OnVirtus Offering Online Firearms Education Taught by Top Professionals

OnVirtus Jerry Miculek

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You don’t need to wade through all the YouTube chaff any more looking for a few grains of wheat in search of worthwhile shooting lessons and tips. And getting access to learn from the industry’s top pros is difficult and expensive.

Now, however, OnVirtus, a new online education site, is offering firearms classes featuring lessons from some of the best shooting professionals in the business.

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Here’s their press release . . .

OnVirtus Launches Its First Series of Classes from Shooting Professionals

Box Springs, GA – OnVirtus is pleased to introduce the new era of firearms education. During the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings, the OnVirtus.com website will launch its first series of classes taught by the most accomplished firearms professionals in the industry.

“In the past, it’s been difficult to gain access to high-level instructors without sacrificing a lot of time and money. We wanted to give everyone access to good, high quality, instruction,” said Daniel Horner, founder of OnVirtus. “If I had access to this type of a website when I was younger, it would have taken years off my training.”

OnVirtus hosts videos of the best instructors that have proven their capabilities in competition or combat.

With this initial launch, you will see lessons from:

  • Jerry Miculek – specializing in 3-gun and revolver
  • Shane Coley – specializing in USPSA Limited Division
  • Max Michel – specializing in USPSA Open and Carry Optics
  • Daniel Horner – specializing in 3-gun and long range rifle
  • Todd and Colby Hodnett – specializing in long range rifle and ballistics
  • Lena Miculek – specializing in PCC and 3-gun
  • Jake Vibbert – specializing in precision rifle
  • Brandon Green – specializing in NRA High Power
  • True Pearce – specializing in the legalities of concealed carry

More instructors will be added soon, to include:

  • Vincent Hancock – specializing in shotgun
  • JJ Racaza – specializing in IPSC Limited and Open
  • Eric Grauffel – specializing in IPSC
  • James Henderson – specializing in NRA Bullseye handgun
  • Kenda Lenseigna – specializing in cowboy mounted shooting

There are hours of content on the website, and more will be added on a constant basis. The price to access all the videos from all the instructors is only $124.99 for an annual membership. Videos are presented in small, specific clips that allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Furthermore, the members are encouraged to ask the instructor(s) questions so that future topics can be tailored to what the members want to learn more about.

Visit OnVirtus.com to accelerate your learning curve in multiple shooting disciplines.


  1. avatar Binder says:

    Dan, if they were serious, they would offer a monthly subscription or a trial.

    1. avatar D says:

      Given that most shooters would probably only be interested in a small selection of the various topics, I would agree.

  2. avatar Gunner2000 says:

    Let’s be realist here. Online training will only take you so far. Nothing beats putting in the work at a range, or the backyard of your choice.
    Remember Drivers Education? You only got better by driving real miles. A lot of miles.

  3. avatar essaytyper says:

    Online Firearms Education sounds unrealistic and even scary to me. First of all how do they check whom they are teaching, and what those people are guided with. Plus acting with firearm by itself can’t be learned without practice.

  4. avatar Thomas Mullar says:

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  6. avatar Sisilian says:

    Okay its cool

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