Man walking down Fresno street carrying a AR-15 rifle arrested
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Every year, the calls go out as the end of the year nears: please don’t shoot your gun into the air to celebrate the new year. It seems that plea wasn’t heard by a Fresno man, Juan Rolons. Cops who were on patrol heard the sound of gun fire and . . .

They responded to the area and saw a man walking with an AR-15 rifle.

Perhaps Mr. Rolons wasn’t aware that California had outlawed the open carry of long guns back in 2012. He clearly didn’t want to run out of ammo while ringing in the new year, as he was also toting a full ammo can when police found him.

Detectives confronted the man in the street. At first, he was uncooperative and acting intoxicated police say.

Finally, he began listening to the officer’s commands before the situation escalated.

We’re certainly pleased to hear that Mr. Rolons walked away from the encounter without any additional orifices. Now that he’s sobered up though, he has some legal issues to deal with. The report indicates he’s facing a weapons possession charge, so there’s a decent chance he has a criminal record that prohibited him from owning a firearm. We’d guess that additional changes such as discharging the rifle within city limits, reckless endangerment and illegal open carry may follow soon, too.



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  1. But he was just getting his life turned around. I’m pretty sure he was also an altar boy when he was younger.

  2. How adorable. The po-po laid out the rounds so the sheeple can see all the bad puppy-killer bullets. 8>)

    (Well, at least there were some rounds to display. I think that TTaG had a recent police photo with a handgun and three (3) rounds from the magazine. Oooh.)

    • Cops find some strange stuff.

      My neighbor was telling me the other week that they found a stolen 9mm in a stolen, and crashed, truck. 5 rounds in a 15 round mag, all different. The top round was actually a .40 and someone had taken pliers to the top of the mag to bend it to fit that round in.

      When arrested the perp complained that the mag wouldn’t seat into the mag well properly…

      • But if we don’t spend thousands of dollars and all our free time training to be operating operators we don’t stand a chance against these super bad guys…..

      • “The top round was actually a .40 and someone had taken pliers to the top of the mag to bend it to fit that round in.”
        That’s like, an impressive level of stupid.
        Welp. These twits don’t turn to a life of crime because they were too smart for an honest job… thank God the stupid ones are the majority we’ll have to face.

    • Thank goodness Crappyfornias new ammunition restrictions will completely block felons like this from acquiring that much ammo. What a horror it is to think of him owning that much death and destruction. He must have been getting ready for a mass murder. Im pretty sure he cant drive across the border either to refill. Say goodbye to 300+ rounds of 62g greentips…

      • Scarcity will make them kill for it. Like The Book of Eli.

        Come to think of it, they’ll likely rename all of CA cities “Scare City”.

    • I like to stand them up like Domino’s and spell out my name. Being Polish it takes a lot of ammo. Then I do it in cursive so snowflakes can’t read it.

  3. A weapons possession charge does indeed sound like he was already a prohibited possessor. Thank goodness for such laws, like those barring felons from possessing firearms, because it’s a slam dunk case to throw them back in prison.

    I know, I know, “anyone who can’t be trusted with a firearm, can’t be trusted to walk the streets.” I get it; the problem is that the public doesn’t. You can’t just lock up for life on the first offense the scum that we all know will become career criminals. Just about eveyone gets a second chance. Hell, even in Texas, not only do we have such a law, it’s even named the “Second Chance Law”, as I recall. (This one pertains to DWI offenses up to .14 BAC.)

    So we let the felons out, bar them from guns, then send them right back to prison via the express lane when they invariably screw up again and prance around with a gun.

    Recidivism is voluntary. Here’s to stupid people making stupid decisions.

    • The charge could be from the type of AR carried. If it’s a ‘real’ ar with bayo lug, flash hider, mag release and shoulder thingy that goes up it wouldn’t matter if his record was squeaky clean.

      • If you look at the photo of the ammo it makes me think he was using clips and probably a fixed mag.

        • Possibly. But if that is surplus green tip ammo it may have come on those stripper clips. We used to get the bandolier with 2 ten round clips in each pocket. We had a piece called a ‘spoon’ to attach to our mags and strip the ammo into them.

          M16s with the full auto switch ate a lot of ammo.

  4. I never feel like open carrying an AR with an ammo can and shooting into the air when I drink. I must be drinking the the wrong stuff.

    • This is cultural enrichment. One of the many fine traditions of Mexico, is that it rains bullets on pretty much any festive occasion.

  5. It’s not illegal to open carry a firearm in CA. It’s illegal to open carry in an incorporated area. Otherwise hunting would be banned. At least with firearms.

    And I’m not aware of any state that allows you to randomly discharge any firearm within incorporated areas.

    • Yeah, I am pretty sure that most states ban discharging firearms in incorporated areas, and even if they don’t pretty must every municipality has a law against since randomly discharging firearms into the air in a populated area is pretty obviously a bad idea.

      • Right.

        If you’re going to shoot up in the air, do it straight up. Shoot perpendicular to mean level ground. Correct for wind, and the Coreolis Effect. Call your shot, and stand there and watch it for a few minutes.

  6. It is not a requirement of voting to be able to actually name who your current congressional representative or senators are.
    Likewise, many people avail themselves of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms without the slightest clue what that right actually means or what the laws are in their state.
    I’ve long since stopped being surprised at the level of ignorance seen outside of the circle of this website and others like it: the truth is, we here on TTAG are kind of weird… we are intimately aware of our rights and the law. And I haven’t the slightest idea of how to improve on the ignorance of the general public without violating the right we hold most dear.
    Still… it’s very frustrating when one of the wilfully ignorant of this world is held up as an example of what the rest of us are.

  7. I’m getting a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome vibe about this guy’s appearance. Maybe tax payer attorney can get him off on basis of demenished mental capacity?

    • Another valid argument in favor of mandatory sterilization for those who prove to be unable to make good decisions?
      Darwin was wrong: human nature has proven that the weakest and least productive of our species are the most likely to reproduce.

      • Unfortunately, natural selection only makes us better when surviving and reproducing are difficult. As easy as it is now, the environment actually favors stupidity. If we want it to favor intelligence, we would need to strip the government to its bones, and cultivate populations of large predators in densely populated areas. Lack of welfare etc. along with the chance of a pack of wolves eating you as you go to work would make surviving and passing on one’s genes much harder.

      • Darwin was not wrong.
        Take away the taxpayer-funded health care (beginning with obstetrical services), free food housing, etc. and let morons fend for themselves like they had to 100 years ago, and we would have fewer Democrats.

        • Yes. Yes Darwin was most assuredly wrong.

          Hilariously, ridiculously, pathetically wrong.

          He was almost as much of a plagiarizing, low-functioning imbecile as Einstein, and between the two of them, it’s going to be centuries extricating ourselves from the scientific cul-de-sac civilization is now in.

          Evolution is as much of a religious dogma as, well, creationism is. It would be funny if it weren’t for the centuries of un-f**king it will require.

          Where is Nikola Tesla when you need him?

      • Bicycle helmets on kids should not be mandatory, they should be prohibited. Too many of these little idiots grow up to text while they’re driving, thus endangering us all.

      • War, famines and disease used to take care of most of those issues. Here, we don’t have any of them much any more, least ways not enough to make a difference in the population.

  8. The dude was simply an enterprising entrepreneur, attempting to engage in lawful commerce by selling ammunition before California’s latest blatant infringement on the 2A took effect.

  9. That pic is how the progtards see all gun owners. The low life puke looks like a gang banger with his cute little neck tattoo. Toss his ass in prison for two or three decades.

    • What about sleeveless T-shirts and ‘sleeve’ tats on both arms, in conjunction with a large front neck tat?

  10. What do you want to bet they turn this idiot loose with a stern word and a couple days for “the sake of the community.”

  11. If this guy is an illegal they will reduce the charges to a level misdemeanor so they won’t have to report it to tbe Feds. Sanctuary State and all that.

  12. Seeing this guy and hearing what he was doing, I’m pretty surprised he didn’t end up on a gurney.

  13. P.S: California outlawed the open carry of UNloaded long guns in incorporated areas 2012; it banned the carrying of LOADED long guns in 1969.

  14. Wow, immigrant folks from south of the border will have to learn they can’t just shoot up into the air like they use to do back home.

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