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As Our Man Kozak reported, Sarah Populist Palin’s speech made little more than a head feint towards the Obama Administration re: its record on gun control. How could it be (or not be) otherwise? Barack’s Boyz haven’t made any significant moves against American gun owners, “allowing” the gun control tide to recede. The Left Wing punditocracy noticed the disconnect between Palin’s “lust in his heart for gun-grabbing” Obama accusation and the President’s record. Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue blew his horn in a piece subtly headlined Palin spouts lies at NRA gathering. “Look out America. Sister Sarah Palin took her traveling road show to the National Rifle Association and warned the NRA gullibles that President Barack Obama and his Democratic cronies want to take away their guns, bullets, rocket launchers and anything else they can get their hands on . . .

Of course, Palin had not [sic] facts to back up her claims but facts don’t matter to members of the NRA fantasy world.

“Don’t doubt for a minute that, if they thought they could get away with it, they would ban guns and ban ammunition and gut the Second Amendment,” Palin declared in her high-octave, Betty Boop voice.

Now that’s personal. After rightly pointing out the President’s inaction on gun control, Thompson’s rhetorical rifle fires its final fusillade.

Palin also read some redneck jokes off her cell phone and said “these are me.”

She’s a joke all right but no one is laughing.

Or gloating, Thank God. Anyway, paranoia works well for fund-raising and stirring the troops. And it dies hard, with a vengeance.

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