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“During a visit here,” reports. “Putin watched as the [Olympic] torch was taken apart and put back together, prompting him to quip that the torch’s gas pipe resembles the barrel of the famous Soviet-designed weapon. ‘No matter what you try and make in Russia, it always turns out like a Kalashnikov,’ he joked. Putin’s remark drew smiles from International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge and Sochi 2014 chief organiser Dmitry Chernyshenko. Russian internet users have compared the silver-and-red torch’s shape to a flame used in the logo for Russian state gas firm Gazprom.” Which is completely different and not nearly as funny. And anyway, the new Russian torch looks like a New Age battle axe. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. The Russia that I squared off against all those years ago in the cold war was a backwards, inefficient, crude place. Most of their gear resembled the AK. Crude, rude, nasty, but it worked. If the olympic torch is built like the AK you could burn the world down with that fvcker.

      • Or the RPD. And I couldn’t, back in the day, count the number of times some fellow soldier said “Why the hell don’t we have RPG’s?”

    • Here’s an online article that should provide some interesting reading.

      Even the leadership doubted their own Army’s capability so they maintained the facade (or in Russian, the maskarovka) of looking strong.

      The Soviet Army of the Cold War era was NOT the Red Army that crushed the Nazis. And don’t forget that about 90% of the German Forces (about 280 divisions) were on the Eastern Front. The Western Allies only faced about 30 divisions of which only 10 were actual full-strength frontline divisions. The rest were occupation forces and medical convalescing units.

  2. With all respect to the memory of Gen. Patton, the AK is the best battle implement ever devised.

    • Well, Patton never did live to the AK in action. That said, had he lived, it’s possible the AK would not have been invented. Possible.

  3. Putin is twice the man that Obama is, and so Putin could kick Obama’s @ss. Hillary could kick Putin’s @ss for exactly the same reason.

  4. In reference to above, Putin vs. Obama, we are very lucky to live under Obamas beneficent gaze, in a land where we live free from invasive govt scrutiny, and our leader would never have political dissidents like Bradley Manning or Mark Basseley Youssef (the youtube video maker who caused the Libyan embassy protest) thrown into a gulag.

    Obama we thank thee for protecting the rights of NAMBLA in the Boy Scouts. The savage Putin would have thrown the NAMBLAites into box cars.

    • Dude is a judo expert, ex-KGB, shoots AKs, rides horses, and drives fast things. He’s like Russian James Bond, so I’m sure he’ll have no problem meeting lots of ladies…

      • The Clinton monument is going to be a group of ugly women in the back of a pickup truck on cinder blocks. I mean really, the POTUS couldn’t do better than Monica Lewinsky and Paula what’sherface?

        • During the Clinton era there was no difference between the and One was the site for the official home of the President. The other was a porn site.


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