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Imagine how excited we were to learn that one of our least favorite shooting venues now offers the option of getting hitched to the sound of gunfire. The Gun Store in Las Vegas has made Emily Miller, their marketing maven, an official officiant so you can do the deed during your hour-long wait for an over-priced lane. If that chick you just met is really that drunk you manage to talk that special someone into what the store’s creatively calling their Shotgun Wedding service, bring a fat wallet. The faint smell of bleach is probably the only thing that comes at no extra charge. And given the likelihood of getting lasered during your ceremony, you’ll want to trade the black tie and lace for a sturdy pair of Kevlar vests. Just be sure to list your guns in the pre-nup to avoid a nasty court fight later on, OK?

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  1. yoh dudes, whats your problems with guns ?? its the guys that don’t know what there doin with them. same as jerks in office. i got signed up with this thiong what exactly what is this thing??? i truly love my guns. if there was a problem or a question i’d go to a gun shop or ask anyone about or be schooled on it. ok guys thats all. now rip me apart but i can take it. gary

    • Welcome, Gary. I’m pretty sure you’ll find most of the commenters here are every bit as pro-gun as yourself. Have a read around and check out the “About Us” link at the very top of the page. Again, welcome.

    • I don’t think any of us have problems with guns (except for mikebunchanumbers). You apparently have problems with your shift keys. You might want to go have those fixed.

  2. Shooting is safe. Getting married is dangerous. Easiest way for a modern womyn to own her own house:

    1) Get married.
    2) Have kids.
    3) Kick him out of the house claiming domestic violence to her and that he is a danger to the kids.
    4) House is often fully hers and he still has to pay house payments for her. She gets alimony (sometimes for life) and child support.
    5) Case closed.
    6) Next: Marry a new fool.

    “Just be sure to list your guns in the pre-nup to avoid a nasty court fight later on, OK?”
    — I’ve read that sometimes pre-nups are upheld by the divorcing judge and other times they get thrown out. BTW, in cases when a divorcing wife makes claims of domestic violence to better position herself (legally for power and money) a man can easily loose his guns and the legal right to own one.

      • No Moonshine. That is one mistake that I have never made. I have had many friends, co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, etc who were married or in long term relationships with modern womyn. Some of those buds have kids and others don’t. All of those men have horror stories. I have worked in firms and had negative experiences because of feminist influences.

        Long ago, I saw the writing on the wall of what was going on in America behind the feminist wallpapering propoganda. I’ve read and studied the ‘gender’ issues and that is why I am an MRA Men’s Rights Activist. For mostly unrelated reasons also a strong supporter of the RKBA. Feminist influence can be tied to the explosion in one-parent families and the crime that results. Eighty-five percent of men in prison for a second violent offense were raised in single parent families which usually means a matriarchal led home life. It’s become a self-perpetuating vicious cycle.

        • Interesting. Would it surprise you to hear that the classic “nuclear” family can still be had? That there exist women who desire that sort of life?

        • Sure of course MRA’s know that NAWALT ‘not all women are like that’. The problem is knowing for sure you have found one and that she won’t ‘change’ over time since the laws and social attitudes are biased in her favor and against men. I’m aware there are still good nuclear families yet that is one high risk gamble I am not willing to take with my life.

          Just happened to read a piece about a man who has to keep working at age 75 providing his ex-wife from 50 years ago with her lifetime alimony support.

          Not me no way no how.

        • 🙂 Yeah, long term from all the additional expenses spent on the wife from shoes and jewelry to furnishing the house her way and then divorce and all the new forms of ongoing financial theft from the now ex-husband, it would be cheaper to see a five-star call girl once a week for a lifetime.

          Seriously, do the math.

        • Spending $500,000 on a classy and skilled escort over many years is often less money than a man will lose err have stolen from him after years of spending a large part of his income on his wife’s numerous whims and endless demand$, the loss of the house and its furnishings to her, and the possibility to then be responsible for ongoing alimony to her for life.

    • Every word is gospel. Second wife did the exact number to ahem, a “friend” of mine, including losing my, I mean his, guns, for 6 months till the divorce was finalized. The entire scenario was phony bull$hit.

      • Thank you. Sorry to read about your um ‘friends’ knife in the nuts err I mean the back. The womyn’s claims are usually phony bs and most DV starts with the female striking the male. Most men don’t realize that the only thing standing between themselves and a cold jail cell is the ongoing good will of their wife/girlfriend/lover. Probably the worst thing to most mothers (possibly worse than a violent assault or even rape) would be to find themselves deprived by law and society of seeing and being with their children. Yet, making up lies to the police and courts are what millions of womyn have no moral problem doing to deprive their children’s father off his right to see his own children.

        • Yep, even spent an evening in the local pokey due to her trumped-up BS. My friend, I mean. Thankfully, no alimony.

        • Your ‘friend’ got off lightly with not having to pay alimony. Lots of innocent men have spent the night or several locked up based on nothing more than a woman’s accusations. BTW, women are virtually never held accountable for filing false police reports.

          By now, most men should know better to not get married with what has been going on for the past forty-five years in America. Modern marriage version 2.0 is the kiss of death business contract to most men.

    • Well, I’ve been blessed to be married for over 30 years now. Blessed is the operative word. We’ve put up with each other — and had to forgive each other more than once — and it has been worth it.

      I do understand and even sympathize somewhat with the MRA types, and am thankful not to have “been there”.

      BTW, many of my friends are in the same boat as I am.

  3. Guys, you don’t need to go through the whole married and divorced thang. You can save a lot of time just by finding a woman you hate and buying her a nice house.

    • Lewis Grizzard, some time in the 80s, if I recall. “I don’t get married anymore. Every three years I just find a woman I can’t stand and buy her a house.”

      That was humor (Lewis was a humorous, non-bitter man). Most of the misogynist comments above are a different matter altogether.

      • You haven’t gotten to your first divorce yet, have you? I have literally lived the exact scenario Ahoron laid out, except the alimony. Spend a night behind bars due to no other reason than marrying a piranha in sheep’s clothing and your perspective changes quick. I still love women but am determined to never put myself at some piranha’s mercy again. Marriage works for some people, just not very many.

        • NTE,

          Some people are naive or have a political agenda. Calling someone a misogynist is generally used to try and intimidate anyone who questions or criticizes their political movement pointing out how it unjustly hurts and discriminates against men. The far-left and feminists are known for reacting with personal attacks and labeling, and not rational arguments and facts.

          Modern Marriage version 2.0 or 3.o (wherever we are now) is very dangerous and risky for men. Even when a womyn tells you she is not a feminist that is not true since virtually every womyn in America has been, to various degrees, poisoned err influenced by feminism which is essentially a female-supremacist male-hating ideology that preaches victimization and entitlement. They have achieved special class privileges based on their sex alone and yet are seldom held accountable for their individual actions.

    • I’ve been married for 16 years now. But I recall a fella advising me, “Why buy a book when there is a library in town?” I love my wife, but if something were to happen and she was no longer in the picture, I would not remarry. My dad went thru 4 wives, I learned a lot from watching what he went thru.

      • I’m saying this gently, since I obviously don’t know your Dad (and I have been married more than once, but only once unhappily) – if you find yourself in a series of rotten relationships with women, you should realize that many men seek out just those women who have the character flaws that complement their own character flaws in such a way as to guarantee unhappiness for all involved.

        Executive summary – spend more time looking in the mirror than harshing on women.

        • No offense taken, my dad is not an easy person to live with. My mom was #1, I got some cool sisters from wife #2, #3 was best forgotten by all involved and #4 was a perfect wife for him. Unfortunately #4 passed away. So he is dating again at the age of 75. My 16 years is longer than any of his marriages, so I think I’m doing ok.


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