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If you’re a GOP presidential candidate – and you want to have a prayer of nailing down the nomination – you’re pro 2A. Or you profess that you are, at least. Say what you want about individual candidates’ authenticity, they’re all fully aware on which side their bread is buttered. The Daily Caller asked each of the remaining Republicans what guns they own and to name their favorite. Their answers may tell you something about the candidates. Just what that is, I’m not too sure…

We can split the bunch into three groups:

Those that answered the survey:
Rick Santorum – seven guns in all, with a Kimber 1911 as his fave
John Huntsman – a non-specific .22 rifle is his preference. He also owns a shotgun and a .38 revolver.

Those that didn’t respond:
Newt Gingrich – no answer from his campaign
Mitt Romney – his people didn’t respond either, but claims he’s an avid varmint hunter.

And those that were cagey about the contents of their gun safes:
Michele Bachmann – wouldn’t get specific about what she has, only that her favorite is an AR-15
Ron Paul – owns guns, but also wasn’t comfortable disclosing details
Rick Perry – his campaign wouldn’t comment, but he’s famously known to own at least a coyote-deadly Ruger LCP

All in all, evasion is probably the better part of valor here. If you’re a public figure, why let the entire world know if – never mind what – guns you own? Come to think of it, that’s good advice for just about everyone.

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  1. If I was running for office and wanted to burnish my credentials I would at least give an approximate count and my favorite. They should have a fair amount of security and a safe, and they chose to live in a fishbowl anyway.

    • Thats the beauty of being the “HNIC”, if the laws don’t suit you, just ignore them. Do you really think that the President would get booked for having an “illegal” handgun? Hell no. Laws are for us commoners.

    • No, as Commander in Chief, he is on active duty and can carry. I believe every state has an exemption for active duty military carrying firearms.

      There is not a single prosecutor that would go after him for it.

  2. Santorum…Likes his Kimber. Twice the price and half the performance of a Ruger or Smith and the finish wears off after a month. Figures.

    Huntsman has a .22, .38 and a Shotgun. Covered all his bases, sensible…and boring.

    Newt Gingrich – No reply. No surprise there, after all Felons are prevented from owning guns…Right?

    Romney – is a varmint hunter…Really? Really Mitt? Why do i have such trouble believing that. What do you hunt them with… Doublespeak?

    Bachmann likes her Ar. Hmmm….well I guess pictured her as a snub-nose-.38 type. At least she buys American.

    Ron Paul – No surprises here. I can picture him in blaze orange. Probably because he looks a little bit like my Grandfather. I bet he does a neat job field-dressing a deer, being a doctor and all.

    Perry – Comon Rick, we know you have more than the ol’ LCP.

      • During the last election year, I saw what appeared to be a photo-shopped picture of her standing next to a swimming pool wearing a tiny red white and blue bikini, and holding an AR.

    • “Bachmann likes her Ar. Hmmm….well I guess pictured her as a snub-nose-.38 type. At least she buys American.”

      What does country of manufacture have to do with anything?

    • “Santorum…Likes his Kimber. Twice the price and half the performance of a Ruger or Smith and the finish wears off after a month. Figures.”


  3. More than my wife thinks I need, not as many as I want.

    Fav: The one I am shooting at the time.

    You don’t have to own a gun, to be a fan and supporter of the Second Amendment or the Consitutuon

  4. If it were a make it or break it issue.

    ‘Rick Santorum – seven guns in all, with a Kimber 1911 as his fave”

    He’s the Man!

  5. Real gun owners don’t tell folks about their inventory. Remember Fred Thomson’s line when asked …. I have enough but not all I want.

  6. I thought Huntsman’s reply was pretty smart. They’re the sort of guns that anyone might have had handed down from grandpa, and saying he enjoys the .22 suggests that the sport appeals to him, but that he’s not into killing things. Very politic.

  7. Its not about what guns they own, its about what guns they’re going to legislate against. If you think that their personal ownership of firearms would make them hesitate even a second before selling out the second amendment for a slight political advantage, I believe you all are sadly mistaken.

    • Dr. Dave, I agree wholeheartedly. I know of many friends that have semi auto shotguns and 1911’s, but do not understand why anyone needs AR’s or pistols that have magazines with a capacity over 7 or 8 (like their 1911’s). And no, I’m not talking about liberals or democrats, these are conservatives and tea partiers. So just saying I own this or that means nothing to me. It’s how you feel about all weapons in the hands of law abiding Americans!

  8. I like the comment of a Western gubernatorial candidate in a recent election cycle who when asked how many guns he owned answered, “More than I need and less than I want.” And he was a Democrat.


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