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Following the budget bill capitulation and Saturday’s media gun control love fest, President Donald Trump, as is his wont, took to Twitter again early this morning to let America’s gun owners know they have nothing to worry about. As reports . . .

President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that the Second Amendment “WILL NEVER BE REPEALED” and called on voters to elect more Republicans in this fall’s congressional elections because the GOP “must ALWAYS hold the Supreme Court.”

Trump’s statements came a day after retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in an essay in The New York Times that repealing the amendment would make it easier for Congress to enact gun control legislation.

Fortunately, no one really wants to repeal the Second Amendment. And as Time (somehow that’s still a thing) wants us to know . . .

There is no current, major push to repeal the Second Amendment. Any effort to do so would be unlikely to succeed in today’s divisive political climate. Under the most common way to amend the Constitution, the House and Senate would both need to approve the proposal by two-thirds majorities. It would then need to be ratified by three-fourths of the states.

Are you reassured?


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    • “We must always hold the Supreme Court “

      Wow. Just wow. Trump really has no idea how this country works. America, to trump, is not a country. It’s nothing but property to buy and sell. Same with the Supreme Court. God help us all.

      • .BLOOMBERG Money $$$$ Pouring into STATE Anti – Gun Fights ! ( GOP USA . com )
        The organization says it already has another 200 community events, plus 75 legislative meetings at Senate offices in 41 states. The group says it has 4 million members and that 33,000 student “recruits” join each week, eager to found their own chapters and focus on voter registration drives “to call out lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby.

        ”Everytown for Gun Safety is part of a coalition of three anti-gun groups which grew out of Mayors Against Guns, founded and funded by Mr. Bloomberg in 2006.

        NRA + others need to engage at State level , NOW.

      • Not sure I share that whole sentiment. There need to be Constitutional purists on SCOTUS. Not the morons that people like Barry appointed (Kaegan) or that old cow Ginsberg. Neither understand the Constitution.

        • Ding, ding, ding, ding. How interpreting the Constitution saying the supreme court justices must uphold their oath to the Constitution as meaning they have the power to judicial review is probably the biggest flim-flammery the high court has ever pulled over the citizens of this country. The gov’t hasn’t had check and balances since Madbury v Madison, just an all-powerful judiciary branch.

      • Why would the supreme court matter if the 28th amendment repealed the 2nd? That’s not a job for SCOTUS. Would they then say the constitution is unconstitutional, brain hurt.

        Him being confused, not knowing, and not caring to educate himself, really ticks me off.

    • “We’re going to ban every device that turns a rifle into a machine gun”. Does that answer your question. Instead of making these empty statements he needs to be out explains why the 2A was included in the Constitution and why it remains relevant today. But he’s totally incapable of doing so. Where is Reagan when we need him?

  1. You’re joking right? It may not be repealed but so what? If unconstitutional laws are passed that ignore what it says what difference does it make?

    • +

      DO we need more ‘repbulicans’? I don’t think so. We need more MFn CONSERVATIVES.

      F all others. F all else.

      REPEAL THE 2ND AMENDMENT AT YOUR PERIL. It’ll be a rather extreme exercise in FU furnished upon you, and you will not profit from it.

      • We need less “conservatives” and more radicals of the founding fathers persuasion. “Conserving” liberty is a losing strategy, you either have freedom or you do not. The inbetween is tyranny.

        • You need 100% Conservatives, but if you have at least some, you can get eek by with considerably less. THEY were your founding fathers, THEY are the people keeping this whole thing going. NO ONE “conserves” Liberty, it is a moment to moment dynamic. Conservatives PRESERVE Liberty, and the Means to obtain it.

          If you have more liberalism, you are giving yourself a swirly, in the brief time you still have a pot to piss in.

    • to JD
      Finally I found someone on this forum who is not a complete Moron. You hit the nail right on the head.

      “How foolish are the Fools who cannot see reality”. CK 2018

      The real facts are that the Second Amendment is already dead and gone because the Supreme Court simply now ignores it starting with the refusal to hear the Maryland Assault Rifle Case. The new way to destroy it is for the Supreme Court to placate Public Opinion and paranoia by just completely ignoring it and let the demagogues who control the States gradually annihilate it into eventual oblivion and right now many States are well on their way down that path with outrageous restrictions, outright gun and ammo bans and now even confiscations for melt downs (Peoples Republic of California). The growing amount of gun bans just introduced in the various States, even those that are classed red are too numerous to even go into here but it is an avalanche that is burying the Second Amendment.

      If you do have a collection of modern arms (smokeless powder) and especially semi-auto pistol, rifle or shotgun now is the time to dump them even it you only get half of what they are worth because the State is not going to give you anything for them when the “turn them in time” comes. Are you beginning to feel the noose tightening around your neck?

      • No worries, after they get our firearms, and they will get them because we’re not allowed to talk about the real source of the school shootings, you and your ilk can go door to door taking unvaccinated kids(for their own good) and forcing vaccines on an unarmed populace. This should bring a smile to your face.

        • to PG2 (Phantom Geek)

          Be rest assured we civilized sane Socialists are working on a new law that will enable us to put Nut Cases like you in jail for years to come. Any Moron that would not act like a responsible adult and vaccinate children has no right to have them as no one has the right to murder children even if they happen to be their own parents. Of course to a nut case this is way over you head. Tell me Jethro do you advocate chanting and dancing naked with a poisonous snake over your head when trying to cure a sick child. Don’t laugh they dance with snakes in W. Virginia or at least they used to a few decades ago but I guess by now thankfully the snakes put the Darwin effect into operation and they have become extinct. Tell me how is it that you managed survive the snake dance. Its hard to believe in the 21st century we have so many ignorant people left but not hard to believe we have so many nut cases like you.

          Save a sick child’s life today and send Phantom Geek a box of rattle snakes so he can resume dancing naked with them over his head. He has gotten rusty in years and needs more dancing practice and the sooner the better. Make sure you train the snakes to strike immediately. Sometimes even the Darwin Effect needs a little help.

        • Lol, hit a nerve with the forum troll. Weren’t you the one that advised people to sell your guns before they’re confiscated? Classic material. Real question, pwrserge and 16V are the same poster, are you just another troll profile being used by same person on this forum?

      • Yeah… Good luck with that. As I said elsewhere, less than 50,000 fighters held down the US military in Iraq. There are tens of millions of gun owners. If even 3% of them are willing to shoot vermin like you, it will be a very short war

        • Apples and oranges. The globalists behind the gun grab will continue to do this incrementally, in stages. There is no question they will succeed, they are playing the long game, and their opponent is a retarded monkey who believes the things he sees on the TeeVee like global warming is real and a danger to our future, vaccines are safe and effective, feminism is about equality, fluoride is good, official 9/11 narratives, white privilege, ect.

      • Why would I sell anything? What I own is mine and nobody has the right to pass unconstitutional laws and take it. They wouldn’t succeed anyway. I live in a very defensible place on many acres. It would take a special forces team to get close without me knowing it. Regular police units wouldn’t stand a chance. By the time they got to the door we would be gone. I’ve seen the writing on the wall and sold out in the city and moved to a place where we are self sufficient. There isn’t much we have to leave the ranch to buy if we choose not to. I realize most people are not in a situation where they can do that and understand where they are coming from. However long before this latest crap started I knew that we needed to do it and did.
        Sell my weapons? Nope, not at any price.

        • How’d you like another ” soldier” . Nothing is keeping me at my present location. I can pack and di di in two hours

      • So answer me this Einstein, if you sell your guns, what will you use to fight with? Oh, never mind, thought I was speaking to a rational thinker for a moment.

      • I’ll take my chances with them trying to collect the over 600 million guns (1 billion guns?) in this country. That 300 million figure isn’t even close to reality.

      • hey its copy and paste boy!

        so this is what the boss gave you for today?


        but make sure that he removes that hand from up your puppet ass by the end of the work day?…unless you like it there?

      • Good luck with that.

        Pennsylvania has a Republican supermajority in the PA House and Senate and a whole bunch of gun owners.

        The Philadelphia area Democrats need to look like they’re doing something.

  2. Only fools hang their hopes on the Constitution as a guarantee of the future. Quite obviously the document can and will continue to be ignored when it suits the Government as history has shown, and will flat out be removed and replaced when the demographics of America are changed enough.


  3. Sorry, Trump says one thing one day and another thing the next day, I don’t believe him anymore. He congratulated the Children’s Mob on their protest to take away my guns and kill me if I don’t like it, he’s said he’s all in for “common sense” restrictions on firearms, and now he tweets his undying love for the 2nd Amendment? BS.

    Trump will do what’s best for Trump’s ego. He apparently has no core principles – I thought he did, but I was wrong.

    • ^ ^ ^
      This. Right here.

      Anybody STILL deluding themselves into thinking D-rump is some master-level grand poobah practitioner of fourteen-sided parabolic tic-tac-toe is a moron beyond hope or help. He’s a rudderless dolt, and the GOP leadership who let him into the race should be hauled up on treason charges for the damage they set in motion.

      • The GOP leadership should have brought on treason charges long before Trump was a consideration. How many times have McConnell, Ryan, and the other democrats in republican t-shirts gone against the party and the population? Don’t get me wrong. I am no longer a Trump fan and I have always seen him as a NY bully, but he is not the problem.

      • While I don’t find any of this funny (quite the opposite) I can’t help but enjoying all the 3-D chess metaphors and “master-level grand poobah practitioner of fourteen-sided parabolic tic-tac-toe” may just be my favorite so far. Thanks for the chuckle sir.

        • You’re welcome. Sometimes ya gotta laugh to keep from screaming (but you’re right – none of it is actually funny).

    • Trump doesn’t care one whit about the 2nd Amendment. His actions have proven his words are hot air. Maybe he will pull something out of his ass regarding the wall, but I suspect that is all BS too. Heck, MITT ROMNEY is running to the right of Trump of immigration, because he knows one empty promise beats another. Clownworld.

      • Trump doesn’t care one whit about the Constitution in general, but that fact tends to get handwaved away by his cultists.

  4. The leftists know they’ll never get the Second Amendment repealed.

    Their greatest hope is for a Supreme Court that simply ignores it.

    Trump is right. If we lose SCOTUS, we are in danger of losing the Constitution.

    • “Losing”? Curtis, what are you smoking…and what rock have you been under since 2001? Not sure exactly what’s left of the document, and the little that remains is rapidly unwinding.

    • Constitution? The constitution as it is observed today reads: “[The Congress shall have Power] To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” Translated: The federal government can do anything it want and that doesn’t fragment itself immediately.”

    • Quit your crying and act like a fucking man. The liberals win some battles, as do we. But, we will win the war. Now act worthy of your American forbearers.

      • Very true. These kids are out there with their signs saying kill all the gun owners, we will try them from your cold dead hands etc. My question is with what? Are you going to demand I I turn them over and protest till I do? Are you going to beat me to death with a dildo? Just how do you think you will take guns from let’s just say 9 million pissed off gun owners? (Approx 3% of population) We still make up by far the largest armed force in the world and it’s high time the politicians remembered that little fact. Why did they back off of Bundy Ranch? Was it because higher ups said to or was it the numerous gun owners in sniper positions that nobody wanted to mess with? BLM was in a very bad spot when it came to leaving peacefully and they knew it.

        • I know people ‘who’ were at the Bundy Stand off. There were more than a few highly trained and combat experienced marksmen with state of the art equipment. But it was only a small group of BLM with some local Law Enforcement back up and a few dogs. Had they over reacted and fired upon the Bundy group just because they ‘thought’ some of the Bundy defenders were going to shoot, it would have been a slaughter. Plans were for some of the defenders to do a quick fall back if any shooting started with a double flanking tactic and end it fast, while snipers on the high ground in prone positions kept them pinned. Relatively easy maneuver the BLM

          But if they brought in heavy combat equipment like armor and grenade launchers and etc., like we were pretty sure they were planning and waiting for, then the defenders would have been slaughtered.

          But that never happened because the word came from way upstairs to put their tails between their asses let it go completely. This was because of the political season at the time that the Leftists didn’t want any messy publicity to upset.

          But they got even the next time. At the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. They brought in FBI operators who take no prisoners. Set up a no win ambush and took out some opposition leadership by murdering Lavoy Finnicum as an ‘example’ to teach any future anti-G Revo inclined dissent groups a lesson for the future they won’t easily forget about trying to impress people with a little dressing up like wanna-be gunslingers and talking cowboy shit.

          The lesson is that while it is true that a heavily armed populate (and growing and growing. You wouldn’t believe the Vegas Shot Show this year, and how much of the good stuff is going on back order) is a seemingly a righteous deterrent, as the Founders knew, but there’s a huge caveat that all the armchair-borne Rangers and couch commandos don’t understand from just watching Rambo and Red Dawn kiddie cartoons.

          It’s all in the psychology and tactics. As a few perspicacious comments alluded to.
          While it’s true that small guerilla forces in notable wars against the monster U.S. military might seemed to incessantly diminish the Superior firepower of our Armies, the reality was never as it seemed.

          The reality truth is the American Forces really didn’t want to win swiftly and decisively.
          There’s no long term profit in that for the Military Industrial Complex and its Wall Street money marketers. The iconic classic case of the epitome of guerilla warfare in Viet Nam proved this. It was an intentionally self-restricting endeavor. Had we deployed corrected goal oriented decisive anti-insurgent warfare tactics, which sometimes happened in small autonomous commands to prove the point, it was no competition. And in the end, when the milk cow on that particular imperialist farm was dry, We replicated it in Afghanistan.
          Still the multi-millions of enemy combatants and civilians killed by American troops compared to U.S. losses almost amounted to genocide.

          In an American government oppositional reaction to a total dismantling of the 2nd/A that escalated to violence and a shooting resistance, things would be considerably different.

          The main reason is that we are a complete Surveillance State by now–which is why the Marxist Left feels emboldened by passing Fiat Laws on a state level that continue to make everyone a criminal eventually subject to target focus ‘enforcement teams’ to keep certain groups and individuals forever disarmed under the rules of the 68 Gun Control Act making it illegal for ex-cons to own guns.

          As someone pointed out, this totalitarian agenda may have began one night in the darkest places in a despotic mind, but it didn’t happen Last night. Its schema was hatched at the turn of the 20th century and seriously in progress since WWII. And now, being fully implemented thanks to the added advantages of A.I. and super surveillance technology. They actually have to kill your 4th/A rights to privacy before they eliminate our 2nd/A rights. And that’s already almost over. Would have been ‘gone girl’ already had hellwench seized the throne.

          I won’t elaborate for eight more pages on exactly how they will seize most of our weapons before any significant resistance backed by an armed threat of citizens’ force could be launched. But you have to think about it like this. Why does the FBI maintain a fleet of over 300 light planes equipped with the most sophisticated secret radar image day/night distance enhancing equipment to fly high enough where their small presence would be relatively unnoticeable? Why are all agencies buy specialized drones. What’s the real reason they don’t want to legalize gun silencers, or suppressors to you anal people. ( although is it considered only a suppressor when when all you can hear is the cycling of the action, and i’m not talking just a .22 here)?
          Hint, it for a ‘tactical’ reason against insurgent guerilla style ambush attacks!
          …And So, so, so on.

          The bottom of the barrel reality slap is this. All the moutholution talking of shit in the world blows right out your stinking ass nozzle and down your trembling legs when that Ma Deuce mounted on that blast proof Federal Armored Assault Vehicle starts barking down on you and starts exploding your friends and neighbors’ bodies into pieces of bloody pulp when Y’all somehow got up enough whiskey balls to grab their AK’s and shitguns and stand in front of one watching their rounds bounce off like air soft pellets off trees in their last great act of dying defiance. ‘Hey Maw, Ah got mah Danial Defense AR with a 100 round C-Mag loaded with AP rounds, watch this?’ Feed mah hound dawg if this takes more time that we think, will ya please, Maw?’

          The Fed anti-Terrorist agencies are already all set to rock and roll (courtesy of your tax dollars) against serious small start up anti-g guerilla groups. They know who all of them are already, or potentially are. They know where they live, what they say and think, what they do, what they drive, where they go, andthey have specific tactics to take them out fast and furiously at a moment’s notice at their leisure.

          If any widespread resistance to search, seize, and confiscation operations get out of hand for any length of time, like they did in Detroit and Chicago, back in the 68 shooting riots, they’ll Declare Specific Area Martial Law control and bring in the National Guard and special Anti-Terrorist units.

          As for the rest of the angry, dissenting, ‘up in arms’ people who have ‘cached’ their shit in a good hide-out? What good will it be to have them buried when you’ll never get to them because of all the surveillance, and paid citizen snitch groups, patrolling police drones no longer subject to search warrant restrictions and etc., etc.?

          I mean, why weren’t all us moutholutionist Patriots shutting down funding for all this illegal anti-4th/A search and surveillance and citizen spying? Well you don’t want to hear why anyway, because it’s too late now. Just like it’s going to be too late in less than a year. For the same reason. Apathy and flawed personal attitudes and abject social laziness.

          And let’s be honest, if not rational. If we can’t even keep a conservative pro-second amendment Congress in office by November (Soros’s below radar PAC group is already chalking up wins) how the fuck does anyone in their right stupid mind think that the masses will be able rise up in arms and prevail in a terrifying government threatening armed force a successful Jeffersonian anti-totalitarian revolution, when they can’t even organize and put in the effort to keep their pro-2nd/A political party intact?!

          It’s too late to wake up AFTER the nightmare…

        • Mahatma Muhjesbude, although somewhat asshole-ish (might be necessary to wake people up), I cannot disagree with much of what you posted. IMHO, there is a whole lot of truth in there and I hope many POTG will read it carefully.

  5. Why should they waste the resources fighting for a repeal when it’s so much easier to neuter it with law after law? Much easier to pass one law requiring a simple majority than to try for a Constitutional Convention and the end results are the same. Make guns illegal no one will own them except criminals, make getting a gun extremely difficult and costly while limiting the types available and still no one will own them… They are just sticking with the path of least resistance where us gun owners are fighting uphill in 3 foot of snow no matter which way we go.

  6. It used to be: how do you tell when a politician is lying? Their mouth is moving.

    Now that has to include “tweeting.” Lots and lots of ways to lie these days.

    The only thing politicians, bureaucrats and those who support them want is CONTROL of everything and everyone. They will do or say anything at all to get that.

    Never forget it.

  7. Trump might have secured that trust by continuing his tweet with, “I plan to release an Executive Action later this week that will secure the right of citizens to travel between states under the protection of their home state’s concealed carry laws.” After all, stroke of the pen and all that….

  8. Nope, they prefer the death by a thousand cuts approach. “I support the second amendment, and the right of all Americans to have hunting and sporting guns, and guns for defense…. But… Just not 18-20 year old Americans. Or old Americans. Or Americans who once bought a bump stock, because they are felons. Or Americans who have family members, ex girlfriends or boyfriends, or co-workers who don’t like them. And you need to keep it locked up, unloaded at home. And don’t carry it anywhere, unless you get super special permission. And no one should have nasty weapons of war. Or guns used by police. And you must pass background checks to buy ammo. And silencers must be registered.”

    Maybe we need to immediately ask whenever it is said, what part do you support again?

  9. I am a free human. A free man. The 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, do not give me my freedom. They just offer some protection and guidelines, as a contract. If “they” choose to break ’em, then I ain’t a holden’.

  10. How about enforcing the existing Second Amendment and telling all the Gun Rights infringing States and Localities that their “gun control laws” are unconstitutional and thereby null and void. Promise Federal Prosecution for any State or local office holder or bureaucrat who fails to comply.

    Then, begin to repeal unconstitutional Federal Laws.

    Well, I can dream…..

    • Derry, you actually pointed out the huge Gorilla in the police station. There are on the books LAWS (I’ve read them but i’ll have to look them up again) that prohibit undermining the Constitution’s Law of The Land.

      So why are we not prosecuting those individuals who initiate such Fiat laws or administrative mandates/rules?

      Is there some kind of Neurotoxin in the Chemtrailing that’s brainwashing us? ((

      • @Mahatma Muhjesbude: The only answer I can offer (and it is probably quite inadequate) is that the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) could resolve this matter by agreeing to hear arguments on the matter and ruling that the Second Amendment means exactly what it says, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”, or to rule that it does not. SCOTUS has consistently declined to hear arguments and make a definitive ruling either way, but rather seems to have ruled “bits and pieces” and largely left it to the States to do as they see fit. This results in a patchwork of freer gun rights and severely impaired gun rights that are not applied equally to all American Citizens. Liberty and tyranny co-existing depending on what State one lives in is unacceptable IMHO( to put it charitably). Neither Congress nor SCOTUS seems to have the stomach to correct this egregious situation.

        The History of Case Law and SCOTUS rulings on the Second Amendment is long and complicated. It is beyond my poor powers of legalese to dare attempt to interpret it. What I wrote is a common Pro-2A sentiment and, I think, a valid observation, but not likely to ever happen. Hence “the Gorilla in the Police Station” remains the crux of the ongoing argument

  11. We Dont need anymore DemoCRAPS or RINOs…But “Representatives” who with honor THEIR oaths to uphold the US Constitutional Bill of Rights…..

  12. If I thought Trump actually understood the purpose of the 2nd Amendment or any of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights, and believed he cared beyond what his fan base, the media, and his friends think of him maybe I’d be reassured.

  13. They don’t need to repeal the 2nd Amendment with Trump’s Justice Department unilaterally banning whatever gun or accessory is too scary for the peasants to have…

  14. Thanks for the clarification Don. Im sure your continual twitter rants will provide an effective force field around the Constitution. Much appreciated. Now how’s that Reciprocity thing coming along? Wasn’t it supposed to be part of the Fix NICS package? Oh right, never mind.

  15. You don’t need to repeal it. Just “common sense gun reform” it until it means nothing. We’re pretty much already there. The militia part has already been removed and replaced with self defense and hunting.

  16. I expect he is right, the 2A will never be repealed. However, the left will to try and effectively legislate, regulate, and license it out of existence at every opportunity. The left will point to the 2A still being a right, and laughing at anyone attempting to exercise that right.

    • Given the current political climate, the DNC won’t be around to laugh about anything in another 10 years. The Hillary campaign was their Waterloo. They lost now it’s all over but the temper tantrums provided we keep the pressure on.

      • I don’t know where’ you’re getting that fake news from? Hitlary’s modus operandi is that nothing is ‘over’ until the Fat Lady sings. And with 40 plus Republican legislators supposedly claiming they are not running and stepping down in November’s midterms and it’s a good bet that the Leftists will score big time…especially with Billionaire socialist money behind them…?

  17. Before they come for your guns, they better clear out SChitcago/Detroit/NYC/L.A./LA / and a few other (D) shitholes.

  18. Someone tell Trump to shut the hell up, he already sold us out with his 3D chess failure, and now he wants to pretend to be our savior by “not repealing the 2A”, Sorry Mr Trump Chump, protect the integrity of the 2A in its current form, dont just promise us “no repeal”.

  19. Who needs to repeal the second amendment when the Supreme Court can rewrite the constitution as they please?

  20. Our mantra is that 2A was enacted as a bulwark against government overreach and tyranny. So what’s changed?

    Government is overreaching, as governments (all of them) always do. We have the guns. Did we mean it when we proclaimed that being armed offers us a level of protection and deterrence, or were we just preening?

    If we are serious, then the G cannot take away our protection just by snapping its mighty fingers. It will have to pay for the guns, and not in coin of the realm. It will take hundreds, if not thousands, of Wacos and Ruby Ridges, and I don’t think that the G has the balls for it.

    Bloomberg, Soros and their ilk are cockroaches, but too much blood is bad for those masters of the universe.

  21. Justice Stevens discusses his book and the other parts of the Constitution besides 2A he would like to change and some of them are very popular with the majority of American Citizens. What are they? Listen too him and find out what they are and why he wants to change them. Fascinating conversation and no he is not the nut case the Far Right thinks he is. As a matter of fact if we ignore his views on 2a and take a look at his other ideas in regards to changing the Constitution they make perfect sense and are long overdue.

  22. I am sure Trump will negotiate us a “great” deal on the repeal of the 2nd amendment. No doubt it will be the greatest deal on a repeal of a constitutional amendment ever negotiated. It will be great. The greatest some may say. You will be saying we should repeal more of the bill of rights after this deal. In fact, you may even get tired of all the repealing he is going to do.Trust me.

    Have faith, he is playing a high stakes game of 5D, full contact Go Fish.

  23. Trump is right, the Second Amendment never will be repealed, especially when the NRA have helped the Russians funnel over $30 million dollars in bribes to his election campaign.

  24. Never voting for the Donald again…and he was never anything other than “not Hillary”. I’m never giving up sh#t.

  25. Trump wants to be popular he is a attention hoe!

    Trump let gun owners down from his promise to be the most pro-gun President ever his words.

    He is illegally banning plastic and rate increasing devices of semi-autos a very dangerous step!

    He signed the illegal broken Fixnics to incentivize with money for states to report more people to NICs like 21 million vets and 4.5 million seniors who need protection the most… and people who seem dangerous to their anti-gun neighbors to be disarmed.

    To those who don’t understand politics! Realize the whole country has shifted more left!

    Left and Right is not what it used to be! A Politician’s goal is to stay elected period!

    If a elected Democrat or Rino is in a 50/50 or 40/40/20(Dem,Rep,Ind) state.. they will try to appease all sides.. that is the game simple of staying in office.

    We have very few true Conservatives in Congress now its just the fact of the population today and the 40 and under crowd in the big cities who are leftist in huge numbers and they are rabid anti-gun!

    We roughly have 32% Dems 28% Repubs and 40% Independents Registered!

    The repubs need to get more of the middle and us #2a peeps to educate the middle that guns are good and #2a protects all the rest.

    So ask a anti are they stupid or a liar? Cuz they don’t want the govt coming after them either or lose their 1st amendment rights!

    Make sure all gun owners u know vote! Talk to people u know and explain the meaning of the #2ndamendmet to them and why it protects all the other rights and our freedom! Tell them to vote #2a for someone who respects their right to self defense of their family!


    In 1856, the U.S. Supreme Court (South v. Maryland) found that law enforcement officers had no duty to protect any individual. Their duty is to enforce the law in general. More recently, in 1982 (Bowers v. DeVito), the Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit held, “…there is no Constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen.

    District of Columbia v. Heller The court explicitly included weapons in “common use” — such as the semiautomatic AR-15 civilian take on the M-16 rifle as protected by the 2nd amendment!

    United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174
    On March 30, 1939, the Supreme Court heard the case. Attorneys for the United States argued:
    The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in a militia.

  26. Who made up the appointed for life. That’s not right, everyone should have the ” YOU CAN BE FIRED” incentive. The Supreme Court is part of the Illuminati. untouchables

  27. Why should Mr. ‘Get the guns first, due process second’, repeal the 2nd when he can just ignore it?

  28. When I was a kid, over 50 years ago, our family would travel from anti-gun hell NJ to VT, NH and ME every Summer. My parents had friends that lived in some older Colonial-era homes. In almost every one of them, there was an old flintlock hanging above the fireplace (obviously to keep an authentic appearance). That was the “AR-15” of that era. Our Forefathers recognized the need for arms in the home to protect against invaders both foreign and domestic over 200 years ago. The invaders and the weapons have changed, but the dangers are no less real, and neither is the principle of an armed populace.

  29. Why bother with trying to appeal the second amendment, when the antie’s are doing such a good job of depleting our rights as it is!
    I live in Oregon, and some dip shit religious ass holes up in Portland want to ban all simi-autos, and most anything else capable of firing more than 10 rounds, or that has a pistol grip. This would include the new shotgun with a removable magazine.

  30. It will never be repealed, just infringed, stepped on, minimized, and frittered away piece by piece.

    In the 30s the leftists tried to ban machineguns by making them expensive with the NFA, in the 60s they placed a govt papertrail on gun purchases with the GCA, in the 80s they slipped a near complete machinegun ban into law when Reagan signed the oddly named FOPA, in the 90s Clinton passed the feel good AWB (with ex President Reagans explicit support.)

    Now we have talk of banning gun accessories, raising the age of ownership, and seizing guns on arbitrary “mental illness” claims, all under Republican leadership. The infringement is non stop.

    Same old crap, different day.

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