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From Primary Arms Optics . . .

Primary Arms Optics has released a new line of rifle scope mounts for their premium PLx product line.

As part of the PLx line, these mounts meet the exacting demands of professional use, offering impeccable craftsmanship and advanced features from state-of-the-art production facilities. PLx Scope Mounts are 100% US-made and feature Grade 12.9 steel hardware with a proprietary Black Electroless Nickel coating for unmatched durability in austere conditions. The innovative three-bolt design distributes recoil evenly with over 6,500 lbs of clamping force. Combined with dual machined recoil lugs and 3 cross bolt lugs, PLx mounts can resist heavy impacts and sustained gunfire without ever shifting your zero—all while remaining lightweight and compact.

“In the field, a scope is only as good as its mount. That’s why we designed our new PLx scope mounts, which put quality materials and engineering above all else,” says Stephen Morgan, Director of Product Marketing at Primary Arms Optics. “PLx mounts are 100% made in the USA and feature high-strength steel hardware, so you can trust their reliability when you need it most.”

To learn more about the new PLx Scope Mounts, click here.

No matter your mission, Primary Arms PLx Scope Mounts will outlast and outperform. For more information on Primary Arms Optics, follow Primary Arms on social media channels, including FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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  1. Looks exactly like my 20 dollar monstrum that had worked flawlessly since I put it on the gun.🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Talley Precision is as good as quality gets and my ring set and mount was $200, that’s $50 cheaper than this new Primary Arms mount. Usually everything PA produces is a good price for a fantastic product but this, I’m a little confused here. Maybe the prices will drop in time?

  3. It’s got three bolts so it’s innovative. What does that make JP’s scope mount? More innovativer…er? Cringworthy marketing, and a mount that is priced too high. Last I knew, a cheap Aero mount had that many bolts. You don’t hear them braggin’. Noone is using this to hold their Nightforce, S&B, or Kahles in it. They’re putting your cheap Chinesium in there. Drop the price.

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