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When we posted a somewhat-less-than-enthusiastic review of Benelli’s “simply perfect” MR1 tactical rifle, the gunmaker went ballistic. We explained that our brand demanded that we treat their brand in strict accordance with= our url. The firearms furore eventually settled down (as furores are wont to do). Later, we lauded the company’s coach gun; not once but twice. And now we’ve got a kick ass writer Holly Heyser on the bubble to test shotguns on our behalf. So how about it guys? We’re too poor to buy guns and she’d do your products justice (chips falling where they may). Please ping [email protected]. Meanwhile, as a token of our respect and good faith, in the great spirit of whoring for guns, we offer our readers the press release touting your 3-Gun Team’s success at Superstition Mountain (after the jump). Note to Holly: fingers crossed!

ACCOKEEK, MD (March 29, 2012) –Team Benelli 3-Gun Team member, Taran Butler enjoyed an impressive win this weekend at the nation’s annual Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun—his 11th in a row at this competition.  Competing with a field of nearly 200 top 3-gun shooters, Bulter, Grand Master shooter, 6-time Fort Benning Tactical and Open Champion and five-time USPSA Multi-Gun National Tactical Champion, led the pack taking first place in the Tactical Scope (T/S) division.

Also winning the T/S Division was Katie Harris, who took top honors as Lady Champion and placed 2nd in Junior’s. Other Team Benelli top finishers in the T/S Division were Chris Sechiatano (14th) and Ben Fortin (15th). Kurt Miller took 6th place in the Tactical Limited Division (T/L) and Tony Holmes placed 4th in the Open Division.

Hosting more than 350 shooters, the 2012 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun match was held last weekend at the Rio Salado Sportsman Club in Mesa, Arizona. Considered the longest running and most popular 3 Gun match in the world, Superstition Mountain marked the beginning of the season for the 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Tour.

“I had a great weekend, winning my 11th title in a row at Superstition Mystery Mountain 3 Gun Championship,” said Butler. “Without Benelli’s support I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I’ve done.”


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  1. “When we posted a somewhat-less-than-enthusiastic review of Benelli’s “simply perfect” MR1 tactical rifle, the gunmaker went ballistic.”
    Apparently they are more used to the reviews of Guns & Ammo. I just went back and re-read the review. There wasn’t anything that struck me as snarky or negative, just an honest presentation of the author’s opinion of the weapon. Are Italians really as thin-skinned as the French?

    • Yeah, I think the Gun Magazines are way too in bed with the Manufacturers. I used to get Pistolero Magazine for that reason. TTAG and Randy Wakeman, and Chuck Hawks give fairly honest reviews.

  2. They really didn’t like the review of the MR1? I just re-read it and it was a solid review that provided constructive criticism to the company. If they added a brass deflector and fixed the problem with the mags biting your hand, I’d buy it. And the issue with the cheek welds is easily fixed. You can buy gel comb inserts as a cheek riser. They even have an extra high one that looks perfect for big ol scopes.

  3. I don’t get it. Bryan’s review wasn’t in the least bit harsh or dismissive of the gun. I can only guess that Bryan forgot to mention that the rifle was “a dandy,” “expertly crafted” and “a joy to shoot.”

    I guess that when it comes to some manufacturers, reviewers can have the guns (to test) or they can have the truth, but they can’t have both.

  4. Rereading those old reviews reminded me of two names I haven’t seen around here in a while. One was the reviewer, Roy Hill, and the other was a frequent commenter, CUJO THE DOG OF WAR. Anyone know what happened to them?

  5. Benelli should jump at this opportunity. Shotguns are their forte and almost any gun they send you should impress.

  6. I just read some of Holly Heyser’s work. Well played Mr. Farago. What an excellent addition to your tribe of scribes. Welcome aboard Holly! Sláinte!


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