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“I’m not saying take guns away from people. People should have the right to have guns. But it has to be used in a safe environment. If you want to go hunting, if you want to go to a shooting range, that’s totally fine. Why do we need guns on University campus? Why the hell would we need them in bars?” – Ana Kasparian, host, The Young Turks Show

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  1. I would have really enjoyed seeing some arguments based in fact. And no, I don’t believe having concealed carry on a college campus is like everyone in the world having nuclear weapons.

  2. Why do we need guns on University campus? Why the hell would we need them in bars?” – Ana Kasparia

    So when the person that doesn’t respect our laws and is intent on killing many people shows up with a large knife or gun, we can put him down like a rabid dog.

    In China and Europe, where guns are banned, criminals use large knives to commit mass killings.

    The only people that will follow your silly law against guns would be law abiding citizens. Therefore only the criminal will be armed, and the citizens will be defenseless.

    Why would you set innocent people up to be slaughtered like that? Have you NO morals or ethics?

  3. Perhaps the anti-gun crown finds comfort in their naive belief that they will never have to play defense. It’s easier to deny that possibility than to take responsibility and actually prepare for it.

  4. That she’s even asking the question means she hasn’t actually listened to any of the arguments, and is speaking purely out of irrational emotion. No surprise there, as that’s how most of these arguments go. Properly carried guns make environments safer, not less safe.

    • Sure thing ern, “Properly carried guns make environments safer, not less safe.”

      You seem to be assuming that all concealed carry guys act properly. They don’t. That’s the problem.

      The reports that you guys keep referring to showing what a low percentage of permit holders do gun crimes are not trustworthy. Some percentage of CCW permit holders fuck up, just like any other group, and that’s what’s not acceptable in places like college campuses.

      • Then show me all the instances of people doing concealed carry who have, in your words, “fucked up.” If it is as prevalent as you suggest, coming up with a nice list of examples should be fairly easy, no?

      • So, if there are all these examples of CCW permit holders “fucking up” then you should be able to point me to a few without any problems, right? The fact that you say “some percentage” suggests that you have no idea how many actual instances there are. I’d be interested to see this data you have. Please share.

      • Absolutism is a lousy argument in human societies, Mike. Some percentage of people involved in any activity fuck up. Often with detrimental or fatal consequences. Some people fuck up walking down the sidewalk. This is not cause for legal intervention in these activities. It’s only worthy of noting that living will kill you.

        Fear of firearms tends to overwhelm rational thought processes. I get that. I just think it’s silly.


    • Truth. There’s a lot of people with the right to carry who have caused criminals to re-think their motives and targets, causing overall crime rates to go down in areas allowing concealed carry.

      A person has a natural right to self-protect and self-defend. Those who state that the 1st Amendment is only for government convenience, to have access to quickly-available militias, miss the point entirely.

      And there’s nary a word in the 1st Amendment about hunting or target shooting; those benefits of gun ownership are merely icing on the cake.

  5. “But it has to be used in a safe environment.” HA! If my environment was safe, I wouldn’t need a firearm, now, would I?

  6. As a point of technicality, isn’t the age to buy a handgun much less get a CCW 21?

    Wouldn’t the age restriction preclude a great number of students from having a firearm?

    • As with all things firearm related, it depends. Maine for example it is 18.

      Also, not sure if they are still able to do this, but Clarkson University in upstate NY used to have a shooting team and if you where part of the team you where able to carry. This is going way back when my brother was at that school, no idea what it is now.

      In other news, rape, including date rape is the #1 crime on many campuses and is often under reported or swept under the rug by schools, BUT, they choose guns on campus as an issue of which there is none — because as always lets focus on the emotionally charged issue versus real issues that exist.

    • “As a point of technicality, isn’t the age to buy a handgun much less get a CCW 21?”

      The answer is that it depends.

      FFL-holders are generally prohibited from transferring handguns to anyone under the age of 21.

      However, gun dealers are NOT the only source for legally acquiring handguns; In PA, for example, county Sheriffs have the legal standing to transfer handguns between persons 18 and up, and Commonwealth/federal laws permit transfer of firearms between parents and their children without any sort of paperwork.

      In short, the answer is that, while it is *possible* to legally buy (or otherwise come to own) a handgun before one is 21 years old, it is generally much more complicated, and much more difficult in practice.

  7. It would have been very helpful to the victims if they had at least one gun at their disposal while waiting the 11 (eleven minutes) for the police to show up.

    How many lives were lost because the students and teachers were disarmed that day? Cho killed himself at the first contact with defensive force. The FIRST CONTACT.

    Va Tech was lucky that Law Enforcement was already on campus. That 11 minutes could have been longer without the head start LE had.

  8. “Why do we need guns on University campus?”Okay, if you insist, I’ll whollop that horse carcass … * 12/6/89 Ecole Polytech, Montreal, QC: 29 people needed guns. * 5/21/98 Thurston High School, Springfield, OR: 24 people needed guns. * 4/20/99 Columbine High School, Littleton, CO: 37 people needed guns. * 4/16/07 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA: 58 people needed guns.Then again… * 1/16/02 Appalachian School of Law, Grundy, Virginia: 2 people HAD guns. Poor little Peter Odighizuwa had his body count cut short. Sucks to be him.

    I can, of course, go on (and on and on and on…)

  9. Where better to have a pro-gun rally for campus carry than Virginia Tech?

    If my child were murdered there, I would lead the protest.

  10. Um, because things like Virgina Tech happen? And even one person carrying could’ve stopped it? Pretty obvious. Seriously, how do these people function?

    The problem is that people like this can’t differentiate between legal, law-abiding gun-owners and madmen with guns. It’d be like questioning why young adults need cars, because drunk drivers and good drivers are all the same. In the end it’s just “guns=evil” and it’s all the guns’ fault.

    Similarly, I doubt people like this can fathom someone wanting to be self-reliant or responsible for his own safety.

  11. “You are supposed to drink and party and have a good time” WTF!!!!!

    I went to school to get an education, not to party

    • Nicolas,

      Great point! I’m sure all of the parents out there paying tuition (like me) are happy to hear that higher education is all about partying and “having fun”.

      Gun ownership and CCW teaches responsibility; maybe this crowd needs some of that!

  12. When I went to college, one of the Campus Securtiy Officers played Quick Draw McGraw and put a .357 round through several walls of a couple of temporary office buildings. I always took great comfort in the fact that the Campus Security Police were armed and dangerous.

  13. Are you all familiar with this quote?

    “I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.”

    Richard Hickler, Virginia Tech Spokesman, Jan 31, 2006. A year and a half later on April 16, 2007, 33 students and professors were murdered at Mr. Hickler’s school, Virginia Tech.

    Why have the protest at Virginia Tech? Because they lead the effort to make sure Cho had disarmed victims.

  14. I think my comment upthread got lost. I’ll try to repeat it here.

    Sure thing ern. “Properly carried guns make environments safer, not less safe.”

    That would be true if every single concealed carry guy acted properly. But they don’t.

    The statistics you guys keep throwing around showing how low a percentage of CCW permit holders fuck up, are not trustworthy. The truth is some percentage is unfit and does wrong, the same is true of any group, and it’s not that ridiculously low percentage you say.

    That’s what we object to, the percentage of gun owners who are not responsible and have somehow succeeded in acquiring a concealed carry permit anyway.

  15. If you are in a bar and drinking,you shouldn’t be carrying.
    Just common sense,because no matter what you do,you’ll be wrong if you have any blood alcohol level at all.Even if you’re right.
    However,I believe that decision should be left to the individual and that person owns the consequences of poor judgement.

    • “However,I believe that decision should be left to the individual and that person owns the consequences of poor judgment.”

      Precisely. Don’t make it illegal to carry a gun in a bar, just make it MORE illegal to commit crimes while drunk and using a gun.

      In other words, punish the assholes, and don’t let them screw things up for the rest of us.

  16. Honestly, there are people you can have this argument with, and there are people you cannot. Having spent a significant amount of time on a college campus in the last few years, I’ve learned to simply walk away from the people you cannot, because no matter what you say, they’re not going to hear it.

    For the record, just based on what I saw in that video, I think the guy would listen to my point of view, even if he continued to disagree, even if he thought I was crazy. I think the girl wouldn’t hear a word I said, and would probably attempt to interrupt me and shout me down.

    The guy would be good for a conversation, and we would part on friendly terms. The girl… well, the conversation would probably never happen. I’d excuse myself and try to find less shrill company.

  17. I love it when a libtard asks me “why do you need” this or that. Then I notice that they drive a car that can easily do two or three times the highway speed limit. Why do they need that? Isn’t a regular car dangerous enough?

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