The Most Racist Anti-Gun Rights Editorial Ever

Chained gun (courtesy

“Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another,” opines, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.” So what, then, are we to make of this?

You know we have to do all the hard shit. We picked all the cotton. We created every iota of American music, dance and culture. We made this country an economic superpower. We fight disproportionately in every war. A black man gave this country universal health care. We invented the modern air conditioner. If it wasn’t for black people, this country would still consist of poor, backward hillbillies ballroom-dancing to Appalachian bluegrass tunes and sweating their asses off while coughing up phlegm.

You’re welcome, white people.

Since we have to do everything around here, I guess I’ll get up tomorrow and solve this whole gun issue.

Given the definition at the top of this article, disallowing any disavowal under the guise of humor, I call that racist.

Michael Harriot (courtesy

Whether you consider the vilification of white people as beyond the pale (so to speak), Michael Harriot‘s editorial at theroot.com5 Ways Black People Can Force Commonsense Gun Control — gets worse, both as a racist rant and an attempt to piss on the protections guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Here’s a random sampling:

I know it seems antithetical, but if black people started purchasing semi-automatic weapons legally and in large numbers, congressional Republicans would pass a gun-owner safety bill faster than white people’s fucking tempo . . .

We need to figure out a way to make the GOP believe that buying guns is a form of protest, because whether it’s black fists at the Olympics, sitting in an empty bus seat, walking across a bridge, sitting down at a lunch counter, marching, kneeling or even saying the words “Black lives matter,” white America has never approved of any form of black protest . . .

If black people made mandatory waiting periods or universal background checks cool, white people would appropriate it like they did jazz, rock ’n’ roll, hip-hop, our dances, our style, our vernacular and everything except our poultry-seasoning techniques . . .

The only thing white people love more than their guns is their pets. They could give a fraction of a fuck about actual human lives, but they will jump in front of a speeding train for a puppy. You literally have to fill out more paperwork to buy a Yorkshire terrier from a pet store than you do to purchase an AK-47 from a gun show . . .

Perhaps we could pay Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly to join our cause. Those bastards would do anything for money. They could tell their followers there is a little-known clause in Obamacare that allows people to trade abortions for banana clips. Maybe we could fool those idiots into putting their guns down by playing on their racism and fear of black dicks. We could just mention that there was a recent study that shows gunpowder makes white women prefer black penis, or tell them that every time someone uses the gun-show loophole, a black penis grows an inch . . .

I’m not surprised but I am shocked and appalled by this outpouring of hate on white Americans. More than that, I’m saddened.

Give our country’s racist history, African Americans should embrace both their right to keep and bear arms and seek fellowship with other Americans sheltering under the pro-liberty banner People of the Gun.

But what do I know? I’m a white African American who supports equal rights — all rights — for all our country’s citizens, regardless of their race, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation. Apparently that’s not enough for some people.


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    I happen to like bluegrass music.

    So fuck you.

    1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      The banjo is an African instrument;-)

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        And just to show you how un-racist I am, I still like bluegrass music.

      2. avatar Velvet Elvis Gun Guy (formerly Timmy!) says:

        The difference between a banjo and an onion is no one cries when a banjo is cut up.

        I kid! I kid! Well, sort of.

      3. avatar Max Blancke says:

        The banjo was Chinese before it was African. Bluegrass, is an American form, and was born from the unique mix of cultures in the American south.

        1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          Scotch-Irish mostly.

        2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          welcome to heaven, here’s your harp.
          welcome to hell, here’s your accordion.

          gary larsen

    2. avatar nativeson says:

      Given the absurdity of Harriot’s claims, it’s hard to tell whether he was high on wack or crack when he wrote this piece. In either event, he showed himself to be a fool and full-blown black supremacist. Now, he can retreat back into his hole.

      1. avatar Tony says:

        As a 40+-year-old black man who was born and raised in the deep south, I can tell you that Michael Harriot‘s racist and black supremacist views are neither unusual nor uncommon. In many black communities, you are indoctrinated with the notions he spouts from birth, and throughout your life, these absurd notions are repeated and constantly reinforced.

        Many people hear these ridiculous notions all their lives, and if they never get out of the black community, they have no opportunity to see and experience and the world and the American society as it really is; there are many in the black community who are taught, live, and behave as though this is still the America of the 1960’s and we are still locked in the Civil Rights struggle; they don’t know any better because they live their entire lives in that insular society, and their only exposure to the rest of the America society is through Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and the left wing media. These people then indoctrinate their children with the same lies and the cycle repeats itself.

        1. avatar Gee Whiz says:

          As a white man, married to a black woman, I’ve heard the same thing from my wife. She is the only one from her family that moved out of the area she is from and learned a whole new life outside of her indoctrination. Today, she is nothing like her family in many respects – she doesn’t talk, act or dress like them. When they found out she was with a white man, many of her family members cut her off. Today, we live in an upper class neighborhood, drive nice cars, have great jobs and our kids go to some highly rated schools. I’m not saying this to belittle anyone in any community. I’m saying this because education saved my wife. If it wasn’t for her leaving and exploring the world around her, she would be in the same situation most of her family finds themselves in.

        2. avatar Tony says:

          Gee Whiz,

          I find myself in much the same situation; though my family has not, nor will they ever cut ties with me. My uncle and I are the only two in my family who believe as we do; we are just as close with the family as we ever were, but they think we are both dead wrong.
          I sound, talk, dress, behave and carry myself nothing like the majority of the people I grew up with and went to high school and college with; I refuse to live up to the stereotypes.
          Because of my beliefs and politics, many of the people I grew up with won’t have anything to do with me anymore, and I find that I am just fine with that.

    3. avatar henry bowman says:

      In 1902, Dr. Willis Carrier, a white man, built the first air conditioner to combat humidity inside a printing company. In 1906 Carrier took out the first patent for a modern air conditioner that both cooled and dehumidified.

      The classic “We was inventor” meme showing off how dumb people are who use it.

      More over this guy does not understand the immensity of the fuck I do not give.

      Do not like white people/gun rights, etc? Move back to Central Africa, you have Neither so it must be a peaceful utopia.

      1. avatar MeRp says:

        I went and looked around to try to figure who he was referring to or what invention he was taking credit for… and I couldn’t find anything. It seems that the invention and popularization of air conditioners is pretty much totally racist; all white men all the way down. I literally could not find a single link in the chain that was filled by a black guy, much less anything where one could credit the invention of the modern air conditioner to a black dude. Maybe he should have picked a different example.

        A black guy did invent automatic elevator doors; one could wax dramatic about that claiming that all us white people would be constantly falling down elevator shafts if it weren’t for black folk saving us.

  2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    5 Ways Black People Can Force Commonsense Gun Control

    #1 – Stop killing each other.

      1. avatar joetast says:

        “PUT DOWN THE GUN” , that’s after I shoot the theif? ….right.

  3. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    i’m only going to share this once: “szeged” chicken rub is the best poultry seasoning.

  4. avatar Cliff H says:

    Might as well close these comments. The Gov just about summed it up.

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      Yea right, bluegrass music is awesome.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        I took up the banjo in high school after hearing Lester Flat and Earl Scruggs.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          Oh, yeah. 🙂

          This another of Lester and Earl and a *bunch* of their friends on David Letterman in the 80’s, including heavy-hitters like Jerry Douglas : (Some are surprised to see Steve Martin can pick ’em, as well…)

          (See how many you can name)

        2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:


          I found these guys a couple years ago. Sort of ‘outlaw bluegrass’.

        3. avatar What About Bob says:

          That, was amazing.

  5. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘…and everything except our poultry-seasoning techniques . . .’

    Isn’t bringing up fried chicken perpetuating the stereotype? I’m surprised he didn’t bring up watermelon.

  6. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘…if black people started purchasing semi-automatic weapons legally and in large numbers…’

    They’d be applauded by us redneck banjo fans and welcomed at the range.

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      This. Absolutely. Then they would fight tooth and nail with us to keep those AK’s. Please, PLEASE buy all of them as a form of protest.

      For the record, didn’t he say that they created ALL music? So if it wasn’t for them, they wouldn’t have any music, right? I’ll keep 80’s-90’s hip hop. You can take the rest back.

      1. avatar Scoutino says:

        Not just all music. All dance too. And ALL CULTURE! Heck, how hopelessly
        uncultured we would be without gangster rap.
        I’m definitely in support of them buying their guns legally. It would be refreshing change to have them bought for once.

    2. avatar Dion says:

      If they purchase guns legally at stores. That would mean that have to get jobs to pay for them. And that ain’t happening. But on the other hand if you could buy guns with food stamps from white people’s tax money then there be another issue

  7. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    henry blair, 1807- 1860, 2nd dark inventor to receive a patent. invented the cotton seed planter…
    you plant it, you pick it.

  8. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘You literally have to fill out more paperwork to buy a Yorkshire terrier from a pet store than you do to purchase an AK-47 from a gun show . . .’

    Yes, but do you have to tell the gubmint what your race is?

    1. avatar AzTommycat says:

      Funny too, because you don’t have to fill out any paperwork when buying a pit bull from a private seller. I know… I bought one. Rescued 2.

      But he uses the gun show thing, which is the same thing, buying something from a private seller.

      1. avatar Scoutino says:

        Or from licensed dealer, and then the rules are exactly the same as if bought at dealer’s place of business. No loopholes to be seen.

  9. avatar rh says:

    RF’s family is from Africa?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      My mother was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa (now RSA). She was fourth generation African.

  10. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘Perhaps we could pay Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly to join our cause.’

    He obviously has never listened to them or he’d know that O’Reilly is already pretty much for his cause. And Limbaugh is way to rich to care about Uncle Mikey’s money.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      It’s the only part of his statement he got right.

      Rush and Bill are a pair of whores for sale.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        That would be ‘ew.’

  11. avatar joetast says:

    Obama was not a black man, his momma was white. , I believe the government perpetuates racism… Divide and conquer…..

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      ‘…his momma was white…’

      Not only white, she was a TYPICAL white woman.

      1. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

        Was his grandmother dutch?

        1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          No, that was Sheriff Bart.

        2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

          My Mother-In-Law’s sister use to talk about having a black Dutch ancestor…..she didn’t understand that they were called black Dutch because of Spanish ancestry, same as black Irish.

      2. avatar neiowa says:

        And daddy can not be verified without DNA testing.

        1. avatar TrueBornSonofLiberty says:

          Nothing typical, at all, about her. Even if compared to today’s permissive, filthy debauchery. She was cutting edge. Gross

    2. avatar joetast says:

      Actually though. Without race or politics getting in the way, the guy told some pretty darned good jokes. Gunpowder, white wemon, lol its funny.

  12. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    otis boykin, 1920- 1982, invented the artificial heart pacemaker control unit and the condo quality rib tip.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      …Uhm, did the “condo quality rib tip” come from the heart implant patient?

      I’m just curious, now… 😉

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        ever gotten mississippi magnolia hot link chunks stuck in your aorta?

  13. avatar tdiinva says:

    This editorial is even more racist than you suppose because his claims about the contribution of black America are demonstrably false. In facr the institution of slavery retarded the development of the South and its lagacy cripple the region until the second half of the 20th Century.

    Most black Americans lived in the rural South until WWI so it was European immigrants who built up America as an industrial power. I would even say the Chinese contributesd more in the post civil war period.

    Contrary to Harriot’s impression of what constitutes American Culture, there is a lot more to it than jazz, Motown and rap. Black America has contributed one stream among many.

    It is fair to say that if the institution of slavery never existed and there was no imporration of people from Africa America would be pretty much the same place as it is now minus the racial animus.

    1. avatar Siorus says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure what kind of alternate history he’s getting this garbage from. I wasn’t aware Willis Carrier was black, either.

      1. avatar tdiinva (now in Wisconsin} says:

        He must have been educated in during the 1980s when “Afrocentrism’ was the word of the day. Under Afrocentric teaching everything originated in Africa. Most of it was easily debunked but some claims have only been debunked recently. Egyptians were said to be black Africans except now we know from recent genetic analysis that they were no different than the other near Eastern Groups like the Assyrians, Babylonians, Phoneticians and Canaanites. They were Caucasian.

        1. avatar Siorus says:

          That’s as good a hypothesis as any, I suppose. All I can say is that I was educated in California, in the 1990s, and I was never taught anything as patently incorrect as the garbage this clown believes.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      Likely his only exposure to american culture is the urban centers in/around black enclaves, so…I could see why he thinks that

    3. avatar Scoutino says:

      Better. I used to work on South Side of Chicago. I have seen lots of dead weight to drag along.

  14. avatar PILOT says:

    I’m black/white. My mom is Polish. Dad is African American. I fucking hate racism on both sides. Fuck any ignorant fuck out there who spouts this dumb shit, black/white/Asian/etc. This guy is a fucking retard and I would never walk with him down whatever road he is walking because it’s ignorant shit that will never heal any wounds or close any divide this country has. Fuck him.

    1. avatar American Mutt says:

      This guy right here. Exactly what he said. Verbatim.

    2. avatar Ironhead says:

      Well said and i couldnt agree more.

    3. avatar Remmi300blk says:

      Agreed. I don’t understand why black America at large thinks insulting and pissing off white people will stop the problems they highlight, namely racism. I’m sure if Harriot read your post he would either think you’re white, or be muttering “this fucking coon over here undoing what my Brothers have been working our asses off for.” Then again how much would he care if you’re white since Shaun King is white lol.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        His friends call him Talcum X

        1. avatar Frank says:

          HAHAHAHA! Thank You, that made my sides hurt from laughing.

    4. avatar Mark N. says:

      We live in an age where racism against white people is “in.” All the campuses creating safe places for “people of color” that exclude whites, the screams of “racism” when white students try to create their own “safe space,” the BLM campaign, the whole “white privilege”/white guilt thing, and on and on. How many professors now have said that white men should do the world a favor and kill themselves? (Funny how it is ok to be a white woman….)

      1. avatar Darthzaketh says:

        White Woman are already next on the list. Then White LGBT.

  15. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    paul du chaillu, (mulatto) 1891- 1903, discovered the existence of gorillas. made note of the species rudimentary weenies.

  16. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    sarah e. goode, 1855- 1905, first dark woman to receive u.s. patent. invented the cabinet (murphy) bed. many irish will rest soundly knowing this.

  17. avatar Kevin says:

    It stings because a lot of it is true.

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      Which part? Maybe the bit about mixed race man pushing a penalty (tax) on us for not buying something we don’t want? I still don’t have this “universal health care” he supposedly gave us and pay the penalty every year. Now that stings! I could do without gifts like that.

  18. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    george f. grant, 1846- 1910. invented the wooden golf tee. not allowed into country club.

  19. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    lonnie johnson, 1949- present. invented the super soaker while drawing no inspiration from browning.

  20. avatar strych9 says:

    As tdiinva points out, this guy is full of it.

    Willis Carrier invented the modern A/C system and he was so white that he could hide against a background of unlined paper.

  21. avatar Nanashi says:

    “We created every iota of American music”
    “Elvis Aaron Presley[a] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor.”

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      To be fair, Elvis created his style from a large variety of musical sources, including blues, gospel, country, Dean Martin (his hero) and a rabbi who lived in the same apartment building. He was a fantastic musical mimic who stole shamelessly from anyone and everyone (Vegas Elvis was based on Tom Jones).

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        On the same note, the big band jazz names largely played music written for them by lesser known black artists. So yeah, the branches of popular music that have been infamous as the most ‘crude and degenerate’ of their time have consistently drawn from black influence. And that’s true from hep cats to Elvis to the British Invasion to rap and now the soulless crap hip hop is passed off as for the masses. Hard lives make for good music, and blacks have had it bad for a long time for many reasons. Music isn’t the sum of our culture (that whole ‘freedom & democracy’ thing) but I could see why an ignorant fool would think so. I’m surprised this bigot wasn’t claiming whites are dangerously reflective while he was at it.

        1. avatar Mark N. says:

          Bluegrass, on the other hand, has its roots in Scots and Irish music. Lots of hard living in the Appalachian hills, lots of gut wrenching music when it comes to sad. The Irish have always had a flair for the tragic..

  22. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    walter sammons, 1890- 1973. invented the hot comb. hot pick patent still pending.

  23. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    lewis temple, 1800- 1854. invented the toggling whale harpoon head. never appeared on oprah.

  24. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    charles henry turner, 1867- 1823. proved that cockroaches can learn by trial and error. soon began taking out the garbage.

    1. avatar Marc says:

      ………Benjamin Button?

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        i didn’t have the lights on. i’ve got the mulatto kid as a 12yr old world explorer above.

  25. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    alice augusta ball, 1892- 1916. extracted chaulmoogra oil for the treatment of hansen’s disease. published first armadillo recipe cookbook.

  26. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    Unless you are a reader of Black conservative media or a viewer of “black You Tube” you may have missed a column stating heterosexual black men are the “new white men” in the black community. This was written about three weeks ago in the Root.

    There is a battle going on in the black community over “family values”, this battle includes the second amendment, and even the National Anthem.

    As a black gun owner I say any black person who supports gun control is a race traitor. The “black guns matter” group scares the hell out of liberal blacks. These slaves to white socialist progressive democrats don’t want law abiding black people with guns.

    Liberal black groups receive thousands of dollars from wealthy white progressive socialists because they support what white north eastern liberals want, No Guns for Negroes.

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      Tommy Sotomayor, has over 340K subscribers
      Published on Nov 27, 2014
      Tommy Sotomayor Discussing The Second Amendment, Ferguson & Thanksgiving! 12:00 minutes long, AR-15s included

    2. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      Oshay Duke Jackson
      Published on Oct 2, 2017
      NFL National Anthem Protest Vs. 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott, 16 minutes long (warning vulgarity)

      The place to find black or any conservative is on the internet. Not the MSM.

  27. avatar TRUBRIT says:

    Fact check. Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner. He was white. 1902. McKinley Jones took out a patent for a truck mounted air conditioning unit in 1948.
    First legal slave owner was Anthony Johnson, black. North Carolinas largest slave owner in 1860 was William Ellison, black. The list goes on.
    I immigrated here from England. I am American, not English American, but American. Yes I have English ancestors but I am an American now, period. Time to ditch the English American, African American, Chinese American, BS. It causes more division and more issues. Celebrate your ancestors by all means, but you live in America, are an American Citizen, then move on and get with the program.
    To all the Racists, if you hate the people and country so much, please leave. Learn from History, both good and bad, and look to the future. Slavery was abolished over a hundred years ago, get over it and move on and stop using it as an excuse.

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      My father’s side came here from Sweden (some in Norway) in 1804. I was born here, my dad, his dad, and his dad, all born here. Regardless of when you came, and where you came from, you’re an American. All blood is red. (Semantics aside, I know it’s blue/purple before oxygenation)

      There can be no middle in the ground of Freedom. You are either all in, or all out.

      1. avatar David says:

        It’s actually not. You can see this for yourself when you get blood drawn.

        1. avatar Scoutino says:

          Unoxygenated blood is blue. …on bloodstream diagrams.

    2. avatar Lew says:

      What you had said…ditto…

  28. avatar Grant Woordson says:

    I thought it was funny.

  29. avatar CalGunsMD says: is a black supremacist website

    1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

      you got THAT right…

    2. avatar Kevin says:

      It also has elements of truth that you should pay attention to. Fact: white people underseason chicken.

      1. avatar Weskyvet says:

        Sorry our bad…. In our defense though Colonel Sanders got it right.

        1. avatar Mark N. says:

          Well, at least it was good once. The only KFC in my town went BK, and now we have two Popeyes (of which I had my fill when I lived in New Orleans, though they do do a decent dirty rice).

        2. avatar Kevin says:

          KFC, aren’t you sweet.

  30. avatar Siorus says:

    I read The Root and some of the other former-Gawker blogs a few times a week; I’m not quite sure if I do it for the “oh my god, people actually believe this, don’t they?” factor, or if it’s some kind of subconscious attempt at self-sabotage by way of depression brought on by being reminded that I have to share a planet with people that are provably incapable of rational thought, badly misinformed, and have a worldview built on and reinforced by absolute nonsense.

    Either way, the conclusion I’ve arrived at from reading Jezebel, The Root, Huffpo, etc. is that a civil war is probably inevitable. I don’t expect it in 5 or 10 or even 20 years; probably not within my lifetime. Hopefully not, at least. But there is a nontrival percentage of humanity that, for whatever reason, can’t even accept objective, provable fact as reality (e.g. the author’s claim that Frederick Jones invented A/C; it was Willis Carrier. This is not a debate item; Willis’ work predated Frederick’s by decades), and many of those people further seek to implement policy and legislation based on some distorted, alternate-fact worldview that exists only in their head.

    It’s not even an issue of two sides disagreeing on how to address a given issue, it’s an issue of one side is using a completely different set of facts (“facts”) to arrive at their conclusions than the other, and that side then seeking to ram their distorted worldview down everybody else’s throat. This situation is not sustainable.

    1. avatar Echo5Bravo says:

      I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace. Thomas Paine

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      Well, we’ll see how their preference for delusion over fact serves them on the battlefield (granted, it did work for the Bolsheviks who were always insane)

      1. avatar Heartland Patriot says:

        The Bolsheviks were not insane…they were power-mad assholes.

    3. avatar Mad Max says:

      Unfortunately, I think civil war is coming sooner than later. Trump only delayed the inevitable by 3 to 9 years.

      Keep your powder dry…..

      1. avatar TrueBornSonofLiberty says:

        THis is a fact. I’ve been saying for 10 years that the only way to remedy our national problems is a civil/Restorative War. Hillary losing only temporarily postpones the inevitable. When it happens- it won’t be fought because or on racial lines. The country’s division is strictly ideological. The Liberal Terrorists™, and their anti-American agenda need to utterly exterminated. Literally. “If there must be trouble, letnit be in my day, so my child may know peace”. And…”it’s no longer enough to be willing to fight and die to preserve these rights, one must be willing to kill for them, too”. Let’s get to killin’

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          “The Liberal Terrorists™, and their anti-American agenda need to utterly exterminated. Literally.”

          No, a peaceable separation is *far* preferred.

          Then, and *only* then, if they don’t leave on their own voluntarily…

  31. avatar Jason says:

    Guys –
    From this black guy here in Kentucky, please understand that ignorance is sometimes just that. Take that rant and have a good laugh as I did. He doesn’t have a clue!
    P.S. Back to BET before I head out for an evening youth hunt. 😉

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      What load do you use for youth?

      1. avatar anaxis says:



  32. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    So Mr Harriot points out racism as a problem in America today. Mr Harriot then goes on to suggest a solution of focusing harder on race.

    Maybe he is so incredibly brilliant the rest of us just can’t see it.

    Nope…. even I couldn’t keep a straight face while typing that last line.

  33. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    There are plenty of black racists out there as well…it is NOT just about power…if you hate because of color…YOU are a RACIST!!!

  34. avatar Mikele Deziell says:

    As a very very white looking man who raised 2 very very African American boys I find this article discusting in it’s blatant racist remarks. Don’t care what color a person is, you are either a good human or a piece of trash. This author who unfortunately is African American is a piece of trash. I say unfortunate because he is attempting to speak on behalf of African Americans in general. Very unfortunate.

  35. avatar AzTommycat says:

    I for one hope that black folk start taking his advice on buying more firearms legally. Get their CCW permits. Start carrying legally. Hell, I hope more black folk follow Colion Noir and PJ media, and work towards knowing firearms properly. If they do, chances are the left will lose supporters of gun control. Most gun control proposals only work if people are effing clueless about guns and the process to buy them

  36. avatar John says:

    Showing my ignorance here, but many of the non-stringed instruments in jazz/blues were European/Middle eastern, right? All cultures blend, opportunities in America were the catalyst of many of the above mentioned inventions.

  37. avatar MDH says:

    Articles like the above referenced anti-white, anti-southern, racist rant NEED to be called out and explored for what they are.

    You’re a black man, white man, some other category? I really don’t care one way or the other. Opinions are like ass-holes, and everyone’s got one.

    Here’s mine.

    Mr. Harriot, someone who wakes up every morning with a chip on their shoulder, looking for evidence of racism under every rock, and in every possible nook and cranny is a racist to their core. That’s you, Mr. Harriot.

    I don’t even really mind that. It’s a free country – and if that’s how you roll, no matter how much I disagree with you, your pathological racism isn’t against the law.

    Here’s what I have a problem with – Along with being delusional, you actually think the color of your skin, and your pathological racism and bigotry give you the moral high ground to infringe upon, and attack the God given and constitutional rights of every American.

    Why you might as well don a hood and robes, because regardless of the color of your skin, those are the values you live and breath, and share with every other racist piece of garbage with an axe to grind.

  38. avatar Southern and Proud says:

    Don’t try to tell my father, his 7 siblings, and a bunch of their white neighbors, that black people picked “all the cotton”.

  39. avatar Weskyvet says:

    hold up… fight disproportionately in wars?? There are fewer blacks in the military than whites now it may have been true at some point but it no longer holds true I don’t think it ever was except for maybe MAYBE Vietnam. Oh btw guy you’re still a racist p.o.s. and I sincerely hope you are gang “loved” by a group consisting of rabid Armadillos and very amorous elephants.

  40. avatar TrueBornSonofLiberty says:

    Black people are the most racist folks in America, IMO. Barack Hussein Al Bin Obama is responsible for the present racial divide in the country. We haven’t been this divided since the civil war. White Liberal Terrorists™ created and financed Black Lives Matter not for racial justice, but rather to get out the vote in this past election. Too bad the filthy democrats ran a psychopath, who rightfully belongs on death row awaiting a lethal injection, and not the White House (hmmm- sounds racist).

    1. avatar Weskyvet says:

      not all of them are racists, but it does seem a disproportionate number tend to hold on to some racial hatred towards whites unless I’ve gotten that damn good at filtering out the rampant white on black racism this guy sees on the daily. Still, far as I’m concerned Tom T. Hall said it best “The secret to life is faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money.”

  41. avatar Ralph says:

    If black people started buying guns by the bushel basket, the anti-gun industry would suffer a serious head wound.

    But if women of every color start buying guns by the bushel basket, the anti-gun industry would be dead and gone.

  42. avatar former water walker says:

    Seriously I deal with this BS all the time. Stop using the term “african American” for starters. Algerian? Egyptian? Libyan? RF? BTW this is FAR from the worst I’ve seen and heard. I don’t give a rat’s azz what white folks invented and my gorgeous brown wife doesn’t give a damn what black folks invented…”YOU didn’t BUILD THAT!”

  43. avatar tiger says:

    Oh boy……… response? Bad attempt at humor, but I’ve read worse on this page.

  44. avatar Joe R. says:

    Stereotypes (of which racism is) come about from generalization and ignorance (of more complete information).

    They persist, because too many people live up to them.

    EQUAL is equal, everything else isn’t. Equal does not have any need to ask for equality. Nor can equality be given or granted. When equality is asked for, it is immediately assumed, by the party asked to provide equality, that some discernment should be made, and, if not wholly equal, those items that are not equated with make the asking party unequal.

    Stop asking for equality. Hold yourselves up as the equal that you are, and others will equate themselves to you. Don’t you date raise your children with any notion that they need to demand equality, because it begs a question that others don’t need to undertake of themselves. [loosely paraphrased: J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012]

    If enough Africans didn’t sell enough Africans to white (and other) ‘slave traders’ whatever smaller population of black there would exist over there would be killing each other in all places stupid and crazy overthere raight naw. SLAVERY exists in Africa today, and you’re doing it to each other.

    If you’ve had a good run of it here, learn to STFU about it lime the rest of us who have contributed. If your jam was that good you woulda had a businessman jar it for you, and people would be kicking your door down to get it. And that is simply just not so. Too many people maybe equate you with rappers who brag about their ho’s, or wear their pants low in solidarity with their 16 children deadbeat dad “prison homies”? Don’t know. See first comment above, and (if it’s worth it to you) try to be something I’d equate myself with, before you ask me to. I don’t equate myself with whiners though.

  45. avatar Knuckleruckamus says:

    Michael Harriot is an idiot, I know plenty of other pro gun blacks. Don’t give that jackass the attention he craves.
    Don’t judge black people based on the actions of individuals because I don’t judge all white people based on the actions of Klansmen and neo Nazis

  46. avatar Roy says:

    I bet if you looked back in the archives of (especially) southern papers back in the Jim Crow days, you could find more racist arguments for gun control than this. Just saying.

  47. avatar Joe R. says:

    Posts disappearing.

  48. avatar No one of consequence says:

    “We created every iota of American music, dance and culture.”

    Well, cool. Now I know who to blame for the polka.

    (In all seriousness, I have no idea where to really go with this if I wanted to argue with the guy. Where do you start? How can you start with that much obvious hatred inbound?)

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      ‘Now I know who to blame for the polka.’

      Actually, that one was the Mexicans.

    2. avatar MDH says:

      “In all seriousness, I have no idea where to really go with this if I wanted to argue with the guy. Where do you start? How can you start with that much obvious hatred inbound?”

      Don’t knock ballroom dancing until you’ve tried it?

    3. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      the hokey pokey is what it’s all about.

  49. avatar Evan says:

    Everybody should read “a Renegade history of the United States” by thaddeus Russell. All “out groups” historically in the US have contributed to pop culture( Jews, Italians, Irish and blacks), because it’s on the fringes where you can experiment the most without ruffling any feathers.

  50. avatar Kenneth G Maiden says:

    OMG. This asshat is off his meds.

  51. avatar Senior Gun Owner 1950 says:

    Well, at least this black racist recognizes that BLACK GUNS MATTER. The rest is just so much black racist bulls**t.

  52. avatar neiowa says:

    If you want to be ANY _______ – American get your ass over to _______________.

    Perhaps old Mike might write us a bit about the progress of blacks in the US and “race relations” in the US during the period of 2008-2016. Contrasting today with 10yrs ago.

  53. avatar CLarson says:

    Black master race because air conditioner? Wut? This is a long way from WE WUZ KANGZ.

  54. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

    Fuck that [guy].

  55. avatar Heartland Patriot says:

    He got one thing right. I do care more about my dog than I do about him or his America-hating leftist pals.

  56. avatar Jean-Claude says:

    The black community is LOST.

    On one end, you have this guy, Shannon Sharpe, Toure’, DeRay McKesson, Shaun King(he’s black in spirit), and countless others. They have a permanent sense of victimhood AND an overinflated self-esteem.

    On the other, the permanent voluntary underclass. They are less literate than they were in the 1940s, and are only getting worse. They consume violent rap lyrics and videogames practically from birth. They are raised by single mothers on the dole, are dependent on the taxpayer for every aspect of their existences—born on Medicaid, fed by EBT and WIC and free lunch. Educated for free(as their parent doesn’t ever pay taxes). The clothes on their backs are paid for with welfare. And of course, they are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system.

    America has spent easily a trillion dollars on supporting blacks. Yet we don’t have a space program. And what have we gained? Very little. For every Ben Carson, there are a million unemployed deadbeat dads in and out of jail.

    The black on white crime rate is massively higher than the white on black crime rate. The numbers the media put out vis a vis white on black murder include justifiable self-defense shootings and police shootings. If those are removed, the number plummets. But blacks kill interracially at a much higher rate. Of course,they also kill each other at a staggering rate. Chicago is just the most publicized, but any city with a substantial black population has a high crime and murder rate.

    As for this idiot’s “we fight disproportionately in every war” bullshit—–blacks are NOT over represented in combat units.They aren’t even represented proportionately. As for special operations—they’re not represented very much at all. You can fit all the black Navy SEALs in history in a short school bus. And you can fit all the black USAF Combat Controllers in history in a Camry. Blacks in the volunteer military largely work in non-combat roles.

    America would be better off without them. They are our burden. There is not a city in America which has transititioned from majority white to majority black and has not also seen a rise in crime a drop in quality of life.

    Want to stop murder by 51%? Make possession of firearms by Negros a capital offense.

    1. avatar CLarson says:

      Truth. But I don’t think the solution is to criminalize possession of firearms for Blacks. We don’t need Jim Crow and we don’t need what we have now which is forced association. The solution is freedom of association which was originally granted to us by the Constitution. The government should get out of the race enforcement business and let private individuals and business do what they want to do. There will a place for everyone, even common places, because of free trade, but there will be whites areas that are nearly crime free and areas where blacks never have to see another white police officer again. Win/Win.

      1. avatar Jean-Claude says:

        Wow. I am surprised there is someone on TTAG with the intellectual honesty to read and accept the truth without being offended and wrapping himself in the “I’m not a racist” claptrap.

        Realizing and understanding there is an incurable problem in the black community isn’t racist. Or if it is racist, then what exactly is “racist”,anyway?

        There is no solution to them. We will never be able to undo the damage which has been done over the last 50 years. There is no way the south side of Chicago will ever NOT be a hellhole. There is no way to make Detroit “The Paris of the Midwest” again. The major cities of the South are also lost. New Orleans is a hellhole—-only the French Quarter is somewhat safe, and that’s only because the city maintains a massive police presence there at all times.

        A recent study showed that 75% of young black males in Los Angeles schools could not read at the state standard. That’s illiterate. Those people aren’t going to college. They’re not even going to fill the jobs of the future. If you can’t read, you likely can’t even work at Wal-Mart. And the jobs which don’t require literacy are going to be filled by the masses of illegals streaming across the border.

        I am all for freedom of association and using restrictive real estate covenants to enforce that.

        Black people in America have been ruined by the policies of the Democratic party, and their numbers have been unnaturally grown to make more Democrat voters. If not for the cradle-to-grave welfare, black women would not have so many kids,and not so many of them would survive to breeding age.

        The country is going to eventually break apart along racial lines. It is inevitable.

    2. avatar Tony says:

      Your comment is an interesting mix of fact and overstatement.

      “The black community is LOST”


      “They have a permanent sense of victimhood AND an overinflated self-esteem.

      On the other, the permanent voluntary underclass. They are less literate than they were in the 1940s, and are only getting worse”

      Both true

      “……They consume violent rap lyrics and videogames practically from birth. They are raised by single mothers on the dole, are dependent on the taxpayer for every aspect of their existences—born on Medicaid, fed by EBT and WIC and free lunch. Educated for free(as their parent doesn’t ever pay taxes). The clothes on their backs are paid for with welfare. And of course, they are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system.”

      Not all of us consumed violent rap lyrics and video games from birth. Not all of us were raised by single mothers on the dole, not all of us were fed by EBT, WIC, and free lunch; though I’ve never known my father, I was raised by my mother, grandmother, and grandfather, and no one in my family, either immediate or extended, has ever been on welfare.
      I was not educated for free, as my mother, grandmother, and grandfather all paid their taxes and the clothes I wore and the food I ate as a child were all paid for by the full-time jobs everyone in my family had. My mother just retired last year after 30 years in banking, where she worked her way up from teller, to vice president. I and my mother are both college educated, and so was my grandmother, and grandfather. Both I and both my uncles are veterans, and my grandfather and all seven of my uncles were WWII veterans.
      Not everyone in the black community is uneducated, ignorant and on the dole, unfortunately, there are FAR too many who exactly what you say they are.

      “As for this idiot’s “we fight disproportionately in every war” bullshit—–blacks are NOT over represented in combat units.They aren’t even represented proportionately”

      Anyone who has been in the military knows that that statement in that idiot’s monologue is complete BS.

      “There is not a city in America which has transititioned from majority white to majority black and has not also seen a rise in crime a drop in quality of life.”

      This is partially true; in the “chocolate” parts of so-called “chocolate cities” you are quite correct, however, when you get outside of the predominately black and Hispanic areas of these cities, then life is usually fairly good and is no worse than it is in any other large city.
      It is my understanding that once you get outside of the south side of Chicago, you’d never know there was a problem in that city.
      I can speak from experience that in Los Angeles, that is the case, which is why my uncle moved he and his wife out of south central LA.

      “Make possession of firearms by Negros a capital offense.”

      So, what? Are we going to return to the Jim Crow or the post-antebellum era?

      Speaking as a black man, I think the best thing we can do as a society is to ignore the black community and continue to work as we have always have done to make the country a better place, and to continue to make sure that our society is the greatest society in the world, and is the greatest society in the history of mankind.
      If the black community wants to continue to be as you correctly say a “permanent voluntary underclass”, then I contend that we let them while the rest of us ignore them and continue to move forward.

      1. avatar Jean-Claude says:

        Tony—you are the outlier,and I do feel bad for black folks in your situation. You are tarred with the same brush,and have to deal with the expectations created by the failure of the black population as a whole.

        You have to fight to get a cab because cabbies are afraid of being mugged by black riders. You have to be watched with suspicion by store clerks because blacks shoplift at a disproportionate rate. And any job you get is looked at with suspicion by others because you “must have been an affirmative action hire”.

        It is true that when cities transition from majority white to majority black the crime rate increases. Of course,the crime rate in the majority white areas of said cities don’t rise—but the crime rate as a whole increases.

        It is inexcusable that there are sections of America cities which are “no-go” areas simply because the population is majority black.

        I also do not blame upwardly mobile,hard-working black people for wanting to leave, but white people are also justified in not wanting black people to move to those areas. While the parents may be hard working good people, their children may have friends who are members of the permanent voluntary underclass—and the problems begin.

        I know the black crime problem in America is both out of control and vastly under reported. Colin Flaherty is doing excellent work aggregating such stories on YouTube—and he is constantly having his channel shut down or suspended. Why is the media not reporting these stories nationally?

  57. avatar GoD says:

    Ignorance is alive and well and very blissful apparently ….to all the drones in lala land.

  58. avatar Nigel the Expat says:

    htt p:// www .snopes .com/business/origins/blackinv.asp

  59. avatar Pickle Rick says:

    I think this piece is something called “satire” and that perhaps this fact was lost on the best and brightest posters here.

  60. avatar Geoff says:

    “But what do I know? I’m a white African American”

    If that is true then you were born in Africa, emigrated to the U.S. and became a Citizen.
    That is the ONLY TRUE African-American. And could be Black OR White.
    All the rest of them are just Americans of African decent.

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