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From Gunsite Academy . . .

Gunsite Academy, in an unprecedented move has teamed up with firearms manufacturer GLOCK Inc., firearms distributor Davidson’s Gallery of Guns and Holosun Technology to produce the new Gunsite Glock Service Pistol (GGSP). After months of design and testing the GGSP is a 9mm Glock 45 model with these specific modifications:

  • Ameriglo Suppressor Sights
  • FBI Mag Release (A bit larger than the standard release and has rounded edges.)
  • Lanyard Loop in the tradition of the original Gunsite Service Pistol.
  • Minus connector for better trigger press.
  • Glock has milled the slide for Military, LE & Gunsite Academy.
  • Holosun 509T reflex optical sight directly mounted to the slide.
  • API (American Pistol Institute) serial number.
  • Raven & Gunsite logo (“Bird and the Word”) on the slide.
  • Retro Raven Back Plate (Available only through the Gunsite Pro Shop)

Gunsite CEO Ken Campbell commented, ““Gunsite continues to evolve as Jeff Cooper envisioned it. Not just training, but also with the equipment now available. As with the original Gunsite Service Pistol (GSP), the Gunsite Glock Service Pistol (GGSP) is a robust, reliable, and affordable fighting person’s pistol.”  Gunsite Academy owner Owen “Buz” Mills concurred, “Glock, the right design, at the right time, with the right price. Just the right gun.”

GLOCK National Sales Manager, Bob Radecki concurred, “GLOCK is very pleased to collaborate with Gunsite and Davidson’s to provide the Gunsite GLOCK Service Pistol to meet the needs of those that prefer an Optic Equipped, High Capacity, Striker fired pistol. Gunsite, GLOCK, and Davidson’s are leaders in their fields of endeavor and the features chosen for this pistol reflect that leadership and insight.

Exclusively sold through Davidson’s Gallery of Guns and the Gunsite Academy Pro Shop, the GGSP has an MSRP of $1,274.99 and will be available January 16, 2023.

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  1. “Gunsite continues to evolve as Jeff Cooper envisioned it.”

    I don’t think a 9mm Glock as the flagship Gunsite pistol is quite what Jeff Cooper envisioned.

      • I recall him saying something about glocks in one of his commentaries, along the lines of it being an acceptable service pistol. Apparently someone came to Gunsite with one and performed at a respectable level.

      • I almost called it a krunchenticker, but I think that pejorative was reserved for double action first shot / single action following. He appreciated Glock’s economical reliability, but constantly bemoaned they were build for conscripts and other low bid government jobbers. I think he would have accepted the shift over the past 20 years to more effective 9s and glock ubiquity. I just find a Gunsite Glock very ironic even if there a thousands of worse pairs out there.

      • Without reading further posts, I recall crunchenticker was Cooper’s reference to conventional DA pistols. The crunch was the heavy trigger with the hammer down and the tick was the light SA trigger from then on.

      • Epstine I agree with you. The Col. i believe had a hand in the development of the 10mm. I think he would have liked to have seen this in a 10mm. Maybe Glock, Davidson’s, and Gunsight could put together a 10mm. That would interest me greatly and make for a great pistol.

      • No worries, I’ve been inserting myself in the cool-kid’s conversations with complete non-sequiturs since high school. I was obviously mistaken about the nature of your joke.

        I will now observe a unilateral ceasefire and stop insulting you until the end of russian christmas.

    • That’s before modern technology turned the 9mm into a lung blower outer.
      If Cooper were alive today I’m sure hed choose a 9mm plastic gunm over a puny steel 1911.

  2. I’m a Glock fan, but we’re approaching the point where there are almost too many flavors offered now. Nothing new announced from them within the past several years has been of interest to me.

    My eye landed on the leather/snakeskin holster combo shown in the pic, more than the Glock. Now that looks interesting.

    • Honestly what are you expecting? Were at the pinnacle of 9 mm pistols and there really isn’t much more to be achieved except for perhaps more “direct to slide” optic options (i.e. get rid of those damn plates). I think you just need to wait for the phased plasma rifle in a 40W range.

    • “My eye landed on the leather/snakeskin holster combo shown in the pic, more than the Glock.”

      You mean the B.S. ‘Challenge Coin’ on the table didn’t make your loins lurch? 😉

  3. I’ve read a little bit about Jeff Cooper, sure would have liked to meet him. Maybe in the next life. Can’t understand why he would have a hard on against da/sa , I love my Stoeger cougar. Nice gun, I can’t justify buying it instead of 3 Remington rp 45, and a case of.45acp. 15 +1 and a tack driver

    • His complaint was that no matter the quality of the trigger, having two different pull weights made things unnecessarily difficult. He had no problem with DAO revolvers or semis, or just using your DA revolver in DA mode all the time. He even credited Glock for it’s consistent pull.

        • Right, the OPTION of two pull weights wasn’t so bad, it was that the M9 and most others of that generation also had a safety/decocking lever that forced the user to carry in condition 0 or condition 2. The switch to the glock-way of everyone carrying in condition 0 kind of makes that point moot.

      • I agree with him about two different trigger pulls. Never liked it, in the heat of the moment it would be a distracting thought you do not need.

    • @EricB

      “So Glock wasn’t really perfection until now?”

      Perfection doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon… so its more perfection-y now.

    • I don’t understand what the problem with the Glock grip is. I mean, you get what suits you and don’t get what doesn’t suit you yet people spend a lot of time complaining about the Glock grip. If they don’t like it then why did they buy it? Personally, the Glock grip is perfect for me.

      • Because an entire industry has been built upon fixing their grip imperfection, and all GLOCK has to do is offer the world the OPTION of a better grip angle- yet they obdurately REFUSE to do so. And due to that, shooters worldwide have said “F YOU!” to GLOCK for decades.

        The sad part- all they’ve ever had to do is offer people a CHOICE… but they have never seen fit to do so. If they had, I would have been a GLOCK owner for the last thirty years- but I haven’t… and that’s on THEM.

        I currently own five (5) striker-fired polymer frame guns (from different manufacturers) that are very similar to a GLOCK- but each has a superior, natural grip angle. GLOCK could do the same… but they simply won’t.

        It’s their loss…

        • I have read about this somewhere before…. I believe it was a Princess who couldn’t sleep because under the 28 mattresses she rested upon was a pistol with a Glock grip angle.

          I have yet to meet a serious shooter who even mentions Glock’s slightly more aggressive angle. I shoot comp with Glock but carry M&P, sometimes Beretta. If the grip upsets you, get proper training and get over it.

        • “The sad part- all they’ve ever had to do is offer people a CHOICE… but they have never seen fit to do so.”

          Isn’t pistol grip angle pretty much determined on a semi-auto handgun by the angle of the magazine lips feeding it?

          I assume ideal magazine lips are parallel with the cylinder bore, so the ammunition feeds straight into the chamber?

        • Yes- GLOCK actually designed the magazine/chamber feed angle first, then wrapped the grip around it. And there’s nothing wrong with that… except that their steep angle grip could easily be tamed with a simple backstrap shape option.

          That’s where GLOCK fails miserably- the unnecessarily pronounced “hump” at the bottom rear of the backstrap… which exponentially exacerbates the steep grip angle. GLOCK even went so far as to offer minimal grip “inserts” to allow slight alteration of a portion of their grip, but they only change the TOP (web of hand) area of the backstrap- NOT the bottom… where it’s most needed. Heck- even the 1911 gives users the choice of an arched or a flat mainspring housing… get with the program, GLOCK.

          I apologize if my pointing out of GLOCK’s imperfections has hurt some feelings around here- I just truly wish that GLOCK would make a better gun… for everyone. I mean, you have to ask yourself- if almost all of the major gun manufacturers in the world offer interchangeable grip options that allow the user to adjust the WHOLE grip… why doesn’t GLOCK?

          Just sayin’.

  4. Have this gun already for far less than they are asking to have a bird on my gun. Glock 19 gen 4 direct milled for 509t. Great setup for a gun I could throw out of a moving car, pick up and still shoot to zero.

  5. Damn Glock heads. My son in law tells me how all the “ experts in the local gun club and blog, all recommended Glock”. I said Paul Harrel tested the Glock vs sr-9, and the ruger pointed better & shot better. The Glock was better @ shooting after dropping in the mud. I said I am not prone to dropping my weapons in the mud, but I could get 2 rugers for the same money, so I would just use the other one. I then said let’s go to the range and both of us shoot both guns and compare targets. “ You shoot a lot more than me”.

    • “My son in law tells me how all the “ experts in the local gun club and blog, all recommended Glock””

      There’s a reason for that.

      Dead-stock, straight out of the box, Glocks have a well-earned reputation for being boringly reliable in operation. That may not mean much for you, but for the vast majority of folks, they want that dead-nuts reliability of it going *bang* when the trigger is pressed.

      I’ll never look down my nose at someone who wants that degree of reliability, when it comes to defending their family and home.


      • The best one is the one you hit with. I don’t know anyone that had problems with the sr-9. Shtf you gonna need a crew, more than 1 gun. The biggest problem I have with Glock are the Glock heads who think that’s the only gun in the world.

    • I purchased 3 Sar9s for that price and after they were tweaked by little me they run with the Glock. I known cause I have a 17 and 20. What a Glock has going for it that a Sar does not is parts availability. Gunsite Glock target market are people who have the moola.

  6. No thank you… I have all the Glocks one would want and all costing half that price. I own about eight of em’…….

  7. Glock 19X MOS- $650
    Tru-Glo Sights- $125
    Connector- $20
    + Holoson- $250

    For extra $100 you get silly engraving I guess. Would hardly call any of these mods ground breaking. All these things can be found on Gen 3 Glocks 5 years ago.

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