Pundits Pounce on Palin’s Pandering Paranoia

As Our Man Kozak reported, Sarah Populist Palin’s speech made little more than a head feint towards the Obama Administration re: its record on gun control. How could it be (or not be) otherwise? Barack’s Boyz haven’t made any significant moves against American gun owners, “allowing” the gun control tide to recede. The Left Wing punditocracy […]

NRA(nd) Away We Go…

As RF mentioned earlier, I’m about to fly out to Charlotte, NC for the anual National Rifle Association confab. (And boy will my arms be tired.) The keynote speakers will be Gov. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, so I’m expecting this to be a pretty interesting get-together. Of course, what NRA convention would be complete […]

Sarah Palin Reloaded. Again. Still.

You could say that ex-Alaska governor and current Republican agent provocateur is becoming increasingly bitter and twisted. Or you could say she’s developing a penchant for nasty-ass sarcasm. Either way, Palin is pushing back against allegations that her “RELOAD” Tweet and Facebook gun imagery were over-the-top. OK, inciting violence. Today’s Facebook entry tries to “make […]

Sarah Palin: “Violence Is Not the Answer” So What Was the Question?

“We know violence isn’t the answer,” former Alaska governor and current political provacateur Sarah Palin said on Friday. “When we take up our arms, we’re talking about our vote.” Sure, that makes sense. You do know, of course, that Ms. Palin made this clarification after Tweeting her supporters to “RELOAD” their opposition to Democratic initiatives […]

Sarah Palin Draws Fire For Facebook, Twitter Gun Imagery

“This is just the first salvo in a fight to elect people across the nation who will bring common sense to Washington.” That’s about it for firearm-oriented rhetoric on Sarah Palin’s post-Obamacare Facebook page. But the accompanying imagery [above] has put Palin in anti-Palin commentator’s sights—as if she wasn’t there already. [See: Charles R. Larson: […]

Romney: Palin is Armed and Dangerous

Ha! We SO knew that! Well, actually, not exactly. The only gun we can positively identify as belonging to Republican ex-Governor and non-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the Henry Repeating Arms “Big Boy,” which she has yet to physically claim. OK, back in May ’09, Templar Consulting gave Ms. Palin an engraved Alexander Arms’ 50-caliber […]

Sarah Palin to Headline NRA Meet in May

Gun owner, legal eagle, TTAG writer and Sarah Palin antagonist Justin Berkowitz is going to have bite his lip a little harder, what with the National Rifle Association (NRA) announcing that the populist politician will headline its annual pow-wow in Charlotte on May 14. In a statement to CNN trumpeting their next headliner, NRA executive […]