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Alex Jones’ appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight was one of the most ridiculous “gun debates” I’ve ever seen. [Click here to watch, if you must.] Jones was so OTT (Over The Top) he made Pro-Gun Motor City Madman Ted Nugent seem like an elder statesman. Which he is so not. In this video, Alex stakes out his position on gun control and then hits the range to find his inner FPSRussia (and a new friend). Whatever else you have to say about the InfoWars guy – and I encourage you to say it below – you gotta say Alex is as solidly pro-gun as they come. But given Jones’ proclivity for ginning-up the black helicopter set, is he a help or a hindrance to the cause of firearms freedom?

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  1. When I start to get pangs of paranoia, I’ll watch some Alex.
    Then I feel normal again.
    He’s got his place in the arena.

    • The true conspiracy is how much money he makes off of fear mongering to the ill informed. He’s insane enough to declare that children never died at Sandy Hook so I consider him true scum.

      • So what is your logic behind the 9/11 truthers?

        I’m a Physicist and an Engineer and I know they are not telling us the whole story. But don’t take my word for it, ask any Air Traffic Controller or Pilot what they think.

        • My logic is the fact that 911 truthers refuse to read any material that counters their delusions.

          If in fact you’re a physicist and engineer (which I doubt) then you are an America-hating scumbag physicist and engineer. Are you able to understand the logic in that?

          So Mr. Engineer have you read this book by engineers? If so where are they wrong?

          If I trusted you I’d bet $50 that you haven’t read it but yet you are so willing to accuse America. Scumbag.

        • That book was published by Hearst Publishing, please see why they are not credible here:

          I have not read that book and frankly I don’t have time to read it. They seem to try to debunk the low-hanging fruit. A better one is this: It is hard to argue with science that was conducted correctly using the scientific method. All it shows is that there were other things going on and you can leave the wackos to fill in the holes. I prefer to stick to science and the facts.

          Anyhow, I forgot that I shouldn’t feed the trolls but yes, I am a Physicist and an Engineer. Post your e-mail address and I’ll send you my degrees and certs. I went to one of the best universities that the US has to offer.

        • Oh yeah? Well I’m a senator, that was in fact on the Intelligence committee. So I know what I’m talking about, far more that you.

          See how stupid you look?

          If I had a nickle for every “structural engineer” or “physicist” trolling the message boards about 9-11. Go get back in you welfare and unemployment line and beg for some more Obamacare you freeloading commie.

        • Kory, all you won’t get any critical thought or genuine discussion here, this forum is stacked with piss and vinegar and ad hominem. Good luck trying trying to use any real information, facts, or science in this forum. This place is alledgedly a gun rights site, but from the stories and the comments posted it feels and looks a lot more like a disinformation site with pretty blatant agendas.

      • I’d argue that hurling biased accusations at someone because they hold an opinion you do not like makes you the un-American scumbag.

        Take your love-it-or-leave-it nonsense back to the 50s where it belongs, old man.

    • I agree he can somtimes be over the top but I am also a realist.

      If naysayers actually watched some of the documentaries you will see there is just to many questionable things to be a “coincidence” .

      I don’t understand how people can be so naive to think our government would be above something like 9/11.

      There is so much overwhelming evidence that points to foul play that it is amazing that people don’t believe it.

    • I used to think this way as well until I started reading it in actual government documents. There is some scary stuff out there, best to believe what you can research and discover yourself. I guess he does about 75% of the work for you, hard to believe the other 25% though.

      • Keep believing that, but just don’t mix up your Super Male Vitality and Oxy Powder PIlls….could really ruin your night. This guy is hawking supplements now…really some crazy stuff on the info wars store.

        • Yep and I bought in to some of them. I lost 90 lbs. in 6 months and the other cleaned out my intestines (nasty stuff came out, without going into details). So I know the stuff he has sold and I have tried does, in fact, work. It’s nice to try something that works for a change.

        • Really kory? Really…. Please tell us more about how you lost 90lbs in 6 months by taking a magic pill. Perhaps you could tell us about the ones that make your dick bigger every time you tell a lie too.

        • It was easy to lose weight when you take the vitamins and minerals you are missing (then you aren’t as hungry). Then you reduce your calorie intake, go for walks, and lift weights. It was easy to lose 90 lbs.

          Post your email or website and we’ll exchange credentials because I think you are blowing too much smoke up your own … You can contact me at the site linked in my name. I haven’t spoken/typed a single lie.

      • Yes I’m sure you go look up multitudes of highly classified intel reports, there’s lots of them out there on that interwebs. Did you know the real reason we went to the moon was to destroy a secret nazi bunker hitler escaped to and built using captured UFO technology? He was also able to time travel and escaped before Neil Armstrong could kill him. Who knows where or should I say when he escaped too. Tune in next week to my next podcast “REAL HITLERS ALIVE IN SPACE REAL!!!!'”

    • THIS! Alex Jones (and by extension all the 9/11 Truther, WeAreChage, Illuminati Fearing, David Icke, Anti-Vax, OMGChemtrails nut bags) do a huge disservice to any movement they become associated with. Even when they are right, you feel bad agreeing with them.

      They hurt the Pro-Gun movement, the drug decrim/legalization movement, he Food Freedom Movement, The Police Accountability Movement, and the liberty movement in general. It becomes easy ammo for the pro-state/anti-gun/whatever crowd to point at a guy in a V mask, “Ask Me about building 7” open carrying a tacticool Mall Ninja SKS and say “These are the people who want dangerous and radical freedoms – how can we take the seriously?”

  2. AJ is a crazy person and he makes me recoil most of the time.

    On the other hand, his website produces less crap than MSNBC… Meaning his website provides sometimes-useful perspectives on the news. The useful stuff (still minimal, to be sure) usually promotes a healthy respect for RKBA.

    Lately though, I can’t stand him.

  3. The guy is crazy no doubt about it but, he’s on our side. Sometimes a little crazy is good. Besides who’s still around Alex or Piers? Oh yeah………

    • Are you sure he’s on our side? I’m not convinced. He’s such an aggressive caricature of “conspiracy theory whackjob”, sometimes I think it’s either a phony persona cynically calculated to take money from the gullible, or he’s actually on the other side, actively acting like a jackass to give them an easy poster boy for “anti-government lunatic”.

  4. You know what aversion therapy is right? I watched his show for about 5 minutes once. That was all it took. The man is a moron.

  5. He’s nothing but a charlatan people. He’s not stupid, or crazy. He’s found a niche of real stupid and crazy people that believe everything they read, you know, the “coast to coast am” types. Everything he does and says is to attract more of these fools so he can get money from advertisements. I’m sure he has some other schemes to bring in the dough too. If you follow this guy your being Had. Period.

    • Bingo. He has made a tidy sum building a mini media empire, catering to a crowd that is largely ignored otherwise. I can’t knock his business acumen, I guess. There is always a tiny kernel of truth in conspiracy theories, and he is an expert at spinning them up.

  6. I can’t stand him because he makes me look like a loon by association. I’ve actually made a point in am argument with an anti-gun acquaintance, and he came back with “You and Alex Jones, huh? Look out for the space aliens coming to take your guns away!”

  7. I don’t know how much he’s helping, but to the antis, we’re all gun nuts. So he might not be hurting us too much.

  8. Like Tom in Oregon said, Jones has his place. Besides, conspiracy theories are sooooo popular now — didja hear that bin Laden was actually killed by the Bilderberg Group who were hidden on the Grassy Knoll with George Bush, who was actually born in Kenya, because Princess Grace built a climate control device in Atlantis? It’s true!

    • The public Alex Jones persona is mostly an act.

      On of the local radio guys in Tampa ran into him a few years back and was surprised as to how ‘normal’ Jones was.

      Jones is very effectively promoting his personal brand.

      A bit like Ann Coulter. She makes her points by being outrageously over-the-top. You don’t take Coulter literally.

      • I can’t quite tell if Coulter is really a fire-breathing, racist, xenophobic fascist or if she is just revving people up to sell her books. I think its quite possible that she believes in nothing but getting attention. So instead of being a rabid reactionary, she could just be a cunning psychopath that is laughing at everyone as she rakes in money hand over fist. Who knows.

        • Well, she _is_ female….;)

          Coulter’s primary gig is selling books that are mostly a collection of her syndicated writings and her speaking gigs. She promotes those by being an entertaining interview personality.

          It certainly doesn’t hurt she’s not stupid and is a blonde with legs that go all the way up…

        • I don’t question Coulter’s beliefs. OTOH, she once dated Keith Olbermann, so she is clearly insane.

  9. I tend to be weary of anyone on any side of an argument that has to make their point by screaming, spittle flying every which way and continuing to increase in volume until out of breath. Maybe its just his personality or on screen persona, either way the message is lost almost immediately by anyone who didnt already agree or wont what they hear and take it as gospel. IW is not entirely without merit, but I think Jones could do a whole lot more good for the cause by taking it a little less OTT.

    I dont what it is, but the Joe Biden gun fingers gets me everytime.

    I found it odd how they were talking about ARs, cut to JoBido talking about shotguns, and then go back to the Kriss Vector. /trollface

  10. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
    Jones is quite a wackjob. Sometimes entertaining. But any article that has as its only reference “Infowars” I usually discount.

  11. Jones was once a competent producer of documentaries; then he caught the conspiracy bug. Now he’s a loon who is so attached to an idea he can no longer slow down and think — sort of like someone with bipolar disorder who kicks into constant mania and has to run to keep up with his own thoughts.

  12. He’s got some interesting info on his show that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. He’s also got some CRAZY SHITE on his show, so in measured amounts he’s OK…

  13. He fits a lot of the stereo types that the Gun Grabbers place on a gun owners. White guy, middle aged, kind of fat, arguably paranoid, loud, I could go one. In spite of that he is solidly pro gun so I respect him for that. Just like I respect folks like the Pink Pistols people and the Huey P Newton Gun Club. I could do without the chanting of “Black Power” and I’m not really a fan of two dudes moving in together and calling it marriage but as far as I know they are not breaking any laws or hurting anyone so I’m glad to have them along on our quest to protect 2nd amendment rights. We civil rights people welcome people like Alex Jones in our movement because we are the tolerant ones.

  14. Love him. He’s entertaining as all get out and gets my blood pumping during workouts.
    When he starts yelling I hit new PR’s all afternoon.

  15. I work in a hospital with a psych specialty so I’m used to interacting with people like Alex. But seriously…

    Alex Jones is mostly a source of entertainment for angry people who need a simple, good vs. evil narrative (Here’s a tip: Life is not simple). He appeals to people who think in terms of grand conspiracies, instead of boring things like human greed, lust for power, perverse incentives and bureaucratic incompetence. His “fact-finding” skills are, essentially, non-existent.

    But here’s what really annoys me about this guy. If I believed half of the stuff that Alex Jones thunders about, I would have either gone into self-imposed exile or I’d be part of a violent insurrection. The fact that Jones makes all these claims and just sits in his studio blabbering means that he is either a coward or just another crank trying to make a buck off of bored college students, delusional people and internet addicts.

    • To your last point, if there really were a vast, uber-powerful cabal of evil people running every last aspect of the planet in conspiracy with each other, why the hell would they let Alex Jones blather on about all their secrets to an audience of millions for twenty years? If he were right about all this stuff, wouldn’t he have been killed a long time ago?

    • Sure, he harps on the Bilderburgers a lot and the CFR but arent those incredibly wealthy, connected and powerful people in positions to affect and influence millions?

      They arent all on their knees taking orders from Set or anything but you’d be a fool to think that when heads of nations and global conglomerates don’t all agree on something they are powerless to enact that something.

      I don’t buy the fantasy that some master plan is playing out but I definitely understand that if somebody like Bloomberg wants his neighborhood to adopt a certain zoning ordinance his opinion and clout carry a little more weight that his Joe Sixpack neighbor and in the end what Bloomberg wants is likely what will happen.

      When a butterfly flaps its wings and all. Get a few dozen butterflies who happen to run nations and billion-dollar corporations to all flap in unison and there is certainly a measurable effect. That’s not fanciful conspiracy. That’s business.

      The collection of a public library gradually shapes around the biases of the staff. It’s inevitable. Why shouldnt the biases of the men and women who effectively run the world politically and economically eventually show in our day to day lives? If this wasnt true or didnt work there’d be no advertising industry. People werent born with an opinion of Coke vs Pepsi, Chevy vs Ford, Harley vs Kawasaki. They were trained to have one.

  16. Love him. The dude is smart and he’s as genuinely patriotic as anyone in the world. I absolutely believe there will be a day when millions of us slap our foreheads and cry: “Holy… Jones was right!” He’s been right about a ton of things already, but somehow nobody likes to acknowledge that.

  17. I like Alex Jones. I find his totally off the reservation, over the top ranting, highly entertaining. And he is right way more often than he is wrong. Many things he talks about sound far out .. but most times those things come to pass.

    His message of liberty goes out to millions of listeners 6 days a week. So whether you like his style or not, he is probably helpful to the cause.

    • I agree. However, much like another comment upstream, I was long puzzled by the notion that if he believed half of the stuff he has reported on then why not take other action? As of late, I’ve settled with it’s just AJ being AJ. This is his way of fighting. I’d rather have him doing his thing than not.

  18. Hindrance, even if he is right more and more often these days. Any political candidate who goes on his show is automatically discounted by most people. It’s not helpful to be associated with him.

  19. INFOWARS!!!!!
    I’ve seen your hernia!!!!
    They’re eating gold encrusted baby fetuses in there!!!!
    Prove me wrong!!!!

    He’s a fruit cake!!!!

  20. If even a portion, a small portion, of what Jones claims in his CTs were near truth he would have died or been taken off the air years ago.

    I don’t believe he works on the payroll of a real .gov agency, but if you were in charge of a .gov agency involved in real conspiracies AJ would be a usefull idiot to distract all the low info sheeple that follow him.

  21. I think Jones is actually really good at finding interesting data.

    Unfortunately the moment he tries to read, interperate, aggregate, extrapolate, or compare said data, he takes a hard right into Crazyland.

    That DHS ammo contract is a good example; it’s interesting seeing how the DHS orders ammo. Unfortunately Jones can’t read a bulk contract and now we’ve got thousands of people convinced that the DHS bought 2 billion rounds of ammo at once.

  22. He’s a little nuts, maybe a lot nuts, but he does have some good points. I can’t fault him for a video of teaching a beautiful woman to shoot, or exposing the idiotic “buy a shotgun” advice of double barrel Biden.

  23. I stopped making fun of the black helicopter guys when it turned out that they were right about the USG having black helicopters that they used for running-light-free “training” exercises at low levels over the continental US.

    As for this Jones fellow, well, I don’t know much about him, but I don’t have much use for him.

    • I also used to make light of the black helicopter talk until we started having them fly over our area. There was one incident in the late 1990s or early 2000s where they were directly above our roof at the farm, at an extremely low altitude. It startled the hell out of my family and me at around 0300. I learned not to dismiss all of the tin foil stuff so easily.

  24. He has a message that scares people, hence the crazy label. His delivery is over the top, but there is truth to most of what he says.

  25. I’ve never been able to handle more than a few seconds of Jones. That being said yeah I do believe there are conspiracies going on. How do you explain Barry Soetoro? Usually the so-called conspiracy is loose and half-assed. Unless you’re a victim of the DOJ, the IRS, the EPA , the NSA ,DOD or Homeland security…a conspiracy of dunces.

  26. I’m betting that if this post was published two years ago, the response would have been almost universal: making cuckoo sounds and twirling fingers around our temples. It’s telling to see that at least half of us here have come to appreciate Jones. I can see why many people have issues with the man’s style, but you really can’t fault his commitment to the cause or his grasp of history.

  27. His delivery is over the top, agreed. But there’s more truth in his news than CNN, MSNBC, and Fox combined.

    He exposes the false dichotomy that is our current political system, and he also exposes some interesting circumstantial evidence of innate government corruption. My main gripe with AJ is EVERYTHING is a conspiracy which to me shows there’s not enough critical thought.

    • But there’s more truth in his news than CNN, MSNBC, and ABC/CBS/NBS combined.

      You went off the rails there so I fixed it for you.

  28. I was shocked by the video of Jones trying to be reasonable with some of the Moms Demand protestors. He certainly didnt show his radio persona and exposed them to be the unreasonable a–es they really are. Having said this Jones will say something true and then the next statement is bat s–t crazy. The rants about eating roasted babies wrapped in gold foil and screaming “Invasion Force” is just way over the top for me

  29. The man is LITERALLY a snake oil salesman.

    The irony is lost on his followers: he decries greater government control induced by fear-mongering, then makes you scared of the water you drink so you buy his shifty supplements.

    Why should any of us recognize his opinion?

  30. Ughhh, I lost like 5 IQ points watching that clip. Alex is a complete nut. He makes a good point on SSRIs they are a lot less effective at treating depression than most people think.

    The AR15 anti-ban argument is easy. They kill virtually no people, therefore a ban is a stunningly ineffective means to reduce gun homicides. 323 total killed by all rifles, so probably 100 people by ARs, assuming some weapon substitution post-ban, a ban would save “25-50” lives per year at a cost of billions of dollars. That Piers is why its a bad idea.

    No need to muck up the argument with its our only defense from government tyranny, the Illuminati, and space aliens!

    • A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      By excluding defense against tyranny, you are ignoring one of the important reasons for 2A protection of the RKBA. I wouldn’t be so quick to do so… 😉

  31. WTF? “ginning-up the black helicopter set,” ?? Really? Isn’t that the bulk of your audience?? LOL. Well, the ‘liberal’ statist fascists and enemies of unalienable natural right of self-defense think you Farago and anyone who reads TTAG are too, so guess we’re all in good company.

    And correction: they’re called BlackHawk helicopters, and you’ve also referenced them a plenty, doing fly-bys in violation of Posse Commitatus at Tampa, the USSOCOM backyard, which apparently, the American sheeple DON’T think it’s the same worship-govt rah rah as the Soviet era’ Red Square military parade or the Nazi’s SS jamboree.


    Farago, seeing as how you’re the new-ish Austinite ‘carpet-bagger,’ why don’t ya ring up Alex Jones, who IS Austin, TX based, and whose family has deep roots in Texas and PRE-colonial Americas, long before your family ever set foot in the America, and break bread, instead of this pussy passive aggressive back and forth?

    Even Fucker Carlson of The Daily Caller fame, who equally looks down on any “9/11 Truther” with disdain, met up, broke bread with Alex Jones, and is slowly evolving:

    Instead of talking from the sidelines, why don’t you MEET in person, then discuss, Robert?

    Now, it’d be one thing, if you were still in Rhode Island, but now you’re in Austin, TX. You’ll probably find that you two agree more than not.

    Plus as for your “black helicopter”-reference bullshit, NEWSFLASH Farago: this ain’t the motherfucking 1990’s.

    Lest you’ve never heard of NSA’s illegal spying?? It’s like what will it take for you and the like, to be skeptical of govt in one proven area of unConstitutionality, but not in another, just because it may offend your apriori topically emotive sensibilities?

    Perhaps you should also be cognizant of the fact that those who focus on particular aspects of world become more in-tuned with it. He spends 24/7 on geopolitical meta, and others on latest accessories fit for Picatinny rails.

    Ever wonder why it is that the vast amount of so called “conspiracy theorists” hailed from deep within govt agencies? Ever wonder the possibility that they saw shit, contrary to the ideals they thought they were led to believe before taking their Constitutional oaths, and found out the hard way, that govt & corporatist sectors in fact, statistically attract the most sociopathic among any given human populace??

    You don’t know, what you don’t know, could not know, or intentionally don’t wanna know, no?

    Just ask Rob Pincus, whom I respect, last when ‘debating’ the various merits & non-merits of open vs concealed carry, he thought it’d be funny and rhetorically a biting basis for an argument to bring up your ye ol “black helicopter” canard and bring up FEMA camps, directly to me:


    Well, I cited back to Pincus the name and text of the bill listed at Govt’ Thomas, via, the clearing house of all public info on legislation: H.R. 645 (111th Congress, 2009–2010) | Text of the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act

    and he had no response afterwards: sure no doubt the man’s busy, but sought it fit to start the shit, but to not reply when facts were presented? LOL

    Also, here’s the disconnect between those who actually ARE aware how govt & their corporatist backers operate in reality, vs how it’s advertised to be, to their soccer-mom naive emotive comfort: just because a bill is introduced, and not pass, does not mean the project as proposed does not get implemented via executive/administrative/bureaucratic fiat, especially when a lot of no-bid contracts are depending on it. Yes, these centers in fact do exist. I suggest you take a drive down to San Antonio, Robert, if ever interested to verify yourself. Just where do you think illegal aliens awaiting their status are temporarily housed? These are all dual/multi-purpose facilities.

    Only if those interested in tinkering with trigger pull weight and AR rail accessories would equally put in time & due-diligence to research how govt and geopolitical meta work in reality, vs what you’re advertised to regurgitate, we would not be reading about the proprietor of TTAG who readily impugns, rightly, against statists, pull the ye ol “black helicopter” canard, as IF it now still has any less rhetorical ‘punch,’ than the staid commie social engineers’ race-card canard.

    You do know you’re using the same rhetorical device, right, Farago?

    Plus, you’d have to know that like you and OC vs CC argument, the nature of political movements is such, that without what you’d deem to be “extreme” elements, conversations and public, prevailing vox populi discourse does not change or move forward, significantly, without those ‘extreme’ marker prompting conversations, right?

    Just check out Charles E., Jr. Cobb’s “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible”

    Without Malcolm X, there would be no Martin Luther King, Jr: would’ve never had that conversation with LBJ & the other real PTB of ‘deal with me, or deal with the likes of him’ – pre-existent reality, for Martin TO reference to.

    And guess what? You’re conflating style vs substance, like many.

    Alex Jones’ “1776 will commence again, if you try to take our firearms” is obnoxious, but infinitely catchy, repeatable and thus memorable, media-vox populi-wise.

    IF you don’t ‘get’ what a powerful media moment that was, which in fact crystalized the simmering angst among a bulk of the armed American populace who’ve long been pissed off with decades at NRA’s Milquetoast ‘defense’ and asinine mindless ‘anti-video game’-distracting irrelevant comebacks, talking points, legislative compromises, and supporting anti-gun RINOs and giving them the ever irrelevant and ridiculous “A+” ratings (all the while seeing fit to actually address mindless, irrelevent idiot monkey shit motherfuckers, clueless anti-gun morons & their vicious intentional social engineer policy crafters who know nothing about guns, nor would ever uphold the natural rights-lawful basis of 2nd Amendement, AS IF a neurosurgeon should take surgical advice from mental midgets with cleft limbs), you really don’t ‘get’ how this whole media thing works, Farago.

    Ameliorating moron fucktard hoplophobes who are utterly clueless of the PRE-constitutional universal human Natural Right of self-defense premise providence of 2A (which merely condified and guaranteed as the 2A in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, a minarchist Classically Liberal document designed by actual intellectuals of their then contemporary Enlightenment Era – philosophical legacy and lineage), has ALWAYS been a losing political, let alone a losing PR strategy.

    You don’t move the conversation forward, by accommodating views of morons. You move forward by ‘forcing’ the opposition to DEAL with and catch up to your position, and address you and the points you’ve made. Not let them control or continue to frame the conversation, ‘for you.’

    The ‘crazy’ Alex Jones codified in ONE tv-second, those whom you or anyone else in the ‘armed intelligentsia’ without the benefit of Alex’s 20million/week viewing audience across multiple media platforms, could never in a million years reach.

    How about them apples, Farago?

    It’s like direct mail marketing: they assume 98-99% of their mail would be thrown out; their literal target market is the ‘in case shit’-1% who may or may not read, and respond and or buy.

    So for Alex Jones to come on a nobody UK phone-hacking scandal/Scotland Yard-evading criminal, Groom of the Stool piece of shit RedCoat asshole Piers MORON who used to yammer on daily on an ‘American’ ‘news’ outlet CNN’s nobody watching show, to verifiably spike up CNN’s ratings to the point that, that was Piers’ highest rated episode, let alone voted by whatever idiots left watching CNN to be the most memorable TV-moment of the year for CNN, obviously, it did what it was intended to do.

    Plus, if you in a million years think that former Monsatan GMO toxin peddling PR propagandist, now Bloompansyfuckberg’s PR whore, Shannon Twat (who literally is probably more responsible for killing more humans generationally let alone Indian farmer suicides, than any non-state run of the mill killer even those who’d ever deploy ‘assault weapons’ in commission of a crime could ever top kill-count) and her gullible Jim Jones cargo-cultists could ever be ‘convinced/converted’ to come anywhere near your and my position on gun rights, you may want to reexamine your own positions on why you’d even bother be in this business of 2A promotion.

    Obviously, you’d only engage the likes of MAIG PR whores, be it in on/offline media, only as an educational illustrative moment. Not to ‘convert’ per-se. Your focus is obviously for those on the fence on gun issues, of whom, IF like the aforementioned direct mail marketing model target of 1% of the news readership’s audience can be made to question their own views after reading your rebuttal to the claims made by the likes of Shannon Twats of the world? Fine. Your job of merely laying seeds would be complete, and in fact successful.

    But guess what?

    You know what’s been infinitely more successful than that slow method, especially considering the reality of the fact that metric-wise, a very SMALL segment of the American population actually read and bother tracking down news articles and rebuttals and OpEds??

    A “black helicopter” man’s “1776 will commence again, if you try to take our firearms!!”

    That, is an INFINITELY more memorable pro-2A rhetorical seed, than you or anyone else’s 500word rebuttal to Shannon Twat or Bloompansyfuckberg’s statements in newspapers, or CNN (which by the way, so relevant that Dish network DROPPED them, even as a ‘freebie’ lol).

    So guess who’s actually winning the media war?

    Oh, but you’re still skittish that the moron populace and literally a dying demographic of MSM-believing delusional sucka populace would go ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, you’re just like THAT crazy Alex Jones, if you share his ideas on gun rights?’ – do you??


    Besides, the fact that publicly, politically, MSM-arena wise, the mere fact that their frame of fixed debate purports to promote NRA/GOA vs Brady/MAIG et al as the ‘official’ duopoly voices of approved oppositions, should already tell you that, in fact, when you engage Shannon Twat et el ilk as a ‘worthy voice of opposition,’ that is your tacit admission that their opinions (whether propagandistically promoted by the status quo Ruling Order & their MSM or not), is worthy of your time to respond to.

    As a Jew, and progeny of direct Holocaust survivors, Robert, you and everyone else in the “Armed Intelligentsia” need to treat Shannon Twat/MAIG/Bloompansyfuckerberg et al, as you’d treat ‘Holocaust deniers’: you RIDICULE them, not debate them, as if merits of their rhetoric has any legitimacy.

    THAT, my friend, is what AJ cleared the clutter of: he told the RedCoat POS to FUCK OFF, and here’s what’s coming, if you don’t heed my warning, because that actually is the sentiment among most informed, armed Americans: 1776! Got it? You putrid irrelevant nobody RedCoat motherfucker?? – That, is what Alex Jones did ‘for’ you and me, and everyone else who’s remotely awake and pissed off.

    “1776 will commence again…” is just the ‘inelegant’ Alex Jonesian version of the same thing uttered by JFK, nothing more, nothing less: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    Plus, it never ceases to amaze, how y’all bitch about MSM, how idiots don’t know about 2A from inalienable natural rights arguments, which to the statists those who promote that argument would equally call you, me and anyone else awake as those who belong on the SPLC/ADL/DHS’ “list” of “rightwing anti-govt, sovereign citizen, neo-confederate, conspiracy theorists”.

    Yet, you think you’re so ‘above’ the likes of Alex Jones, that you’d equally deploy the ever sophomoric “eeeeew, oh no, you mean you like THAT guy?? Alex Jones!!???” like some HS clique??

    Gunna, puhleeeeeeeeeeze!


    Besides, seeing as how the MSM are a losing demographic, and ever irrelevant, even from a political and your webtraffic standpoint, even on the most crass realpolitik Machiavellian level, economic common sense would dictate that it’s far more beneficial to align with someone like Alex Jones, who has an activist base audience with multiple, GROWING media platform that reaches over 20 MILLION viewers/listeners PER week, than constantly reference and patronize & continue to legitimize the MSM, which you already hold with persistent disdain anyway??

    Whom would you rather align with: a growth market or a dying one?

    Which, with the case of MSM, literally a dying audience demographic??

    Besides, tough shit Farago: much of your readership already ARE the ‘black helicopter’ crowd!


    Fans pick you, based on what imagery you project, not the other way around: you have no control over the matter, unless you go all Milquetoast, in which you’d be killing your webtraffic anyway.


    Cheers, from little ol moi, a fan of you Robert Farago (the anti-statist, oft pure libertarian-leaning proprietor of TTAG), who also happens to be a supporter (not a fan-per se) of Alex Jones, a hyper informed ‘red-neck’ oft conflated to be crazy (a thin line between crazy and genius, but there’s no doubt: he is one of the most successful modern internet-media pioneers, if not the most) whom only stupid people actually dismiss because morons never know what they do not know and is an equal mark of the ignorant to ridicule those infinitely more informed and smarter than they, out of insecurity.

    PS. that va va boom ‘friend’ is just one of Alex Jones’ 50-ish employees at, and news anchor, one Lee Ann McAdoo

    All easily found with just one click on web search, or if you prefer: the not-NSA Google/YouTube, Farago.

    Again, they’re all based in Austin. You can directly call them up, Farago. In fact you should. Hell, you’ve broken bread with an actual ANARCHIST Cody Wilson, who chose Alex Jones Show to be one of his earliest media appearances to promote Defense Distributed:

    Cody Wilson, whose IQ like 170, knew to leverage the proper form of media/personality and trends to promote his ideas and organization: there’s a reason why the homeboi let the ever ANTI-gun Guardian UK to take a photo of him holding an AK47 he named the “Individual Mandate” in one hand, and Frederic Bastiat (the French proto-Anarcho-Capitalist)’s copy of “The Law” in the other:

    That, in the informed media-savvy circle parlance, is called a “clue.” ,o)

  32. Alex Jones could be very helpful to the cause, if we were actually using him properly. We need to be using him as an Overton Window: letting people see him as a nutbar and then showing them gun owners in general so that they look at us and realize, “Hey, this guy’s pretty normal. Actually, he’s just like me.” As it stands, we just let him yell in his personal little corner of the media and don’t do anything about it, so the MSM gets to paint the rest of us with the same broad brush as him. He could be very useful, but that requires us to do our part in controlling the narrative.

  33. AJ has at least one thing in common with this web site and most of the posters, hardcore Zionist. All these propaganda vehicles/sites have agendas, and it usually doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure them out.

  34. If Alex Jones said the sky was blue, I would question the truthfulness of that statement. He’s either bat**** crazy, or a manipulative cynic who knows he’s full of it, but also knows there’s money to be made spewing that crap.

  35. Not only is he a hindrance, I’ve long suspected that he’s a professional provocateur like Coulter who doesn’t even believe half the shit he says and is just out to make a buck on easily fleeced morons. He’s Michael Moore for the black helicopter/tinfoil/goldbug/NWO crowd.

  36. The word “assclown” was invented for the purposes of classifying Alex Jones.

    He is a weapon that anti-gunners use to paint the rest of the gun-owning public as unstable nuts.

  37. The problem with Alex Jones is that he’s right just often enough that you can’t discount him as a complete nut. Especially when it comes to things like being spied on by our own government and the weaponized IRS.

    Not sure if it’s true, but Mike Judge, the creator of King of the Hill, is from the Austin area. Supposedly he based Dale Gribble on Alex Jones. (Supposedly Arlen is Leander and the much more upscale McManorberry is Cedar Park.)

  38. He has his place…………..nowhere near me.
    Generally I think he is an idiot. I don’t find people like him are too helpful to the gun issue scene.

  39. He’s the kind of person who can’t run out of cereal without thinking it’s a government conspiracy.

    I’m not entirely convinced it’s not all a brilliant act to get liste…. oh no, he’s go me thinking that way!

  40. I used to think he was pretty out there. I listen to him occasionally and I have to admit though… he has been dead-on with enough things now over the years that I have to say he does have his place in this world. Think about it: if he was right EVEN ONE TIME it would be enough for him and others to question EVERYTHING. He has called a few things 6 months ahead of time and before anyone else. Thats just the truth. Regardless of what he is selling… he is self-funding his own operation (lots of sites do the same). He definitely has a place… someone has to do it… but you should never stop using your own brain, People.

  41. He’s a great exercise for critical thinking- He spouts off something crazy, you go look it up. Sometimes it’s BS, other times it’s got something to it. As somebody mentioned above, He seems to have great resources for “raw” information, but he’s kinda awful at interpreting it…or kinda awesome at it, depending on your angle.
    The trouble is, these bombastic alternate media types tend to attract people who in truth either lack critical thinking skills or are too lazy to form their own opinions- they care just enough to not want to believe the same stuff as the rest of the “sheep”, but not enough to actually do some legwork.
    Off all the alternate types, though, my favorite is John B Wells. Much more reserved, best radio voice in the business, and brings up just enough crazy to keep it interesting, but not beat you over the head with it. Just remember that critical thinking part.

  42. The problem is that he throws a whole bunch of nutty stuff out there, and then some percentage of it turns out to be true. Sometimes five or ten years later we find out that what he said was true all along. I happen to like him, he’s entertaining, but I treat him like I treat any tarot card reader: with a grain of salt. If they say enough stuff some turns out to be true.

    But some of his stuff is spot on.

    I can’t see how everyone can’t see that his biggest accusation is true: If you don’t think that big banks and the top 0.01% of the 1% rule the entire planet you’re deluding yourself.

    If you don’t think that there is something fishy about Cheney writing about needing a new pearl harbor and then it being handed to him on a silver platter, and then his companies massively profiting on the results…. well, I don’t know what to tell you. It tells ME that either he prayed really, really hard for 9/11 and God favors him more than God favored everyone that died, OR, that Cheney’s people were involved directly in it, OR, at the very least Cheney knew something of this sort was very likely and he purposely did nothing to stop it. I’m betting on the last one. I do not believe in coincidences THIS big.

    Do I think our government does false-flag operations, including here in the US? All the time. There are absolutely horrible people in our government doing horrible things. We find out about them years later and they end up getting brushed under the rug. ATF agents – and Eric Holder – should be in JAIL over Fast and Furious. The CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking doesn’t seem to bother anyone? And all the unethical experimentation on our citizens?
    Does it not bother all of you that the CIA is monitoring pretty much everything we do? Particularly those that they know own guns? With people like Harry Reid labeling us terrorists for being pro-bill-of-rights?

    With all the horrible things our government has ACTUALLY done, that are well documented, would some of AJ’s accusations be a big stretch? Not really. Do we know of all of the scary stuff our government is doing? I’m sure we do not. So it’s likely some of the truly dark stuff AJ is postulating is, in fact, accurate.

    In short: One should think for themselves and be skeptical of what they hear from anyone. I believe that maybe 20% of what AJ says is actual fact. I also believe that maybe 20% of what Obama says is actual fact. That I cannot trust my President more than I trust AJ scares me, a lot.

    Do I think AJ hurts us? No. The Adam Lanzas hurt us, not Alex Jones.

  43. Alex Jones is basically a fictitious character. Jones, the man, doesn’t believe the crap he spews. What worries me are the dudes out there who think he’s 100% accurate.

    • That was definitely true of the Art Bell days. Noory has gotten so bland and boring I only listen once in a great while. And the guest hosts they replaced John with suck.
      I’ll always appreciate C2C for keeping me entertained on the long drives home late at night, but now we have podcasts.

  44. I think you might have turned me into a full fledged Alex Jones fan, TTAG. I’ve been lukewarm about his content in the past. I don’t think that I’ve ever sat through two whole AJ videos, back to back, in their entirety. In all honesty, I cannot remember sitting through even one video, beginning to end. Today I just watched five and am paused on my sixth. His pro-gun stuff, anti-tyranny content is spot on. His police state content looks mostly on target. I don’t think I could ever dig his deep conspiracy content but he’s funny, articulate, and accurate on the other stuff, IMHO.

    His brit impression with PM and his Godfather impression in another video were hillarious… ROTFLMAO!

    • Some of the deeper stuff he goes into is spot on as well.

      Agenda 21 is the most helpful to understand. It is conspiracy, not theory. You can download a PDF version of Agenda 21 from the UN website. The UN is open about it; they have written into primary goals for the 21st century (Agenda 21) that they intend to be the supreme global authority, with every country under their control, by the year 2050. And they have plans for us, here, in the USA.

      When you follow AJ on this topic, you understand clearly why the Bundy Ranch almost started a civil war during their showdown with the BLM (the BLM is now working as an agency of the UN). You will understand why Republicans and Democrats (starting with Bush 41) tend to vote identically, with abortion, gay marriage, and maybe, MAYBE, 2A, being the only real distinctions… Both parties generally vote as Statists. You will understand why everywhere in the US, bike lanes are being paved instead of adding lanes to existing roads. You will understand why cities everywhere are rebuilding apartment complexes in the downtown areas… and the funds are coming from where? Usually a UN sub-organization.

      Alex is very good at getting the right experts to explain this stuff. It is not theory; th UN has not hidden a bit of it. It is well documented BY THE UN AND THEIR AGENCIES, out in the open for everyone to see. And it goes deep. It requires an attention span a little longer than 13 minutes.

      The problem with Alex is that he rubs his leg while he’s shouting down Piers Morgan… and it looks like he’s about to go postal. Apparently he talks about aliens… I’ve never heard him do that, but others here keep saying he does. I don’t doubt it. This turns me off. He freaks me out sometimes.

      • Having been a part of Patriot groups throughout the 1990s, I’ve been familiar with things like Agenda 21. During that time, I also finished up my undergraduate degree in the sciences at a UN affiliated college as an older/non-traditional student. You are right. They not only didn’t hide Agenda 21, they openly argued their case through mandatory classes on global issues. I don’t consider Agenda 21 to be conspiracy theory at all.

      • I will add that throughout the 1990s, I was surrounded by information from people like Mark Koernke (“Mark from Michigan”), Cooper, The Spotlight (a nasty anti-semitic rag at the time, IMHO), etc. I seem to recall hearing or reading things out of Texas from Alex Jones from the mid-1990s before he became so widespread. So, I’ve heard this sort of information for a while. It hasn’t been until the last five or ten years that I’ve been able to really appreciate what AJ does.

        (I interacted with all sorts during that time… probably chatted with Tim McVeigh at least once.)

  45. What I don’t understand is how Robert Farago can ultimately pass Alex ‘Da Wackjob’ Jones because “you gotta say Alex is as solidly pro-gun as they come”. Umm, Jones gets no respect from anyone anywhere except for TTAG. Just got some respect from Farago. Unbelieveable. Robert you are no longer legitimate. Then at the same time condemn the sh*t out of FPS Russia merely for having fun in character. And making more money than Farago. That’s it isn’t it Robert. And he would have a much bigger chance at bagging those Israeli bikini models than you ever would and you know that too don’t you Robert Farago. That kind of thing just bugs you therefore you act out and PERSECUTE. Notice I said PERSECUTE. The Irony.

    That’s what you are doing with FPS. Kinda creepy, the fetishistic prejudice you have for him.

    It’s not like FPS is vehemently anti-2A himself. I think he deserves the same pass you give to the extremely weird Alex Jones who deserves little more than to go see a shrink.

  46. Jones is selling a product. Most of the time he comes across as so barking mad I dont bother to listen, but you have to admit he does provide a platform for that one in 25 crackpot theories that turns out to have something to it, and if it gets picked up by more press- then that can create momentum all by itself- Bundy Ranch for ex.

    I just wish that organizers of events where “crazy” does not help the cause would keep him away from the microphone. The Alamo open carry event was going well until he got up and started ranting and raving.

  47. Many of the people on here obviously come here for gun info only, forget the real world, theyll turn to Fox or CNN for ‘that’ How about really disproving something instead of blatant accusations…

    The funny thing to me is, and I don’t agree with anybody on everything, is that when he gets ‘bat crazy’ as some say about liberty, that’s considered crazy, but getting batty over a stupid pointless sports game considered normal. Paul Revere, Jefferson, Henry, and the like were no doubt called batty, terrorists, rabble, seditionous or whatever, they had balls, they understood what was at stake, didn’t care about any majority opinion, which is usually stupid anyway and just did it. If you don’t see how crazy the world really is beyond big/ world government, beyond what’s in your face…. you simply have spent your time doing other things besides researching down the dark rabbit holes which do exist…, which is fine, just don’t pretend to know what you are talking about, because you don’t.

    As for the few of you who are thinking, enlightenment and spiritual journeys come from within, you can’t make these people ‘get it’ It cannot be shown, it must be seen….


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