Quote of the Day: Non-Gun Free Zone Edition

“I couldn’t help but notice the contrast in the body count between this workplace shooting and the Fort Hood massacre. Workplace shooting sprees don’t last nearly as long when everyone in the office has a gun on their hip. I wonder how many of the Fort Hood victims would be alive if they weren’t prohibited from arming themselves?”  – Anonymous ICE agent at instapundit.com.


  1. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    So much for the dangerous crossfire/innocent bystanders getting shot nonsense that the gun control nuts like to toss around.

  2. avatar Aharon says:

    Go to the linked page and read the full follow-up comments by the same agent:

    “There’s something deeply troubling, even sickening, about a law enforcement agency counseling its armed agents to cower in fear when confronted with a deadly threat. I can only hope that the ICE agent (a mid-level manager, BTW) who stopped the shooter isn’t disciplined for failing to barricade himself in his office”.

  3. avatar Silver says:

    Always nice to see some spurts of logic from the law enforcement branches.

    Thing is, most people like being helpless victims because it removes any responsibility from them and they get to depend on the government/police and stick their heads in the sand. The amount of projection would be through the roof in most office buildings if they allowed workers to carry; there would be those who are responsible citizens, and those who are weak-willed victims who want to drag everyone to their level so they don’t have to face their own weakness. I can only hope as gun rights become more popular, responsible people stop caring about what the weak-willed think about them and their confidence.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    “There’s something deeply troubling, even sickening, about a law enforcement agency counseling its armed agents to cower in fear when confronted with a deadly threat.”

    If there’s anything dumber than ICE agents offing each other, it’s ICE agents claiming that they work for a law enforcement agency.

    1. avatar Ropingdown says:

      Was it the ‘they work’ part or the ‘law enforcement agency’ that grabbed you?

        1. avatar Jake says:

          Each of these last three posts I thought just as my eyes hit them, I thank you for a great guffaw, sirs.

  5. avatar IdahoPete says:

    “DHS requires its agents to take regular online training sessions on a variety of issues (workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, protecting sensitive or classified information, etc.). Last week we completed an online training module on workplace shootings. In the event of a workplace shooting, we were instructed — and I’m not exaggerating — to immediately evacuate the premises and call 9-1-1. If fleeing isn’t possible, we are counseled to find a secure hiding place and silence our cell phones (so that incoming phone calls don’t alert the shooter to our location). Only as a last resort are we advised to confront the shooter.”

    I am deeply reassured to see that DHS is giving the same “cower in fear” advice to its own employees as it gives to the public. I trust that DHS provides the same advice to the FBI, DEA, BATFE, etc., and instructs them to “shelter in place” until professional law enforcement agents (i.e., the local police SWAT team) arrives to save them.

    “The axis of the universe is irony.” (Possibly Isaac Asimov, but don’t quote me.)

    What’s the term? Schadenfreude?

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