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I’m not sure we’ve ever posted a press release for a giveaway, but the prize package on this bad boy is so dang impressive that we just had to put it out there! Check out the details of this all-inclusive (including four animals and a kitted out rifle!) African hunt below:

Enter the African Safari Hunt Giveaway

Eastern Cape of South Africa (Jan 6, 2023) – On March 1st, a winner will be chosen in the massive, all-inclusive African Safari Giveaway sponsored by Johan Petzer Safaris, Atibal Optics, Rainier Arms, Black Collar Arms, True Shot Gun Club, and Accu-Tac. Valued at over $20,000 and free to enter, this hunt of a lifetime includes:

  • Safari hunt with Johan Petzer Safaris for June 19-30, 2023

    • 1 winner/hunter & 1 observer

    • Round trip airfare provided by Rainier Arms

    • Transportation to/from airport to the Safari Lodge

    • Accommodations in a single room for 11 nights / 10 hunting days

    • Includes all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

    • Species to hunted:

      • Impala

      • Kudu

      • Blesbuck (Blesbok)

      • Blue Wildebeest

      • Professional camera crew to document safari hunt

  • Black Collar Arms Pork Sword Rifle

    • Chambered in 375 Raptor

    • Custom Pork Sword Action

    • 16-inch Deep Spiral Fluted Match Grade Barrel

    • Black Collar Arms Pork Sword Chassis with 6-Slot M-LOK Handguard and folding Stock Option

  • Atibal Stealth 5-30×56 FFP Riflescope

  • Atibal Apex 12×50 ED Binoculars

  • Atibal shopping spree for another $1,000 worth of optics and accessories

  • Accu-Tac WB-4 ARCA Spec QD Bipod

  • Accu-Tac Scope Rings

  • Ammunition provided by True Shot Gun Club

There are seven free ways to enter to win this bucket list African safari! Head on over to now and use the entry submission tool to put your name in the hat!

Please visit the giveaway’s sponsors and follow them on social media:

Johan Petzer Safaris –
Accu-Tac –
Atibal Optics –
Black Collar Arms –
Rainier Arms –
True Shot Gun Club –


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  1. Love the rifle but I don’t understand trophy killing. Kill for the thrill?
    You gonna eat these animals? Serious question…

    • It’s thrilling and fun and often challenging, yes. They will all be 100% eaten. A little bit by the hunting group, while most of it is donated to locals who need and want it. All the funds generated by hunting and safari tourism support the economy in the area…almost entirely…and are effectively the only reason these animals exist any longer in the first place. And the populations are VERY healthy and well managed because of it.

  2. And before I get push back, I do understand population control for certain animal groups to keep them healthy. Is this the concern in South Africa?

  3. I entered, but I do not want the prize. If I win (fat chance) I will give it to someone on TTAG as long as that person pays the taxes that will probably accrue to the winner.

  4. I don’t know in this case, often the meat is eaten by the bush people. South Africa has the most stable wildlife populations in Africa. The money for managing them comes from hunting licenses and fees. Also money for accommodations and guides provide income for people who otherwise might turn to poaching to survive.

    • Thanks Redneck,
      I agree with what you said except for “might turn to poaching to survive.” Killing animals for survival isn’t poaching. And yes miner I get laws and stuff…

      • The problem is that we aren’t talking about subsistence hunting, we’re talking about killing the animals as a business model in order to sell horns and hides and such to China and whatnot. The vast majority of the meat would be completely wasted (e.g. bison hunting in the U.S. during westward expansion). Preserving the populations for hunting tourism brings more value to the people and a higher value on the animals than the poaching. Would-be poachers, when it works out correctly, are instead employed in the preservation of the animals and the industry around it. If the hunting and the population management that comes with it stops, the animals will be eradicated.

  5. Africa’s got big Chiggers or Redbugs whatever you want to call them. Sit under the wrong tree and you might get bit and die, *Danger Danger Will Robinson*
    I’d like a Win a free trip to Australia.
    If I was going to Africa after those game animals listed I’d take my Weatherby not a pork sword.

    • Ehhhh, Texas and lots of other states have chiggers, too. They’re a nuisance. Hunting has its downsides sometimes haha. I’m pretty sure, though, that EVERY critter in Australia will kill you!!

  6. I’ve been to Africa HOA……I didn’t like it (that’s putting it mildly). I lost too many friends there for NOTHING! and have PTSD already , so good luck to all entrants and happy hunting. Be careful, stay safe and come back home ALIVE! I’d rather kill a skell than an animal, much easier on my soul.

    • The Horn of Africa is 5,000 miles away from South Africa. That’s like saying you don’t want to go to Mexico because you didn’t like Canada.

  7. Black collar Arms jokester: “Chi-GGERS” wouldn’t be the animal I’d be worried about…. If you threw in an AR and (10 mags), maybe a few grenades …maybe just maybe I’d be able to close my eyes for a second haha……know what I mean brother?

  8. Travel to AFRICA?? SOUTH AFRICA?? are you insane? A huge H ell no. Ship me the rest of the SWAG and the let Xi have the ticket to ship some more of his chicom slave to that hellhole.

  9. Agreed, I have no desire to go to Africa, South Africa is not safe for caucasion people (ok, neither is Chicago or Baltimore). . I like the prizes, but a hog hunt to Texas would be a better giveaway, or maybe a Antelope hunt in Idaho, Montana or Wyoming. Just saying!

    • I spent 3 months in Africa last year and 4 months the year before. South Africa is pretty safe, depending on where you go. Cape Town and Durbin are safer than most of the cities in the US.

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