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Okay has been making Ok magazines for awhile. They’re widely used by the military, law enforcement and other civilian shooters. Okay’s set to release an upgraded version of their already quality aluminum magazine . . .

The new Surefeed E2 magazine features textured side panels for added grip, new low friction lips that improve alignment and dramatically reduce the effort needed to feed rounds, and a self lubricating follower.

For slightly less information head over to Surefeed’s website here. We’ll be testing these magazines to make sure they’re OK. OK?

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  1. OK really is OK. I love ‘ em. And they seem to last a lot longer than polymer. Mind you I have plastic, aluminum and even steel. But metal just seems more… durable.

  2. This is an industry just as susceptible to fads and aesthetic trends and “shiny new sparkly” as any other industry… maybe even a wee bit more.

    As soon as PMAGs started becoming utilitarian, and ubiquitous, and universally adopted… this tilted the see-saw enough for it to eventually begin swinging back towards “what is old is new again.” All it’s gonna take is an aesthetically cool techno-looking aluminum magazine for the neo-GI standard to make a trendy comeback. Maybe this is it… maybe this is a precursor.

    They sure look cool and sharp– almost a Lancer-like aesthetic on a GI slab. The blue follower was the right choice. PMAGs are here to stay until the next genuine innovation, but these shiny new metal mags will have their encore, whether this brand or another.

    Be safe.

    PS- kinda want

  3. People like Troy Industries lost millions when Magpul bright out the Pmag. Ask me how I know, military near West Springfield MA at the time. One or two months makes all the difference. The UK saw the Pmag for what it was, the best on the market. That makes people like Troy a day late & a dollar short.
    They haven’t fully recovered from it yet.

    • I just got out of the USMC a few years ago, (still on reserve time) and non-issued gear is at unit commander discretion. My unit banned all non-issued gear, then finally backed off a little from the asshatery and allowed custom daybags. Some idiotic policies resulted in people spraypainting brand new bags black, or wrapping their issued sweater around it. Some of the bags looked ridiculous and I still have the pics!

      Seriously, there is no shortage of bullshit in the branches, the only good reason to enlist anymore is to get a foot in the door for private sector work, where you and your property just might actually get a little respect.

  4. Okay Industries had the chance in the 90’s to shape their fortune. They were “the standard” when Magpul was just making the Magpul pull tabs for USGI magazines. They are a couple days late and several million dollars short by now.

  5. USGI MC Green followers used to be the gold standard and that isn’t the case anymore says USMC & AF contracts. Not to mention all of the UK.

    • The green followers were and still are shit. The brown followers are improved against tilting and such, but I still want my Pmags. When I got an AR10, guess what I got for it? yep, P-mags. It even came with three P-mags 🙂

  6. The feed lips bend too easily causing feeding issues.. how often does this happen? Often enough that all my coworkers and I call them POS. Stick with traditional PMAGs or Lancers with the reinforced steel feed lips.

  7. Wow you learn something new everyday. Apparently according to the comments , ARs were never reliable until the Pmag came out due to everything else being shit mag wise. So does this mean AK fan boys are right and AR reliability issues did persist after the Vietnam era ballpowder/cleaning kits debacle? So ARs have only truly reached good reliability in the past few years due to all the money pit operator parts and unobtainium grade quality Pmags?

    • I never had an issue with any of my Colt brand 20-round magazines or the Cooper Industries branded 30-round magazine.

      • I was issued aluminum mags of many flavors in Iraq. All the green followers jammed terribly, spent beau·coup bucks buying MagPul (yellow) no tilt followers for my guys to trade them out (kept same old springs) and no more jammy-poo.

        Lot’s of dust and rough handling, and way way way far fewer jams.

  8. I got some mags from Palmetto State Armory. Grey followers. About $8? I think. Have worked great. D&H made maybe? Ultra light weight and are coated with something. Sorry don’t know all the mumbo Jumbo. I just know they feed.

  9. So Ok Industries looked at their product and said, hey we could use a good ribbing? There’s another joke about being ribbed that I could make but I’m not going to, I’m sure you all can figure it out.

  10. Way late, but still worth posting. OKAY E2 mags are absolutely marvelous.
    Some of the commenters would have enjoyed my…..Pmag give away. I stopped buying anything Magpul. When they first came out it was a good product. Now just about every firearm sold has Magpul furniture, or magazines. The stocks rattle, like the older 49 dollar plastic “M4” stocks that used to come on AR’s before Magpul came into the business. The stocks don’t always lock in place. Their quality is not what it used to be. I’ve taken off all Magpul furniture, and gave away all my Pmags. 50 mags to be exact. I have various AR platforms, in 556, and 300 BLK, and like to have plenty of mags for each. The only Pmags I kept are the John Noveske flaming pig Magpuls I bought for support of the children, and to match my Noveske rifles. Otherwise, I have gone all OKAY magazines. Some Stainless Steel E Landers for my La Rue 6.5 Grendel as well. I’ve been shooting for 35 years. Not once have I had an issue with an aluminum magazine. I’ve had a couple Pmags crack, fully loaded, along with some of the earlier polymer magazines, before the Pmag fad. The comment of the covers are needed to prevent the cracking issue…..well you don’t need covers for aluminum mags. And now, if you want that added security for a Pmag, you have to purchase the covers separately.. More money for Magpul, since you have to pay extra for a cracking issue Magpul should have resolved by now. Instead they charge the consumer extra for a defect, and the consumer has accepted that non sense. Would most consumers buy a car knowing the steering wheel will break off the shaft at any moment, and expect to pay extra to prevent that defect?


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