President Trump on Parkland, Florida School Shooting: We Will Tackle the Difficult Issue of Mental Health

President Trump addressing the nation on Parkland Florida spree killing

In the video below, President Trump addressed the nation regarding the spree killing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The President offered his condolences and the condolences of the entire nation. He also promised children that “we will do . . .

anything we can to protect you.” Specifically . . . nothing, really. Although the President did say he’d be “tackling the difficult issue of mental health” and meeting with state governors and attorney generals to address the problem of school shootings and “make it our top priority.”


  1. avatar rc says:

    Whew! Some blogs were predicting that this speech could have taken a different turn. Sounds like The Donald is keeping things focused where they should be, despite some unfortunate statements by one of his cabinet members.

  2. avatar rt66paul says:

    How about going after people that make felonious threats? Taking these people to jail for a couple of days and then questioning them about the threats might change their minds.

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      @ rt66paul

      Leftism is a disease and effects the left of both parties.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      What is the penalty going to be for talking smack? Going to go all UK here in the US?

      1. avatar D49 says:

        It was not just his internet threats, but reportedly e made specific threats personally in front of multiple witnesses. Those are felonies and seperate incident ones meaning up to 15 years., He was never charged. Imagine he had used two or three easily made pressure cooker bombs like the kid who made them for the Boston bombing and had killed 10, 20 or 30 kids with them. What would Oblamer be saying? That is his own fault? Or the fault of the ACLU for making sure that people who make grave threats don;t get jailed or put in mental health facilities when they are nuts and violent?

      2. avatar Mister Fleas says:

        The murderer made terroristic threats; he not merely “talking smack”.

  3. avatar yehyeh says:

    I say keep the guns, get rid of schools.

    1. avatar Texican says:

      Very succinct yehyeh! I said the same thing on the previous post using more words than you where the FBI already knew about this person. Israeli style defenses in schools will deter this type of behaviour. You don’t hear about school shootings there! Are we dumber than the Israelis? No doubt, we are, so far.

  4. avatar strych9 says:

    I know that as POTUS he has to say something but, just like every other pol, this is the making of nonsensical feel-good BS statements.

    The truth is that there isn’t a whole hell of a lot that can be done in a free/semi-free society because the vast majority of the actions a mass shooter takes leading up to the event are legal.

    That’s why being prepared to defend/aid yourself and those around you is important.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Pres Trump might be the guy to declare war on the ACLU. The only way to lock up crazy is to smack down the progtard wackos of the ACLU.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        True. Unfortunately the ACLU has quite a few wins on this front already which makes beating them back quite the uphill battle.

    2. avatar FlamencoD says:

      There are things that can, no, must be done now to protect the schools. Every school must hire armed security guards or have 2 police officers guarding the school. Minimum of 2 per school, and more if the school is large.

      1. avatar Model 31 says:

        “Every high school in Broward County is staffed with school resource officers, Runcie said. ”

        1. avatar Pat H says:

          And this school had two armed LEOs.

        2. avatar D49 says:

          The footbal coach was trained as part of a program to be a school resource officer — but WAS NOT ARMED

    3. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      Since 1950, 98% of American mass shootings have happened in GFZ’s. Either people are selecting GFZ’s or are stopped quickly when they don’t.

      If it is the latter, ending GFZ’s is a 98% effective solution to mass shootings. If it’s the former, ending GFSZ’s, but keeping other GFZ’s is a 98% effective solution.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    The FBI was tipped off about the shooter, and then it did what it always does — it investigated the tipper.

    When they’re not killing women and children like Lon Horiuchi did, or spying for the Soviet Union like Robert Hanssen did, or attempting a coup d’etat like Comey did, the Feebs are a bunch of clowns.

  6. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    Just as I predicted, there were abundant clues in advance, and not the easy to discern after the fact types, either.

    Congrats to the grandmother yesterday who dropped a dime on her school shooting-plotting grandson yesterday. The excerpts from his journals reveal this was no passing fantasy talk or venting. He had a serious plan in the works and had already executed the first stage of it by committing armed robbery to finance it.

    America needs crazy control, not gun control. See something, say something. The gun rights you save might be your own.

  7. avatar cisco kid says:

    It will never happen because there is no money to fund it because the stingy tight wad Republicans will not spend the money. Herr Drumpfs infrastructure bill is another cheap joke which is also totally in adequate to fix the problem so do you think they will not “cheap out” on any mental health bill as well. It will never happen because they only spend trillions on more wars of rape, pillage and conquest that leave our roads and bridges falling down, people going in sane because they cannot afford to get mental health care and people dying by the tens of thousands every year because they cannot afford life saving drugs or operations.

    Yes its no wonder the Norwegians laughed their asses off when Herr Drump said he was considering letting more of them immigrate here. Not one mentally well balanced Norwegian would even want to live in the U.S. which is a country that has no adequate social programs and has become a shooting gallery in our schools and on our freeways. Who would even want to live in a Nation gone completely mad.

    1. avatar Eli2016 says:

      Speaking of mentally ill, that would be your specialty, No? Considering your violent oriented rhetoric the FBI should start with you. After all Norwegians like you are easy to spot.

      1. avatar cisco kid says:

        It’s just a job, guys. I get paid by Bloomberg to write this insanity. Times are hard, I need the money.

        I voted Trump.

        1. avatar Eli2016 says:

          Sorry no. Bloomberg has much higher standards for alt left insanity. You failed the job interview. Bwahaha.

        2. avatar D49 says:

          Thank the liberals and ACLU for lax law enforcement. this guy made enough separate threats to have been in jail for 10 years. If he built a few pressure cooker bombs (easy) and had killed 20 kids with those what would you be doing?

        3. avatar Hank says:

          No, no. Crisco you don’t get a free pass. You are mentally unhinged. The Shit you spew proves it. You aught to be investigated.

    2. avatar pwrserge says:

      Oh I’m sure the Norwegians who are tired of standing by and watching muzrats rape their way through their country might have a different opinion than a sub-human commie cuck like you.

      1. avatar Leroy Jenkins says:

        Yeah, and if Norway’s rape rate doubles, then it will be as bad as the US. But you know, DIRTY SAND N*****S, completely unrelated to the topic but yeah, brown people bad.

        1. avatar Sven says:

          Scandinavia ‘saverage sexual assault rate is way worse than the US.

          And its murder rate of non criminals is actually higher than the US.

          Noway’s per capita dead in school shootings is slightly higher than the US as well.

        2. avatar pwrserge says:

          [CITATION NEEDED] Leroy. The rape epidemic in European countries is well documented.

    3. avatar GunDoc says:

      Hey Crisco Kid.

      All I hear when I read your bloviating diatribes is “virgin virgin crusty sock.”

      But rest assured, you and your ilk are inspiring.

      Inspiring normal, rational people to buy more guns.

      Enjoy your beautiful Nordic scenery as it becomes part of the Arctic Caliphate. And perhaps a small part of you will mourn what happened to your once proud Viking heritage.

    4. avatar drunkEODguy says:

      tons of social programs in the inner cities of America. they’re still shitholes. Tons of gun control too. Nada. Shitholes

    5. avatar D49 says:

      “Norweigens laughed…”

      On a per capita basis the US has NOWHERE near the Norwegian school shooting rate.

      And the left did argue against armed school resource officers, despite the fact that the studies show they prevent thousands of murders, rapes, sexual assaults and aggravated assaults every year. His white house mocked the NRA suggestion — and then quietly after doing the research fully supported the NRA position on armed guards

      And the ACLU worked tireless to STRIP funding for California and other states mandatory remand for mental health evaluation.

    6. avatar Sven says:

      Norwaya has the largest per capita carbon footprint of the entire developed world. They fund their entire social programs by being the biggest per capita contributor to global warming outside of the middle east.

      Norway has the LOWEST acceptance rate of migrants in Europe, an the largest outmigration of recent immigrants making net settlement rate of 4% of all those who make it to Norway. Even so, immigrants form Muslim counties commit rape and sexual assault at 14 times the rate, which is why their rape rate is higher than the US and going up, while the US declines in rape rate ranking in the developed world for decades now. an estimated 65% of rapes are not even reported in Norway.

  8. avatar Gman says:

    Until we do away with liberal policies this carnage will never end.

  9. avatar John says:

    Politicians, banks use armed guards
    Are we saying children’s lives are worth less?
    They have volunteer crossing guards
    What about volunteer school protection?
    Also I’ve often seen off duty cops doing side protecting gigs at establishments
    Why not school?

    1. avatar TexTed says:

      I think that’s exactly the kind of things Trump’s intending to introduce. See my comment below yours.

  10. avatar TexTed says:

    I think y’all missed the critical point in the Trumphole’s speech.

    He said “we’re not going to just do things that will make you FEEL safer. We’re going to do things that will make you BE safer.”

    Expect a repeal of “gun free zone” legislation on schools, and nationwide teacher/janitor/school resource officer carry.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Expect a repeal of “gun free zone” legislation on schools, and nationwide teacher/janitor/school resource officer carry.”

      That’s how I read into what he said.

      It’s going to be *great* fun watching the Leftists pitch a fit over *actual* gun safety being proposed…

      *snicker* 😉

      1. avatar B-Rad says:

        If you think that speech is going to do anything, you need to put down the pipe. If Trump is leading on an issue, its a failing issue. So far he’s had zero follow through. Yeah, Yeah, Gorsuch, blah blah. Even a drunk squirrel finds a nut. What else, Muslim ban, nope, wall, nope, lock her up, nope, repeal Obamacare, nope, infrastructure, nope. Tax plan, well didn’t come from him, yes.

        1. avatar ACP_arms says:

          Isn’t the reason that all those things flopped because the congress and senate members didn’t do their part to get those things though? Unless you want to have another “I have a phone and a pen” POTUS.

        2. avatar TexTed says:

          “The Resistance” has successfully resisted a lot of his proposals. But the game isn’t over yet.

          He got the tax plan through. He’s gotten tons of conservative justices confirmed, reshaping much of the judicial landscape out there, and yes, as you mentioned, he got Gorsuch. He got the ObamaCare individual mandate repealed. So those are all pretty decent accomplishments.

          Let’s take your others:
          “Muslim ban, nope”
          Well, no, not a straight Muslim ban, but to be fair he’d recanted that before being elected. He did get his travel ban exactly the way he wanted it. Took the third try, but he got it.

          “wall, nope”
          That’s supposed to be happening this week, as part of this immigration deal.

          “lock her up, nope”
          He got the Justice Department to open an investigation into Uranium One. That may very well end up in locking her up.

          “repeal Obamacare, nope”
          Again, the individual mandate, which is the core of ObamaCare, has been repealed. It’s now a house of cards without its central spine. ObamaCare is effectively dead, it just doesn’t know it yet.

          “infrastructure, nope.”
          Not yet, certainly. Don’t know what will come of that. Infrastructure has always been his carrot out to the democrats to lure them in, but if they keep “Resisting”, he may just say “the hell with it” and wait for the 2018 midterms to hopefully deliver a workable Senate.

          Thing is, he’s not a dictator, the office doesn’t let him be a dictator. If Chuck & Nancy can block him, then — what can he do about it?

      2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

        While ending* GFSZ’s would largely solve the problem, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Not even a little bit.

        *Ending them would require federal legislation preempting state GFSZ’s and enabling carry in school zones in places like CA and HI. I predict that we will not get rid of just the federal GFSZ law.

    2. avatar ACP_arms says:

      Yep, that was nice to hear.

      No more “we need to regulate these high capacity mags” or “assault rifles”, it’s now “lets do some thing that works and will stop this from happening”.

  11. avatar Ransom says:

    Israel figured out how to reduce school shootings to zero. We could follow their lead by mandating a national policy on active shooter protocols for schools.

  12. avatar Michael in AK says:

    Take your kids out of public schools and tell them why…as the money dries up, hopefully they come to their senses.

    1. avatar TexTed says:

      By all means, heavens yes, take your kids out of public schools.

      However, that won’t change anything for the better. All that you’ll accomplish is that they’ll get just as much money, but have fewer students to serve, so things might actually get better for them while still using their methods.

      If you want to make a real difference, take your kids out of public schools, and stop paying the portion of your property taxes that funds public schools. THAT will rock the system to its core.

  13. avatar John says:

    Aren’t bombs more effective?

    1. avatar Yellow Devil says:

      Actually, the biggest mass casualty event to occur in a U.S. School was done by a bomb at the turn of the century, by a deranged custodian. In Bathe, Michigan I believe.

      1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

        He didn’t seem that deranged to me. Just consumed by vengeance, if I’m remembering the story right.

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