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“Gun control is a hot topic for many people across the country including in Yakima [WA].” Forgive for the superfluous preposition in a lede so milquetoast even a British pensioner would hunger for something a bit spicier. And credit the newsreader for reading the copy as if she’d seen the words before they materialized on the teleprompter. But note that a non-committal intro to a TV news package is a sure sign that a so-called journalist is about to sacrifice genuine reportage on the altar of “fairness,” showing both “sides” rather than discovering and exposing the facts of the matter. Click here to watch the Mr. Aaron Hilf’s report. Or make the jump for the salient suckage . . .

This weekend a gun show in Yakima was the focus of protestors saying they demand change in state gun sale laws. Thousands of people made there [sic] way through Yakima’s gun show, some browsing, others buying some of the hundreds of guns up for sale at the Fairgrounds. But not everyone was excited for [sic] the show. Protestors gathered Sunday on the second day of the gun show not protesting against owning guns, but rather a loophole in state law.

Yakima is a city of some 90,000 souls. That’s small. I counted four protestors at the show in the opening shot, down to three by the end. The YVPAN has 41 followers on Facebook.

Does that mean the “protest” isn’t worth covering? I suppose that depends on A) How slow a news day it is and B) If their complaint is credible. They report, you deride.

“What we’re specifically protesting is the no background check sale of guns at the gun show,” said Michael Collins [above left] of the Yakima Valley Peace Advocate Network [link added] . . .

“The loophole has got to be closed. People can come in and get all sorts of things including assault weapons… No background checks,” said Carole Sahlstreand [misspelled] of the Yakima Valley Peace Advocate Network.

Define assault weapons. In fact, define “all sorts of things.” And explain why this is a problem. Meanwhile . . .

What’s an anti-war group doing protesting gun show sales? It may have something to do with the fact that the YVPAN is a fan of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Whether or not Mr. Collins was “inspired” by MAIG or directly contacted/financed by Mayor Bloomberg’s boyz is an open question.

One that Mr. Hilf failed to ask. Here’s one I’d like to ask him: why would anyone oppose background checks of firearms sales between private individuals?

UPDATE: Email from Mr. Hilf: “There were 5 or 6 [protestors] while I was there. However, they said more were coming.”

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  1. Oh the irony. Tim in one article, crying on and on about leftists holding up signs behind him saying “tell the truth”, contrasting with your comment of “Whether or not Mr. Collins was “inspired” by MAIG or directly contacted/financed by Mayor Bloomberg’s boyz is an open question.”

    • I don’t think I was crying – I was outraged. And I was outraged at the sheer rudeness of your people. I think Robert’s point is wildly different than the one I made.

    • I know, facts are hard for gun grabbers…they hate facts because it goes against what they want. It is so much easier to make up stuff to help cause:

      So, from what I can find, this was a WASHINGTON ARMS COLLECTORS Show.

      Per their website, here are the rules:

      4. Fully automatic firearms other than those displayed by law enforcement or military organizations, or parts to convert semiautomatic arms to fully-automatic are prohibited. Dummy, replica, or registered Title II firearms must be accompanied by a clearly-readable sign stating that the item in question is not a machine gun.

      6. Firearm sales to — or purchases from — non-members or persons prohibited by law from firearms ownership/possession are totally forbidden. Violation will lead to immediate and permanent expulsion as a member of WAC. [meaning, unless you are a member, you cannot even have a table at the show (see website)]

      17. Any member who is required to conduct a NICS background check on a sale of a firearm to a member at a gathering of members and who receives a denial, must IMMEDIATELY report said denial and the identity of the prospective purchaser to the Show Manager or his designee. Failure to report such information may be cause for disciplinary action.

      18. Any member whose attempted purchase of a firearm at a gathering of members is denied by NICS is immediately suspended and must surrender his or her badge forthwith. The suspension of such member shall terminate upon reversal of the NICS denial.

      All sales require a background check according to their membership website. Any private sales, are not allows even in the parking lot. Which means if there are private sales, they are not happening at the gun show.

      More facts at the URL:

      • yeah thats what I thought I’ve bought several firearms from gun shows and I had to do a background check on all of them. Theres usually a bunch of cops outside to prevent that from happening. But I have seen cases where two people are talking to each other about there collections and then later make a deal outside of the show but at that point its more of a private sell not really part of the show itself.

  2. Hell, I wish there WAS a “Gun Show Loophole.” For those of us who already own several guns and have a concealed carry permit, submitting to a NICS check and/or filling out paperwork has nothing to do with safety or crime prevention. At that point, it’s just about exerting control over me.

  3. I do like how they insist on calling it a gun show loophole. They’re so uninformed about the laws they want to change they don’t even know it has nothing to do with gun shows.

  4. Ahh, the insipid whinging of the anti-gun crowd. Blissfully unencumbered by fact, logic, or the slightest idea what the hell they’re talking about.

  5. Gun control: the belief that private citizens engaged in the transfer of private property in a private transaction is a loophole.

  6. Clueless as they are to proper response to violent crime, it’s easier to go after the law abiding with restrictions designed to “do something” about gun violence.

    How about we make prison a lot less comfortable and a lot more permanent?


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