are no guarantees except that not having a gun cuts your chances pretty much down to zero.

    Not the same thing.

    • The problem as I see it with many concealed carriers, they have not practiced and don’t have the will and wait too long before deploying their weapon. It’s like having a fire extinguisher and having no clue how to release the safety pin or use it. I know a number of people who have bought self-defense weapons and have obtained their carry permits, or as they are called here in Washington State, CPL and they NEVER carry their weapon, never practiced with it or even fired it.

      • This is another reason there is no “guarantee” for those who have a gun, “permit” or not. The gun is only about 10% or less of what is necessary for effective self defense. The gun is very, very important too, of course… but is fairly useless without some kind of training and ongoing practice – both with the gun and all of the other things like situational awareness, the dumb places and people thing, and having already made the important mental decision that you will shoot if necessary. Having make damned sure you know what that means and when you would cross that line.

        And all of that is fairly useless if the gun is locked up somewhere in the house, and not carried on one’s body when outside (or even inside).

        • I’d even take it a step further and say that, even more important than training, practice, or even the gun itself is the will to violence. Unpleasant though it is, someone who’s not willing to do vicious things in their own defense will be utterly powerless against an assailant who DOES have that will, no matter how well armed or well trained they are

    • Indeed, crafting matters. Maybe variations on these, not all at once, but depending on where the conversation goes:

      “The fact is, she was assaulted, and more helpless than she would have been, had she had her own choice.”

      “She thought she was more helpless. If you believe otherwise, you should convince her, not simply take away her choice.”

      “I think the numbers say that disarming women works out to being pro-rape. What do your numbers say?”

  6. Leftists typically keep making ever more childish arguments, try to go on and on about how rights aren’t without limitations. The very few limitations are very clearly articulated and that was only because we live in an imperfect world where its better to outline than to not list anything. The 2A explicitly has no restrictions.

    That, or they keep derailing the argument into their own waters. Deflection, derailment, getting all their butt buddies to shout you down, you can’t change them. You can only try to make it clear to the politicians that you will not be legislated out of life and home.

    The leftists are snakes, have always been and will always be snakes. This is unfortunately an insult to snakes. They like to point to XYZ countries “They did it with success!” But when you show them historical stats for say austraila, it shows crime was in decline long before their gun ban. Other countries like England and Whales, their homicides went up. Ultimately there is no connection between gun bans and crime rates when you take into account every single country, some go up, some are going down, there are so many bigger factors determining crime rates.

    That or it delves into “my logic is holier than thou’s logic, my education is superior, you are a dumb redneck.” “logic” only goes so far. Once you get to extenuating circumstance, it breaks down. Humans are also largely illogical and inconsistent,.

    The leftist minions supporting gun bans and controls are the same ones that chug the global warming coolaid, preach about saving the environment and asking us why we use eww icky filthy coal. Well, if idiots like John leftist Smith didn’t back up regulations to the point where it takes over 15 years and hundreds of lawsuits, we might actually be able to built more hydro plants! Modern coal is very clean btw.

    Ok, I’ll stop ranting now.

  7. Progressive mind controlling liberals all look the same to me. They act like they are being provocative with their giant didos in hand but when I look at them the last thing they look like they want is some d(@&. I’m sure their moms and dads are proud. In the market place of ideas, when you don’t have one, screaming silly chants is all that’s left.

  8. I often tell they them I hope the day comes when they need to protect themselves from violence and can’t. Life often teaches hard lessons.

  9. I corrected a diehard liberal on the talking point lies he was spouting about surpressors after Las Vegas, and he started sputtering and threw a bit of a temper tantrum.

  10. It’s telling that the group has no arguements prepared. You’d expect just that question. Instead, they have a chant and no requirement to argue their position. Those going by nod, agree, and feel they have done their part to make the world better. Thinking isn’t required.

  11. That is what democracy looks like. Democracy is majority rules. Majority rules is often mob rules.Democracy outlawed same sex marriage in California through a state constitutional amendment.
    Luckily, we live in a Republic (sometimes Unluckily live in a Republic).
    Also, I carry a Smith & Wesson, so I’m OK because it isn’t a Glock.

    • Same sex “marriage” ain’t marriage.

      Just like some transgender “girl” with a c@ck ain’t a girl.

      • The problem with your statement is that you switched words between the start and finish of your sentence. “Marriage”, when talking about the state, has nothing to do with “marriage” when talking about the Bible. They have the same letters and we pronounce them the same, but they are two different words.

        To put the definitions into your statement:

        Same sex state-sanctioned union with defined legal benefits ain’t “the two shall become one flesh”.

        The state is Caesar, and we are to acknowledge Caesar in his realm. Just remember that when the state says “marriage” it isn’t actually the same word as if your pastor says it.

  12. I have not had a voice-to-voice conversation with a die-hard gun grabber. I have debated die-hard gun grabbers on a blog.

    Die-hard gun grabbers have no interest in facts, reality, nor reason. They only care about altruism, fantasy, and emotion. Thus they will vomit whatever words they think are necessary to connect with other people’s interest in altruism, fantasy, and emotion.

    Sometimes this means thoughtless chanting (as in the video referenced in this article). Other times it means constantly moving the goalposts. Still other times it means emotional pleas. And still other times it means …

    • I have a friend who drank the cool-aid. He thinks everything is a reasonable common sense restriction. I’ve devolved to the point that it’s ok with me if he thinks it’s ok to apply the same rule to voting. I don’t actually agree with that, but it get’s my point across well enough.

      I also say that since everything bad that happened in the Obama administration was Bush’s fault, anything bad that happens now must be Obama’s fault.

  13. A slogan in the therapy literature, “It’s about having the right conversation at the right time.”

    At least as important as your position is how you say it, when, and the relationship you say it in. “Confronting” “protesters” having a screech fest doesn’t have much to do with the words you choose. Indeed, finding myself accidentally at this years’ local Labor Day parade, I was intrigued by the ways the marching cohorts cultivated sustained emotional responses – getting people all wee-wee’d up, one might say.

    Somebody said that getting peole wee-wee’d up makes it hard to talk policy; it’s the technique of demagogues and shysters. Now, who was that?

    Contrarywise, listening to a very frustrated, um, adherent of President Obama’s third term, stewarded under the inevitable, earned, deserved ascendancy of Herself, I had an answer to “What do we do?” She was a tad frustrated that those people were not listening, again still.

    “Be admirable.” I said, and to her shocked look, I elaborated: “They won’t hear you unless they respect and trust you. Your argument won’t get in, so it can’t convince. So they have to admire you enough to listen. The shortest, surest trip to that is to be admirable.”

    “But, but, that’s hard, and long, and does not involve exciting myself by screeching. Also, humility vs. smug self-righteousness.” I might be paraphrasing a bit.

    Well, it’s worse than that. The people who disagree with you, taking just one example from the national press, only remember that a small family business was forced to bake a cake they didn’t want to, at the risk of otherwise having their lives ruined, by big, beefy guys with guns, working for, as far as they can tell the likes of you.

    They don’t remember the issue. They remember that when you held the reigns, you were happy to sick big guys with guns on people to get you way. Being heard has way less to do with you position, and way more with how you work to advance it. If you get there with guns, procedural shenanigans, or screeching, they’ll only remember how you got there.

    You can really only be admirable one on one, one encounter at a time. On a person note, sadly, I think you would do well to find your own way to live with this, because the people you want to convince have been taught not to trust you, for over a decade — arguably way longer, but that’s a cut-off when it became more blatant, more publicized, and more vitriolic.

    Our anti-gun colleagues don’t seem very interested in having the right conversation at the right time. They don’t seem very interested in positioning themselves, to be heard, in being admirable, so people will follow them.

    It’s almost like the screeching, blaming & shaming to get people all wee-wee’d up is the point. Naaaaah.

  14. S bunch of wemon shouting cocks not Glocks. Either they want a gun with a hammer, or they want hammerrd until they get their ‘ gun’ . I didn’t see any I’d service and I’m pretty horny

  15. The truth hurts. The Lefts answer to almost every truthful statement.
    Shout the truth teller down with outer nonsense.

  16. “This is what democracy looks like”, screeching, dildo brandishing morons? Why is OK for these mindless harpies to sexually harass anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics?

    • Excellent point! Someone waves a sex toy in your face, time to scream harassment. I mean imagine if Harvey Weinstein had done that.

  17. “This is what Democracy looks like!”

    This is not a Democracy. It’s a Republic.

    That means that the rights of the minority are not subject to the changing whims of the majority.

  18. Her friend was prevented from having her Glock, so she got the cock. That’s what the protesters are in favor of, right?

  19. I find when conversations devolve that it’s best to invite them to a gun range. I say “I can tell you the number of decibels a suppressor reduces, but it wouldn’t be the same as hearing it in person for yourself. I can explain that a 5.56 is weak for a rifle cartridge and indeed weaker than some pistol rounds, but it wouldn’t be the same as having you fire it and feel the recoil yourself. I can tell you that a scary ‘assault rifle’ is no more than a regular rifle with different ergonomics, but until you handle both side by side, you won’t really know. The things I say can be easily proven. If you have truth on your side, then safely shooting a gun at a range will only reinforce your convictions. I’m not worried, I know what you’ll see.”

  20. How the hell would I know? If someone absolutely believes the Moon is made of green cheese, and no amount of evidence presented will change that belief, I refuse to converse with someone who is so uninformed about their own belief that they are incapable of having a conversation.

  21. Tell the truth to anti-gun leftists and they soil their frilly pink underwear.

    And those are just the guys.

  22. When I learned about government in junior high school, I’m pretty sure that there was no mention of rubber penises. And my town’s school system was top drawer.

  23. I ran into this problem with an old friend from high school. Generally they will continue to offer up cherry picked facts, beg you to read whatever study MSNBC/CNN/Bloomberg tells them to, and absolutely refuse to read ANYTHING you suggest. It is especially frustrating when you’ve known this person since like 3rd grade and seen the asswhippins he took over the years for just being gay and in the area. You would think that would’ve taught him the value of armed self defense but alas he refuses to see the light. With those types there is no chance of constructive conversation or conversion, I’ve also seen similar sentiments in military members; again anecdotally it seems to mostly be Air Force (regular AF not their special ops and security guys), Navy (non special ops), non combat arms Army and Marines (i.e. Supply, personnel, and basically any other MOS that nearly never actually has to use their rifle or sidearm in defense of their life during combat).

  24. When I really pressed to get to the reasons for their beliefs, they responded, “I’m not qualified to explain my beliefs.” Only honest thing they said. Usually I just try to speak slowly and use small words. Anti-gunners typically are incredibly naive and easily overwhelmed.

  25. Meh…I generally don’t bother engaging fools. It’s akin to religion. Present the truth and WHY you believe. Most anti’s of both sorts usually can’t back up the “why”…

    • When it comes to a lot of the people you might happen to engage the issue is the same on both topics you touch on here and both sides of these topics: the person in question was raised that way and don’t much question it.

      Rare is the person who asks “Why?” and then actually sits there and seriously considers the question. Rarer still is the person who will admit to ignorance when they really don’t know the answer.

      And yes, I am saying that the pro-gun side of the aisle has a fair number of people who, while I agree with their position, are incapable of articulating a reasoned and rational response for the position that they hold. Instead, like parts of the Left, they prefer to boil things down to slogans or simple statements that state a position but fail to explain it.

      • “[T]hey prefer to boil things down to slogans or simple statements that state a position but fail to explain it.” That is, they fall back on “common sense” solutions or arguments. “Criminals don’t obey the law anyway.” This argument ignores economic realities of supply and demand and also basic decision making. [Any gun control policy that sounds like it might make a difference]. Ignores facts showing that every gun control measure ever passed into law has only increased crime or done nothing but restrict liberty.

  26. That’s not ‘the truth about guns’. That is an opinion, and a deeply flawed one at that. That woman cannot guarantee that having a handgun would have prevented her friend from being raped. What if he came at her from behind?

    • There is never a guarantee that a firearm will 100% save you from every threat. However, when given a choice between facing an unknown threat with a firearm or a hand with some skin on it, I think my girls are going to choose the firearm.

      Often concealed carry is enough to reduce the number of sexual predators on campus. The wolves don’t like hunting in areas where the sheep might be packing!

  27. I didn’t see any cocks of color or viginas…

    That is offense to people of color and the LGBTQPL?&ZP219er crowd…

  28. Never argue with someone who already has his mind made up. All you will succeed in doing is wasting your time and pissing him off.

  29. Facts & the truth don’t matter to Democrats/Libs/Leftists. In their feeble minds, feelings overrule facts. Facts don’t lie but feelings do.

  30. Common responses:

    “That’s not reality.”
    “That’s a gun manufacuter’s talking point.”
    “It was different back then.”

  31. Well, they ain’t wrong with their chant. She just schooled you with a logical argument to which you had no response, and you went down in flames within the marketplace of ideas. “This is what democracy looks like!”

  32. Strange. In the context of rape and using a gun to defend oneself from rape, the protesters shout, after that democracy schtick, that they would rather have cocks, not glocks. Sure.


  33. Leftie college girls are cancer. They basically demand the world accommodate the standard created by their coddled upbringing. That, or they’re still mad daddy didn’t get them a pony when they were eight.

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