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For ages, SIG SAUER has been known primarily for their all-metal frame handguns. Solid firearms that work reliably every time. Guns like the Mk25 P226 – used by the Navy SEALs – and SIG’s recently introduced line of 1911 handguns. Now SIG is diving head-first into the competitive arena of polymer-framed striker-fired pistols, a market long dominated by GLOCK. SIG’s submission: the P320 . . .

The P320 has been around for a few years in another form, namely the SIG SAUER P250. That handgun had a number of nifty features, such as the ability to remove the small serialized part and assemble a completely different gun. You can swap our parts for a larger grip or a shorter barrel. Changing the caliber is as easy as pie. The P320 takes the lessons learned from that handgun and adds a bit of striker-fired awesomeness to make something very interesting.


According to SIG, “modularity” is the the project’s watchword. As with the P250, the trigger group and striker assembly are the serialized parts. You can remove them completely from the firearm and place them into a different frame with a different barrel for a different caliber. So you can buy a short-barreled P320 for concealed carry, then buy a longer slide, barrel and frame for competition. One gun, any caliber, from .22lr to 45ACP. Better yet, SIG will deliver the parts straight to your door.

The impetus for the design isn’t the American market — it’s Germany. While SIG SAUER is an American owned and run company, they have a European heritage and still manufacture firearms for that market. In Germany citizens are only allowed to have two handguns registered to their firearms license, so the ability to have one small serialized part and get a remarkable number of possible firearm configurations is a big plus. Germans used to need to choose one configuration and stick with it — now they don’t have to.


The real question is how the gun shoots, and having put hundreds of rounds down the pipe in the last few days I can report that it’s pretty good for a striker fired handgun. The trigger is miles better than the GLOCK or S&W M&P stock trigger, and might even be better than the Apex replacement for the latter. It’s short and smooth, but there’s a little bit of a roll to the pull that keeps me from calling it the king of the striker fired guns. Some people like a little roll in their handgun triggers so more power to you, but not me.


As I said to the SIG brain trust the FNS-9 is still my go-to sidearm for competitions, but the P320 is a force to be reckoned with. With the swappable grips, the quick caliber changes, and the famous SIG SAUER quality, the package just gets sweeter and sweeter. The icing on the cake? SIG tells me that the gun will retail for just $50 more than a GLOCK 19.

SIG is sending TTAG a P320 for a full review. We’ll also be giving one away to the readers in another of our popular editorial contests. Until then, stay tuned.

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  1. Interesting to see how it sells. My impression has been that the P250 has not sold well here in the U.S.

    • Tough to say. The P250 is actually a family of firearms, not just a single model, with options in four calibers, three sizes, plus sights and slides. So some versions may be better received by the market than others.

      I remember tracking down the full size in .45acp with Nitron sights we bought last year as being a chore. Lots of places wanted cash up front and they would order it. However, I knew from other sources that Sig was backordered and these people were just trying to play me. I ended up finding one NIB in stock just by chance from a one man, new storefront FFL out of Ohio.

      That P250 has proven to be a flawless piece of machinery, though it’s only at about the 2,000 round mark so far. I’m considering getting another, but in 9mm, if we get open carry next year with the new Governor and Lt. Gov.

    • That’s because the P250 was DAO and had an awful trigger. Sounds like the striker in the P320 is pretry good.

  2. I love the idea of the modularity of these. Thought that about the P250 too, bad early reviews scared me away from them though.

    Hopefully the 320 here will be a winner.

    • I was looking at a P250 C as a contender for a carry pistol for my wife. Some reviews were good and some were not.

      It seemed to me like a lot of the bad ones were nothing more substantive than “It’s not the right pistol for me” or variations of “it’s not the same as pistol x.” And by ‘reviews,’ of course, I mean a lot of ‘forum and blog comments’ by guys that may have shot a few rounds.

      Objectivity in pistol reviews is difficult to find; I don’t like absolute comments like “it’s too small” or “recoil is hard to handle” when that is personal taste/subjective or often downright opinion.

      It takes a lot of work to collect enough information online (from a variety of reviewers so you see good/bad traits from a variety of shooters in various environments with various goals) to make an informed decision. It struck me that the P250 never really got a fair shake from the ‘market,’ though I say that having never fired one.

      We’ll see where the P320 goes. I hope it succeeds.

      • Objectivity in pistol reviews is difficult to find; I don’t like absolute comments like “it’s too small” or “recoil is hard to handle” when that is personal taste/subjective or often downright opinion.

        Indeed it is but I recall more substantive reviews, specifically some reliability problems. I suppose I could be remembering incorrectly, that was several years ago.

        • What would be cool for reviews, especially of new pistols, would be to get say 4-5 shooters together to do a kind of “group review.” Ideally, they would be folks with different emphasis in their shooting or some such.

          I vaguely remember some magazines doing it this way a couple of decades ago – maybe not for every gun reviewed, but at least occasionally.

          That was very helpful. It’s not different than trying to read x reviews, but at they were all in one place, all used the same ammo, shot the same distances, etc.

          And, they could talk / debate / argue (and published some of that, which was likewise helpful) while they tested.

          As for the P250 reviews, I remember reading a lot of really good reviews of the pistol, then being kind of stunned when reading ‘no longer available’ and ‘doing poorly in the market’ and stuff like that. It seemed a disconnect at the time.

          Since then…the ‘negative’ comments have gone way up – or at least that was my own observation. I think a lot of folks read one bad thing (legit or not, doesn’t matter) and repeat it as if it’s known fact. Some people refer to this as “Geezer Science.”

          I could well be wrong, but my perception was that the P250 suffered a lot from that. Maybe it was just “too different” from what folks expected from Sig and that fueled part of it, too.

          Again, though, I’ve never shot one so I cannot say if I liked it or not…just recounting my thinking from reading the online commentary and the evolution of same.

        • Good point, JR. I remember when Mercedes launched a tiny, Honda CRX-esque, “budget” model. It didn’t seem to fit in with the luxury sedans, and I don’t remember that it did too well (lots of spoiled high-school and college girls seemed to have them, but not too many “professionals”).

    • Reviews did scar me, but I went to the range and rented a P250. It wasn’t as bad as others have made it. I’m not use to shooting DA only so I wasn’t as good with it, however my initial shots were spot on. Follow up with DA is what I have trouble with. Don’t always base opinions on reviews, guns tend to shoot differently for different people.

  3. I was literally just about to ask “what’s the point? Why not just buy two guns?” until I read the part about ze Germans. Makes a little more sense now. Still don’t think there’s much application under US laws, but “Because we can” is a perfectly reasonable response to the “why?”

    • Some spouses object to certain spending habits…

      See honey? serial number’s the same – It’s the same gun. 🙂

    • Working more than full time, it’s tough to get a decent gun stor (1.5 hours away) or meet my local FFL guy to take a delivery – he’s a great guy, but works other jobs and has limited free time. So being able to assemble an almost-new gun based on parts where were dropped at the door by UPS is very appealing.

    • They can avoid having to amend their pistol permit in NY. My buddy is literally going to have to wait 11 additional months to have his Wilson combat 1911 added to his permit so that he can take it home from the LGS (Which he bought 6 months ago).

    • There is some application under US laws, namely in California with their one handgun a month restriction. Because the trigger group and striker assembly module is the serialized part, and therefore under US law the firearm, residents of California and anywhere else with similar purchase restrictions can buy one firearm through a dealer and then buy the parts for other calibers whenever they like.

    • That bit is wrong, you’re only limited to two handguns if you have a hunter’s WBK and the barrel is the controlled part in Germany anyway. And it’s not as if the P320 is a target pistol either. I think the real reason is that SIG-Sauer just wants to do mail order sales in the US.

  4. You’ll be getting one for a giveaway? So that will be every third post for a week. Horray I guess.

    • I’m guessing you are a little new around here, or weren’t around for the last pistol giveaway contest. The contest differs from the recent “Register to Win” flurry of posts I think you are referring to. In the contest, readers submit there own original content, the best of which are posted here for all to read. Usually lasts a couple weeks. A winner will be selected by the staff and the prize is a handgun. The link is to the article that won last time.

      FNS-40 Contest Entry: Granting a Marine’s Last Wish

      • Been looking at this site daily since early 2012, stumbled upon it while researching a purchase. I remember and quite enjoyed the FNS giveaways. I was just remarking on how annoying the Walther and KSG contests were. Those should have been banner ads or in the pop ups that this site seems to love so much lately.

        • Sorry, my mistake. I agree that the Walther and KSG giveaways were very annoying. As to the banner ads and pop ups, I use AdBlocker and don’t see any of them. It’s free to download.

  5. The folks in NJ will appreciate the modularity concept. They can now order a new kit without dealing with the purchase permit BS. Ditto NY State and Hawaii.

  6. Is this a refinement of the 250, or is this an entirely new design? Because I love the idea behind the 250 even if I don’t love the gun itself, and I could get begind this completely (especially with the decidedly un-SIG price).

    Also, does this mean that different-caliber magazines are the same thickness? That would imply to me either an unusually thick (and high-capacity) 9mm magazine, or a comparatively low-capacity .40/.45 pistol.

    • Its supposed to be the successor. Striker fired, reproportioned based on consumer feedback, and less expensive.

  7. Does it have restrike? HK is rumored to be making a striker-fired P30 successor with restrike. It would seem likely to me that Sig, the king of DA/SA, would also not want to give that up after running hammers for so long.

    • IMO restrike isn’t really a significant feature on an EDC. If it doesn’t go boom, chuck the round and get a new one in. I’d rather have to do that than hope a second strike does the job.

      • I hear you, but restrike > no restrike. You’re likely going to reflexively squeeze the trigger several times after it goes click anyway. Everyone’s encountered a second strike doing the job on a semi-dud centerfire round at some point or another. And nothing stops you from going for the rack either way. It’s the only thing striker fired designs give up to dual action hammers, and it would be nice if that gap were closed. I would think a DA/SA shop like Sig would be the one to do it, but I guess HK will be the first.

        • I hear ya and understand the position that having the capability and not using it is better than not having it and needing it. I guess I just fall on the side of why risk it so I just train towards that and choose ammo I know is reliable in my EDC. I see value in what you suggest, though.

  8. For a striker-fired gun that does not need to accommodate a hammer, that backstrap is way too low. Ever since getting my Glock, the SIGs (which I started off with, and still have an emotional attachment to because they originally came from my hometown) have felt horribly clunky.

    • Wow, I’m a Glock guy but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone refer to a Glock as anything other than clunky/blocky.

      The only ones I find particularly aesthetically pleasing are the long slide variants. I wish i could carry my 34…

  9. The P22 giveaway was annoying. But, I really enjoyed the reader content generated by the FNS-9 giveaways. Please do this giveaway like the FNS-9 ones.

    • The P22 giveaway was done in partnership with another outlet. I think the P320 will be like the FNS-9 stuff.

  10. if i remember correctly, the kits to swap to a new caliber or size cost just about as much as a new gun and to me that takes away all benifit here. the cool part about the 250 was they had a set that came with the full size and subcompact together for not much more than one by itself.

    • Nope, exchange kits can be purchased for around $200. Barrel, slide, grip. So changing size or caliber is possible. Grip frames may be bought seperately. They are $45 from Sig, cheaper on the street. Come in small, medium, large. Pistols and exchange kits ship with medium, unless special ordered.

      One nifty feature is the compact magazine, fits in the sub, with an additional finger grip (that slides on the longer magazine), give the sub a full fingers grip. Plus adds capacity.

  11. For the naysayers out there. I have owned the P250 for two years. Love it! Ease of use and maintenance/cleaning is miles ahead of my Beretta, Glock, S&W. No extra controls. Being DAO, all the numerous controls are gone!

    Your safety is two fold. Learn to control your finger. Plus the long trigger pull. Long? Oh yeah. For those who love their revolvers, they will be at home with this. I paid $450 for the 2 sum kit. In effect two pistols for the price of one. No need to practice or learn different pistols. My full size and sub compact operate the same.

    Poor reviews? None I could find. Big complaint was the trigger pull. Duh! It’s DAO, what do you expect?

    The P320 is on my list.

    • JPD, I have to agree with you. I have gocks, and S&W M&Ps, and the P250 shoots nicely. price was less than the M&P, and felt just as good. I was surprised at the recoil (lack of) in the 45 ACP. Long trigger I am used to from the glocks and S&Ws as well as revolvers. 2 mags to get very comfortable… well worth the investment. I will admit though, getting accessories is difficult at best.

  12. “pretty good for a striker fired handgun.”
    Compared to what?

    Is that like saying, “You play basketball pretty good for a girl?”

    • No, it’s saying that Sig has traditionally not been in the striker fired handgun market and it’s not completely fair to compare different actions.

      Most of what people “know” or think of when they hear “Sig” will be a SA/DA action and Sig’s reputation based on that. This is sorta new for Sig, so essentially the point seems to be that you should judge this on its own merits not on Sig’s reputation or past success.

      At least that’s how I read it.

  13. This reminded me I need to order a 9mm barrel for my P30.

    This is an attractive package but I will wait for at least the third version. A new model is one thing, but a totally new system for the company is another.

  14. I don’t see a threaded barrel available anywhere on the internet. Same problem with CZ P09. If you need a threaded barrel, good luck.
    I got a stainless threaded barrel for my Glock for $109.00 delivered to my door.

    • Then if you NEED a threaded barrel buy a Glock.

      Why does every pistol have to have EVERY feature? Or, more to the point, why does every pistol have to be “just like this one that I already own?”

      Not everyone NEEDS (or wants) a threaded barrel; manufacturers of goods assess different markets and seek to provide the feature set and options that appeal to particular niches.

      In other words, your comment looks like nothing more “This new pistol is not my Glock. Therefore there’s something wrong with it.”

      • Don’t get your panties in a wad. My point is every article on this gun says that the threaded barrel is available. Where?
        I am not even that fond of my Glock but it is annoying to look at a Sig, CZ, HK etc. and find that threaded barrels cost 200, 300, even close to 400 dollars IF you can find one.

        • “Don’t get your panties in a wad.”


          Ok; sorry if I sounded grouchy in my reply. I (mistakenly) took your comment as a “I own pistol x; pistol y has different features, so it is not as good as x” type rant and I, uh, ranted against that.

          On a more congenial note, the best I can offer is that there must not be that much of a market for it for those brands / models. It stinks, for sure; I almost always seem to end up with the one model (of anything) that does not have a lot of after market options.

          As to price…”Whatever the market will bear” and all that…

  15. I had (the operative word being “had”) a p250 in .45. God awful trigger, and couldn’t hit anything with it (wasn’t me two of my friends had the same experience with it). I wish it had been an DA/SA. I traded it in for a Sig Scorpion 1911. That gun is a tack driver.

  16. Now that’s something actually new in the striker-fired polymer frame handgun battles to talk about. Very creative engineering.

    Nick, have you had a chance to shoot and work with the Walther PPQ? The trigger on it is pretty amazing, particularly the reset.

    Looking forward to more review work on this handgun.

  17. The ultimate conversion kit platform, with the quality from a reputable brand. Very interesting indeed.

  18. The 320 appears to come with a much higher price point that the 250 and I can’t find much to justify that based on what I have read, apart from the night sights. I recently picked up a NIB 250 (a full size 9mm) from my LGS for $369 and it shoots like a dream. I must have missed the negative reviews because mine fed 5 different types of ammo with no failures and better than acceptable accuracy. My only complaints being that the frame scratches easily. Normal handling seems to leave marks on the polymer that don’t buff out. The 320 appears to share this same frame.

    Second, $40 for a spare mag is ridiculous. Not a dig at the 250 or 320 as much as the entire Sig line, Mosquitos included. I like a minimum of 6 mags per pistol and forking over another $240 plus tax is a downer. Take a cue from Glock and Beretta. Their MSRP may be high as well but those mags can be readily found for under $30, and close to $20 online.

  19. Looks a lot like my CZ P-09. Big difference is the hammer fired vs. striker fire. The Omega trigger on the CZ is super by the way. I wonder if will shoot as good as the P-09. You can get the CZ for about $470. What does the Sig sell for?

  20. “I can report that it’s pretty good for a striker fired handgun”
    I was not aware that strikers were a cut below or “pretty good in spite of being a striker fired”.
    I have no glocks but are you saying my M&P and XD don’t match a hammer?
    A chance to clarify that statment.

    Curtis in IL beat me too the punch.

    • There’s a huge difference between a striker fired trigger and a good single action 1911 trigger. The mechanism makes it impossible to duplicate the old gun’s feel. The FNS 9 comes close, though.

    • Ok, so in my attempt to read between the lines, it would seem that Mr. Leghorn views the striker fired trigger to be inherently inferior to a single action trigger, and since it’s a matter of personal preference I’ll not argue with his preference.

  21. I had a P250 Compact .380 and built a P250 Sub 9MM from parts. Both guns performed admirably and the DAO trigger was smoother than the S&W revolvers I’ve shot. If your first impressions ring true, I think the P320 will be a hit if Sig markets it correctly.

  22. I read this article earlier today and was very interested in this pistol. Then I remembered that I live in a slave state that basically has a handgun ban. 🙁

  23. I had my local gunshop get a quote. They’re showing a $799 MSRP for the P320 with night sights, which sounds really high.

    MY EDC is a P250. My only complaint is the cr@ppy plastic recoil spring guide. I’d love to try the P320, if I can get one for a price comparable to my P250.

  24. You said. “One gun, any caliber, from .22lr to 45ACP.”
    Does this mean you have confirmation of a 22lr conversion being available some time in the future???

    This is the next gun I am going to buy if my LGS ever gets them.

  25. Doesn’t empress me, bought one and it is a JOKE, 1911-22, my biggest mistake. God love the USA, no not ever again, all buys will be in this country. My ccw Ruger 45 backed up with a Sccy 9mm. Sorry don’t want to offend anyone, but the weapon I mentioned above is crap.

  26. Sig, Berretta, H&K, Steyr, FN, and S&W are making their guns with wider and wider slides. How wide will they go? The width of some of these guns is absolutely ridiculous. I would not even purchase a Glock in .45 until now (model 41 on order and paid for). Their 30s and 41 models are going the other way with narrower slides. As for my .40 caliber pistols, I will stick with my Glock. Are Glocks perfect? No. But at least they are not approaching the width of a 2×4.

  27. I handled a Full Sized 320 the other day at a local gun shop near by where I live and I gotta say I love it. The trigger felt amazing compared to a stock Glock trigger. Would love to buy it. The price was about 619 seems reasonable to me! Only issue I can think of is holsters and getting extra mags. Of course not having shot it yet and no real major reviews yet I’m hesitant to go out and pick it up. Yet the feel of the trigger and the pistol itself feels great in the hand. I may just go out and buy it!

  28. I have two P250s and I must say that it sounds like the P320 would cure the ONLY complaint that I have about the 250 and that is the trigger pull. I knew going in that the P250 was going to have a long trigger pull. The modularity was very appealing. Both of them have performed flawlessly, each with over 3000 rounds fired. The only issues I’ve had were FTEs due to cheap ammo, and only a hand full of those (8, maybe). I am very anxious to shoot a P320.

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  31. Since when have SIG Sauer become an American owned company? As far as I know it’s still a German company but now also manufactors/assembles guns in the US.

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  34. I handled the full size AND the compact when I was looking to buy the P239. I fell in love instantly. The only problem? It’s back-ordered and no one anywhere within driving distance (150 miles) has one on hand. I called one store that had two, but wouldn’t hold them. By the time I got there, they were gone. So I’m going to say that these pistols are going to sell quite well. I haven’t heard a complaint from anyone who has handled or fired one.

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  39. Just called my local gun seller to get one of these, only to discover it is not California legal. Just one more thing to add to the long, long list of “Reasons why I will move out of California at the earliest opportunity”.

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  41. I carried a compact P250 for about a year and a half for my CHL. Nothing at all wrong with the pistol except the DAO was something to get used to. That made me a better shooter though. The only other thing that stinks is the lack of current aftermarket support…for either. It sounds like the P320 has a better thing going and not just because of the trigger. The P250 while really really nice, had proprietary sights so you couldn’t get anything aftermarket whereas the P320 has standard dovetailed sights in the rear. I still currently own two grips from the P250 and am quite amazed again, at how nice it fits my hand in medium grip. I just switched to Glock for better market support.

    If the P320 can play a little bit of catch up then it may be a small force to be reckoned with. At least supplanting the M&P.

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  43. I have been training at Front Sight Firearms in Nevada for years but due to law changes I had to take the mn. course. I was impressed with instructors knowledge on the carry laws. He did a nice job and he was very pleasant to listen to. Don’t know if it would work here but at Front Sight a 2 or 4 day handgun class is followed by the concealed carry course if needed.

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