A man sprays mace, left, as another man fatally fires a gun, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020 in Denver. The man on the left side of the photo was supporting the "Patriot Rally" and sprayed mace at the man on the right side of the image. The man at right, then shot and killed the protester at left. A private security guard working for a TV station was in custody Saturday after a person died from a shooting that took place during dueling protests in downtown Denver, the Denver Post reported. (Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via AP)
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Report from the Associated Press:

A private security guard working for a TV station was in custody Saturday after a person died from a shooting that took place during dueling protests in downtown Denver.

The shooting took place shortly before 3:50 p.m. in Civic Center Park after a man participating in what was billed a “Patriot Rally” sprayed mace at another man, the Denver Post reported. That man then shot the other individual with a handgun near the courtyard outside the Denver Art Museum, according to a Denver Post journalist who witnessed the incident.

A man turns after fatally shooting another man during dueling protests, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020 in Denver. The man on the left side of the photo was supporting the “Patriot Rally” and sprayed mace at the man on the right side of the image. The man at right, then shot and killed the protester at left. A private security guard working for a TV station was in custody Saturday after a person died from a shooting that took place during dueling protests in downtown Denver, the Denver Post reported. (Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via AP)

The man who was shot was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died an hour later, the KUSA TV station said.

A man is taken into custody after fatally shooting another man, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020 in Denver. At the time two rallies, one right-wing and one left-wing, were taking place near one another. A private security guard working for a TV station was in custody Saturday after a person died from a shooting that took place during dueling protests in downtown Denver, the Denver Post reported. (Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via AP)

The KUSA TV station said on its website that it had contracted the private security guard who was arrested in connection with the shooting. “It has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to hire private security to accompany staff at protests,” the station said.

Denver Police Department Division Chief Joe Montoya told the Post that police could not confirm the shooter’s or the victim’s affiliations, but he said the incident started as a verbal altercation. Two guns were found at the scene, Montoya said, as well as a mace can.

The Patriot Rally was one of two rallies taking place about the same time in the park. A counter-protest called “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” took place nearby.

The right-wing Patriot Rally protesters gathered in the park’s amphitheater and occasionally chanted patriotic songs and held up banners, the Post reported.

Protesters at the left-wing “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” held up flags and signs railing against Nazis and white supremacists as they gathered in the middle of the park, several hundred feet from the barricaded-off amphitheater, the newspaper added.

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    • This is a tragedy, but, I’m all for this shoot, if Mr. Mace was the aggressor and sprayed the security guard unprovoked. It’s a good shoot to me. But the same rules should be applied for the right – not just the left.

      Antifa throw a brick at you?
      Shoot them.

      Antifa approach you with a bike lock?
      Shoot them.

      BLM guy spray you with mace or try to KO you?
      Shoot them.

      Antifa/BLM knock-out game?
      Shoot them.

      Antifa hit you with a skateboard?
      Shoot them.

      BLM try to Reginald Denny you?
      Shoot them.

      All for it! People need to learn to keep their hands to themselves and if the masses witness a few hooligans getting perforated. Good.

      • The photos posted elsewhere show Mr Sunglasses Security tried grabbing the can of mace before it was deployed, was slapped in the face, knocking his sunglasses and hat askew, and then drew and fired.

        • “After Being Pepper Sprayed” is the obvious defense for the shooter. All he has to say is he was blinded by the spray and in fear for his life and the gun went off blindly. Doesn’t mean he will walk.
          Even though such big gulp size spray cans say they have a long range they do not work well against most anyone with firearm. Calling the shooter a “Security Guard” is far fetched to say the least.

        • Was he grabbing the mace after being threatened with it ? That would likely make this a justified shoot. When used OFFENSIVELY mace attacks can be justification for lethal force.

          The guy with the mace appears to be menacing others prior to the shooting.

        • And it appears the Trump supporter was armed with a handgun too (in a shoulder holster). The police say they seized two guns after the shooting.

          It’s looking more like a defensive gun use. The man was threatening violence, may have been touching someone else, hit the guard, sprayed guard and was carrying a sidearm at the time.

      • “if Mr. Mace was the aggressor and sprayed the security guard unprovoked.”

        The shot was heard immediately after you hear the spray, so the gun was already out and probably on target. That means mace guy makes the decision to spray someone at distance that’s pointing a gun at him which seems pretty dumb in that particular situation. Throwing his hands up probably would have saved his life, and 100% Antifa-BLM guy still would have gone to jail.

        • The shooter is a professional contractor with a very famous security firm. He is not Antifa. He may be a Democrat, but most people are, especially people his age.

        • “He is not Antifa.”

          He has an Antifa tat. He’s Antifa.

          Show me *anyone* who isn’t Antifa rocking an Antifa tat…

        • “Hear it from one of your favorite right wing grifters.”

          I just did. He’s an admitted Leftist rocking an Antifa tat.

          Ergo, *Antifa*…

        • To Chief sensor
          If a guy has a swastika tattoo he’s a Nazi. If a guy has an antifa tattoo he’s antifa/communist.

        • @cc A very famous security firm with a very long history of hiring people of very questionable morality to do very shady things.

        • “Chief Censor says:
          October 11, 2020 at 15:27
          The shooter is a professional contractor with a very famous security firm. He is not Antifa”.
          Wow CC, that didn’t age well?
          Less then 24 hrs later and everything you stated has been proven wrong.
          At least you’re consistent.
          How about a citation to where you read the victim went to that event looking for trouble.
          It will be my pleasure to prove that as nothing but bullshit too!

      • Don’t be around stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places.
        They were all doing variety of stupid things.

      • Just looking at the available info, the Patriot Prayer guy looks to be wrong AF. If you OC someone unprovoked or over some bullshit verbal altercation then you deserve the bullet same as if you tried to beat them with your hands. The fact is the defendant has no idea what level of violence you’re escalating to and it isn’t his job to find out. Attack people get slotted, I don’t care if our politics agree or not.

      • Actually, it looks like Chief Commie is still a lying Commie sack of shit, and another one of his Commie Comrades assassinated another member of Patriot’s Prayer.

        If Chief Commie thinks anybody here believes a word he says when he repeats his Commie talking points, he’s sadly mistaken.

    • “Trumpgoobers” huh? You’re one of those idiots that thinks that throwing molotovs and burning cities is protected as “protest” 😂

      I bet you also believe what the liberal media tells you to believe, at face value, withour question. Cause you’re a gullible idiot. You sheeple think it’s a tragedy when rapists and violent drug addicts (like Jacob Blake and George Floyd) get shot and killed but are totally fine with this. You’re all such hypocritical morons and mindless drones. You don’t even know why you don’t like Trump. It’s only cause liberal propaganda told you not to like him.

    • Michelle Malkin has the timeline in her twitter feed.

      Killer was in the Occupy movement, doxxed by 4chan thru his wrist tat. Bernie supporter via his bumper sticker.

      Not a defensive trained person IMO, no “2 shots to the chest”

    • Indeed. I have a question though. If the shooter was there as security for the press, why was he getting into it with this guy? Was the mace guy attacking his clients?

    • The man was arguing with a black guy who was wearing a “Black Guns Matter” shirt. The guy in the shirt was inferring he had a gun. People started to surround the black guy, those people had knives and other weapons. The guy with the bear spray was angry and cussing, but figured the black guy was armed with a gun. So the mace guy went after a white guy that told him to put down the mace. The mace guy then hit the private security contractor, knocking his hat and glasses off his face. The security guard drew his gun from the appendix position. The mace man then sprayed the armed guard. The security shot the man in the face with one shot.

      It appeared the guard was carrying a gun with a threaded barrel, suppressor height sights, a light and a red dot. He worked for a very popular contractor and was hired by the local 9 news.

      Mace man may have also had a gun. He was wearing some kind of anti BLM shirt and a bunch of rings. Apparently he thought he could bully people and assault them like Patriot Prayer did. Ended up with the same results, but this time it was a pro that shot him in the head with a single shot.

      I hope there isn’t a third Trump voter who thinks they can bully and assault people. We don’t need to see this for a third time. Do not felony menace and assault people over Trump, Antifa and black lives.


      • I am surprised you aren’t in a mental ward.

        1) The BLM guy was bullying people as they were leaving and calling everyone the N word.
        2) The security guy is there to protect his client. He was not hired to get involved in was clearly non-lethal until he got involved. He certainly didn’t de-escalate the situation.

  1. This one’s gonna be sooo juicy.

    DPD ain’t playing on this they hit the Pinkerton with 1st degree murder around midnight.

    And so now we know that 4chan was right before the news was because we know damn right well who the shooter is.

    The Pinkerton security guard has ties to Antifa so deep he has tats proclaiming it and social media posts about this shit going back years. The journalist in question has known Antifa on the socials claiming he’s “one of them” long before this went down and follows them on socials like a damn puppy. And News9? Oh, man do they have some… uh, issues *cough* with their staff being violent leftist assholes. They fired a meteorologist recently over a little case of arson.

    This one’s gonna be a hoot.

    • Yet the police wasted no time claiming that the shooter definitively has no ties to Antifa. That was a quick investigation. It’s hard to use the Charlottesville incident to point to the violent right when BLM and Antifa lefties are going around assassinating political enemies and cops. The media will continue to ignore the violence from one side and elevate the other.

      • The cops initially reported an Antifa connection and then retracted that about 15 minutes after a Lefty state legislator went on a Twitter rant about them saying it.

        Pretty weird to have someone who’s got “no Antifa connection” yet has Antifa tattoos.

        • I’m having a bit of a problem with being so “Down with the struggle” that you willingly volunteer to spend the rest of your life (possibly up to 50 fucking YEARS) in a cage staring at a concrete wall.

          What’s the attraction? “I really showed him!”?

        • Geoff:

          I don’t think this is a case of being “so down”, nor is it what some have claimed in terms of an “assassination”. I think two hot-heads got into it in a difficult situation and in the end both will pay an extremely heavy price.

          Based on the current totality of evidence and the fact that DPD has other video which seems to have led them to a murder charge here’s my opinion based on how Colorado actually operates and how Denver operates in particular. [Full disclosure; I had my own encounter with an attacker in Denver’s jurisdiction but I was in a far better legal situation because in my case the other guy had a knife and had attacked other people, which I had immediate foreknowledge of. There’s no debate in Colorado law as to weather or not the knife in this incident constituted a “deadly weapon”. It did. The outcome of that incident is he’s worm-food and I’m not. I didn’t use a firearm because I didn’t have time to deploy it. It was hand-to-hand from start to finish. However, this incident and the resulting interaction with DPD tells me a bit about how this goes down in Denver. Well… that and my lawyer at the time…]
          Biker guy has a heated confrontation as reporter and his guard are entering the immediate area. The biker guy breaks off the heated encounter and happens to travel directly towards the reporter and guard with a can of mace in his hand.

          At that point based on most of the evidence I have on hand I think the guard probably made a very serious mistake and overreacted to the presence of the mace. Seeing it as a threat to himself or his charge he moved forward and tried to disarm the biker. At that point the biker slapped him, which was legally permissible based on the guard’s action(s). At that point both people backpedal and the biker brings up the can of MACE while the guard draws a gun and we kinda know the rest.

          The problem with that is that in Colorado just having a can of mace in your hand isn’t illegal, but one must admit that it’s sort of suspicious behavior. So, if the guard “sees it as a threat”, that’s all well and good but the guard crosses the legal line and becomes the aggressor if he tries to take the can away from the biker unless the biker issued a threat to use the mace, and even then in Colorado the guard is generally justified in drawing but he has to take a *defensive* posture at that point or stand his ground, he can’t move the overall situation “forward” in an aggressive manner that ratchets up the threat level to himself or someone else.

          What I suspect happened here based on the background of the guard is that he’s not disciplined and he let his preconceived notions of the man in front of him cloud his judgement, panicked and cross the legal line from defender to aggressor. In doing so he unfortunately killed someone and that makes this murder.

          It’s been suggested that the biker also had a concealed firearm. Barring further information to the contrary this information is entirely superfluous to this incident. Unless the biker specifically mentioned the gun in a threatening way the guard probably didn’t know he had it and even if he did a weapon that’s not being deployed or for which there is no reasonable threat of deployment (verbal, he reaches for it etc.) is not something you can shoot someone over.

        • *That* explanation makes sense.

          This will likely go to trial, then, and we’ll see the video evidence…

      • Cops say Antifa dude kills Trump dude.

        Commie politician dude complains, says cops smeared Antifa.

        Channel 9 Antifa dude (Kyle Clark, detained by cops along with Matthew the shooter) says Matt isn’t Antifa, he’s a Channel 9 News Security Contractor (hired by Kyle because he’s Kyle’s fellow traveler/co-conspirator)

        Cops say killer dude (with easily verified Antifa/Occupy history and Antifa tattoo on his wrist) isn’t Antifa, because Kyle and a politician told them so.

        • They are just so SLY! Who could ever figure this out! And, of course, if he (they) are not antifa, then the murder will be forgiven, no harm done, right? You cannot make this shit up.

        • Antifa came about with Trump not with Obama. If being at Occupy Wall Street makes you Antifa, is Tim Pool now Antifa? What about Peter Schiff?

          Let’s just make every shooting political because that will work out well. Let’s not look at what happened, just look at who did it. Democrats have no rights, correct?

        • Chief Commie:

          Antifa came about in the 1920s, before Hitler.
          Kyle hired Matt because Matt has long term street cred as a leftist organizer in Denver going over ten years back. If you’re trying to disassociate him from Antifa, I don’t think anybody here is going to believe you.

        • We are not talking about the anti fascist group in Europe who was setup to fight Nazis. We are talking about American politics and history.

          Not all Democrats are Antifa. Antifa is considered an organization by Republicans. The man is not in that organization. If he was, i am sure his employer would know about that and would fire him for being part of a “terror organization.” They had to have done a background check of his criminal record, his social media and tattoos and drug tested him as standard procedure.

          It’s silly to say every Democrat is Antifa. That’s claiming Antifa is just an idea or it’s like saying every Republican is a white supremacist. Either you can show us evidence he is a part of this terror organization or you are simply labeling all Democrats terrorists especially if they have ever protested anything.

          Under that logic, I guess all Republicans are civil war terrorists like those Michigan liberators. Round them all up for being anti US, for being the new ISIS.

        • “Not all Democrats are Antifa.”

          Democrats refuse to denounce Antifa, even with video evidence.

          Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck… Antifa.

        • “Antifa came about with Trump not with Obama”

          Those black bloc anti-capitalist anarchists were definitely around during the Obama administration.
          Here they are five years ago. It’s the same people as today.

    • Like 9 years ago?

      I guess a professional security business doesn’t do background checks or doesn’t care the man is a Democrat. I guess the government also agreed as they gave him his license.

      Space Invaders is now Antifa? Japanese arcade games are communist.

      Let’s just ignore what the Trump supporter was doing before he made physical contact with the guard.

  2. 1. Kyle Clark, NBC 9, is Antifa.

    2. Shooter has ‘space invaders against racism/fascism’ tattoo on right wrist.

    3. There’s a picture of victim standing still, slapping shooter in the face, shooter’s feet are moving and he’s reaching for victim, possibly victim’s pepper spray.

    4. Victim moves back 4-5′ as shooter draws AIWB, victim deploys pepper spray, shooter blows his head off.

    • My guess (and it’s only an educated guess at this point) is that after Black Guns Matter failed to start a fight with victim, Clark moved in to pick a fight with him, then ‘Pinkerton’ moved in for the kill. Victim slapped Pinkerton away, then backed away from them.

      Take a look at their feet, and where they are in relation to the fence.


      • Loath as I am to repost anything from 4chan here the following montage is actually damn good at showing you how the distance is opening, not closing, when the shot is fired.

        Mr. Pink probably deserves that murder charge. I’m just hoping the Metro doesn’t get too spicy. I have some business to get done in that area this week.

        [Warning: the last three images in this slideshow are pretty graphic.]


        • Honestly impressed that worked, thanks for making that happen and yes every now and again the chans put out better reports than anything I ever got from the S2…….. who when bored likely was on there anyway.

        • Thanks for the post of 4chan. They do get it right a lot of time. It’s just that they seem to be the only ones that are trying.

          I don’t see how this can possibly be a good shoot. Since both sides were in retreat. After the slap.

          And if the security guard is there to protect the reporters? Then why is the guard even engaging with this idiot? I don’t see this idiot attacking the reporters.

          I think the shooter is going to prison for a very long time.

        • @Chris

          Pretty much. Compare this to the retired Marine working the same job months ago. He managed to disarm two people with stolen police patrol rifles, disable the rifles, keep his charges safe, evac multiple blocks on foot, return the rifles to the police and do so without firing a shot.

          And he did that smack dab in the middle of a full blown riot.

          Under Colorado, and particularly Denver law, the shooter is probably fucked and he deserves it. Denver’s kind of a sketchy place to carry, as is Boulder in some regards, so you better have your ahit screwed on tight. He didn’t, and for that the price is usually very steep.

  3. Sooo, is pepper spray a deadly force assault or not?
    We seem to have several results , depending on on who is praying and who gets sprayed.

    • In Portland, throwing IEDs at cops isn’t a reason to use deadly force.

      According to Kenosha County DA (and Albuquerque) , clubbing you in the head with a skateboard isn’t a reason to use deadly force.

        • Light an M-80 then place it on a surface 1ft away and level with your face. Flinching is cheating. Alternatively, do the same but hold it in your open hand. Now do it with a closed hand. Now do it with it resting against your leg. If you’re unwilling to do any of those, consider that its probably a dick move to throw them at someone.

        • Oh, look, it’s Chief Commie, making excuses for and minimizing the actions of Marxist terrorists again. When you use fireworks mortar shells as offensive weapons, either by throwing them at law enforcement officers or using them to ignite gasoline bombs, you’re using them as IEDs.

    • In CA improper use of pepper spray is a felony. Was this improper use?

      Looks more like antifa wanted to murder someone and the victim went non lethal when he should have went nuclear.

    • Normally no, but if you use it against someone with a firearm, it’s a very reasonable conclusion you’re doing it to steal their gun after disabling them and thus ARE a deadly threat, especially in light of the recent mob violence. Look at the case of the guy who stole the taser at the Wendys (also the cop couldn’t tell in the dark and heat of the moment the guy they didn’t search was still using the stolen taser instead of having pulled a firearm, but that’s beyond this comparison). At the *very* least I expect a defense attorney to raise the argument of such.

      • Any offensive use of pepper spray is potentially lethal.

        For example I think it’s reasonable to assume the offensive use of pepper spray will be followed by an attack WHILE I’m disabled. A person willing to use pepper spray to disable a non threatening person is likely to beat them while defenseless after.

        It’s also reasonable to assume an unprovoked pepper spray attack is prelude to armed robbery.

        There have been a few federal cases where OC spray has been found to be a lethal weapon , mostly involving its use in bank robberies.

        • Cops say it’s okay to shoot a man dead if he attempts to grab their taser. If that constitutes self defense, then it is arguable that bear spray rises to meet that threshold. The argument being the taser could be used on the cop and then the cop could be attacked while he can’t properly defend himself. Being sprayed will definitely incapacitate to an extent. If the man with the spray is armed, it would rise to the level of a reasonable belief the person sprayed could be shot considering he was already struck and sprayed, as in the force continuum is playing out.

          Additionally, the security guard was outnumbered by an armed group the man was with. They had knives clearly visible and a man took out a baton to use against the black male. The black male was being threatened by the crowd to the point he felt the need to warn them through inference he would shoot them if attacked. The security guard saw this happening and did his job of trying to protect others before he then became a victim himself by the main agitator causing the whole force continuum.

          I would say the man has a good argument if the bear spray attacker had a handgun on him and there is evidence the man was there to start trouble via violence.

      • Let’s not forget that Colorado is anti gun and anti self defense.

        They will argue the man was menacing a black male and was anti BLM. The black male was wearing a Black Guns Matter shirt, the anti BLM man was angry about it and was trying to harm the black male. While the armed crowd started to surround the black male a private security contractor told the anti BLM male to put the mace down. The anti BLM male then aggressively approached the armed security guard saying “mother fucker” and open palm strikes the security when he tried to stop the male from spraying him. The anti BLM male was intentionally wearing rings on his hands as a makeshift brass knuckle weapon. The security guard then drew his gun because he saw the anti BLM male wearing a shoulder holster with a gun on his left side. The anti BLM male then sprayed the security guard who was clearly presenting a gun and giving lawful commands to put down the mace. The security guard then fired one shot in defense of himself after two physical assaults from a man armed with a gun, mace and makeshift brass knuckles.

        Not sure that argument will work in Colorado. I guess it will depend on the totality rather than mace versus gun. The argument had a higher chance of success with the Patriot Prayer shooting because that was at night with a known violent gang who was actively seeking assaults.

        It should go to court. I will not be surprised he is found not guilty, but is banned from security firms out of the risk versus reward factor.

        “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” The man should have listened to the Black Guns Matter guy warning him if he fucks around he is going to find out.

  4. Thank the two of you above me for sharing some details. Awful. If those are true, I hope they draw and quarter the son of a bitch.

        • I’m glad to see someone else noticed that.
          The POS instigator/escalator makes physical contact with an armed citizens, while saying “don’t touch me man”.
          He knows where the camera is, and follows the “push” with a “pointed finger” in the face. This gives the appearance of just pointing a finger to those casually observing the video (exactly how 99.999% of the public will view it).

        • My thought exactly, everybody there was nuts. And all were looking for trouble. LE has too much to do, should just announce “who cares?” and go on about their business.

      • The other camera angles appear to show bear spray man’s buddy pushing the black man and the bear spray man away from each other. That made the black man more angry because he is the one being touched when the bear spray guy is the one threatening physical assault.

        Words are not violence. Regardless what the left says. The leftist are the ones that shout “words are violence” and “silence is violence.”

        • “Words are not violence.”

          Oh yes they are.

          If you write or say something that hurts my feelings, or my beliefs, you just committed violence…which is implicit in the word “hurt”, as in inflict, as in damage, as in harm, as in frustrate, as in unfair, as in not getting my way.

          To hurt someone, you must use violence. Words are violence. Even you saying words are not violence hurts my feelings and my beliefs.

          You are such a meany, someone should find you, and publish your name and address. And favorite alcoholic beverage (and if it is not near-beer, you hurt me all over again).

          So, there. Wah.

        • Now Chief Commie is sticking up for Black Guns Matter guy, who has been seen trying to start fights at multiple political events in Denver in the past.

          If you want to know who’s in the wrong, just look at who Chief Commie is carrying water for.

    • Claimed by some to be the shooter, but if so, he appears to have had time to change into a plain black T-shirt.

      • Right. Because a Maj Toure supporter is a paid agitator getting his money straight from the Jewish people. Can’t wait to hear the accusations that it was all a conspiracy to destroy “Western” civilization.

        • That POS is no more a Maj supporter than Chief Commie is a 2A supporter.

          His BGM shirt is nothing more than cover.

  5. Only thing that surprises me, is that it took this long for the sh*t to start! No matter who shot who(m), the puppet masters are salivating today. It’s all coming to fruition!!!

  6. Stay the f* away from these “protests.” Engaging with these commies at this point in time is a lose-lose proposition. Let the left shoot themselves in the face with this violence. They are creating Trump voters in vast swaths of the population.

    Meanwhile, keep adding to your supplies as you can. If this does come to a head in the future, right now it’s better to be quiet and prepared than confrontational and dead.

    • I understand your reasoning…but you’re wrong.

      Patriots scheduled a rally / protest. Antifa crashed the party. THEY want you to stay home. Intimidation, threats, violence. If you win the streets you will likely win the war.

      The trick is containing yourself while they goad you on…if you snap, they will claim victim status. Think of them as the tantrum ridden, fatherless children they are.

      Be there. Be calm. Watch your 6. Don’t go alone.

      • There are many more sane people than these immature little f* commies. There are maybe ten thousand of these shits across the country. They think they will win the streets, but when it comes to a head, they won’t. Now is not the time. The time is when they have succeeded in breaking down the rules that protect them. They want to rule by violence, but their numbers will not allow that.

        Stock up, get or stay in shape, practice, network with your neighbors. And do it quietly. Don’t brag on social media or otherwise attract attention to yourself.

      • Then Patriots should have settled the question on the spot. Demanding the whole nation get involved in your personal pissing contest has gotten old, leave me out. Any taxpayer money should be spent cleaning up the mess, including cremation without ID or services and tossing the resulting dust pile onto the street.

        • Sometimes the best strategy to become the king of the hill is to stand back and let the fools fight.

      • You can’t assault someone because they said mean words to you. It’s America, we have the right to speak and the right to self defense. If you don’t like that you can move to Canada.

    • Exactly.
      Be polite, de-escalate, disengage. Remove yourself from the situation in a CALM and ORDERLY manner.
      This is the ONLY proper behavior for a responsible LTC/CHL holder.
      Remember, polite, de-escalate, disengage.
      If you’re attacked in a manner in which YOU feel YOUR life (or the lives of friends/family in your group) is in imminent danger, neutralize the threat ASAP!
      Take the shot, own the shot. Say NOTHING to the arresting officers, make no comments or statements to anyone. DO NOT unload OR put down the firearm until LEO are approaching the scene, and then place it at your feet, so you can grab it should another person attempt to grab it and use it on you.

      • “Be polite, de-escalate, disengage. Remove yourself from the situation in a CALM and ORDERLY manner.”

        Agreed, but there are some people out there who won’t let you walk away, and Antifa and BLM appear to be that type.

    • The cops literally watched it happen. They were standing there pointing at the situation and talking. Only when the man was shot did they intervene. The police were given orders to keep the two groups separated to prevent violence. The cops just stood there too lazy to walk over and stop the arguing.

  7. Man. Talk about mis direction. The fascist waving signs claiming they aren’t fascists.

    Antifa, by word and deed, are brown shirts. And fascism has no place in a free society. It’s past time that they were destroyed.

    • Isn’t this what they always do? They call themselves the opposite of what they really are. Just like the “Democratic Republic of xyz” in Africa and Asia. Put the words “children, poverty, soup drive, animals, nature, democratic” and you can be a professional scam artist, or ruthless dictator and you get favorable news coverage.

  8. the little blm punk could have been easily dipatched with a slapjack..after i put him to sleep i would have shoved a bar of soap in his foul mouth…

    the so-called contractor is toast…he will have a long time to go over it in his head with big bubba and axel..

    • He was armed. “Fuck around and find out.” “Black guns matter.”

      Be careful who you mess with. Democrats are now becoming more armed than Republicans. Record numbers of gun sales and carry licenses all because of the Democrats tooling up. By the way, they love their arm brace rifles.

  9. I don’t know who is what but pepper spray is used to incapacitate someone! So use it on me I’m gonna shoot you, period!

    • I totally agree.
      In a situation where there are multiple agitated people around, and a firearm has been presented in a defensive manner, it is TOTALLY reasonable for the armed person to fear it being take away and used against him, post pepper spraying.
      IMO, It wouldn’t be too difficult for a defense attorney to convince a jury of LEVEL HEADED citizens of that.
      This detail might not matter much in this situation, so much was done wrong.

      • “IMO, It wouldn’t be too difficult for a defense attorney to convince a jury of LEVEL HEADED citizens of that.”

        Ah, there’s the rub.

        • “Ah, there’s the rub.”
          Yes, I actually went back and added those two words….”LEVEL HEADED”, before posting my comment.

      • So much was done wrong

        Yeah, the aggressors don’t get to go to guns and claim self defense.

        1. Kyle gets in Lee’s face (I’m assuming) and starts yelling ‘spray me’.
        2. Matthew rushes Lee, grabs for his spray can (held down low in non-threatening position).
        3. Lee slaps Matthew as he backs away from Matthew.
        4. Matthew draws Glock. Lee stupidly yells ‘shoot me’ (sounds like Jo Rosenbaum there).
        5. Lee aims spray at Matthew as Matthew aims Glock at him.
        6. Lee triggers spray, Matthew immediately shoots Lee in response to the spray.

        Lee’s actions aren’t perfect, but Matthew’s are assaultive and Lee’s are mostly defensive.

        • “Yeah, the aggressors don’t get to go to guns and claim self defense.”
          Escalators are included in this rule too.
          This should be FIRST and FOREMOST in the minds of EVER person carrying ANYTHING that can be defined as a weapon.

        • Totality shows mace man was the aggressor. He was told to put it down, he got angered by those words, then went after the man that told him that. That man ended up being an armed guard.

          Imagine the bear spray was a handgun. If you take it out of the holster and hold in your hands during an argument, you cannot claim defense. Words are not violence. The kid could have insulted your dead mom, still not violence. Using bear spray in such a manner can be considered felony use and a violent felony.

        • I disagree. In all of the photos and video I’ve seen it looks to me like antifa security tries to grab the bear spray, gets bitch slapped, draws and fires, and bear spray guy raises and deploys bear spray in defense because that is what is in his hand and there is no time for anything else.

        • Hey The Crimson Pirate, just ignore CC.
          No need for further investigation or any other opinions (Sarc)……..”Totality shows mace man was the aggressor.” Sez CC.
          Good thing we have CC here to tell everyone not to believe their own lying eyes.
          Hey CC, GFY and STFU!
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • For clarity, the shooter attempted a strongarm robbery (grabbing at the victims property) that the victim thwarted with a bitch slap. Around 2 seconds later the strongarm robber shoots his victim dead!
          Deadly use of a firearm during the commission of a robbery!
          Not looking good for Shitbird!
          Trump/Pence 2020.

  10. Sooo…don’t take pepper spray to a gun fight??? Got it😏 Did they arrest the right dude? I dunno enough about it.

  11. Why didn’t he shoot him in the leg?

    Shouldn’t the TV station have hired a conflict-resolution-specialist instead of an armed guard

    Use their rules against them.

  12. Based on the mace in the air, second pic: he’s already been shot. The pistol is working through the beginning of recoil. AND based on the pic montage, he got popped in the head. Two much blood pooling in the eye sockets.

    • Good catch on the slide position on the top photo. Based on the video, I heard the spray first, immediately followed by one gunshot, then the guy drops. But in the top phot there’s no obvious injury to the dead guy’s face??? is it possible that the top photo was taken while the bullet was in mid-air? Yikes.

      And if I got it right that also means that the dead guy sprayed someone with a drawn gun. Bad move.

        • Lesson on the day when this shitbird shooter hears the “Guilty of Murder in the First Degree” verdict in court?
          Getting bitch slapped while trying to grab a can of pepper spray out of another persons hands is NOT sufficient grounds to pull your handgun and kill the person who slapped you.
          IF you feel YOUR life is in danger while being confronted by someone with pepper spray, SHOOT them.
          DO NOT attempt to take the can away, fail at the attempt while getting bitch slapped, THEN shoot them. In this scenario, a case will be made that the shooter DID NOT fear for his life while being confronted with pepper spray. The shooter made a conscious decision to remove the pepper spray from his victim (having ABSOLUTELY no right to act in this manner, it is NOT his property). Shooter then responding to the failed snatch attempt that resulted in a bitch slap (which was a result of HIS improper actions) by pulling his firearm and killing the person he JUST attempted to remove personal property from.
          In NO way is this a justified defensive shooting, shitbird shooter is totally screwed!

      • Oh, and yes that means what you’re probably thinking. The guy with the MACE already has a bullet in his face, it’s just covered by the other stuff.

        Cycle time on a Glock like that is about 0.05 seconds. Assume it’s a 19, so 9mm, toss in Critical Duty for your guess (not that it much matters at this range) time to target ~0.0105 seconds. So the bullet hit the guy like 0.03 seconds ago when that picture was taken.

        • Good analysis. But due to the angle it’s tough to say how far the empty casing has traveled, so could the slide still be traveling backwards? Not that it really matters, in the greater scheme of things.

          Life lesson: Don’t pepper spray a guy who’s pointing a gun at you.

          And follow the law of the three stupids: don’t go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things. He could have walked away with his life.

        • Nah. If the slide is moving rearward, the chamber would not be open enough for the casing to have been ejected. Slide has to be moving forward unless a second round was fired.

        • What LarryinTX said. And only one shot was fired.

          The gun’s action is on the return stroke and has mostly completed it.

  13. I will never carry pepper spray. If a situation is so dangerous that I can’t disengage and need to defend myself with force, I won’t be using a can of Mace.

    • This!
      If your life is threatened, use deadly force until the threat is neutralized!
      Pepper spray does NOT neutralize a threat, it only disorients the threat, so someone WITH PROPER TRAINING can go “hands on” and secure the person. That’s the LEO and professional security personnel, NOT the average CHL/LTC holder.
      Something to think about…how would you explain to a jury that you DIDN’T escalate the situation after having to shoot someone you FIRST pepper sprayed. Here’s you orange jumpsuit and cell, this is your new cellmate…..

    • Rules to live by;

      1) never bring mace to a gunfight.
      2) stay away from stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things.

        • Observe – Look, stupid people in a stupid place doing stupid things.
          Orient – This could get ugly.
          Decide – I’m going home to watching college football instead.
          Act – Leave (alive).

      • In the normal world, pepper spray primarily fills two roles.

        1. For dealing with an aggressive dog. I’d rather pepper spray somebody’s dog than shoot it.
        2. Women who don’t want to carry a gun (like my wife). Pepper spray is better than nothing.

        • I spend a lot of time in public open spaces here in CA. I would much rather use pepper spray on an aggressive animal than have to explain my pocket carry j frame.

        • Been a while since I actually had to spray a dog.

          Last incident that came close, homeowner doing some yardwork close to road, GSD comes into the road growling at me. I pull spray, hold low behind my hip and freeze. My dog freezes. GSD sniffs my dog, my dog sniffs GSD, owner calls her dog back into her yard, I put spray back in my pocket and continue my walk. Felt a little better being that close to an aggressive strange dog having a can of OC in hand and ready to rock, but it was not a situation that would call for drawing a handgun.

    • Police have a use for pepper spray as they have to arrest people who may pose some threat not but a lethal threat.

      Other than that I see pepper spray as almost useless against anything on 2 legs. If I’m on my own time minding my own business and someone attacks me I’ll choose between my hands or a gun depending on their threat… I’m not bringing intermediate stuff into the equation. If I’m being assaulted and the threat is beyond fisticuffs, it’s turned into a gunfight.

      And if the other person decides to continue the assault once I am armed and warning them to cease… they have chosen poorly.

      • All spot on.
        “I’m not bringing intermediate stuff into the equation”
        BRILLIANT! When a CHL/LTC holder uses “escalating levels of force” (such as pepper spray), it’s viewed by a jury as that person not REALLY feeling their life was in danger, and having actually ESCALATED the confrontation toward it’s deadly conclusion.
        This sh!t is throughly gone over in every CHL/LTC class I’ve ever attended. Also gone over IN DETAIL at the annual member seminars held by CHL insurance providers.
        Why do so few on TTAG remember this?
        Trump/Pence 2020.

  14. While I am always “prepared” to defend myself, both personally and while in my vehicle, avoiding a fight is the best way to win. I have 4 kids that depend on me.

    Funny enough, a few months ago I got rid of sports sedan and bought a 4wd truck. One of the reasons was that it provides more options to escape if necessary.

  15. Still on first cup of joe….Clarification please….
    The victim is wearing a BLM shirt?? Is it an anti blm shirt, I can’t tell. Is he part of the “PATRIOT” group.

    • The headshot victim is part of a “Patriot Rally”. The shirt is anti-BLM but I have not yet seen a picture or video where I can figure out exactly what it says.

      • Why was he fighting with the guy in the “black guns matter “ shirt ? That’s usually worn by the patriot pro 2a side.

        Are we sure the victim wasn’t on the left ? Has he been identified ?

        • “Are we sure the victim wasn’t on the left ? Has he been identified ?”

          Yeah, he’s called “dead, right there”. Unloved, unhonored, and unsung. Bluff called. Prize awarded.

        • I don’t think anyone there knew what side they were supposed to be on, some ended up dead, others in deep shit, all who were intelligent were not there.