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President Trump took the stage at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum today to thunderous applause. He used much of his speech to the thousands gathered in the Lucas Oil Stadium to tout the latest economic results — the economy grew at a rate of 3.2% in the first quarter — and claim that his administration is draining the swamp “faster than anyone ever expected.” He also talked up the border wall and criticized the now-concluded Russia collusion investigation.

Regarding guns, the President pledged not to sign new gun control legislation currently being considered in Congress, noting that “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

He promised to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens and fight violent crime, putting dangerous offenders behind bars. He noted that violent crime in the US is down, claiming that murders in America’s largest cities dropped 6% in the nation’s largest cities from 2017 to 2018 (and wondered, “What’s wrong with Chicago?”). During the same period, he said, 21% fewer law enforcement officers were shot.

He advocated letting law enforcement do its job by arresting violent criminals, while noting that his administration has supplied police agencies with surplus military equipment such as bullet proof vests, moves he called “common sense.”

He also applauded improvements in school safety exemplified by what he said are 30 states that now allow highly trained teachers to carry guns in the classroom to protect their students. Because, he said, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Trump brought onto the stage three people who protected themselves and others with defensive gun uses, including Stephen Willeford, who shot the Sutherland Springs mass shooter. All three thanked the President for his support of Second Amendment rights.

Trump closed by noting that guns make our nation safer and stronger, from the shot heard ’round the world in 1775 to today. He finished by thanking the crowd and promising, “I am with you, and I will never let you down.”


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  1. The 2020 campaign is in full swing. Everywhere Trump goes will be a rally, with a rally type speech. It’s on; enjoy.

    • Washington Post.

      President Trump announced Friday that he would end U.S. support for a global arms pact known as the Arms Trade Treaty in the latest illustration of his aversion to international agreements and world governance.

      “We will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedom,” Trump said during remarks at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Indianapolis.

      “I’m officially announcing today that the United States will be revoking the effect of America’s signature from this badly misguided treaty,” he said.

      • “President Trump announced Friday that he would end U.S. support for a global arms pact known as the Arms Trade Treaty in the latest illustration of his aversion to international agreements and world governance.”

        That should have happened on his first day in office,he’s rather jonny come lately on that,however better late than never.

      • What took him so long, why wait three years? I thought we already opposed the UN arms treaty?

      • “I’m officially announcing today that the United States will be revoking the effect of America’s signature from this badly misguided treaty,” he said.”

        Good start. Withholding cheers until the thing is actually done, then add it to the things my lying eyes try to tell me are true.

        • This^^^^ Let us see it actually happen as much of what comes out of his mouth like out of any politician is a lie. I imagine it will not actually be able to happen until after he is elected, or so he will say.

      • “Take the guns first, due process later”- DJT.

        @ the white house meeting …Yes he said that and Commies like Stein almost had a stroke and were speechless… totally flabbergasted!

        But, was he baiting and toying with the Commies? If u listen to what he said b4 and after contradicts that and was likely a ploy to make a quick deal on something else.

        Now, any gun owner or decent American should not agree with him and the nra on red flag laws fix nics or banning by executive fiat plastic…bypassing congress.

    • I’m just waiting for another clown to try to drag up disproven conspiracy theories from the Comey Coup.

      • A federal judge sentenced Russian gun rights activist Maria Butina to 18 months in prison Friday after calling her plot to penetrate conservative U.S. political circles without disclosing she was working as a foreign agent for the Kremlin “dangerous” and “a threat to our democracy.”
        Butina, 30, pleaded guilty in December to conspiring with a senior Russian official to access the National Rifle Association and other groups without registering with the U.S. Justice Department from 2015 until she was arrested and detained in July.

    • They’d have to be bots; no one in their right mind could think that Romney would be better than Trump on 2A issues.

    • Isn’t it more bot-like to assume a vast conspiracy every time someone disagrees with you? I can see there will be no end to the excuses this election season, either.

      He’s not a pro-gun president; it doesn’t mean he’s satan or even a less-than-best of bad options for the white house, but it’s a fact you guys need to come to grips with. Well, *should* come to grips with; obviously you’ve been able to live your whole lives in this sort of denial & delusion, so I doubt reality will force its way in until it’s far past too late to do anything to stop it.

      • true…his actions belie his words…did he have anything to say about the methods employed in the bump-stock grab?….or the push for “red-flag” laws?….

      • This is very well said. Too bad the “if you’re not with Trump, you’re against Trump” will probably just call you a democrat bot for it.

        • I am so confused about which bot I am. On AOL they call me a Russian. On I am a gun nut bot. On her if I point out Trumps shortcomings I am a communist bot. But the communists tell me I am a capitalist shill bot. I am so confused. I am going to find myself. If I should arrive before I get back please keep me here until I return.

      • Exactly. I have yet to run across a pro-gun NYC billionaire. I don’t think it’s necessarily that Trump is for gun control either; I think if anything he doesn’t really seem to think about gun rights at all.

  2. I just read somewhere else that someone threw a cell phone onstage.

    I don’t think this event is all smiles and handshakes. At least, I hope not.

    • The stage should have been pelted with Bump Stocks !

      “” It is the precedent that he set that a President can order an agency to redefine Congressional LAW, ignore due process and take legal property without just compensation. that matters “

      • Someone did throw some article at the stage when Trump was speaking and the SS promptly rushed him.

        • The guy was about 30 feet in front of me. There was no hassle or dragging anyone out- idiot was half drunk, sitting on an aisle and just got up and left quietly when the 2 black suits came and spoke with him very softly and shortly. Even a lot of people nearby had no idea anything was going on.

          So, when are all you Trump-haters going to name your primary candidate to run against him? And put up the money for the campaign? You can’t even get Kraut on the NRA Board- I doubt your perfect POTUS person is going to sell to anyone but other basement dwellers. To date Trumps policies (or simple word statements) have not affected any of my firearms and at least a third of them would likely be classified as assualt weapons by DiFi and the usual suspects.

          As per politicians and their promises, I don’t think Trump ever claimed to be a politician- he certainly didn’t run his life as such, and as far as doing what he said he would if elected, seems to be living up to those “promises” better with no help even from the republicrats than the vast majority in the past. The fact that he’s made good on positive changes in the economic and world stage presence of the US is one of the reasons the never-Trumpers and Left hate him so much.

      • Or rubber bands, aka “Florida bump stocks.”
        Rubber bands are bump stocks, and actual bump stocks are machine guns, probably best not to be roaming around the NRA convention with unregistered illegal machine guns. Or even legal guns if you are in the presence of Trump.

  3. Well I would rather listen to Don than Pocahontas, at lease he doesn’t want to give everything I earn to those on the dole…

    • Sorry have to help you a little, the sentence that ends ‘the dole’ should read ‘the Democrat plantation.’

  4. He’s just another self serving politician, but of all the self serving politicians he’s the one that at least partially protects the constitutional republic idea.

    • Except he is not a politician. He is making bad decisions right along with the good ones. Prices are creeping up because of his policies. Production/Manufacturing cost is going up with production output, it is not better yet. There is no major advancements in manufacturing. Energy costs are increasing. Things may seem better but we are not ahead of the curve yet. I like his gun and immigration policies but the rest of it is very Dick Cheneyish. And look at the shape he left us in.

      • Yeah… how dare the Orange Man not bend over and take it up the fourth point of contact from Chinese “trade”?

        • He is making it hard for countries to BUY from us as well. Tariffs can be bad for trade. How you promote your economy overseas is partly convincing other countries not to put tariffs on your goods. Then you turn around and slap it on them…retaliation. He announces sanctions for (Allied) countries buying Iranian oil and boom, our gas prices go up 50 cents a gallon overnight.
          The majority of the jobs that he takes credit for creating are minimum wage service jobs. Not exactly family building stuff.

          • “Tariffs can be bad for trade.”

            All our major trading partners seem to think different, and I don’t see depressions setting in. Interesting that those who oppose tactical tariffs are also quite happy to let other nations use tariffs to suppress our products in their countries. I would be impressed if the “free market” pirates insisted other countries drop all their tariffs to zero. There is no “free market” where tariffs exist.

        • No, wage growth is good because of the tax cuts and deregulation.

          He gets some things right, and other things wrong. Tariffs are counterproductive, and we would be better off without them.

        • Carlos, you can’t “out compete” nation state intellectual property theft and slave labor. Neither can you “out compete” socialist states that provide massive subsidies to their internal industries. That’s what tariffs are for. I believe in free internal markets. Free international markets are a fancy way to commit national suicide.

      • No, he isn’t a politician, which is why the politicians were trying to remove him in a disguised coup.

  5. Trump is not Pro 2nd, but at least he’s not a democrat. Hopefully Crenshaw runs 2024…

    • That’s fair. Trump flatly puts the 2nd Amendment in the “low priority” category. If Congress puts a good pro-gun bill on his desk, he’ll sign it. Realistically, other than packing the courts, it’s the most we could really ask of him.

      +1 for Crenshaw though… That guy gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Would want to hear him speak on the topic though. He might turn out to be one of those “weapon of war” Benedicts that thinks that US citizens shouldn’t have the exact same gear as the US military.

      • This is taken from Crenshaw’s campaign website:
        “I will always fight for 2nd Amendment rights. Democrats who don’t understand how guns even work continue to propose frivolous and ineffective gun-control legislation in Congress. We cannot allow the Leftists to set the terms of the gun rights debate in this country. Many states have borderline unconstitutional gun laws. We cannot allow this to happen in Texas. We must do a better job of enforcing current laws, especially background checks, so that guns stay out of the wrong hands. But I will never allow the government to prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves.”

        Sounds good, but he was talking to Texans; would be nice to hear his position when he’s talking to the whole country to see if it changes any.

        • You see… that’s where I disagree… I think “background checks” are meaningless unconstitutional infringement. Anybody too dangerous to own a gun is too dangerous to be let out of prison.

        • One can read form that that he is not a true Constitutionalist,or he wouldn’t have said it in those words as pwrserge iterates.

    • “Hopefully Crenshaw runs 2024…”

      There is no “bench” for the Republicrats. No larger than life personalities that can energize “normals” (deplorables). As it was after Ronaldus Magnus, it may be another 35 years after Trump before Republicrats offer up a change agent.

  6. Can the Government/ATF make small changes to the laws without going through congress?

    Reduce the minimum length of shotgun/rifle barrels, maybe to 14 inches.

    • Well, if the bump-stock ban stands, then it seems they can. Although I’m not sure what would make anyone think they’d ever use that power to increase freedom…

      • Ing, Actually the official Trump policy is to strike down two regulations for every new regulation created. Last I heard, they have actually been doing that.

        • How about ending the ban on carry on Army Corp of Engineers land and making the suppressor/SBR tax a cash and carry process.

    • That would be un Constitutional only congress writes law just the same as Trumps Bump Stock ban,but hey these days the Constitution appears to be a doormat.

    • “Can the Government/ATF make small changes to the laws without going through congress?”

      Yes. They created a machine gun out of a piece of plastic (belt loops and rubber bands may be next).

      No. They will not make SBRs legal through regulation.

  7. He used much of his speech to the thousands gathered in the Lucas Oil Stadium to tout the latest economic results…

    They’re starting to lock onto us, Mr. President. Quick, deploy distraction countermeasures!

  8. Mike pence, ” no one is taking your guns”
    Uh-huh, Bullshit.
    “we’re not taking your guns” < govt. Actions
    If you're a law abiding citizen you don't have to worry about loosing your guns, again bullshit!
    1. "Red flag laws" you become an alleged criminal that must have their guns taken without notice when the police show up unexpectedly to TAKE THEM UNDER THREAT OF FORCE. By a mere accusation.
    Law abiding citizen < Instant alleged criminal.

    2. Bump stocks, deemed illegal overnight by executive Fiat. If you own a bump stock you become an instant felon.
    Law abiding firearm "accessory possessor"
    < instant felon for owing said accessory.

    Being law abiding means jack shit when the gov. Can arbitrarily declare what you have and what you do is illegal by Fiat, without due process, violating constitutional oaths.

    Just another snake oil salesmen.
    Re-puke-lican or demon-rat two names for two sides of the same quasi democratic-marxist-socialist coin.

    • Sorry PG. ERPOs are STATE infringement. Not Federal.
      Giggle stocks should not be banned, but then a machine gun shouldn’t either. If you have a giggle stock and turned it in, too bad. If you do and didn’t good for you.
      Trump is better than the rest of the pack of idiots. Both R & D. Feel free to vote for someone better, say like biden or buttplug.

        • Trump has no say in state laws… Might want to read up on what the actual powers of the PotUS are… HINT: 99.9% of what people want Trump to do are things he’s not actually able to do.

        • Oh, so it doesn’t *matter* that Trump promotes these measures, because he “can’t do anything”… You do realize that federal ERPO/Red Flags are being proposed by the Dems these days, right? Thank goodness they had the idea first, or Trump would be trying to ram them through via regulation somehow already; because it’s a Democrat position he’s forced to “oppose” them…much like yourself whenever a Democrat proposes or endorses and infringement, lol

        • pwrserge: “HINT: 99.9% of what people want Trump to do are things he’s not actually able to do.”

          I seem to remember a very recent president saying he couldn’t do something, then do it anyway.
          While Trump isn’t a lifelong politician, he is a very successful businessman, who will say anything to get a ‘contract’ signed, then abrogate that ‘contract’ after he has what he wanted. Witness the bump stock fiasco.
          Add the fact that Republicans in the House are invertebrates, and there’s really no way to tell what will happen in the short or long term.

      • …or maybe not vote at all?…don’t like being taken for granted…perhaps someone should convey that to him…

    • This !

      Politicians of any party are incapable of telling the truth,thus they are well politicians.

    • One can’t help but wonder if this had more to do with pissing on Obama’s legacy than with gun rights (negotiating the treaty was one of Obama’s cap feathers). I do give Trump credit for being nice to the gun industry (this & the ITAR changes)…I just wish he’d do something for the many, many people that voted for him thinking he wouldn’t screw them outright.

      • It was just virtue signaling the senate never ratified it so it isn’t a treaty with the US.

  9. We are in really bad shape to have that amoral, anti-American con artist as our Second Amendment Rights “Champion”.

    • “We are in really bad shape to have that amoral, anti-American con artist as our Second Amendment Rights “Champion”.”

      Assuming you’re referring to Trump, you’re right. Jerry Sandusky.. I mean Joe Biden (I always get those 2 confused) is no pedophile. AOC is no Commie. Kamala just wants ALL your guns. There are no amoral democrats running. Thank you for your commentary, Enuf.

  10. A very few commenters seem ungrateful on how Trump has handled 2A rights. It has always been about voting for the least worst presidential candidate. You can’t have everything. But thank God we have Trump and mostly due to him, we have a better SCOTUS. What’s the current and future big picture for 2A looking like?

    • Believe it or not, someone here said Trump’s nominees don’t really matter because Kavanaugh is no different than a left wing appointed Justice. So Kavanaugh = Sonia Sotomayor. Yeah okay.

        • You expect a modern left wing judge to defend semi-auto rifles and handguns like Kavanaugh did? I get that he isn’t a perfect advocate, but he is very different from a left wing Justice. A left wing court would allow new types of bans, not just keep old ones. Plus, keep in mind that there’s a whole lot more at stake in the Courts than defending the 2A. Activist judges have become a left wing legislative tool.

        • @Dude it doesn’t change the fact that Kavanaugh wrote that dissent you can talk about [insert lefty judge] here till you’re blue in the face but Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court now and him getting on the Supreme Court being a win for the 2A is a reach and you know it.

        • I never said it was a win for the 2A Ton E. I said he isn’t the same as a left wing appointee. Those are two very different things. I’m not pro Kavanaugh. In other words, it could be a lot worse, so people should at least vote not to elect a democrat. Plus, keep in mind, that the 2A scratches the surface of what the Supreme Court hears.

        • @Dude you tried moving the goal posts by expressing how the left uses Judges to advance their agenda like I didn’t know that. I was talking about Kavanaugh you know the guy on the Supreme Court right now and an actual dissent he wrote which shows he’s moderate at best when it comes to the 2A.

        • @Dude you didn’t have to say his confirmation was a win it you implied it when you expressed it would have been worse if a leftist got in the Supreme Court instead that doesn’t change the fact Kavanaugh is soft on gun rights.

        • Um…Who’s moving the goal post? My original statement stands…Kavanaugh is not the same as a left wing Justice appointee. The point I made was, someone said, “well he didn’t sound too good on this case, so it’s ALL the same. There’s no point in voting.” You know that Kavanaugh isn’t the same as a Clinton or Obama appointee. Go ahead and die on that hill.

        • @Dude
          OK I bring up a dissent he wrote and you bring up a situation that didn’t actually happen

          “You expect a modern left wing judge to defend semi-auto rifles and handguns like Kavanaugh did?”

          My point is an Obama and a Clinton appointee didn’t happen. You can bring up an alarmist viewpoint that doesn’t even apply to the situation but it doesn’t change that Kavanaugh is soft on gun rights. Woulda Coulda Shoulda Garland didnt get hearing and Clinton lost.

        • @Dude arguing for the least worst person is still arguing for the worst. But hey at least a leftist didn’t get in there just someone who wrote a dissent saying you should have government permission to exercise an inherent right is good enough!

    • SoCalJack,

      Hear, hear!

      Trump’s greatest contributions, by far and away, for our right to keep and bear arms are his appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. Let’s hope he gets at least one more appointment similar to Justice Gorsuch confirmed.

      And since I am allowing myself to dream, here’s to hoping that Trump gets to appoint (and the U.S. Senate confirms) TWO more conservative Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. That would hopefully result in a solid conservative U.S. Supreme Court for at least the next 10 years, and maybe as long as 20 years if we are fortunate.

      Just imagine how many unconstitutional infringements of our right to keep and bear arms the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn in the next 20 years.

      • Yeah, they have to start hearing cases & overturning them, though; until then it’s all theoretical. Meanwhile, Trump is racking up *seriously* bad karma with gun owners (well, the one’s with eyes/ears/brains anyway) and permanently damaging our ability to mount a coordinated resistance to gun control efforts at the federal & state level. I fully expect to see Republican senators openly mouthing off about the need for gun control & getting Trump’s full-throated endorsement by the end of his second term. At that point we’ll have a permanent vocal anti-gun beachhead in the RNC, which up to now has been too afraid to do much besides stymie pro-gun legislation from time to time.

      • the primary goal of putting those people in there was to create a climate favorable for big business….and protecting trump’s rear….whether we’ll benefit remains uncertain…..

    • Those who vote for the least worst candidate still make excuses when he does something like ban something by fiat. If a Democrat president did the same thing in the future people would be up in arms.

    • Or his creation of felons by way of his bump stock ban –there’s still scant few reports of those million-plus bump stocks being destroyed or surrendered; one can only assume they are being retained illegally by the people who bought them in good faith

      • if they really want to come after people who purchased bump-stocks they can…[sales records]…but will they?….

        • Yeah, I’m sure SlideFire kept detailed records on every person they sold to, along with every distributor… –there’s no way they can try to go after bumo stocks that way.

        • barnbwt: there may not be sales receipts (though I suspect there are simply because of internal auditing), but I imagine there were a lot of those stocks bought with credit cards (why not? They were legal purchases) leaving records that can be subpoenaed. From there, those receipts can then be subpoenaed.
          I know it’s a long shot, but then Trump’s telling the ATF to reconsider their stand on bump stocks was a long shot, too.
          Nothing is certain.

  11. Trump failed to make any effort whatsoever on Reciprocity or Suppressors. But he made certain that bump stocks would be banned, expanding the concept of a machine gun and opening a potential Pandora’s Box of more infringements.

    Trump is not a gun person or a Second Amendment guy at all. He’s a con artist using the NRA membership to get their votes.

    I’ve been ready to give a President Pence a try since election night a couple of years ago.

    Remember, an impeachment or 25th Amedndment removal does not trigger an election do-over. Shrillary Clinton is still a loser, as she ought to be. The Democrats do not take the White House, it does not work that way.

    • Pence could finish out a term but he will never be elected President. He doesn’t have enough broad appeal, and the dems have done a good job of (falsely) labeling him as someone that hates homosexuals, women, etc. It’s a pipe dream dude. Back to reality. We need your help to reelect Trump.

    • National Reciprocity and HPA were red herring and a baseless promise to begin with the issue was congress not the president vetoing it. I told people that those bill didn’t have a hope in getting through both chambers of Congress let alone make it to the president’s desk.

    • Impeachment of a president means his party is completely demoralized and defamed, and they will be a non-factor for the duration. Ford was not a return to greatness of the Republican Party after Nixon. Impeachment is suicidal. Now, a primary refutation of a shitty incumbent is a different story, and often breeds an even more vigorous party, which has proven to voters/members that it can & is willing to change for the better when it gets off track. If only the RNC was such an organization.

      NRA, Trump, and the GOP(e, if you must) are all peas in a pod. Not sure why this should surprise anyone. These NRA speeches are getting to be as sad & hollow as the DNC candidate speaking before the NAACP about how welfare & abortion are the ticket to prosperity for black Americans.

      • Unless I’m missing what you’re saying, recent history says you’re wrong.
        Hillary won the popular vote.
        One of the reasons Trump is president is because the Dems were so confident (hardly demoralized by Bill’s impeachment; they even nominated his wife) that they had the election in the bag that they thought the Electoral College was a foregone conclusion because of a landslide popular vote, so could be ignored in their planning.

    • “Shrillary Clinton is still a loser, as she ought to be. The Democrats do not take the White House, it does not work that way.”

      Au contraire, mon ami. Here is how it works:
      – Trump gets removed
      – Pence does not name a VP
      – Pence resigns
      – Order of succession puts Pelosi in the president slot
      – Pelosi selects Clinton as VP
      – Pelosi resigns
      – Clinton becomes president

      You gotta work harder to think like a Dimwitocrat.

        • “– Pence does not name a VP
          – Pence resigns”

          Two assumptions that are unfounded.”

          The entire theory is an assumption that is unfounded, as in “wet dream”, but it is what the Dims think is possible.

      • Personally I couldnt care less about Obama he’ll never be in office again thank goodness. But people who bought into his campaign promises that he would never attack the 2A when he had no record of 2A support othere than his word was unbelievable to begin with. When I pointed that out in 2016 I was called a Hillary Clinton supporterror and a Ted Cruz supporter in the same debate. Just for pointing that out lol.

        • “Personally I couldnt care less about Obama he’ll never be in office again thank goodness.”

          You HOPE he never will be in office again. If Michelle can unify the left she’ll be in and so will Obama. Your guns will be gone in the blink of an eye, a la New Zealand.

        • @Eli2016 If Michelle Obama was going to run she would be already I’m more concerned with who actually announced their candidacy or least made an exploratory committee you can worry over things that hasn’t even happened but that isn’t how I roll.

      • Do your research next time.

        -Russian arms ban
        -7n6 ban
        -U.S. surplus ban
        -Steyr AUG pistol ban
        -banned people needing financial assistance from guns
        -Operation Chokepoint banning loans to gun businesses
        -Attempted to ban surplus 5.56
        -Made ITAR even more draconian where gun manuals were considered restricted material and gunsmiths had to register for it
        -Operation Fast and Fury funneling civilian guns to Mexico

        That was all done by Obama. Seems many gun owners have short term memory and I hate it when they all say “Trump did more against guns” when he fucking didn’t and I’m pissed at Trump for a myriad of reasons so I’m no MAGA fanboy either.

  12. How about all you Trump haters try living in a 24 hour anti-you news cycle, try to work with Rs & Ds who openly or not so openly derail anything you do, and with people like paul ryan and mitch mcconnel swamp dwellers. Remember we had both chambers of congress and all Trump got was BS whiners pouting like 2 year olds crying “but we tried”. Yoda; do or do not, there is no try.
    And bots are flies that lay their eggs on the skin, then the larva get under your skin and eat you from the inside. Kind of like rinos and dims.

    • Paul Ryan passed more gun-rights legislation than Trump did (reciprocity)…so there’s that (not that it’s saying much, lol). He also passed few gun-control laws than Trump has (though I count Fix NICS as gun control that at the very least should not have been given away for free)

      • Sorry. ryan did not “pass” anything. If it doesn’t make it to the POTUS desk it is not “passed”. Read the friggin Constitution. A bill is not a law till it passes both chambers and lands on the presidents’ desk to be signed. Same with the Wall. 2 years of do-nothing ryan and chamber of commerce greed.
        We did not like little o’s pen and phone policies so you want the same from Trump?
        Copies of the Constitution can be had at Amazon for cheap. Or from some web sites for free.
        I know todays education is lacking, so self educate. Read more and bluster less.
        Better to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool than talk and known as a fool.

        • Oh, so in that case Ryan’s even further ahead, since he can’t unilaterally ban legal property like Trump has.

          Any other excuses about how it’s all someone else’s fault?

  13. Trump is anti gun, but mildly so. He has however done a deathblow to the right to bear arms. The next anti gun zealot elected will use a major domestic mass shooting to ban new semi automatic weapons by fatwah. Trump has set the precedent.

  14. was he “with us” on bump stocks?
    lot of “he’d sign a bill,” but tell me when he uses the bully pulpit for guns like he does for immigration, etc.
    also, not sure what talking about equipping law enforcement has to do with my gun rights.

    • Sorry kiddo… Gun rights are a stablibiled fracture… immigration is a sucking chest wound. Until we deal with illegal immigration, nothing else we achieve matters in the long run.

      • At least you’re honest about becoming anti-gun. Good luck with the immigration thing, I’m sure it will be as successful as the wars on drugs, abortion, and other assorted windmills.

        • “Good luck with the immigration thing, I’m sure it will be as successful as the wars on drugs, abortion, and other assorted windmills.”

          You might have skimmed pwserge’s remark too quickly. He is pointing out that if we don’t stop the invasion of new Dimwitocrat voters, nothing we do to restore the Second Amendment will be of any use because the leftist new voters will overwhelm us at the ballot box, ensuring constitutional amendments to reduce our freedoms.

        • Oh I read it, Sam; like so, so many conservative types, he’s fixated on the impossible in order to avoid the doable. The facts are that illegal immigrants are so numerous they have the political pull to ensure the border is never closed, which is exactly the way all the power players wanted it. Not one bit of progress has been made despite all the bitcing, nor will it ever be.

          Meanwhile, gun rights have been doing nicely in over half the US for a couple steady decades, and can realistically achieve “victory” along a number of different approaches that would last for decades. But no, rather than see that battle to a successful conclusion, lets go tilt at this other monumental windmill that literally none of our important leaders or political assets have ever been interested in winning or have any incentive to win, and that we’ve made zero progress on even despite the arrival of the “one guy who can fix all this” against all odds.

          The immigration issue will only resolve when Mexico finally collapses into a terrifying warzone that effectively walls off South America. You might hate them for being here, but until then the only option is to get some of those immigrants/their kids on board with gun rights, because they aren’t going anywhere. Trying to make 1/5 of the humans on American soil be treated differently than the rest won’t work any better now than it did in the 60s; the time to bitch & complain ended when Reagan threw in the towel on immigration over 30 years ago.

          • While I understand your comments, the “windmill” you mentioned will eventually sweep us all up. Whether immigration is controllable or not, it is an unending source of voters who are accustomed to the concept of “el patron”.

            These invaders are accustomed to “the boss” taking care of them. In our country, “the boss” is government. To keep “the boss” providing care and sustenance, the campesinos do as the boss tells them. The flow of illegals is outrunning the imagined increases in presumed “approaches” that will protect “gun rights” for decades to come. Every county along the US-Mexico border is already controlled by Dimwitocrats. That means more US Representatives in those counties,, which means ore votes in Congress, which means more leftist support. There is nothing that will stop this erosion, unless “the windmill” is toppled.

            Remember, laws are established by the politically powerful. With no one in power ending the erosion of the constitution, laws that protect our rights are just laws, subject to majority voting.

        • No fucktard, I am not “anti-gun”… I am pro “deal with the shit that will destroy our country first”.

          What part of “the Demokkkommmies will just replace the population and then your “pro-gun” victories won’t mean shit” didn’t you understand?

  15. Trump’s heroism in ‘Nam, coupled with the fact he’s a self made man, make him the perfect person to be POTUS!

  16. Bullshit.
    Trump is only with those who keep his pockets lined, just like every politician.

    Politics is a theater to make the average Joe feel like there is hope for a better future, when in reality it follows the same path with the illusion a different outcome.

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