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I kinda get it. Gun control advocates believe that people who carry firearms are mentally-challenged, anti-social, paranoid, trigger-happy vigilantes. The latter characterization assumes that gun carrying citizens are actively looking for trouble. Fantasizing about using their gun to prove their manhood. Why? Because, the antis believe, gun owners feel powerless. Why? Because they have small penises (one per owner, obvs.). That’s a pretty odd logic train, one that starts with an entirely loco locomotive. But this small dick size slur comes up again and again (so to speak) in their attacks on Americans seeking to defend and extend their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Why? Why are proponents of civilian disarmament obsessed with dick size?

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  1. If it’s all about making my penis larger, why did I buy a really small pocket pistol with a 2 inch barrel?

    • Damn, I’ve been carrying my 44 with a ten inch barrel, when concealed it looks well…Hey the pool is cold don’t judge.

      • With the ani-gunners, it’s all about projection.

        They just don’t realize it.

        But we do.

        • +1

          I fully agree.

          It’s the same way they believe all gun-owners have some deep urge to kill people, just because they (anti-gunners) do not trust themselves with guns. To them it must feel like vertigo – where a cliff top or high building is pulling them towards the edge … only at their “edge” are complete homicidal maniacs, who would kill anyone who inasmuch looked at them funny.

          Cowardice is a lack of self-control to overcome or face your fears. Frequently someone who is a coward is said to have a small dick or little balls. In effect they are projecting their own cowardice or lack of self-control onto gun-owners. It’s very similar to how a jealous spoiled child would lash out.

        • @Steve

          I believe it’s a good thing the Antis have decided to not carry guns. Their fear of law-abiding citizens to carry weapons, is a fear of what is in THEIR OWN minds. I think that Antis, with their proven deep-seated urge to kill *cough*Kill Kendall Jones page*cough* should not have guns either. I am thankful to them that they realize how unfit they are to carry, and disarm themselves for us.

          I also agree that when Antis call law-abiding citizens that arm themselves “cowards,” it’s because of jealousy towards people who actually have the courage to defend themselves, when Antis are cowards that depend on others and can’t do anything to defend themselves. Calling it “projecting themselves” is exactly right!

    • In the bitter cold, I carry a .45-70 Marlin XLR, or maybe I’ll schlep around my Savage 110 BA .338 Lapua. In the summer, a Glock 27 or snubbie .357 revolver will do.

      /sarcasm. Well, more or less.

      Anti-gunners are obsessed with straw man arguments such as guns and penis size because they cannot create a logical argument based upon knowledge, facts, or human history. An irrelevant argument can be “defeated” with garbage data and idiotic insults. Calm reason is not so easily thwarted.

        • Radman, I was gonna say my pocket .380 makes me feel inadequate, til I saw your post. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean! 😉

    • Because it’s an easy, cheap-shot ad hominem attack in the guise of some sort of kitchen-counter psychoanalytic chatter. It’s their version of the gun rights side making fun of “Mom’s needing action” or Michael Bloomberg’s diminutive size and hits about the same level of maturity.

      • Except they posit that as an actual argument against gun rights. Or instead of an actual argument against gun rights as the case may be. I’ve actually seen a bit of back-and forth getting started at an anti-gun blog, only to be short-circuited by a post, “I’ve got a better question–how small are those guys’ members that they have to carry those rifles around?” And the thread took off in that direction. Don’t see near as much of that kind of thing going on here. At least in the case of Bloomberg’s stature, no one suggests that he isn’t entitled to his opinion because of his vertical challenges, or that the rights guaranteed by the 2A are in any way based on his lack of altitude. I have indeed heard–and made–references to the “moms’ ” lack of actual motherhood and the theory that basically they are empty-nesters looking for a cause to fill the empty hours, but that is usually done more as an explanation for their lack of success than as a per se argument for gun rights.

    • How about we make a deal with them, they stop with the phallic thing and we stop with the “spoons make Rosie O’Donnel fat” thing.

      If it works out then the next step can be a death match between Rachel Maddow and Ann Coulter.

      • Rachel Maddow would beat Ann Coulter in a physical fight, but in a battle of wits Ann is the easy victor.

    • Just wait til they discover the woman they’ve been dating carries. See what they think about dating a woman with a small penis?

    • Hey Red,

      unrelated question: once you select an image for your gravatar, is easily changeable?

    • For the leftist males it’s their latent ghey/metrosexual projections.

      For the leftist females it’s the remnents of their Lesbian In College Only (LICO) psychosis.

    • I think female Antis would argue that they do get laid, but then: just about any female cow can get laid by someone, no matter how ugly or disgusting (physically or character-wise) they are.

    • That would be my theory. Like so many other liberal obsessions. They are racists, so they see racism everywhere. They believe women are inferior beings so they imagine everyone else is engaged in a “war on women”. Entirely likely they feel physically inadequate, either size-wise or possession-wise (for the females) so they figure everyone else is trying to compensate. Or, being the shriveled-up spirits that they are, they simply have to make baseless assumptions about someone else’s size to make themselves feel better.

    • Yes, I think you are correct. When I have looked at attacks from those who want a disarmed population, It all seems to come back to projection of their own inadequacies.

      They fear that people with guns will not have self control, because they do not have self control.

      They fear that people with guns will murder others, because they fantasize about murdering others.

      The say that the motivation is from sexual inadequacy, because so much of their motivation comes from sexual inadequacy.


      • Possibly. It always seems like the gun grabbers I have known were usually insecure milquetoasts who wanted power and to control others.

      • I will admit that I have fantasized about murdering a few people, but I am fully capable of separating fantasy from reality.

      • I think that exactly this (or similar, lightly edited version, for the specific case) should be re-posted on any websites when there is a comment made by someone attacking a person’s character, or manhood. I hope you don’t mind.

    • it’s the classic Saul Alinsky tactic of attacking the individual instead of the argument. It also falls under “the best defense is a good offense”. If they can get the individual to defend themselves about the size of their genitals, they have won the argument. They know they found a weakness, and they switched the argument from logic to emotion.
      It’s also similar to the tactics of calling someone a racist or loading a question, such as “when did you stop beating your wife?” All three polarize an outsider to the conversation against the individual to which the comment or question is directed.

    • How long have we been hearing this? You would think they could come up with something better. Let me do the math
      Small gun = big penis
      Big gun = small penis
      No gun = no penis?
      Wait what about women, how do we do this? Or is it only men that have guns? Maybe there is more to gun ownership than having a penis.

        • Well, actually, it’s the women who say armed men have small dicks that have penis-envy….. why else would they insult a man’s dick, or care about it’s size??? They can give no other logical explanation!

  2. Paranoid morons?

    Ain’t you the one worry about everyone else’s “guns” and how big they are and where they are carrying them?

  3. Psychological projection. Obviously. They are the ones that are paranoid. We have guns. Why would we be paranoid? I can protect myself. They cannot. I won’t make the obvious comment regarding size.

  4. I don’t think there’s a single reason, so I’ll run through a few that I think are involved.

    1. It’s insulting and demeaning, and that’s all many gun control advocates want–to scream insults at those who disagree with them.
    2. It provides an explanation for why people own/carry guns that doesn’t grant them any legitimacy. it covers the facts (people disagree with and behave differently than gun control advocates) but precludes any dialogue, instead placing the gun owner in the position of a patient in need of therapy.
    3. By implication, it flatters the gun control advocate as certainly well-adjusted and (likely) well-endowed.

    Basically it’s old fashioned tribalism. The “Other” is wrong and heathen/heretical; their beliefs and practices are so obviously wrong that they can only be explained by assuming they’re crazy/stupid/evil (or all of the above).

    • ^ This.

      Nathanael pretty much covered it.

      To expound upon it a little bit, antis cannot stand diversity. They want one group that thinks and acts the same way they do. Since we are “different”, this tactic is about ostracizing us into submission. Their hope is that their insults make us feel that we are not part of the crowd and that we fear not being part of the crowd … and that we give up our firearms to join the crowd.

      The irony in all of this: civilian disarmament proponents and their ilk will do anything to coercively force people to do their bidding … which is the very reason I insist on keeping my firearms in the event that I have to defend my life and liberty with force from them!

      • I agree, I think most of us here gave up that kind of crap in 3rd grade. At least High School.

  5. This is what’s called Psychological Projection.

    They feel powerless because they don’t have any guns of their own, and they “feel” entitled to protection against them. So, in turn, they want everyone else around them to feel as powerless as they do. They don’t want anyone challenging their (entirely) perceived “control” of the narrative, and they’re absolutely paranoid of anyone who is even remotely capable of doing so. They are over-compensating for a complete lack of will power, responsibility, self-actualization, initiative, dick size, and testosterone.

    Hope that answers your question! 😀

    • That is absolute correct. Freud didn’t say guns are an extension of the penis. He said that those who are afraid of guns are emotional and sexually immature.

      • Freud used sexual symbolism but knew the limits of doing so. A woman once chided him for the enormous cigar he was smoking and wondered out loud if Freud was experiencing inadequacy anxiety or something.

        The great psychoanalyst took a long leisurely draw, exhaled, then observed , “My dear lady, there are times when a cigar is just a cigar.”

      • I wouldn’t quote anything Freud said: Freud also stated that men were jealous of their fathers and wanted to sleep with their mother, aka “Oedipus complex.” I have never wanted to sleep with any family member! Freud was obviously a disgusting sicko who wanted to sleep with his own mother. Disgusting!

  6. They are girlie men with tiny penises who don’t have guns.

    The question is: Do they have small penises because they are too weak and feeble to defend themselves, or, are they weak and feeble because they have small penises?

    They must expect that men with guns have large penises, since they don’t. I call jealousy.

    Signed, Python

  7. Because if the roles were reversed, that’s what would upset them the most to be accused of?

    My wife likes me as I am, that’s good enough for me. (She also has a bigger handgun than I am …)

    Or perhaps the only gun owners these people have met were in fact using them as male enhancements. But guys use lots of things for that. How many of you know someone with a high-HP sports car that *never* goes to the track? Or a big truck / SUV that only goes off road when it’s parken on the lawn to get washed? I’d guess all three scenarios are more likely in urban than rural areas.

    • We had a guy show up to our office to sign off a fix-it ticket. He had a Hummer H2 with custom gold-colored 26″ rims, and was very proud of them. He even had a 26″ rim as a spare mounted on the back in a custom mount. He had to install a lift kit and other modifications before the rims and custom tires would fit. He said the rims and mods cost more the 25 grand. This man stood 5’2″ tall with a slim build. Watching him get in and out of his mechanical monstrosity was a matter of much amusement.

      • It’s his money – he can do what he wants with it – at least in my world.

        It never ceases to amaze me that the “tolerant” left doesn’t ever seem to emulate this, though.

  8. silly me, I always assumed a woman who carried a gun did it for protection against rapists or robbers, now I know it is really because she wishes for a penis.

  9. Because it’s their problem. To make them feel better about not being man enough to own a firearm, they reverse it and make it seem like firearm owners aren’t manly enough to go without. Of course, even The Art of Manliness thinks differently.

  10. It’s all about the “real men don’t need a gun BS”. Hmmm ..what about real women? Or real disabled or real old? I guess part of it is real men BEAT PEOPLE UP. I can’t believe anyone equates penis size with anything in particular. Has ANY gun owner given up their 2A RIGHTS because they were shamed by a left-wing jerk ?

    • Has ANY gun owner given up their 2A RIGHTS because a left-wing jerk tried to shame them?

      FIFY. 🙂

      (Speaking for myself, in order to shame me, I first have to care what you think about me. But that’s not the typical groupthink mentality. My guess would be they spend no small amount of time wondering why we don’t really care what they think or say…)

  11. Those without a penis, or possessing one which does not function correctly, tend to obsess about them and project that obsession onto everything in their lives. It is a mental illness.

  12. Why are proponents of civilian disarmament obsessed with dick size? Forget the psychobabble. Maybe they’re just hungry.

  13. Attempted emotional manipulation. That’s all it is. Best thing to do is ignore them, go away laughing. Or, if someone says that to you in person, ask if they have a ruler handy… while you are laughing.

    • “She turned me into a newt!”
      “You don’t look like a newt.”
      “I got better.”


  14. Idk. Penis Napoleon complex they have maybe. All I know is I’m pro gun and active duty military. My dick is bigger, along with my balls, than any of theirs!

  15. The takeaway from all the snark, including that, is that the so-called reality-based, smart people are just social followers who stand as a group and repeat the approved mantra on command. Give that the respect it deserves.

  16. Leftist make emotion based arguments, especially when facts do not back up their position. Shivas obsession with penis size and firearms makes me think they go through life on all emotional and how they feel about life, rather than making a rational decision by gathering facts and information and attempting to make a decision based off of that. Attempting to shame people is also part of their tribal mentality like was mentioned earlier.

  17. They always resort to insults and childish ridcule when facts and logic don’t suit their agenda.

  18. “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”

    I don’t have any idea how this remark by Freud applies but it sounds cool doesn’t it ?

  19. Criminologists have studied whether gun owners have higher levels of anxiety, paranoia, inadequacy, or are more uncomfortable in social situations, than non-gun owners. Guess what? No difference. But we already knew that.

  20. They know all about penis extenders and small penises, they must be speaking from experience.

  21. Projection.

    The thing about being powerless you mentioned is what drives it though. They feel powerless but have just chosen to accept that feeling. Anyone who dares to confront their fears, doing what they are unable to do, must just be trying to compensate for feeling powerless (because in their minds it is impossible to overcome fears).

    Any time this comes up in an argument i always mention that “Nobody was talking about dicks until you showed up. Got something on your mind friend?”

  22. I was open carrying my Kel-Tec PF9 in a small Oregon town last month when a guy on a bike comes up behind me and says “You have a tiny dick.”

    I turned around and blankly stared at him while he just sat there and smirked. “Uhm, what did you say?”

    “I said you have a tiny dick. Want to know how I know? Because you have a big gun. That’s how you can tell.”

    He then giggled to himself and rode away on his bike.

    The Kel-Tec PF9 is one of the smallest 9mms on the market… WTF?

    • I would have told him to stop peeking when I take a shower or you will call the police next time.

    • I would have told him his must be really tiny if he thought that kel-tec was big. Then I would ask him just how tiny his is that he has to make assumptions about mine to make himself feel better.

    • You could’ve asked him why is it that so many bike riders are assholes? Not all of them are of course, but this guy reinforces the stereotype. It’s chickenshit to throw a drive-by insult at someone on foot too.

    • And you didn’t resort to gunning him down on the public street for insulting you? Don’t you know there is a narrative you have to uphold for the modern left, what the hell is wrong with you?

  23. I’ll never get it. I’m freakin gay and I don’t even like penis as much as these people seem to do.

    • Ah … But how much do you like control?

      If people got hung up about Brussels Sprouts the antis would be saying we can only grow small bunches, or whatever the unit of perceived quality of a Brussels sprout is.

      Personally I think their best use is as slingshot ammo, so…

  24. She desires a penis, and the power that it represents. This is described as penis envy.

    -Sigmund Freud

  25. it’s the only argument they have that 2a supporters can’t logically refute. it’s like obama supporters screaming racist every chance they get. once you are accused of being a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe etc. etc. they know they have you in a corner because it is indefenseable. there is no logical way to prove otherwise so they get you to “shut up” which to them equals winning.

  26. It’s not an “odd logical train”. It’s a logical fallacy; an obvious Ad hominem attack. Since they can’t attack the ideas set forth, they simply start making attacks on the person that espouses the ideas. This one reoccurs because anti-gunners make the assumption the gun owners are all “macho” and there for their phallic insult will result in gun owners responding in kind rendering the whole debate invalid. I don’t like Freud, but the reoccurence of these attacks kind of lends validity to his statement that “a fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity”.

  27. Because of huge, gaping vaginas obviously. You see, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, penis size is relative. We should have an open carry, open dick demonstration. We’ll show them how TRULY diverse we are!

  28. The penis argument does not go hand in hand with guns, it goes hand in hand with any argument where someone has or does something you don’t like or want to do.

    Own a gun? Must be compensating for small penis
    Own a jacked up truck? Must be compensating for small penis
    Exercise and stay in shape? Must be compensating for small penis

    The only thing I can think of there are those out there with nothing better to do than obsess over the size of their penis. Myself I have never really thought about it as I am too busy shooting paper targets, 4 wheeling in some mud, going for a run, and of course doing my best to be a good father. The one thing I try and teach my kids is be yourself and don’t worry about what others say or think about you.

    • Good words.
      It’s sad so many people haven’t been taught to be polite to people you disagree with… Guess it comes with the internet.

  29. It’s because they think we will cower and slink back to our mom’s basement when they ridicule us.

    It’s all part of the caricature of gun owners that lives in their head. Emotionally, they haven’t left junior high where making a penis insult boosted their social standing. And since most of their friends have the same emotional makeup, it still works in their social circles.

  30. So trying to adapt to their idiotic logic, what if I say yes I have a small penis and guns help me compensate. To limit quantity or magazine size or any other aspect of my guns is to then discriminate and bully against me because of my disability. Now I’m the victim and in a protected class and should be protected under the Constitution right? Nah I can’t do it, I’ll just stick to the 2nd Amendment and say come take them!

  31. Godwin’s Law: “if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.”

    Cockwin’s Law: “if you disparagingly speculate about an individual’s genitalia in a comments thread, you’ve not only automatically lost your side’s argument, you’ve lost any right to be taken seriously by anyone, ever.”

    • It’s called “Markley’s Law.”…
      A variant of Godwin’s Law: As an online discussion of gun owners’ rights grows longer, the probability of an ad hominem attack involving penis size approaches 1.
      Person 1: I carry a gun to try to keep my family and I safe by exercising a Constitutionally-protected natural right.

      Person 2: Hah! You carry a gun because you have a small penis, and you are trying to make up for it!

      Person 1: Well, I guess Markley’s Law is still true.

  32. Anti gun acolytes follow Alinsky s rules .RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

    • Agreed, Jr. High nonsense. Maybe an appropriate response would be “I know you are, but what am I?” LOL

  33. The only gun that has every made my penis appear larger is my underwear gun. Seriously, come out of the bathroom waving that around and nobody will ask for a tip.

  34. it’s projection. I guess they also assume there aren’t any female gun owners with whom their childish bullshit doesn’t apply.

  35. Read what they are saying about people “rolling coal” same thing just exchange gun for truck and you’ll see the same comments. Must be a small minded thing.

    • I must admit I’m guilty of mocking folks who roll coal, or drive lifted 4 wheel drive F350 and bigger trucks around a very congested Orange County. Modifying your vehicle so it functions far less effectively than when it was stock (and also endangers everyone sharing the road) is absolutely stupid in my opinion. Of course, I also make fun of the people who have 15 lbs of crap mounted on their ARs. I hope my putdowns are far more clever than “you must have a tiny dick” though.

    • That is the best one liner I have heard yet; I’ll remember it and give proper attribution when I use it in the future.

  36. Because it’s a retort/insult they learned in Middle School, and they haven’t matured emotionally since then. Simple, isn’t it?

  37. I try not to be extremely crass but I would just say “S#CK it & find out. You might have a few takers on this reply…

  38. People go straight to the “small member” comments because they know there is no recourse, other than saying, “Well, excuse me, while I whip this out…”

    Which, one, any rational person isn’t going to do in polite company. And, two, you can’t really do over the Internet.

    It’s a cop-out to put the opposition at an indefensible position.

    I’ve had some people try this on me before, in person, but my woman was there to provide testimony to contrary.

  39. And what is the excuse they use for our female counterparts who carry and own firearms?
    I suppose they don’t want to talk about that, huh!

    If they think any of really gives a hoot what they think or imply, that we have guns due to compensatory considerations, is farther out there than I care to challenge.

  40. Its just creepy to be making comments about genitals of random people…..methinks people who make such comments are possible/probable sexual predators…

  41. I’m a Black man, and we all know Black men have large penises! (sarcasm)

    I wonder what they would say my purpose for owning firearms is? Perhaps in their stereotype filled minds I am just a gang member. Why would an honest, law abiding, hard working Black man have anything to do with guns? These anti-gun morons can kiss my ass!

    • Somewhere in America…a black man is standing naked in front of a mirror looking at his 4 1/2″ penis and thinking…”I must be the most unlucky mo fo on Earth”.

  42. Ruh Roh, now the trend for packing smaller and lighter with easily concealable itty bitty guns takes on a whole new meaning.

  43. It’s a taunt. The purpose is to draw you into a violent or aggressive response that can be used to prove all gun owners are idiots and Neanderthals

  44. Best reply I can think of:

    “Oh, are you a Doctor or Psychiatrist, licensed to diagnose such things? No? Then would you like to compare yours to mine, right now? No? Did your mother teach you to talk like that? (TAKE HIS PICTURE/LICENSE PLATE) I am going to call 911 to report you for Disorderly Conduct and I will swear out a warrant for your arrest. I suggest you wait right here.”

  45. My usual reply to is to smarmily thank them, as I find it rather flattering when someone’s paying more attention to the size of my dick than I do.

  46. I am 52, and since I was in my early 20’s, I have had a saying and a belief; When Someone says something to me, I run it through my life guide phrase,,,,,, Who are you, that your opinion is important to me?? What they say, either fails or passes my life quote,,, and determines how I respond. If they fail,,, no need to respond, not worth my time, they mean nothing to me.

  47. Its called “Projection.”

    Also, they dislike guns and they dislike people that carry or own guns. They dislike the culture of people that own guns. They are extremely opinionated, intolerant people. They like to spout off that we are intolerant but it is they who are intolerant of us. They like their life neatly organized with rules, regulations and embrace the easiness of not questioning reality and accepting statism. They look down on people who don’t feel and enjoy the same.

    And I am fine with that. They are entitled to their own opinion. What I am not fine with is them stating that this is a democracy and their vote is more important than my rights. That because 51% think that guns should be banned – then it should be so. Or arguing with me that 90% of American’s support universal background checks when all those polls came from the east coast cities and expect my opinion should be dictated based on what the majority feels.

    When they are feeling lazy and don’t want to discuss or debate – then they just rocket off an insulting retort that has no logic or reason behind it – such as the statement made above.

  48. Why the preoccupation? It is called “projection”. Psychology 101. They wish they were “strapped”…. and need to be…..

  49. Shiva the destroyer is a Hindu god that is often depicted with a bow or a spear due to his prowess as a hunter. So in fairness Shiva must also have a little pecker because he uses weapons.

    • Shiva is typically represented by the “lingam” which is well-known as a phallic symbol. When shown in humanoid form, he has the river Ganges sprouting from his conical head and can shoot a heat ray from his “third eye”. And this tool bag, calling himself Shiva, puts all that on us?

  50. Why the small penis slurs? Because they are every bit as base, insecure, illogical, uneducated, and dumb as they accuse us of being. They have no logical point to argue, and they know it. So instead they resort to personal attacks and insults that we all learned in middle school. Every time one of them brings it up, I remind them that their need to use such a petty insult just proves that they aren’t smarter and better than us, despite their haughty claims. Remember: insults and screaming are a clear indication of who lost the argument.

  51. It’s simply shorthand.
    Translated from libtard, they’re saying:
    “There is no rational reason to own a gun.
    They must have a psychological problem.”

    By saying this, they foreclose any rational discussion of the issue.

    In Progressive World there are no legitimate reasons for people
    to rely on themselves, rather than state actors for protection.
    The State, of course, being a benign force for the common good.

    In their world we’re always only one poverty program,
    one educational enrichment plan, or one foreign policy initiative, away from Heaven on Earth.
    Privately owned guns, in their view, are slowing down this coming perfect world.
    A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.
    ….Saul Bellow

  52. I have to say that I love reading the comments in discussions on TTAG always good for a chuckle, always on target, I’m always looking for ideas for memes and graphics and while I lurk on liberal pages and come away with some good ideas I am always running on empty after being subjected to so much stupidity in one place, but when I leave after reading comments on TTAG my cup runneth over and I feel recharged, big difference between the two.

  53. So, as long as we are justified in using stereotypes, I would like to ask these armchair psychologists the following question: Are you saying that Karl Malone, Samuel L. Jackson, Ice T, James Earl Jones, etc., have tiny penises?

  54. One of their own icons, Sigmund Freud, said, “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” So who has the tiny penises?

  55. I’ll admit I am anti social. I just don’t like large groups of people that I don’t know…and I will readily admit that I wish my member was larger. Does this make me want to have a weapon and go all Rambo? Nope. Does owning firearms make me feel like an indestructible, testosterone fueled war machine? Not in the least. I am 6′ and 250lbs with 30 odd years in martial arts and a few years in the army…. I can handle myself against singular threats, however life isn’t a movie and against a few people, I’d be toast and I WILL NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES when my family’s safety is at stake.
    The anti gun people may want to rely on law enforcement or stick their head in the sand believing that evil doesn’t exist or simply can’t happen to them…..that is their right. Name calling juvenile insults won’t bother me as I take responsibility for my family’s safety.

  56. Did you guys hear about the the gun owner with five dicks? His underwear fit like a glove.

  57. When I am able to carry, I do. I am a husband, and a father of 3 girls ages 6 yo to 2 mo. I am not a big guy by any stretch of the imagination at 5’7″ and 135 lbs. I work a full time job 50 miles from home, so well over 50 hours a week is spent away from home, even more when I work overtime, so taking up a hand to hand self defense class that would be effective is unfortunately too time consuming. I can’t count on anyone else to protect my family, they are MY RESPONSIBILITY, no one else’s. If someone wants to talk about the size of my genitals, there’s nothing I can or will do about it, I don’t care about what others think. I carry because I care about my family and they can not be replaced if I fail to take care of them.

  58. The pro-2A side has people who fantasize about penises, too. For example, Yeager.

  59. I remember decades ago when people said the same thing about penis size and fast cars…and fast cars are still being sold today.

    • Last winter, on my way to work after overnight freezing rain left some pretty nasty road conditions, I happened upon a young couple in their Subaru wagon stopped on a hill and in real danger of sliding in to a drainage ditch. Fortunately, the OFWG in his 3/4 ton diesel 4×4 (with tow strap) happened upon them. I told him to put it on his tow hook and he asked what that was and where would it be…ugh…

  60. No one has ever said that to me before. But if someone does, I guess I’ll wait a second or two, then reply in a pleasant voice, “Oh. For a second there I thought you were serious.”

    The irony is palpable: THIS is the “reasonable conversation about gun safety/violence” they’re always saying we won’t engage in?

    • Better version….

      Thought you anti gunterds wanted to talk about reducing violence, but it seems you haven’t reached puberty yet as all you want to talk about is someone else’s junk!

  61. Sounds like a war on women to me. Because, apparently, women don’t carry guns. Or is it penis envy? Either way…

  62. I carry something in my pants. It is about 4″ long and loves to bang. It fits in my wife’s hand pretty well. Most of the time its pretty concealed. I don’t whip it out unless I’m going to use it, or clean it. Sometimes my friends let me hold theirs. We’ll pull them out and put them together, wishing they were smaller. We’ve found they’re still quite effective.

  63. Well…I think is really stems from their own feelings of inadequacy…

    The rabid anti-gunner is also the rabid all things eco, politically correct, etc…because they basically are emotionally and socially challenged individuals..and they cling to causes in lieu of friends. They have to surround themselves with like minded bitter individuals, because their social inadequacies are such that they are not out having a good time with a partner of their choosing.

    In high school they had their own clique…they were the anti-jocks, the anti-popular kids. They were the ones that thought they were above the norm because they discussed “mature” issues…politics, the economy, environment…while everyone else was busy trying to well…as Bob Segar puts it..”working on their night moves…” They were they ones that held the homecoming queen, cheerleaders and football team in disdain…probably “boycotted” prom…on “principle”…

    These aren’t the kids who went hunting or were Eagle Scouts, They aren’t the ones that learned how to fix cars with older brothers and friends…hell most can’t even change their own tire. So instead they attack the self confident kids who grew into self confident adults. Because they can’t fit into the world, they have to change the world to fit them.

    So of course they have a phallic obsession…

  64. I have no idea who originally said it or the exact words they used, but all I can say is:

    “Of course I am compensating. If I could kill something at 200 yards with my penis, I wouldn’t need a gun.”

  65. ^^ Boo-ya! Nice one, Pulatso!

    I’m almost hoping some chucklehead asks me if I’m compensating for something so I can use that line. Or maybe something like “Of course I’m compensating. If someone breaks into my place and I have to defend my family, it’s not my penis I’m going to be pulling out and pointing at him.”

  66. I have royally pissed off the proponents of the small dick gun owners by asking them these questions. Are you a voyeur? Do you have a fetish? Have you come out of the closet? How do you know that gun owners have small penises, do you peek in windows? The reactions are priceless.

  67. Shiva, Buddha and all those nice spiritual images and new-age and stuff and then, lo and behold, judgmentally calling names. That’s really mature, that is.

  68. I always say,”Yes, I have a small penis…what does that have to do with liking guns? If I had a large penis would my enthusiasm for firearms and support of the 2ndAmendment be ok with you then?”
    If that doesnt stop them, a quick..”Your Mother never minded it” usually works.

  69. I’d be horrified to find that Shannon had a big dick.

    I’d be perfectly happy to show her mine. Consider this an invitation.

    I was very shy as a young man, and didn’t avail myself of the female company on offer until my mid twenties. I found them very enthusiastic and they told me I was very well endowed. I have no means for comparison, nor any reason to, but I feel perfectly comfortable with what I was given, and I am sure most men are content as well.

    None of this has anything to do with my appreciation for firearms and the enjoyment they offer. No connection that I can see, other than the ad hominem attempt at an attack.

  70. Tell me about it, that’s always their go-to insult!

    And it’s not just with guns. When my Uncle bought a Humvee a few years ago, my mom made the same suggestion about him!

  71. Best response to this I ever saw was: “Of course I’m compensating for something, if I could kill a man at 20 paces with just my cock, I wouldn’t need a gun.”

    A less snarky response along the same lines is, “And I suppose that you’re such a stud as to be able to take on several armed attackers with just your bare hands and your supposedly huge ‘unit,’ while also keeping your family safe? Wow, I’ve never seen that level of martial arts baddassery outside of an action flick. So what kind of hand-to-hand or martial arts training do you have? Or are you just hoping that trouble never comes to your door? Because that IS such a very manly response, isn’t it?”

    “So what exactly is it about taking a realistic appraisal of threats and possible safety concerns and then intelligently preparing for them that you find so positively correlated with small penis size? Does locking your door at night mean you’re short dicked? What about buying a car with air bags and anti-locked brakes? Or having insurance, or a first aid kit?”

  72. This is kind of funny. If you believe the old wives’ tales about African American men being hung better than other men, then WHY do Inner-City Drug Gangs, which are composed primarily of African American (young) men, and commit 80% of gun homicides in the USA according to the CDC&P, carry guns? And while we are at it, if eating CHICKEN makes a woman prone to having a baby with a small penis, then HOW once more can the old wives’ tale about African American men be true? After all, Chicken ( & Chicken and Waffles) is a down-home staple of African Americans (and pretty much a lot of rural Americans regardless of race).

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