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For the 2016 elections, the Democrat presidential candidates — Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley — are all pro-gun control. Not only do they support President Obama’s recent executive orders, they want to go well beyond what he’s pushing. “I absolutely agree with what the president is trying to do with his executive order,” Sanders said to a cheering audience at a recent Democratic candidate forum [via]. “I know I’m being attacked as being a stooge for the NRA. Well, some stooge, I have a D-minus lifetime voting record.” According to . . .

Today, Clinton’s calculus has changed. She has come out this campaign in favor of gun control measures with a vigor that surprised even some Democrats, targeting minorities and urban voters. Without contradicting any of her policy positions from 2008, Clinton is helping shape the national debate about firearms, calling for a “national movement” to “stand up to the NRA” and lambasting Republicans for voting against gun control legislation.

From the

O’Malley went on to suggest the repeated mass shootings in America are a “national crisis.” Morris said the email is the start of what will be a “major push” from O’Malley during his presidential campaign. In it, he pointed to his record on gun control in Maryland, which included passing legislation in 2013 that banned assault weapons, lowered magazine capacity, strengthened state regulations for gun dealers, and required fingerprinting for gun purchases.

“I proudly hold an F rating from the NRA, and when I worked to pass gun control in Maryland, the NRA threatened me with legal action, but I never backed down,” O’Malley wrote.

Second Amendment supporters are dedicated voters. Their intensity is 3 to 10 times greater than disarmists, as measured by numerous online polls. The last time that Democrats fully embraced gun control going into an election year, they lost the House in the historic election of 1994.  No one thought it could happen. They embraced gun control again in 2013, and lost the Senate in 2014. They have convinced themselves that it is a winning issue in 2016.

This is the first presidential election I can remember where the Democrat presidential candidates openly embraced gun control. Bill Clinton did not; he ran as a Second Amendment-loving moderate. President Obama did not. He claimed to support the Second Amendment in both his elections, and didn’t embrace gun control as a policy issue until after he was elected to his second term.

Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders and Governor O’Malley believe they can thread the needle on gun control by focusing on “universal background checks” (rather than outright confiscation or bans). Polls have said the measure is wildly popular. The polls do not say that the measure is popular because voters are not aware of the details – or the implications.

Support for the Second Amendment is at an all time high. It seems unlikely that voters will trust a pro-gun control Democratic nominee to only infringe on the Second Amendment a little bit. In general, voters trust the NRA more than they trust politicians like Sanders, Hillary or O’Malley. It will be hard for them to backtrack their support for gun control in the general election.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.
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  1. Hey look at the slightly less dim side – when the Hillary/Sanders ticket wins the general election it will just be a matter of time till Paul Ryan becomes President!

  2. The Dems believe the tide of public opinion on guns has turned. They are encouraged by anti-gun progress by Obama-stooge blue states. And they believe their own bullshit.

    • By the end of ww2 Hitler believed he had whole new divisions of fresh troops to command. Self delusion can cross over into madness.

      Witness, bernie, hildabeast, barry……..

      • Donkeycraps believe in the wonders of National Socialism. The two are not as far apart as many think.

    • I think they have chosen to believe Bloomie’s bull shit. It seems to be where they get all of their “statistics.” (Makes one wonder if they all got free subscriptions.) Just sayin’.

    • Something worth pondering is why they think it’s a winning issue for them. Don’t assume that they are fool, they may know something we don’t.

      • I don’t see it. More people than ever — including a LOT of people who have been quite ambivalent and maybe even mildly anti-gun — are embracing firearms rights. Accordingly, they are going in droves to purchase their first firearm and/or get their concealed carry licenses. I know of not a single person who was formerly a firearms rights proponent who has decided that firearms are icky. Heck, I even know a Fudd who is looking to purchase their first handgun and get their concealed carry license.

        Sure, hardcore Progressives in Hawaii, Coastal California, Seattle, Illinois (Cook County), Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C. (and Fairfax County, Virginia), Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the New York City metro area have doubled-down on civilian disarmament. What that means is hardcore Progressives hear their mantra loud-and-clear in their own echo chambers and assume that their echo chamber is the entire United States. Well, they are going to find out in November just how small their echo chamber really is.

        • uncommon-Cook Co, has done basically nothing that can’t easily be avoided. I live here and can buy pretty much anything elsewhere. Does it suck(and screw gunshops) to have ammo taxes and a $25 new gun tax?-yep. Indiana beckons(or Wisconsin,Missouri or Kentucy)…

        • uncommon-Cook Co, has done basically nothing that can’t easily be avoided. I live here and can buy pretty much anything elsewhere. Does it suck(and screw gunshops) to have ammo taxes and a $25 new gun tax?-yep. Indiana beckons(or Wisconsin,Missouri or Kentucy)…

      • It is racism; they are convinced all whites are dying off, so all issues/institutions historically favored by them are safe to attack. They fail to realize that demographic change will not lead to glorious One Party Rule but rather a realignment of party alliances like the big migration patterns in the 50s & 60s)

      • Because it is and has always been a winning issue. Look, I’m as pro gun as anybody, but history is on the side of gun control, even in the US. Are there more or less restrictions than there were 100 years ago? 50 years ago? The answer is always more.

        • In the last 20-25 years, Second Amendment civil rights have actually regained lost ground. Not enough, but some.

          Check out this map that shows the progress of the right to carry: It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s very possible that the cultural tide is moving in our direction.

          The danger is that the progs and leftists still have a stranglehold on the traditional levers of cultural power — the legacy media, arts/entertainment, and the education system — and their propaganda machine is enormous. But even with all that, gun ownership has made progress as a civil right. And with the rise of the internet, they’re no longer the sole gatekeepers for public information.

          So although I wouldn’t call a victory for our side yet (and the battle for liberty will never end because the progs will never give up), there’s reason for optimism at this point.

        • 50 years ago, the majority of states banned concealed carry outright, and many banned open carry as well (e.g. Texas had both banned, so there was no way to carry any handgun for self-defense at all).

  3. As Rick James would say…delusion is a powerful drug. When the Dems lose the election they will be unable to figure out why.

      • I bet you a cold beer any of the top three Republicans can/will beat whoever the Dems put up. They have had their day in the sun and Barry ain’t running again…..neither is Slick Willy. Let them keep looking foolish on the RTKBA and these other issues through Novemver and watch what happens. Conservatives sat out the last two elections but not this one.

  4. “The last time that Democrats fully embraced gun control going into an election year, they lost the House in the historic election of 1994. No one thought it could happen. They embraced gun control again in 2013, and lost the Senate in 2014. They have convinced themselves that it is a winning issue in 2016.”

    They’re just determined to take everything possible away from Republican control — including rights to the term “The Stupid Party.”

    • You gotta hand to them. Getting the electoral bitch slap, staring at the same data and erroring again. Leadership of the country relocated to mid level management.

  5. The Demons are pushing gun control because, after eight years of King Hussein, it’s all they have to offer. They have created this culture war to stampede the sheep.

    • I think Hill’s just a one trick bitch who tilts at windmills & robs the till. It was she who pressed for gun control in the 90s despite loud warnings from advisors, remember.

  6. People should be careful of assuming that Sanders will blow his election with promises of free stuff.

    The US economy appears to be headed into the crapper even as we speak, with rail traffic falling off rather rapidly, economic indicators and Fed regional bank reports showing weakness in the business outlooks of many sectors.

    The Fed has missed how much of the US economic growth since 2009 has been due to the oil/fracking boom, and now that crude prices are tanking, much of that economic activity is either going to be obliterated or shut in as prices of oil fall below per-barrel production costs. The Fed’s also out of policy tools with which to respond to a new economic downturn, what with the short end of the yield curve still near zero and the Fed still holding over $4T in assets on their balance sheet.

    If the developing economic trend worsens, some guy promising to spend tons of money, even money that he has no hope of finding in without rampant issuance of debt, might sound appealing to some people by November.

    • That’s how FDR got elected.

      ‘The US economy appears to be headed into the crapper even as we speak…’ – If we’re headed into the ‘crapper’, where the hell have we been the last 7 years?!?

      I have a theory. Barry did one thing that, as Will Hayden used to say before his long overdue incarceration, ‘ain’t never been done befo’ – Quantitative Easing. Up until B.O. the only way to flood the economy with newly minted cash was to get people (banks) to borrow, but even at 0% interest they couldn’t find enough buyers. So the Fed just started buying up assets, mostly distressed mortgage backed assets. $85 billion a month and it went on for years. There’s no reason for gas to go from $1.80 to $3.50 in the midst of a crappy economy and the fracking revolution other than a massive flood of cash. Much of the cash found it’s way into the stock market giving Barry something to crow about.

      The problem is that Quantitative Easing couldn’t go on forever. Now every month when millions of people pay their mortgage the money goes to the Fed where it disappears into thin air. Presto, gas is $1.80 again and the stock market’s crashing. As Milton Friedman used to say, ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. Ted Cruz is going to be handed an economy even crappier than BO got.

      • “Ted Cruz is going to be handed an economy even crappier than BO got.”

        Indeed, and coincidence this is not. They seem to be planning collapse on many fronts, and staving it off until a Republican is in office to that the blame for these things can be assigned by the media in full to the Republican party, it’s officials and it’s members.

        Economic collapse, terrorism, who knows what. As long as it happens after Obama is out of office the Democrats would see these things as a win for their party and for their agenda.

        A little tinfoil hat thinking I agree… but then again, does anyone believe the Democrats would not see things exactly this way?

        Ted Cruz/Daryl Dixon 2016

        • To the Dems everything is political. ‘Party over country’ should be their motto.

    • “The Fed has missed how much of the US economic growth since 2009 has been due to the oil/fracking boom, and now that crude prices are tanking, much of that economic activity is either going to be obliterated or shut in as prices of oil fall below per-barrel production costs.”

      Yes, however the price of fuel tanking means there’s over a hundred dollars more now in the people’s pocket at the end of the month to spend on other things.

      People are lamenting the number of frakkers going bankrupt, and fail to realize those existing wells didn’t evaporate.

      The frakker’s wells now owned by the defaulted-on creditors are easily started back up once the price of oil rises.

      That in turn will depress oil prices further.

      The Russians panicking on falling oil revenue by upping production will help also…

      • Once drilled many of those wells are still profitable at $32/barrel. It’s mostly just not profitable to drill new wells. Much like the fact that you can’t uninvent the gun, the Saudis will have to come to grips with the fact that you can’t uninvent fracking (or horizontal drilling).

        • The Saudis have another time bomb brewing.

          The price of oil is now unable to sustain their tribal social system, the royal family is rapidly out-breeding their oil revenues.

        • Yes, I heard several months ago that the Saudi government is now running deficits. Should have used that money to diversify their economy instead of blowing it all on Lamborghinis.

      • I’ve seen a few analysis pieces in the last two months that show the effect of the decrease in oil prices is nowhere near enough to offset the reduction in capex by the drillers and oil exploration companies. When oil prices spiked in 2008, people really put the crimp on driving, shippers became much more efficient, etc, and the oil consumption of gasoline hasn’t ever really recovered to previous levels. Neither have car sales, which are even now rolling over. The younger generation (18 to 30) aren’t buying cars in the numbers that young people used to, and they’re not driving the mileage that prior generations did.

        net:net is that the Fed has now discovered, to their dismay, that the conventional wisdom of “cheaper gas prices are like a tax cut” used to be true, but it isn’t as true any more. Between 2008 and today, the US became one of the largest oil producer on the planet, and that put a lot of what little economic recovery since 2008 into effect. We were used to being a declining oil producer from the 80’s until 2008, which mean that when oil prices went down, the economy benefited more from declining prices than the crimp lower oil prices meant for oil production companies and the support sectors. Since we became one of the largest producers, now we’re on the other side of the equation – low oil prices are hitting us the way they’re hitting Saudi Arabia and Russia. There hasn’t been a large recovery in the majority of US counties of the US since 2008 (other that seats of government jobs) and oil/fracking was one of the really bright spots in several areas of the US. Now it appears the one bright spot is going downhill.

        In several aspects, “this time is different” than prior economic “recoveries” from recession, and so this downturn will be different as well. The US equities markets are already off the worst start of a year in, well, forever.

        Add on top of this that China’s economic potemkin village has now been discovered for the fraud it has been for awhile now.

        • America has always been one of the worlds top producers of oil. However we used to import half our oil and thanks to fracking that went down to maybe a third (?). Seeing as how we are still a net importer I don’t see how low prices could not be a net stimulus to the economy, however it’s a much smaller stimulus than it would have been a few years ago, so your point is still basically valid.

      • The economy has been lackluster because people are playing by rules that changed at least two decades ago. People get their shiny degree for an average of $60,000 of debt, wages have declined while inflation has continued. Personally-held debt, not including student debt, increases almost as much as GDP each year. Much like China our economy is run by debt, only China had government-held debt and we have personally-held debt. Also like China that means an adjustment is coming. The Obama administration touts the number of jobs created but jobs have increasingly moved to part-time status with lower wages and no benefits.

        The democrat line of economic freebies is a powerful tool. People across the board want economic benefits but refuse to change in any way even though the economic landscape is totally different now. The middle class is shrinking because the rules of the game have changed and everyone seems to be in denial. Most people still believe in the 1980’s guide to success and *somehow* fail miserably.

        • Yet the banks who were largely responsible for the crash by creating trillions of dollars in undersecured debt trough their essentially fraudulent mortgage and investment banking activities, were rescued by billions in federal loans by being “too big to fail,” are “making bank” (pardon the pun) on credit card interest rates of 18-28 percent on money they borrow from the Fed for free, plus 3-6% surcharges on credit card transactions. The government doesn’t really control the economy, it merely hopes to harness the wild horse. With hundreds of billions in dollars being moved offshore by banks and industry to avoid paying taxes in the US, it is pretty damn difficult for the middle class to survive.

  7. Yeah, 2016 will prove to be a watershed moment in the gun rights debate and the progressives are going to lose. The China bubble is going to pop and Europe is going to heave. We all should know that we’re on our own. Tool up and fasten your seat belts. It ain’t going to be pretty.

      • Don’t knock the vietnamese. They’re a hard working, industrious lot that love to own their own small businesses. Occasionally my wife does business with them and even tho they’re half a world away they give good service and a decent product at a decent price.

  8. Don’t get comfortable and assume that standing for gun control will cause the Dems to lose. A lot of the things they call for sound “common sense” to a lot of people, and of course there could be other things that are of more concern to people. People also could think that even if a gun control candidate is elected, that the House and Senate will check them.

    It really all depends on who the Democratic candidate is (likely Hillary), who the GOP candidate is (likely Trump), what the issues of concern are at the time, etc…

  9. My personal thoughts. Bernie doesn’t want the Democratic nomination. He’s let the email scandal slide by and refuses to take the “I’m authentic and trustworthy” line which would be his only chance. If he found out Ovary Clinton just was indicted, he’d fill his pants like SpongeBob or Looney Tunes. Forget O’Malley. Even democratic base voters are ignoring him.

    On the Republican side, it’s a way race. Trump, Cruz or Rubio. After IA and NH, they will be the three realistically left. I don’t see Christie, Kasich or Paul breaking through.

    As for the general, I sadly see Ovary Clinton eking it out. As bad a candidate as she is, the divide on the conservative side is too wide to mend at this point. Conservatives seem happier RINO witch hunting than contrasting with the progressives. Regardless whether Trump wins the nomination or not, too many will stay home and pout. Hence, 2A loses.

    • Hillary has some real problems coming her way in the next few months.

      If not indicted for her criminal acts with her illegal email server, there are rumblings a *lot* of FBI agents will step forward and force the hand of Attorney General Lynch.

      That may lead to a very interesting year for the Obama administration, to say the least…

      • Wait till Michael Bay’s “13 Hours” is released. This movie isn’t considered a “hit piece” expect for the far left wack jobs face deep in Hillary’s wrinkly old snatch.

      • Hillary will be indicted. Obama will throw his hands up in the air and say “Hey, we just let the legal process take place and the investigation ran it’s course. I did not think it proper for me to get involved.” Since the dems really don’t have anybody else ready to roll guess who steps up???? Michelle. She’ll get the women’s vote, the black vote and all those other democrats that have been peeking under Donald Trumps tent. They already have a campaign organization and fund raising apparatus in place. Hillary has already cleared the path for a woman in the Oval Office. Game point!

      • Bullshit. The FBI does what’s it’s told unless the dog with the big nuts swings his set for justice. Clinton couldn’t close against B.O. first time around, so the DNC roll her to State and told her to wait. Well it’s her time and if it wasn’t for Peter and Ann it was to be a Coronation. Hillary is legend in her own mind, and done nothing but ride Billy’s coat tail and maybe on her best day a Symbian while recieving kickbacks from Russians and Muslims while dry humping the Koran. Yes, back in the day, she and Billy rented the Lincoln room to the Chinese highest bidder. This pitiful excuse of a woman has no business leading the free world, much less her finger on the button while sitting thirty feet where another woman gobble her mans goo. That alone is enough to disqualify her from the Oval Office.

        • There can be no doubt that Hillary is the candidate of choice for the DNC, and so far they’ve stayed with her through the storms. The AG will not indict without approval from the White House, and that isn’t going to happen; Obama owes the Clintons, and turning the AG loose would be treachery too profound. What will matter though is the first two primaries. If Bernie prevails, which is more probable by the day, strange things could happen. What that might be I can’t image, other than to suggest that the party will only grudgingly back Bernie. He is a perpetual back bencher who cannot gain any credence with Congress. Is there anyone in the wings? It has happened before….

          What is interesting on the other side of the aisle is that Bush is the candidate of choice of the RNC; but his stats are so dismal that the party had better start looking elsewhere unless (and this too is unlikely) they decide to back Trump. I suspect that, as some have suggested, Rubio will be their dark horse candidate.

        • “Is there anyone in the wings? It has happened before….”

          Fake Indian Liz Warren comes to mind, John Kerry (Big Ketchup), Gore again maybe?

          The RNC is finally waking up to Bush not being The One.

          Rubio hasn’t the chops, as much as they hate him, the RNC will get behind Cruz.

          It may never get to that point, The Trump machine is still rolling strong.

          (The Trump House would look good gilded in 24 karat…)


        • Trump is the political Andrew Jackson of our time. Dig deep and you’ll find is both political parties will roll to place candidates in the win position. Trump exposed is the GOP doesn’t give a crap about the people who vote them in. Trump will learn business principles don’t work in government and Congress runs the country doling coin without any accountability. We’ll know in a couple of weeks if Trump has a crew doing the heavy lift getting him in office.

    • Bernie’s refusal to go personal and focusing on differences on actual issues is helping him. Just look at this current standing vs Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire, and compare to 2 months ago. If the trend continues, he’ll easily win the nomination.

  10. Talk about trending Left – the Dem’s steering mechanism is stuck in left turn. They seem to be outdoing each other in left turns. This can be either a very good things or an awful thing.

    • I can’t help but find their severe pull to the left a little ironic given the stereotypical liberal’s feelings about NASCAR.

  11. If for no other reason we need a pro Constitutionalist President because there will probably be 2 maybe 3 Supreme Court appointments over the next 8 years. The average age is at a record high and we are hanging by 1 vote as it is. Please consider this if you are not 110% enthusiastic about the Republican candidate.

      • I agree 1000%!!! The MOST important thing is to NOT elect another Democrat because the future of the Supreme Court is at stake here. Even if Trump is the candidate this time around, it’s vitally important to get him into the white house so that NEXT time around we can run and elect a more pro-2A guy. The biggest thing is to NOT throw a tantrum and skip the election or go third party.

  12. With Obama’s approval rating at an all time low, this should be a shoe-in for the Republicans. That’s not how it’ll end up though. If all the Republicans have is crazy Trump or crazier Cruz, it’s going to be a Democratic win by a landslide. For all intents and purposes, this election is lost. The only possible way out might be Rand Paul but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

  13. Pretty damn unlikely just on the surface, with no names attached- the last time the Democrats held presidency, Harry Truman took over from FDR’s unfinished 3rd term. It hadn’t happened much before then, I think Van Buren was the last.
    You then start tacking on the baggage that is Hillary Clinton, and I think the Democrats really blew this, even before it started. It really makes you wonder, if this was their cream of the crop, to run against the historical tide that curbs the Dems after any two-termer, who the hell did they decide against? The gun control thing isn’t a deciding factor, but it definitely won’t help them- it just might not hurt them as much as we’d like.
    Honestly, the only way I could’ve seen a weak candidate like Hillary bucking a nearly 200 year trend is if she ran against a stuffed shirt like Mitt Romney- who, while may be a decent guy, is even less able to relate to your average guy. In a lot of ways, Trump is Hillary’s worst nightmare- the media can’t stop him, he doesn’t give a damn about political correctness, and he doesn’t need anybody’s money.
    How’s it going to end? No clue. But I suspect it’s not going to be a Democrat, and it’s even less likely to be a Clinton.

  14. Martin Omalley never stood a chance anyway, and Hilldawg’s numbers have been sliding specifically after she approved of Obama’s measures and said she’d go even further last week. Bernie will play along, but gun control just ain’t his thing, and his non-committal answers have him leading the polls going into Iowa and N.H. Hopefully, he gets the dem nomination instead of Clinton, because the Republicans don’t stand much of a chance with their field of lunatics and Jeb “weak-sauce” Bush – unless, of course, the dems keep pushing gun control and turn the election into a single-issue. A moderate on gun issues, Bernie is our only hope of avoiding a new “assault-weapons” ban AND the demise of Western civilization.

    • It’s borderline retarded to think that Bernie is pro-gun and our “only hope” to save Western civilization.

    • “A moderate on gun issues, Bernie is our only hope of avoiding a new “assault-weapons” ban AND the demise of Western civilization.”

      Did you not read the article? He just boasted of having a D- grade from the NRA! He was only a moderate on Second Amendment issues because he was a Senator from Vermont and would have suffered politically if he supported very much gun control.
      Sanders supports banning certain semi-automatic weapons and closing an existing loophole that allows buyers to skirt regulations when making a purchase at a gun show. He is also in favor of instant background checks for gun owners. A new “assault-weapons” ban is exactly what he wants.

      And what exactly is this crap about him saving us from the “demise of Western civilization”?

  15. (D)ems “screwing the pooch” is just one of their protected classes. (D)ems hacking each other up with fast food chain plasticware is what would be needed to keep them busy enough to avoid them giving us future (more) POS candidates.

  16. Its sad to see how many people here are reading too much of our own propaganda. Yeah, I would like to see Hillary lose too, but folks, its not going to happen. She is going to win by a historic landslide. Get ready.

    • What propaghandi should we be reading, pray tell?

      Romeny lost Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – the so called “Slippery Six.”

      In each of these states, Romney won at least 45 percent of the vote. But he still wound up a cumulative 0 for 80 in Electoral Votes. If Romney, rather than Obama, had won all six, he’d be President.

      According to Reuters, Romney lost the aforementioned states because he did badly there among white voters—winning only 52 percent, six points worse than nationally.

      The Slippery Six are states with old-fashioned white and black voting demographics, still with a smattering of old time unionized factory workers. Hispanics, much less Asians, are, for the moment, still a minor matter politically.

      Romney did terribly among the white working class in these six states. Thus he did only two points worse among whites with college degrees in them than he did nationally. But among the white “some college” component, he came in six points worse than nationally. And among the white “no college” voters, he performed 11 points worse than across the country—finishing tied with Obama.

      The Media and the GOP Establishment famously took the opposite lesson: that the winning strategy in 2016 would be for the GOP to jettison the interests of working class whites by promoting more Mexican and Central American immigration.

      Trump is polling great among working class whites, and, amazingly some blacks, if he can take the white working class vote, believe it or not, he wins.

      Good article covering some of these issues:

      • Guys, please, just look at the voting patterns from last election. Google the Reuters #’s. The white working class stayed at home. Read the Washington Post article cited above. Moreover, point me to some numbers that support your assertion that Hillary is inevitable. If Trump grabs the “Slippery Six” (google is yer friend) he wins. Moreover, he’s got a decent chances in places like ME, maybe VT. And while I harbor some doubts re: WND’s Clout poll, it does seem that The Donald’s alpha male mien crosses race barriers; everyone, it seems, likes a winner.

        Listen, its sucks, but all politics now is racial, not ideological. We are not a nation, but an Empire. And those that run the show play the different groups against each other to keep control, no different that the Ottomans, or the Habsburgs before them. However, if core Americans (who seem to be the group that cares the most about the 2A at the present time) votes OUR interests, we can, for the time being, win one last f*ing election before we are swallowed whole by the immivasion.

        • Heh, “nuff said.” Listen, Stan Lee, the numbers are what they are.

          However, assuming concern troll isn’t being, uh, concerned I, and most people who pay the attention realize, despite some differences, i.e., “Hey,hey we’re the Republicans, and gunz are cool” or, “Hey, Hey, we’re the Democrats, killing babies is super cool”, they are, in point of fact, owned by the same people that seem to be all aboard the immivasion train. They really, really, really hate guys like me and, presumably, you, because we believe in things like, oh, I don’t know, limited government and actual nation states as opposed to diversity + proximity = war, i.e., yer local Walmart on a Saturday night, hell holes.

          So, yes, We agree.

          They also own the Media. The horizontal and the vertical.

          But NOTICE: both parties (and the assault MSM) are freaking out over Trump. He basically is getting ahead by moving the Overton window and pointing out stuff that most working class white dudes from myself have been noticing (and noticing, of course, is a crime). Bottom line: He is a third party candidate with an R next to his name and, as all the #’s cited above, will win if he follows his current strategy.

          Its bloody Black Swan event and I, for one, never saw it coming.

        • Whether Trump is really the outsider he appears to be, or just a false opposition puppet playing his part to legitimize a Hilary win, remains to be seen. I’m not convinced he is the real deal.

        • In my experience, alphas like Trump just can’t play second fiddle in the way you think. Have you ever worked for two of em on a job site trying to run sh*t? Jesus Christ, shoot me now.

          Even if it was a lark to start with, the numbers prove that, yeah, he will, in fact, win. They really do. A guy like Trump, nobody controls him. I try to take him at his word, but, yeah,I get the “trust no one” thing. Too many knives in my back over the years

          That being said: how could he be worse than a cuckservative like !Jeb! Pull the lever and see what happens.

          Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Maybe. But somehow I don’t think so.

          Stay strong and carry on,


        • If Trump gets the nomination, it will 1) force quite a few more moderate Republican voters to not show up, or even show up to vote for the Democrat, and 2) will boost minority and millennial turnout like crazy.

          If, at the same time, Sanders wins the Democrat nomination – and judging by the recent numbers and trends, he can pull that off – it will be a landslide for Sanders. He’ll steal a few of these “missing white voters” by his economic platform, and on the left side his candidacy will also boost turnout in a massive way.

          The biggest problem for Republicans this cycle is that no matter whom they choose, it’ll negatively affect some of their vote. Trump will turn off moderates, Rubio will turn off trumpists etc. On the Democratic side, OTOH, either candidate is seen as “good enough” by most, even if they prefer the other one.

  17. The other thing the polls don’t say is that I don’t participate in the polls. I’ve eliminated advertisements from my life, and maintain a land line for the purpose of letting it take calls I don’t want.

    I wonder how many other people are in the same boat as me. I’m far from the only person to ditch cable, walk away from mainstream news outlets and completely avoid the social media bandwagon. So who are these polls polling, anyway?

  18. Newsflash…if you’re relying on computerized voting machines to retain your Rights(which aren’t subject to vote but who understands that anymore), you’ve already lost the battle.

  19. Gun control might be unpopular by itself, but i can’t imagine enough people who don’t support it in theory care enough to not vote for someone because of it.

  20. The percentages of support vs opposition to gun control by themselves don’t matter that much. What matters is how many people consider that issue more important than everything else. And, quite frankly, it’s not that many.

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