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Cabela's BB gun rack CA (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG reader Cucamonga Jeff writes:

I went to the local BassPro to pick up some carry ammo. I strolled down the aisle where all the BB and pellet guns are normally sold and I noticed the shelves were almost bare. In their place were signs taped to the shelves which read . . . 

Cabela's (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


I looked up the bill. It passed with an overwhelming majority back in September of 2014, but didn’t go into effect until a week ago. It was no surprise to me that Kevin “30 clip rounds in half a second” De Leon was the bill’s author and main sponsor. Here’s the bill’s main language:

An act to amend, repeal, and add Sections 16250 and 16700 of the Penal Code, relating to BB devices.

[Approved by Governor  September 30, 2014. Filed with Secretary of State  September 30, 2014.]


SB 199, De León. BB devices.

Existing law prohibits a person from furnishing a BB device, defined to include a spot marker gun, to a minor without the permission of the minor’s parent or guardian, and prohibits selling a BB device to a minor. Violation of either of these prohibitions is a crime. Existing law defines a BB device as any instrument that expels a projectile, such as a BB or pellet, that does not exceed 6 millimeters in caliber.

This bill would, commencing January 1, 2016, delete the 6 millimeter restriction from the definition of a BB device. By including a device that expels a BB or pellet that exceeds 6 millimeters in caliber within the definition of a BB device, this bill would expand the scope of existing crimes, and impose a state-mandated local program.

Existing law generally prohibits anyone from purchasing, selling, manufacturing, shipping, transporting, distributing, or receiving an imitation firearm. A person is liable for a civil fine of not more than $10,000 for a violation of this prohibition. Existing law excludes all BB devices from the definition of imitation firearm for these purposes.

This bill would, commencing January 1, 2016, make BB devices that expel a projectile, such as a BB or a pellet, that is 6 millimeters or 8 millimeters in caliber subject to that prohibition unless the devices meet specified coloration requirements, and would exclude spot marker guns that expel a projectile larger than 10 millimeters in caliber from the prohibition.

Pretty sickening stuff. I just can’t wrap my mind around how a super majority of politicians and a governor could vote for and sign that garbage into law.

What’s worse: how we just bend over and take it here in California. All we can do now is sue and hope that some liberal judges will read the Constitution and hold politicians accountable. I hope the rest of the country looks and California and sees that there should be no compromise in gun control.

I’m still a young man. I’ll turn 30 this year. I plan on spending the rest of my life right here in California, but I compare it to being a Christian in Yemen. Chances are that anywhere I go I’ll be able to talk to someone who doesn’t know or understand their rights as a citizen of our great country.

As tragic as it is, the San Bernardino massacre woke alot of people up. What I didn’t mention earlier was that while I was at BassPro I also noticed how bare the gun racks and ammo shelves were. And not just after Christmas bare, like panic buying bare.

It’s the same at other local gun store. I’m seeing tons of first-time buyers taking their gun permit test. When I’ve been to the range in the last couple of weeks nearly half of the shooters are women! My friends and colleagues have all been asking me what to buy and how to buy it. My hope is that things will turn around soon and people will stand up for their rights. For the children…

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  1. I got out while the getting was good. I fought the so called good fight in other places around the world and got tired of doing it in CA.

    • Yep, as soon as my final enlistment ended, the family and I packed up and go the heck out. Sometimes, I miss California, then I see stupid stuff like this, and suddenly, I don’t miss it anymore.

        • I think it’s more like the East coast a short time ago (~235 years +/- but who’s counting).
          Really, I think it’s also more like the walking dead, and cucamonga hasn’t yet been “pursued” by these walkers. When he wakes up to that equivalent perception, it’s on.

    • The spirit of all these anti-gun laws comes from fear and distrust of other people. We need everyone to stay here and help citizens see the light. As it is right now, we’re losing the people that have the right attitude to states like Texas and Arizona. Then we get the people from all the other states that are somehow attracted by the restriction of freedoms (“I must be safer if they won’t let me do anything”).

      I’m staying in California. And if it comes down to it, I’m running for office.

      • Liberal fear and distrust anyone who is not exactly like them or they do not know. They do not trust anyone to make the same decisions they would make so they demand that laws be passed to make it a crime to make choices they do approve of. Firearms is just one area.
        A libertarian believes those who disagree with them are simply misinformed or ignorant. Liberals believe that anyone who disagrees with them is evil. So yes, the Christian in Yemen or Jew in Nazi Germany is an appropriate analogy.

      • Some people flee California’s gun laws. Those political refugees reinforce the pro-2A in their adopted states like Wyoming or Idaho.

        Far more people, however, flee California’s miserable socialist economy for more capitalist states like Texas and Colorado. Those economic refugees retain not only their antifirearms hysteria, but they keep all of their socialist fantasies.

        They even keep those resulting in the jobs killing economy they fled. The settle in Austin and start voting their little bleeding hearts out.

        • Some of us flee both California’s gun laws and it’s miserable socialist economy, bringing none of that baggage (neither antifirearm hysteria nor socialist fantasies) to our new state.

          When I left CA for CO, I like to think that my wife and I helped counteract the effects of two other CA refugees.

        • my contacts in colorado say your efforts are wasted (but hooray for leaving california !). just heard from one friend that a county near denver just recalled three members of the school board because voters “felt” those three weren’t nice enough (not to mention those three were refusing to allow teachers’ union to run rampant over the county budget).

        • my contacts in colorado say your efforts are wasted (but hooray for leaving california !). just heard from one friend that a county near denver just recalled three members of the school board because voters “felt” those three weren’t nice enough (not to mention those three were refusing to allow teachers’ union to run rampant over the county budget).

        • I’ve never been able to understand why people who escape from shitholes migrate somewhere and bring their shitholes with them.

        • @Alexander. They don’t connect the conditions with the policies. Remember, progressives don’t legislate for results, they do so for intentions.

        • Perhaps there should be a laundry that every migrant is put through where they are made to understand what they are running away from, get washed and leave their old crap behind.

        • “just heard from one friend that a county near denver just recalled three members of the school board because voters “felt” those three weren’t nice enough (not to mention those three were refusing to allow teachers’ union to run rampant over the county budget)”

          Yeah, Jefferson County (west of and adjacent to Denver) just recalled/replaced 3 “conservative” school board members. I’m a little southeast in Douglas County, so I didn’t follow that election very closely. However, I understand that there were several complaints against those board members.

          “my contacts in colorado say your efforts are wasted”

          I probably can’t counteract what happens in Denver and Boulder, but at least I can reinforce the “conservative-ness” of Douglas County.

        • is the “redness” growing or shrinking in colorado? if it is shrinking, might wanna think about moving to a stronghold state to stiffen that resistance, rather than sinking further into the quagmire.

      • It’s not just your feet that will be voting. Your lack of income tax revenue will also be voting, and the drop in citizenship during the next census and the drop in electoral college votes….

    • You are wise beyond your years. I fled California over 20 years ago and will never go back. They want you to be a victim there.

    • a quick look at sb 199 says the gun must look like a toy but when I look at big 5 website and visit the store , looks like I still buy air soft pellet guns . although I don’t know what actually ban seems like there still a fair amount product in big 5 . yes its difficult to live California let alone los angles I’m not ready to move page of flagstaff az.

  2. You’re really comparing living in California to being a persecuted Christian in Yemen? Without any actual argument or even assertion? Just a headline and statement. Good grief, get some perspective.

    • “You’re really comparing living in California to being a persecuted Christian in Yemen?”

      The worst you can get in Yemen is to die by the sword.

      In California, you have no idea what crap legislation may be next.

      Oh, and jsled? I have a news flash for you:

      There are hundreds of thousands of, if not more, of Progressives who would be just fine with the death penalty for firearm offenses.

      By a kangaroo trial and immediate execution.

    • I live in Kommieforinastan and I’d rate it well below Yemen. Heck it’s as bad as any Third World hell hole for lack of freedom. Now can you honestly say YOU haven’t broken any laws today? If you say you haven’t, you’re a liar, this state makes us all criminals just for breathing.

      • Yes, and there’s a purpose to this madness. When everyone is at least a little criminal and has something to be guilty about and a bit afraid, then when the State comes and arrests those that it doesn’t like, the little bit guilty and a bit afraid ones will stay quiet and wait their turn. This is the way all socialist governments operate; fear is a very powerful control mechanism.

        • There’s no way to rule innocent men.
          The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
          Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.
          One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

          – Ayn Rand

      • One only needs to look at the fascism and speech control of the university campuses to see what life would be like in the entire US if the Left got full control.

        • When the Socialists don’t have full control, they call themselves Democratic Socialists; when they do have full control, they drop the pretense and call themselves National Socialists.

    • I don’t need a picture drawn for me, I know exactly what he is talking about, having lived here in Kalifornia (the de Leon Kalifate) all my life. Can’t wait til I can load up the truck and GTF out.

        • Now, that’s a tough choice: if you have more bras on the rack, you can have any of them, but not sure if you would want them; if you have more rack in the bras, you may want all of them, but can’t have any of them. Your choice, buddy!

  3. “When I’ve been to the range in the last couple of weeks nearly half of the shooters are women! My friends and colleagues have all been asking me what to buy and how to buy it. My hope is that things will turn around soon and people will stand up for their rights. For the children…”

    The problem seems to be that a lot of those first time shooters are very ignorant as to just how bad California is on gun rights. They are okay with the hoops and will still vote for the DeLeon’s of the world because, free shit! It’s the same mentally I see from former CA residents that move to AZ because CA was “too expensive” and then they start complaining that AZ doesn’t do enough for poor people or we don’t have enough public transit or we should build a commuter rail, etc, etc. I usually tell those types of individuals that all their problems will go away if they just keep driving West on the I-10.

    • BINGO! Those suckas stream out of their perfect “utopia” like locusts looking for a new crop to devour and then move onto the next one.

  4. Chances are that anywhere I go I’ll be able to talk to someone who doesn’t know or understand their rights as a citizen of our great country.

    Maybe you can explain it to them. Do you speak Spanish?

  5. Well if we know anything about the antis, it is that they’d give us the same treatment ISIS gives Yadzidhis if they could.

    Unfortunately, this is a religious tenet for them now. No amount of election loses will deter them. In safe zones like Connecticut, New York, Oregon, and California, they’ll push their advantage and find what works so it can be tried on more neutral turf or when circumstances align like they did in 2008.

    To them, this is a nonstop death match. They are determined to win by any means necessary.

    • Just one more step towards the inevitable; one side has got to go crazy if the inevitable war is to transpire…and it will be the urban liberals, yet again, just on the wrong side of morality this time. They’ll eventually get to punishing pro gun people & states for their beliefs like back in the 1850s, and we will break with then when the strain becomes untenable.

  6. ” I plan on spending the rest of my life right here in California, but I compare it to being a Christian in Yemen. Chances are that anywhere I go I’ll be able to talk to someone who doesn’t know or understand their rights as a citizen of our great country.” – maybe its not so great anymore?

    • Wow that is an eye opener.

      “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same…” from 18 USC 241

      I wonder if it could be used in a civil suit as well as criminal?

      • In the current context of the nation, the definition of “person” is the critical element. Generally, “person” will only mean someone who identifies in voice or action with the prevailing leftist constructs of what should be allowed. Short form: if you hold traditional American family and personal values, you are either not a “person”, or you have forfeited your rights as a “person”, simply because you exist. (making you a walking hate crime)

  7. Can someone explain to me why Ca feels the need to completely restrict BB and pellet guns? I’d be willing to bet a large sum that the vast majority of the state politicians there all played with BB guns as kids.

    • Very simple – air guns are not protected by the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, they can get away with legally banning them. Now, as to why? The socialists have always taken a long view – whether it’s Lenin’s and Stalin’s re-education of Russia or Mao’s re-education of China, or Bernie’s/Hillary’s/The Terrorist-in-Chief’s re-education of the USA, if “GUNS” can be ostracized from the public mind, along with the associated games of “independence” that kids play with them, in their view, is one more step towards total control of the sheeple.

      • Who says air guns are not protected? It’s the right to keep and bear arms, not just firearms. It wouldn’t be my first choice of defense but it probably edges out a spoon.

        • Look up Miller, 1939, I believe. The Supreme Court has specifically identified “military” firearms as protected. The case involved a sawed off 12ga, which the court proclaimed, erroneously, was not used by the military and, therefore, not protected by the 2A.

        • Actually, now they just go online to play ‘army’ with IT games while sitting alone in their house.

      • Indeed, the court did say that SBS’s played no military role, the same cannot be said of airguns however…

        “The Girardoni air rifle was an important first. It was the first repeating rifle of any kind to see military service. It was one of the first uses of a tubular magazine. And, although it saw service for only 35 years, it predated and was more advanced in design and mechanical technology than the Henry rifle which arrived fifty years later.”

        • Even I would find it hard to stretch the use of an 18th century trapper gun to apply to modern armies…
          In any case, the Supreme Court would have to decide ($$$), and they don’t like to reverse themselves. Interestingly enough, the Miller case removed the short barreled shotgun from 2A protection because the government attorney said that the US military did not use such a weapon. This was false evidence, but the trial was one sided as Miller did not have funds for continuing the fight to the SC and only the government side was presented. A perfect example of those with more money buying justice.

        • The case was one sided because Miller was dead and his side was not even there to counter arguments. How’s that for ‘judicial scrutiny?’ Gun control has been a con since the beginning.

        • Based on Miller, machine guns should have been removed from the NFA, as machine guns are clearly military equipment. The ATF, however, chose to ignore the Miller ruling. They have never been called on it. Now that is a good reason for an executive order.

      • “Air guns are not protected by the second amendment”

        Says who?

        2A mentions “arms” not “firearms”
        Swords, knives, poleaxes, lances,
        Clubs, nunchucks, maces, slingshots, bows, air guns, etc.
        Are all “arms” by definition. Ergo should have the same protection via the second as a firearm.
        Maybe as a response to the anti second ammendment people we should bring back the gentlemans small sword as a fashion accessory.
        I’d rock a sword just to piss of the left. An Eye patch is optional but encouraged.
        Imagine if every 2a supporter just started carrying a sword as a statement. Arrrrrrregh!!’

        • Nice try, pleasant images, but … still no! That has been a settled law, undisputed by any party, that knives, air guns, etc., are not “arms” as defined by the 2A. Sorry…

    • Because a teenager walking through Santa Rosa carrying an airsoft AK that had “lost” its orange tip was shot to death by a police officer responding to a “Man With Gun!” panic call on 911. The officer approached the young man from behind, and when the kid turned towards the officer in response to his shouting “drop the gun!” the officer shot him down. This was deemed a justifiable homicide, much like Tamir Rice in Cleveland. Since “it’s for the kids,” the Legislature in its wisdom had determined (and I think rightly so in the anti-gun fear culture pervading the nation) that it is simply too dangerous for kids to run around with BB guns that don’t have bright orange tips (or are all brightly colored).

      You’ve got to remember that the Legislature responds with laws in response to the mere threat of harm. As of January 1, 2016, CCW licensees can no longer carry on any school campus, including colleges and universities, without permission from the school, notwithstanding the fact that there has not been one single instance of a licensee committing a crime on a school campus. Previously, the Legislature banned open unloaded carry (the only way to carry in urban areas without a CCW) without the occurrence of a single crime. As reported on this site earlier, a proposition to require licensing of stores and buyers for the purchase of ammunition, with a back ground check for every sale, is more likely to pass than not since anything that makes it harder to own or carry guns is just fine with a majority of the voters in this state.

    • Based only on what I see here, the statute appears to be limited to Airsoft guns and paintball guns. It does not appear to change anything for “typical” pellet guns and BB guns. The statute now makes existing regulations for pellet/BB guns apply to Airsoft guns while excluding paintball guns provided that the paintball guns meet whatever California’s color requirements are.

      • I tried to edit this but it didn’t let me…the color requirement is for Airsoft guns. Paintball guns are outside the definition of imitation firearm.

    • Rob, it’s simple. The Progressives know they cannot win on public confiscation today. They have to work on making guns a bad thing for kids if they want to win tomorrow. That’s the big mistake we’re making.

      I’ve taught hundreds of Cub Scouts in the 7-10 year age range shooting on BB guns. You can tell the ones who have been raised to think “All. Guns. Evil.” I’ve seen years of indoctrination in the space of an hour on the BB range. Will it make a difference? I don’t know, but the seed of Liberty was planted. Hopefully, it will be watered by those that follow.

      If we aren’t playing a long game as well as the immediate, we’ve already lost.

  8. I understand the OPs position: too difficult to reverse the perverse in Californication, too difficult to reject the culture and leave. Also…..too difficult to put up an armed resistance. This is the condition of the revolutionary army poised to overthrow an oppressive national government.

    No name-calling here, just observing what is real. People will do whatever they need to do to preserve life as they know it. Or, maybe, just preserve life.

  9. With more and more people in California purchasing guns, we will soon be left with fewer to buy. How is that? Because of the CA approved handgun list. Gun companies are not producing handguns that meet the state’s micro-stamping requirement so that means fewer and fewer handguns are approved. All the new and improved handguns are not available to us in CA so we are limited to only those that are approved and available. The gun control crowd has found a way to reduce and eventually eliminate the sale of handguns in CA.

    • It’s my understanding that revolvers don’t have to meat the microstamping rules. Time to make like Dirty Harry and go for a large bore wheel gun. Or a.large frame .357 Magnum. Go with a model like the S&W 627 and carry extra eight round full moon clips for it.

      • Or make like Preacher and go for a Remington 1858 replica with conversion cylinders so you can use .45 Colt cartridges.

        Reloading isn’t quite as fast as moon clips, but Cabela’s will deliver the 1858 to your door via UPS.

    • Speaking of which, as of the first of the year, the number of handguns on the roster dropped from 800 something to 751. Most of those lost were semi-automatics.

    • He won’t do it. I knew a guy from California, friends on FB after getting out of the Air Force. He moved to Texas, had a good job, people liked him there from what I gathered. Out of the blue, packed up and went back.

    • 6 millimeters is .23. And this applies to the rifles, not the pellets. The law should be applied only to Airsoft products; maybe this store is being extra cautious, given the ramifications of a violation.

      • I was wondering about the 6mm thing too…

        So .22 and .177 rifles shouldn’t be an issue under the legislation, but BP has them pulled with that as the reason anyway?

        Am I reading all of this correctly? I’m not properly caffeinated yet

        • Guys, guys…

          Do you realize you are trying to have a serious conversation about the thinking of crazy people?

        • It’s the “look alike” part that took the BB/pellet guns off the shelf I think.
          A daisy red Ryder LOOKS like an evil Indian killing lever gun. A gamo pellet rifle with a scope on it in a Monte Carlo wood stock LOOKS like an evil student killing sniper rifle.


    • I read it twice and am still a bit confused myself. But it bans 6mm airsoft and paint ball guns WTF? .177 and .22 caliber pellet guns are less than 6mm so I guess I need to read again.

      • They are not banned, they just have to be brightly colored to avoid them being mistaken for real firearms. (As if a poor crook who can’t afford a real gun will not buy a can of black spray paint.)

    • They targeted Airsoft guns, which are “chambered” in 6mm, 8mm, and less popular 10mm, because of the “gateway drug” effect it presumably has on kids, that being owning replica guns “leads” to owning real guns. That ignores the obvious logical point that someone that has a desire to own a replica gun probably does so because they have a desire to own a real gun and cannot (ie Japan, the birthplace and world center of Airsoft). In order to continue their culture war they want to end Airsoft so people are less inclined to own real guns, much like cracking down on candy cigarettes to end kids smoking real cigarettes. The problem with this is the absolute inability to enforce this anywhere outside a retailer, hence the topic of this post.

      The funny thing is they have somewhat of a justification on this matter because Airsoft guns are limited to people aged 18 and older by the regulations and most of the time parents simply buy them for their kids and give them free reign over them. It’s like the less dangerous (legally and lethally) straw purchase.

      The firearm parallel is they want to do the same thing with real firearms. They want to control what can and cannot be sold through the retailers since they can’t enforce anything outside retailers. That’s the point of the EOs, to reduce traffic outside retailers and “crack down” on retailers.

  10. “My hope is that things will turn around soon and people will stand up for their rights.”

    My hope is that you’re doing a lot more than just hoping. If you plan on staying in California, you’d better dig deep and be prepared for a long fight. I really don’t see that state just “turning around” unless some really disruptive shit goes down.

    All those new gun owners are a ray of hope, but odds are that most don’t really realize how bad they have it. I have family in Illinois, and a few years back when I was describing the gun laws here in Texas (which I wouldn’t even put in the top ten states for good gun laws), they were flabbergasted. And these are gun owners, not hoplophobes. They’ve been living with IL’s stupid FOID card and waiting period bullshit for so long, they don’t even realize how much better it can be.

    • God, they would flip out over Alabama’s gun laws, or lack thereof. For purchase there are no other laws than the Federal instant background check. Open carry Is legal. Concealed carry requires a shall issue permit which runs a whooping$10 to $20 per year depending on the county. The only oddity is that to carry a loaded gun in the passenger compartment of your vehicle, you need a concealed carry permit.

      Oh, and you can’t carry swords or Bowie knives over 13″ in public. Because that’s apparently a real problem around here.

      • I live in the largest county in Alabama. It’s $35 a year here. In Alabama one $1 goes to the state and your county sheriff gets to keep the rest. (see $$ makes the wheels go) You can buy 1-2-5 or LIFETIME CCW permit here. No evil sword canes as well! I open carry when Jeepin’ Fishin or huntin” _o|||||||o_ have to have a permit to carry in a vehicle.

        BTW – Roll Tide!!!!!!!

    • This state is in a constantly state of disobedience.

      I dont know anyone in compliance with most of the various “weapons” laws in this state.

      I honestly think thats what they want. They want us in non-compliance so they can arrest who the want, when they want.

  11. Yep, California has gone into the deep end. Every day, I carry a gun that is illegal in California no matter what kind of permit or license California will issue people who do not work for the government. The gun is legal in nearly all other states in the US, but not California. Heck, citizens in most European countries can own this gun, but yet, it is illegal in California. California has some of the highest crime rates in the country, so I guess California has something most other states do not have.

    • The gun or just the mag? There are a lot of off roster guns that are legally in this state (though they have closed almost all of the “loopholes”). If you move here, you can bring all of your guns except fully automatics, .50 BMGs, ARs that do not comply (unless modified to comply with the law), SBRs (but AR and AK pistols are legal), silencers, and 10+ mags for any firearm. I am not sure how they deal with “antiques”.

  12. The state is a lost cause. It all comes down to demographics. If you import 3rd world people from socialist leaning nations your state will start to vote that way. It’s not rocket science. Now if we could just get rid of birth right citizenship retroactively we could solve this mess. Good luck with that though.

    • We are not there yet, just getting there. Many of the democrats are wealthy well educated urbanites who went to top schools and have never touched a gun. Take a tour through the Bay Area and you’ll see what I mean. Lots of Mercedes, Porches and other expensive autos, few pickups, and real estate prices through the roof. The lower classes cannot afford to live there. And these folks are hard core democrats.

  13. +1 for a late 20’s something living in CA, fearful of throwing a 2A sticker on my car or wearing a Glock shirt out on a run. It’s super disheartening but the last thing I’m going to do is run from this problem like so many fellow Americans suggest. THAT WILL NOT FIX THE ISSUE. What fixes the issue is educating ourselves on firearms, educating others what we learn and making every effort we can to reintroduce it back into our culture. Not everyone in California is a slave, folks.

    • I have an NRA sticker on my car and nobody has ever given me crap about it. And I’m in the LA area, probably the most anti-gun part of the state besides San Francisco.

      • I’m in the heart of San Francisco and my van has a NRA sticker in both the rear window and the windshield. I wear my pro-gun shirts all the time. No problems so far.

    • Brad
      Many people died so you could live in a free country. I suggest you get your friends together and conduct on empty holster protest and carry pro 2A signs.

      Get educated on self defense so you can speak to a reporter clearly. They will come and ask you questions.

      You will have to personally fight for your rights. Anyone who is waiting for some to come and save them is going to be waiting until they are old and gray.

  14. Wow that’s pathetic. But I sure as hell wouldn’t compare it to dying at the hands of Muslims. You can move-most of those poor Christian folks are defenseless. And the powers that be want Syrian moose-lims-Not Yemeni Christians…and Barry doesn’t want them coming here.

  15. Here’s a good rule of thumb, and those of you who advise others to move should heed this advice. If an In-N-Out Burger opens near you, California values are not far behind. You have been warned from behind the Palm Tree Curtain

  16. I don’t know about the rest of you but it’s way past time to use our second amendment for what it was intended for. To overthrow a corrupt government

    • You can see how that armed resistance thing is working out for those ranchers in Oregon. The commenters here should be enough people here to out-gun the entire state, and the federal agencies, too. But then….

  17. I have wanted to move from here since I was a kid, I have never felt at home, paraphrasing Thompson, “my blood is too thick for [California], I can never properly explain myself here”.

    I would love to keep fighting the uphill war of uninformed Democrats and Independents who think that the anti-gun sauce of the left is all about saving lives and not a calculated lessening of EVERYONE’S rights, but, I’m pragmatic and I understand that to stay here any longer and I might actually go crazy.

    I cannot freely choose to purchase or own or use any firearm of OUR choice but must strictly adhere to a shrinking list of a scant few firearms that are heavily controlled. At every turn I am proscribed from having the freedom of choice the free market is supposed to guarantee me, my limited choices are further controlled by having to register with the Fudd. Gov the particulars of what I own, when it is no one’s business what I buy, what I own, and I never need to justify why my beliefs about my rights are true.

    I see every new day in California as yet another lesson to never vote Democrat and convince as many people as I can that to do the same is to safeguard our rights. I cannot comply more than I already have unless I sell my guns to the state, and that is not ever happening. Feels like navel-gazing for the next couple years is my future.

    • By the numbers, registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans two to one. This is why the North State (where the demographics are reversed) wants to secede. We don’t have enough votes (or representatives in the Legislature) to turn the tide. As one example, there is a bill this session to exempt the North State from the State’s recently enacted lead ammo ban–being as no condors live here. It will never make it out of committee. But DeLeon’s bullet button ban (assuming, as is likely, that he resuscitates his bill from last session that was dropped when co-sponsor Leland Yee was indicted for gun trafficking) will pass both houses on a party line vote and be presented to the Governor.

      • I agree, it must have been Texans, or Michiganders or someone else who voted in all those big give away programs in California. Can’t imagine the residents of California actually voted for all those left-wing government sponsored social programs that leave California no alternative to becoming Mexico again.

        Open a bottle of syrup, the flies will gather quickly for free stuff.

  18. The godless have done a good job of disarming the state of California. Those of us in the bible belt cling to our guns.

    • Without our 2A brethren at our backs we won’t be able to hold “the godless” to CA so keep clinging BC they’re marching your way.

      • Just as Obama has been great for gun sales so too will the homosexuals and godless motivate christians as more of them are sent to jail for refusing to bake a cake.
        We are all going to see just who really supports liberty and who only supports Marijuana intoxication and good satisfying homosexual sex in marriage.

        Please post the 2A protest pictures of the closing of the last gun store in the homosexual power city of San Francisco.

      • we know that. wish we really could barricade the borders with the US and stand armed at the wall to prevent the coming invasion. texas is a whole ‘nuther country.

        and after fending off riff raff from california (and converted allies), we would march on austin and deport that colony of rats.

  19. Cucamonga, is not calling enough people a-hole to their face, shutting down/cutting-off their free speech (undefended by their 2nd Amandment use of the gov’t to do it CAN’T POSSIBLY ACHIEVE THE SAME THING IN PERPETUITY AND SO is just A temporary usurpation of tax dollars and HARASSMENT). And demanding attackers of the Constitution be dealt with by his government. Then, with no positive response coming from there, cucamonga may need to resort to acts of violence. That’s not an egg-on, it’s just what’s (promised between us) supposed to happen in defense of the Constitution, and how we got a Constitution in the first place.
    FUCA, fix your sh_t. You have an army of crack whores in your population (can’t use heroin whores their addictions make them somewhat flaccid of a fighting force, crack-absence achieves a more suitable quasi-psychotic-state). Those crack whores will do twelve seasons of The Walking Dead on your a_ _ if someone were to give them 1 dime-rock and promise them another (just sayin).
    I wouldn’t launch such an army (of your fellow neighbors) against you CA. I’d just fund the ACLU, HUFFPOO, Bloomsmurf, Mom’s Demand the Zombie Apocalypse, and demand your gov’t prevent you from defending youselves.

  20. If you live in Cali consider donating to The Calguns Foundation. Lawsuits to take down the unconstitutional DOJ roster or change CCW rules don’t just pay for themselves. If you value what remains of your 2A rights in CA then we must get active.

    • i will gladly contribute once i see an honest proof that every gun owner in california has donated at least $100 to that cause. else, i will keep my money available for the fight here.

  21. California really needs to be broken into two states: The retarded state run by the Democrats and unions, headed for bankruptcy, and the part that is part of America and makes nice wine.

  22. Okay, no, being pro-gun in California is NOT like being a Christian in Yemen.

    Do you have to worry about you and your family being gunned down and beheaded?

    Do you have to worry about your daughters being captured and sold into rape slavery?

    Do you have to worry that one day, Muslims will come to your door and force you to leave your village or die?

    Are you in a refugee camp because you had to run to escape death, or worse?

    Look, being pro-gun in California means you hold an unpopular opinion and are subject to some stupid laws, but until you start losing sleep at night worried about you and your families’ safety, count yourself blessed.

    • Don’t be so short sighted. Once the 2A is killed, all other rights will become privileges and they, too, will start disappearing. That’s when everyone will start worrying about all the things that you’ve mentioned. But it’ll be too late.

  23. Sorry to be a little mean, Cucamonga Jeff. but, apparently, you like many other CA gun owners, have been asleep while the Democrat gun haters in Sacramento have been stripping Californians of their gun rights and anything related they can get their paws on year after year,

    You need to get connected with the California Rifle and Pistol Association, Cal Guns and/or California based Firearms Policy Coalition any of whom will keep you informed of what the jerks who run this State are proposing to take from you next…like forcing you to get a license to buy ammunition and banning internet or out of State purchase of ammunition, and forcing us to surrender or destroy any magazines larger than ten rounds capacity that were previously “grandfathered”…just to list a few new infringements they are planning this year.

    The organizations I listed will keep you informed and help you fight for your 2 A rights in CA. Despite a huge number of active gun owners in CA, too few are aware of what the Democratic Socialists entrenched in Sacramento are doing to us, so they just keep getting re-elected and chipping away at our right to keep and bear Arms.

    • Your point is valid, however, with Jeff just now about to turn 30, a lot of this garbage was set into motion long before he was old enough to even vote. You can blame the Boomer generation for that.

      • I see your point. As a CA gun owner/shooter since 1963 (when I got my first rifle at age thirteen) I can tell you that up to 1990 it was pretty good here. We had a “waiting period” for pistols, but after 1990 when Roberti-Roos came along (in 1992) it has gotten much worse, particularly in the past ten/fifteen years.

        TODAY, if you are buying guns in CA, you need to be connected to a gun rights organization. This is how you wander into Bass Pro Shop, or other major firearms retailer, and not be surprised, as Cucamonga Jeff was. The BB/Pellet Gun ban was well known and fought by the informed gun owners of CA. There are just too few of us because there are far too many gun owners in CA that have no idea what Sacramento is up to, and many actually vote for the jack-holes disarming us.

  24. California has successfully convinced the citizens that the BOR is up for popular referendum. The entire point of the BOR was that it was above a simple majority being able to tear it down.

  25. Two things about “voting with your feet.” —
    1. People voted with their feet and left Detroit for the suburbs starting in the Sixties. Now Detroit is a virtual wasteland, the city is bankrupt AND corrupt and many neighborhoods would qualify for the label “Uninhabitable” due to street gangs and thuggery and drug use. Detroit’s population has dropped by at least half. DO NOT ABANDON GROUND THAT IS YOURS.

    2. Forty years ago, the whole state of Michigan had gun laws similar to states like California and a handful of East Coast states. But those who’d moved from Detroit and other big cities STAYED in the outlying communities of Michigan. Grand Rapids became one of the largest cities and, slowly, became a bastion of Republican-voting residents. Same goes for most of the land area outside ruined cities like Detroit and Flint. Since the 90s, there has been a huge change in the Michigan legislature and in outlying areas of the state. This has resulted in: the isolation of Democrat-voters in cities like… (guess) Detroit and Flint. Gun laws have been reformed by law makers to conform more closely with the 2nd Amendment (and with Michigan’s constitution which says: Every citizen has the right to bear arms for their defense and that of the state.) So now open carry is legal and only “rejected” in islands of Democrat cities. Now, we have an real Shall Issue concealed carry law which resulted in a 10X increase in CPLs since 2002.

    DO NOT ABANDON THE GROUND THAT IS YOURS: rally together and reverse the dominance of Democrats in LA and San Francisco and Sacramento.

    • If you believe good and right are the majority of residents, abandon every place where Demoncrats are in power. Strip them of population, and like someone already said, you strip them of power in national government as they will be left with two Senators, and way fewer Representatives. Create “super red” states (credit to someone who wrote that earlier). If Demoncrats are in control, the ground you stand on is no longer yours. Flee the enemy where he is strong, attack where he is weak (credit to some Chinese guy from long ago).

  26. So many gun owners suggest/almost demand leaving CA….where will everyone go in 5-10 years when the rest of the country has moved so far left it makes today’s CA look like the wild west?

      • So many gun owners are either unwilling or unable to see the larger picture. It’s not just the 2nd Amendment being attacked, it’s individual freedoms across the board. Doesn’t bode well for the future.

        • The big picture is we can die alone in our outposts and foxholes, or we can withdraw to positions of overwhelming strength and stop the enemy at the wall. Dying-off piecemeal is still dying-off piecemeal. Consolidate and prevail.

        • @2Asux, “United we stand, divided we fall”? Maybe that’s why certain powers seem intent on keeping the races at each others throats.

        • There is not advantage to the left for resolving fractious problems. Solutions make the tools for solutions obsolete. When government solves an issue, government loses influence. The only justification for government programs is that the problems they “fix” never go away.

          Regards “United we stand”, united in thought spread across the entire continent is ineffective. “United we stand” in strongholds of populations greater than those attacking us is the only possible way to stop the erosion of rights. Once we have overwhelming majorities in states, overwhelming majorities in national offices, only then can we truly effective. Isolated outposts of sympathizers is not the path to success.

      • If there is now a danger that eventually leftists will grossly outnumber constitutionalists, then it doesn’t matter whether you flee or not; you are doomed. If you believe constitutionalists will flee to free states and push the leftists out, you have clear boundaries to defend, and with like-minded allies at your side and back. Fleeing to stronger ramparts does not mean fleeing willy nilly to nowhere.

  27. At least Brown vetoed the last attempt to treat 80% lowers as firearms; of course the idiots are trying to resurrect it this session…

  28. “Pretty sickening stuff. I just can’t wrap my mind around how a super majority of politicians and a governor could vote for and sign that garbage into law.”

    Jeff, hate to say this, but don’t blame the politicians. Blame the people. The people of California could vote these politicians out of office, call them and complain, hold rallies, recall politicians, etc. They could demand something different. But they don’t. They are either not paying attention or they are cool with it. Those two options are actually pretty similar.

    But hey, at least CA politicians support marijuana and abortions. Right?

  29. While looking up my powerball #’s I found this…

    What’s also depressing is that Americans’ chances of scoring the Powerball jackpot are considerably smaller than their chances of doing something much less pleasant in any given year, like:

    Dying from an asteroid impact: 1 in 74.8 million

    Dying in an earthquake: 1 in 14.7 million

    Dying in a flood: 1 in 12.5 million

    Getting bitten by a dog: 1 in 9.2 million

    Being attacked by a shark: 1 in 1.6 million

    Being struck by lightning: 1 in 1.2 million

    Dying in a car accident: 1 in 37,028

    And dying of gun violence: 1 in 28,153

    Hmmmmm it’s everywhere!!! Scary guns!!!

  30. So does that law include ping pong ball and marshmallow shooters on the no-go list? Ugh, what a wretched, wretched place. The only thing that Cali does better than our beaches is surfing, and that’s a microscopic tradeoff for all of the other freedoms and liberties we enjoy out here.

    • And there’s been some utterly sick surf this year. Thank you weather pattern variations!

      I hear guys are already practicing for the Maverick’s big wave comp.

  31. This is a pretty good sign actually. Shows the d-bags in government have actual FEAR of the citizenry, as well they should. They should fear for their jobs.
    Get armed.
    Stay armed.

  32. It’s too bad Marc Reisner is dead. I could see his book on the decline of California being titled the Days of Feigned (or Fabricated) Outrage. California’s water issues are both more pressing than bloody airsoft guns and most of the other crap that people fixate on here. This is the latest and greatest pile of stupidity perpetuated by the out-of-touch, fearful, inept types in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and the submarine society of Sacred-tomato.

    Don’t like one, don’t get one. Just for the love of all that is rational, don’t expend energy banning it. Even Gov. Moonbeam has his limits, and called out the derp brigade for their unhelpful efforts while vetoing some of their dumber efforts last year. But Lt. Gov. Grease-some and Atty. Gen. Harris are trying again to put those measures on the ballot for the ignorant ones to vote on later this year.

    I love my little carve out of sanity here on the central coast of California, but population-wise, we’re subsumed into the coastal craziness of Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Lost Angeles. Which is why I talk to fence-sitters, wear my hunting camouflage year round (not to mention, Sitka and Kryptek make great stuff from a technical standpoint), and generally try my damnest to maintain my way of life along with my rights. FPC will be getting money from me when I have it for the same reason. I’m reminded of an oft-quoted precept by Irish Protestants of ‘our country too’. Well, this is my state too, and I’m going to do my damnedest to make sure it reflects my values and principles.


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