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It must be said: Dollie O’Day’s desire to withhold her purse from armed perps could have been a fatal mistake. Had Dollie simply surrendered her bag—instead of holding it so tightly one of the bad guys dragged her around the parking lot by its strap— she might not have been shot. I’m not saying that would have been the correct response. But it could have been. Equally, nothing good happens in a parking lot at 2:15am Sunday morning. Maybe Ms. O’Day should have spent the night at her daughter’s house. Wednesday morning quarterbacking, for sure. But this much I know: if Ms. O’Day had had her hand on a J-Frame snubby as she exited her car, well, that would have been better. At least in theory. But if we’re playing the odds against violent crime, armed self-defense is always the way to go. IMHO.

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  1. Classic example of people who never give a thought to what to do if assaulted.Lucky is right. After watching video, i Have my doubts she learned anything from this attack.

  2. We had this experience in a small town in West Virginia. An older woman was attacked on the street for her purse. The older lady said she would have gladly surrendered her purse but he attacked first and it startled her so much that she instinctively clutched tight to the purse. In her case she was recued by other people on the street and the bad guy went to the jail after a visit to the hospital.

    The point I’m trying to make here, I guess is that if you have no experience with street crime you are caught so far off gaurd that you react instead of thinking. In the case of the lady in WV if the thug had simply demanded her purse she would have given it up.

    Must be nice to live somewhere where condition “white” seems normal.

    • Yea it must be nice. I live out in the sticks and Condition White even around here will get you hurt.
      Not really too many BG’s show their face around here( word gets around about multiple firearm houses and people watching out for their neighbors), but the critters can be just as deadly day or night.
      Since the weather has cooled down some been sleeping with the windows open and last night for example heard coyotes real close to the house for probably an hour.
      Always keep loaded pistol and rifle real close by!!!


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