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Welcome to, like, every day from March 2020 to now.


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  1. Nah, They haven’t seen the light. When push comes to shove they still believe YOU shouldn’t own guns.

  2. I think the Democrats have decided on their narrative for the mid-terms. Gun control is on the back burner. Like everything else in politics it’s cyclic in nature. Gun control will be back. Heck even sooner if there is another mass causality event. Feels like one is due soon.

    • I expect the full-court press on them attempting to get their vote-stealing law passed, but I seriously doubt they can rally the 50 votes so the VP can break the tie.

      You can plainly hear their desperation, like Biden’s little speech earlier. We have made serious progress in the states that were stolen from us in 2020, and it’s gonna be a lot harder for them to repeat that trick in 2024.

      They are scared, Justice Breyer wants to retire, but we can hold that SCotUS seat open if they are unable to retake the Senate later this year, and that’s looking highly unlikely at this point.

      If Breyer just ups and retires, that makes the court that much more conservative until the seat can be confirmed and seated by whoever is president next, and controls the senate at the same time.

      Frankly, I’m *loving* watching them twist in the wind with their fake tears. if Breyer exits the court and we regain the WH in 2024, that means the SCotUS balance tips to 7-2 in our favor.

      Just *imagine* the work we can get done with a 7-2 Supreme Court.

      They have no one but themselves to blame for their current predicament. They were the ones that chose to run Clinton, and they are paying dearly for that fuck-up.

      (I’m giggling like an 8 year-old school girl imagining the *possibilities*)…

    • Fighting the pretend insurrection as well as the good ole standby, racism. I doubt people will believe the same lie of ending the virus and a return to normalcy. They went in the opposite direction from that.

  3. Strap them kids in,
    givem a little bit of vodka
    A cherry coke
    We’re going to Ohh klahoma
    to the family reunion
    First time in years
    Well they’re coming down from Kansas
    West Arkansas
    Were going to have one big ole party
    Like you ain’t never saw

    • “We’re going to Ohh klahoma
      to the family reunion
      First time in years”

      Well, if you end up shooting a distant relative that pisses you off, I hope you can get away with it. 😉

      (I have a BIL down here currently who’s just asking for an ‘attitude adjustment’, and if sis says ‘yes’, it could get interesting… 🙂 )

      • Used to have a BIL who needed an attitude adjustment. And my sister gave it too him. 10″cast fry pan up side the head.
        Found out about it when I came home on leave. Stopped by to see him while sis was at work. Very politely informed the fool what would happen if there was a repeat of the DV issue. Guess he believed me because he decided to stop the boozing and stop the fighting. They were together for 35 years until she passed from cancer. Haven’t heard from him since the funreal and don’t much care. Poor fool is still frightened of me.

  4. NEVER sell your liberal family member a gun. Convince them to buy a gun that you want, from a gun store. That way when their liberal tendencies get the best of them and they decide that can’t have that killing machine in the same house as their yorkie you can swing in and offer them half price. If you sell them the gun then they will feel entitled for you to pay them the same price that they bought it from you for.

    • ………this sounds like there is some experience involved. Keeping this one in mind for later.

  5. You do know, the guy who wrote that family reunion song is the son of the fellow who wrote ‘Brokeback mountain’…

    A pretty shrewd judge of the true cowboy character.

    And Jame’s son is out touring now…

      • I’m not the one who posted the lyrics from his son’s song, I’m just pointing out the family’s skill at divining the true nature of ‘cowboy logic’.

    • James McCurty wrote Choctaw Bingo, so Jame’s dad wrote broke back mountain and grandpas grandson is out touring now.
      Wasn’t BBM about queers, and if it was that’s not the true nature of a cowboy.
      Whether dacian likes it or not I’m putting you on his list.

  6. You will never convince the sicko paranoids of the Far Right that a gun in the house makes it far more likely some one in your house will die accidentally or be murdered by a family member than the odds that they will die in a break in. The Stats proved it again and again which in their demented paranoia the Far Right ignore with the wave of the hand.

    Most criminals do not break in when they know someone is home as they know that the police will be on the way, that the home owners will identify them or resist them.

    In my own neighborhood one night we were sitting home and the house next to me got robbed and the house across the street. They never even tried to break into my home. I had a vehicle sitting outside the garage in the driveway and the lights were on. Once again proving the criminals avoided my house like the plague.

    And as bizarre as this sounds I read of a break in that was done by a High School Star Football player who as usual was worshiped as a God by the locals. The man was home and shot and killed the Star Football player and was prosecuted for murder. He spent thousands defending himself before being acquitted proving that when you shoot someone over property you can and probably will be sued especially if your State does not allow shooting someone over the stealing of property.

    In another case someone broke into a mans shed he went outside chased a young man away who happed to be a large person but underage slightly and he shot and killed him. The home owner went to prison over that one. It was ruled unjustified.

    In another case a man was driving home from work and stopped at a stop sign. It so happened that hours before another car that looked just like his had smashed a mailbox and run over a guys front yard damaging it. The home owner on seeing this look alike car ran out and opened the guys car door and started choking him. The car driver shot and killed the man and he was sued by the home owners wife for loss of companionship and the anti-gun judge awarded the widow several million in damages. Again proving that even in a justified self-defense case you may not be charged by the cops but end up going bankrupt in a civil law suit.

    The gun is not always the answer to every confrontation. In fact its not the answer in the majority of confrontations. That is why most civilized nations do not even allow lethal force from their citizens because most of the time it saves more lives than the society loses. Something the viscous, sadistic, Far Right find totally unfathomable. To the Far Right losing a penny, which is clutched so tightly in their greedy hands it screams for mercy, is more than enough justification to blow someone away.

    Play Wyatt Earp if you like but suffer the long lasting consequences after that. But hey, in Capitalvania the Far Right long ago murdered all the Indians so the only people left to kill are our neighbors. To the Far Right, that is a good substitute, and close enough.

    • Coworker almost sat on jury duty for a quadruple homicide where two men killed a mother and 3 kids down in Troy. Suicides happen by choice as well as chosing to be unarmed. Choices should always be available even if they are not safe when rights are involved.

    • Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get me. They have announced it many times over the last few years.

  7. Yes Liberals have seen the light. They do want THEIR guns. And no they don’t support the 2A. That would require them to support Rep Marjorie Taylor Green.

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