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President Trump will address the NRA convention today for the third year in a row.

Some people associated with other, more strident gun-rights groups have criticized Mr. Trump over the bump-stock ban and some NRA members canceled their booths at this year’s convention because the organization didn’t fight against it.

But with Democrats now in control of the House and many of the party’s presidential candidates advocating more gun restrictions, most of the expected 80,000 attendees at the NRA convention will likely be on the president’s side, experts said.

“There will be a group that will be mad at the bump-stock ban and they may be vocal about it, but overall he will receive a very enthusiastic greeting,” said Richard Feldman, a former NRA official and author of “Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist.” “Compared to what’s facing gun owners in a Democratic House and with any of the Democratic presidential candidates, on the gun issue he’s a wonderful guy.”

– Zusha Elinson in Trump Heads to NRA Convention as Disagreements Over His Gun Policies Simmer

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  1. After arbitrarily banning a previously ATF approved gun accessory, Trump will brag the RKBA is stronger than ever!

    • Also passing Fix NICS (in exchange for nothing)
      Also for tickling Feinstein’s wrinkly old bean on live TV
      Also for telling Dems/Reps they need not fear the NRA (“wonderful guy by comparison” Jesus, the NRA are such loathsome tools anymore)
      Also for endorsing the slate of gun control rammed through by Republicans in Florida
      Also for promoting the idiotic No Fly No Buy star chamber nonsense
      Also for doing *nothing* to reduce the regulatory burden on NFA users or others by reigning in the ATF

      Though he is relaxing ITAR, so US makers can sell accessories other nations. Much “crashing halt”

      • I would like to hear Trump or even any Republican leadership (especially Florida) espouse what they actually want on guns. Like what is their wish list, what would they fight for. I know what the Democrats want, they say it frequently and somewhat honestly even if it has no chance of passage to their desires. I don’t know that the Republican leaders even know what they want, other than getting gun rights votes as a necessary evil while slow walking gun control compromises. But if they hypothetically controlled most of the branches of office, or had super majorities in certain states, what would they push for? Their lack of vision and actions speak.

        • They say it loudly enough; they don’t want to win anything for us, and want us to keep donating to them for the pleasure.

      • I keep seeing comments about Fix NICS being bad, as if the NRA should have fought it. It’s my understanding that it doesn’t add any additional firearm restrictions. It just helps to better report criminal convictions so people like that church shooter, that shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun, can’t pass a background check. Why is this bad? Serious question.

        • Because it was the perfect vehicle to claw back some rights from the regressives. At the very least, it passed the House as part of National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, but that was stripped out. Instead, the Republican leadership pissed away another opportunity to actually do what they said they would and support the 2A.

        • It’s bad because other legislation wasn’t passed and because it worked just fine as it was (except we specifically know this isn’t true). That doesn’t make much sense to me. If they really wanted other legislation passed, they could have done it with or without NICS. And we know NICS did not work perfectly. This is an indisputable fact. I’m not saying I’m an advocate for it; I just still don’t get the animosity directed toward Trump, etc. because of it.

        • Fix NICS is supposed to add a lot of names onto the list. Some of those names are people who use cannabis or need help with their PTS. The intent was to grow the prohibited persons list federally by collecting all the databases. Kind of like how they said if you are not in control of your finances you can’t own a gun.

          They want to keep adding more and more names to the ban list. Growing the list and instituting gun confiscation orders for those people. First they will go after them…

        • The problem is, NICS cannot be relied upon to keep guns out of the bad guys’ hands. It is sold as a common sense gun safety measure, but it is not. Show of hands: how many people think genuine criminals bent on murder buy their guns from a source that requires a NICS check? I count… Criminals will always get guns, no matter what. Opioids are illegal, yet there were 72,000 drug overdoses last year. If it is illegal for folks to have the drugs, how is it that they are dying?

          The guy that shot up the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis last year bought his shotguns cash n carry with a NICS check, then killed 5 people. Lawmakers responded not with shall-issue ( MD is one of the 8 holdouts) so folks can protect themselves, but with bills restricting long guns.

          The Ft. Hood shooter would have failed a NICS check if the info had been properly submitted. There are other examples of NICS failures.

          It may stop some buyers who are prohibited, but i feel reliance on NICS does very little to reduce crime rates. Shouldn’t reducing crime be what legislation is about?

      • And making it harder for Americans to buy 2A products from Russia. That’s one of the things that really angered me when Obama did it.

    • The Jeff Knox / Ammoland articles about N.R.A’s self made troubles are making the rounds on many gun boards. Many gun owners now realize the LOOOOONG history of selling us down the river. ( Is NRA an unofficial branch of A.T.F. ? , Their actions say YES )

      One writer sums it up well ;
      ” The Vichy National Rifle Association is inherently anti-gun. It sacrificed rights for political power and money a long time ago. That’s what it does. Forcing it to transparently and honestly spend gun owners’ money to violate their rights isn’t “fixing” anything.
      Time to pull the plug. ”

    • Makes me want to puke when I hear all that cheering for turning 500000 of us into felons

  2. Oh, and Don’t forget able Nationwide “🚫 RED FLAG 🚫 Laws”- (Heresay.)

    Excerpt from The Prez.
    “We take the guns 1st ! Then Due Process later ! ” (Sure…Unicorns and Rainbows…)

    • Yeah… please point to the guns that Trump has banned. You whiners are going to put a Demokkkommie in the White House… Then you can brag all about your moral superiority of not voting for the “lesser evil” when you’re in the same box car as the rest of us.

      • Machine guns, genius; bump stocks are considered machine guns. It also wasn’t gun control when Reagan closed the registry or Bush/Clinton banned imports. Nor was it when Bush II banned barrel imports.

        Nor are magazine bans

        • Don’t rope the FOPA into this. As much as I despise Hughes, the FOPA was necessary to reign in the insanity of the ATF at the time. The real problem is the complete lack of a push to repeal Hughes. The NRA kept telling everyone to pass FOPA and then they would get the Hughes Amendment repealed once FOPA passed, but yet… *crickets*

      • Perhaps if a dem is in the White House, they’ll actually attempt confiscation, and we can hurry up and get on with CW2. I will not vote for President Trump because of the arbitrary ban by fiat on stupid toys that I have not used nor will I ever use, but that anyone should have a right to.

      • Serge, we aren’t gonna be shot into trenches because we don’t support your boy’s gun control & abuse of authority.

        You know how you’ll/we’ll be disarmed & rounded up as dangerous? Red flag laws. The ones Trump & the NRA support. Read Catch 22 some time, then some game theory, then some gun control history. There’s very little evidence to suggest we can do better for ourselves than two Republican houses of congress and a Democrat president, because only then will people like you will fight gun control. It doesn’t feel right to my morality, but then again all through 2016 Trumpers were telling me to hold my nose & do the pragmatic thing to protect liberty.

        We’ll see you hypocrits on full display when Kamala/etc try to ban binary triggers or something the way Trump did. I bet we’re able to fight off that attack, too, like with Obama & M855. If Trump wins & does the same thing, it’d play out just like bump stocks have, because you cucks won’t bite the hand that beats you.

        Always gotta look out for number one.

        • Yeah… because the difference is that Spread-leg Harris is a commie ho. I’m less concerned about temporary minor setbacks than losing the war. If an identitarian psycho like Harris or Bernie gets into office, you’re going to look back fondly on the days of Trump’s bumpstock ban.

      • Trump not honoring his promises and being narcissistic may put a prog in office not the opining of those who simply notice that he has done next to nothing (substantial) that he said he would. I’d say he is a ‘done very little’ president. While that bothers many, I posit that that is about the best that we can hope for and might actually get me to vote for him this time.

        • We all knew he was basically gonna be Bubba 2.0 (which comparatively speaking these days, isn’t the worst thing imaginable, as pathetic as that may be) hopefully minus the AWB. So far that’s how it’s shaping up, and on the whole the bump stock ban probably ranks about the same as Clinton’s bans on assorted ‘assault shotguns’

          But Clinton was a still a shitty president Republicans didn’t want to settle for then, and that means we shouldn’t settle for clowns like Trump now, either. We had better options in 2016, and we’ll have better options in 2020. Hopefully the more emotional conservative voters are disillusioned enough to stay out of the primaries this time and we can nominate someone with a track record & a clue, who won’t stab his own people in the back for no reason or drag a bunch of baggage into office with him. At that point we can start banging the “fear! fear! fear! you have no choice!” drum those types have the Pavlovian response to.

        • You’re not quite clear on how incumbents work, are you? No GOP challenger has a prayer against Trump in the primaries.

  3. Why???????

    Whats next? Signing off on fed erpo’s?

    Best president ever BUT If he wants my vote a second time I better see some repeal of gun laws.

    So far……he has taken people of the gun for granted.

    • Spot on. So far, he’s done nothing but give more ground to those who wish to usurp our freedoms. I’d bump stocks had been traded for NFA repeal or national reciprocity, then perhaps I’d consider it a smart move.

    • He’s relaxing ITAR rules so gun accessory companies can more easily sell their wares overseas. Given how flat the market’s been, that move is much appreciated for keeping the industry alive…but it is nowhere near enough, nor something the average Joe should give much weight to. Guaranteed it’s the one thing the NRA/NSSF has seriously fought for; might’ve traded it for bump stocks as a short-sighted cash grab, for all we know.

      • How else are you going to arm states like Saudia Arabia?

        You know how H&K has been towards civilian sales? A lot of American companies were very similar not that long ago. They will sell America out for a government contract. Look at places like New Zealand.

  4. I fear the NRA and gun owners are just another Michael Cohen to him. Useful until we are not.

    • That guy’s a slime ball by any measure (and voters should have judged Mr. Best People by the company he kept). LaPierre might be analogous to Cohen, but not gun owners; gun owners have been slavishly, pathetically loyal to Trump & the RNC despite an awful lot of abuse –African Americans or even better, Native Americans, are the only groups in a more compromised position to their supposed ‘representatives’

  5. So far Ive seen nothing to brag about with Mr Trump as to his support of us gun owners. He hasn’t kept his word nor pushed any positive anything actually.
    Yes if a Libitard Dimwit was in office. Life as we know it might be unbearable.
    But since one isn’t.
    He had not better get up on his high horse saying what a friend to the 2nd he has been.
    He better say what hes done is so so and then what he intends to try and do in the future.
    As they say with friends like him. Who needs enemies.

    • What other kind of horse does he have? I fully expect the speech to be laughable… and the audience response disgusting.

  6. Trump and the Congressional Republicans have done nothing for us so far. I guess putting 2 Supreme Court justices on the bench is the only major success we could have the last 2 years. Where are those federal judges that are supposed to be in place by now to bust up the 9th and other circuits from Democrat control? The real deal question is, what are you Mr. Trump and the Congressional Republicans going to do for us? Nothing as usual because you had 2 years to do something and nothing was done.

        • I’m going to reserve my judgement on the bumpstock ban until it makes its way through the courts. The reality is that Trump has done very little on the 2nd amendment other than make the ban administrative rather than legislative (which would be much harder to challenge) and appoint tons of conservative judges. Trump saying things to troll commies is not an argument. I don’t care what Trump says, he says a lot of shit. I care what Trump does. Two solid SCotUS picks and piles of conservative federal judges make up for the “bump stock ban” we all knew was coming one way or another. At least the way Trump did it, it’s much easier to challenge in court.

  7. —— ” TAKE First ….. Have Due – Process Later ” — D . J . T .

    Of course , when Trump is accused its a witch hunt, and HE demands HIS day in court.

    • Yes… let’s take an off the cuff remark that he was using to troll the Demokkkommies completely out of context…

      Here comes more virtue signaling.

      • It’s more 4 – D chess , right ?
        We ‘ win ‘ by losing … that’ll show ‘Em.
        Enjoy your N.R.A. ” WHINE ” club.

        Battered spouse says – ” He beats me because he ‘ loves ‘ me . ”
        Keeps going back for more.

        • Serge always comes in to defend Trump when people expose that con artist. He is as bad as Alex Jones and Q Anon manipulators. I think he even said he was born and raised in communism. Everything bad Trump does against America Serge defends and blames the victims for the Trump’s administrations actions. He has been doing this for years even after his critics have been proven correct.

      • Except serge, that philosophy is winning. Red flag laws are popping up all over. The ‘off the cuff remark’ is becoming fact.

        Words have real teeth when the president states them, and they have “wolf jaws” when the left can use them to attack gun owners.

        • I don’t expect “Red Flag” laws to stand up to strict scrutiny. If the SCotUS sets that as the review standard with the NY case, that’s going to make most gun control evaporate over the next couple of years.

          But please, show me a single GOP candidate willing to actually fight the Demokkkommies on anything rather than bending over and taking it up the 4th point of contact like the RINOs have been doing since 1992.

  8. All I hear is “wah wah wah Trump isn’t sinking his presidency to give my side a minor victory wah wah wah”…

    In case you haven’t noticed, he’s running against open communists… The reality is that if we don’t get the border under control any short term gains aren’t going to matter as the Demokkkommies replace enough of the population with low-IQ migrants to never have to worry about pushback from gun control again. Don’t believe me? Look at what happened to California between 1980 and today.

    • Well said. Unfortunately this site seems to have forgotten just how perfection can be a deadly enemy of good.

    • That argument does not hold water man.

      He made his presidency by actually keeping his promises. His successes are all promises he kept. If he chose to actually do something to fight the gun grabbers he’d have more respect. Instead he only helps them.

      though…to be fair, his appointments to the Supremes have been helpful.

      • He’s kept most of his promises while dealing with a coup attempt by the previous administration and having the Demokkkommie news media twist everything he says in the worst way possible.

        After the first 2 years we have the best economy in decades and he’s putting troops on the border. Without GOP control of the Senate, there is little more he COULD do. (and no, 51 votes in the Senate is not “control”.)

      • Really? I’m still waiting for the wall to get finished. At the rate it’s going, I don’t expect it in BARRON Trump’s lifetime.

        • You might want to take that up with the Demokkkommies in the House and Senate that refused to fund it. Trump had to declare an emergency to get the cash. (Which just happened a month ago.) How much wall do you think they can build in a month?

    • I think a big part of the problem is that people actually believe that the POTUS is going to give them what they want on guns RIGHT FUCKING NOW. That applies to both sides. The Left was seriously ticked that Obama didn’t basically ban guns. No one seems to remember that these days, but it’s true. “Where’s the gun control!?” was something the Left talked about for a while there. Ditto “Single Payer” and “Climate Change”.

      Trump’s just doing this from the other side. He’s not a fucking emperor.

      Both sides labor under this delusion that if they just elect the “right person” they’ll get everything they want and more on every topic they can think of and get it all instantly. Elect Trump today and buy a silencer over the counter tomorrow or elect HRC today and tomorrow no one will own a gun and all violence will be a thing of the past!

      Both sides are irrational and way, way too emotional about this kind of thing.

  9. Trump, on the issue of guns, is no better nor worse than any other repub.

    i.e. He doesn’t suck as much as any of the democrats running. As always, we get the lesser of two evils, but no true champion.

  10. The Dems want to beat us to death. Trump only wants to beat us 1/4 – 1/2 to death. Trump is better.

    He’s behind the Constitution violating bump stock ban. He supports “no due process” red flag laws. He suggested “no fly, no buy”.

    This is “better”? Just because someone is less hostile, that doesn’t mean they’re actually your friend.

    • The Republicans and Trump want to rape you. The Democrats want to gang rape you. Either way, the train is a comin’.

      • #OrangeManBad, let’s sit out and have the Demokkkommies take over the government so that we can have a smug sense of moral superiority on the way to their gulags.

        • #HalfBlackManBad

          Like when Obama was coming to take all our guns, but actually sold more guns than anyone else? We weren’t marching to the gulags then — we had more guns than ever. Hell, we even had the Bundy ranch standoff and a bunch of pro gun rallies with a lot of people. We had unity and will back then… We didn’t need the NRA, the people did it themselves.

          Every informed person knows that most Americans don’t think favorably of socialism once it’s explained to them. You can’t easily get communism easily installed in America as a Democrat, but you can as a Republican if no one is looking. Bait and switch.

          Currently the largest “conservative” voting block is the white male. The white male does not muster until they feel threatened. The white male believes Trump is not a threat because he is a white male. This pacification will destroy America right before your eyes.

          Don’t forget communism came from white men.

        • … and out comes the racism I expect from Demokkkommie trolls. Have fun with Bernie’s Venezuela USA plan.

        • Where is the racism?

          Is saying “orange man bad” not an inference to racism? Is proclaiming every non white immigrant a commie not racist? What about saying every Democrat is a KKK member?

          Now you want to talk about moral superiority!? Don’t NPC virtue signal over discussing the facts that hurt your feelings.

        • No… #OrangeManBad is not racism… “orange” is not a race.
          No… claiming that ILLEGAL immigrants would support the Demokkkommies is not racism. “Illegal” is not a race.
          No… Claiming that the Demokkkommie party supports racism is not racism, it’s observable historical and modern fact. In the 60s, they supported the KKK. Today, they support other racist hate groups. (Such as La Raza and Hezbollah)

          Quit projecting your bigotry on people who have cracked open a history book at some point in their lives.

        • Funny you become very defensive. I’m still waiting for you to tell me where “my” racism is. You try real hard to defend yourself.

          If orange is not a “race” nor is white, black, brown and yellow. Then being a “ginger” is not a thing. Unless you are the type of person to dictate which color is human and which race they belong to.

          You can’t pick and choose to fit your argument. That’s what the “commies” do. You weren’t raised by communists were you?

          Just to put it out there. I think every human is related and we are one species now. We are equal but different. I grew up without using hyphens. I worry about what you think, not what you look like. I don’t have a religion that says I’m better than everyone else because I was born into a specific group. I don’t segregate or partake in group think. I take the good and leave the bad from various people and cultures. I support/defend the people (yes, all peoples) over the government. My allegiance isn’t to a group, it’s to the individual and their liberty.

        • Show me a human being whose skin is actually orange and I will show you someone with a severe medical condition or an unhealthy attachment to spray tans.

    • Yeah, I’ve been saying the same thing. We the people have lost control of our government! The Tail wags the dog…If we don’t get back in control , we’re certainly not going to be making any pleas to New Zealanders….

    • It’s a binary solution set. What are you going to do? Vote for Bernie? Your moral superiority on the way to the gulag will be hillarious.

      • He likely has guns and when pushed will put them to good use because he has morals and principles that were passed down to him by strong men.

        Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

        It works both ways. That’s why the government (as a whole) wants to control the tools of liberty. Firepower is political power.

  11. Sausage and politics

    Helping my dad butcher hogs and make sausage was nasty work but the results were very enjoyable.
    The political process is nasty, byzantine, and repulsive; but unavoidable.
    Faced with a tsunami of anti-gun political pressure, some very smart people recognized that if they did not short circuit the process, really bad legislation was inevitable.
    They did a brilliant kabuki decoy dance to “administratively ban” bump stocks thus avoiding a dangerous legislative ban on much more important things (Clinton “assault rifles”, etc).
    They understood that, eventually, the courts would overturn this over reach of administrative action.
    Please do not destroy our real champions and undermine their accomplishments.

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