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The news keeps getting worse in Paris. Depending on which news source you’re reading there are between six and eight locations that were hit tonight in a coordinated terrorist attack, the worst of which seems to be in a music venue called The Bataclan. Up to six gunmen, reportedly armed with AK-47 rifles, stormed into the building and began slaughtering the occupants en masse. Standard patrol officers attempted to intervene but were driven away, and the gunmen had the run of the place for a significant period of time before specially armed officers were able to storm the location and neutralize the terrorists. Current reports indicate that at least 118 are confirmed dead following the attack — in that one location alone.

Other attacks around the city include a shooting at a local restaurant, as well as two to three explosions outside a sports venue where 80,000 people had gathered to watch a soccer game.

For a full review of French gun laws click here.

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  1. Fear of terrorist attacks in the US will only serve to bring more and more people around to the need for robust gun freedoms, especially including concealed carry! One crazy kid with a gun makes people want more gun control. But five jihadists killing people indiscriminately will cause fear that makes more people want guns.

    • No question. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a dramatic change in tone toward civilian ownership of defensive firearms in France after this despite their strong liberal history. The fact is, their gun laws did nothing to stop all these people being killed in one night alone, and you were left for hours until police got it together enough to intervene effectively.

      • …and also to ‘close the border’ *AFTER* the progressive weenies deliberately flooded the countryside with Muslim fanatics.

        Well-done, jackasses.

        • This type of mentality is exactly what caused the French attack. In the Charlie Hebdo attack the perpetrators were actually French Citizens. Who these people were is still unknown but French 24News was speculating they may have again been French Citizens. Even if they prove to be from Syria keeping out the refugees and offering humanitarian aid would in no way have prevented this latest tragedy as most Americans do not realize that Europe is not the closed border states that existed during and before WWII rather you can easily drive right through from one country to another. The Muslim community immediately Friday issued a statement condemning the attacks so making racist statements that keeping refugees out does not hold up to reality.

        • Some will. There was marked change in attitudes towards widespread arming of the population among the European Jews that survived the Holocaust and emigrated to Israel. The Mexican Autodefensas mostly consist of people who used to buy into the party line, until the violence around them, and the inability/unwillingness of “their” “leaders” to do anything about it, simply became too much to ignore.

        • Unfortunately, I feel you are right, in fact the zombies aka politician’s over there will be talking about banning guns…..because guns are always the problem and never an answer to them

      • In FRANCE? No, we won’t hear from France until the idiots figure out they’re under attack.

        Around 2020. Then they’ll be begging for our help. Their pleas should be ignored, the stupid shits.

        • My grandfather use to say, “in the end, we all get what we deserve.” Not exactly a popular slogan, but there is a grain of truth, in it to be found.

          That being stated, generally when the people do not stand up or fight for their right (to party or whatever), then they end up, with the government they deserve.

          Even when it ends up in tragedy, like this.

          How many more of these will happen? I shake my head, but how much am I supposed to feel for a people who have lost the will and the courage to become citizens?

          This will happen again, but nothing that happens today or tomorrow, will stir the will of the people to take up arms, and defend themselves.

          Charlie hebdo, the (thwarted by Americans) train attack, and now this?

          How can I feel, for those, who care nothing for their very lives, of course, until they are in peril?

          I truly believe, you cannot feel more for someone’s situation, than the person living it.

          If we don’t continue to push for firearms freedom, as intended, we will become as defenseless and as defrocked as these people are now, sad to say.

          God bless, steel be with you.

      • Done. “Décret” (Executive order) since 14 Novembre 00h00, allowing size and seizure, and ordering to citizen to hand over legal firearms on Ile-de-France, Paris and it’s near area.

    • Just wait until there’s one of those attacks in New York City.

      Will New Yorkers be as meek as their fellow disarmed Paris citizens?

      • Will New Yorkers be as meek as their fellow disarmed Paris citizens?

        Of course. The NYPD will be aggressive, but it the end it will be a slaughter.

        • Yes, of bystanders at the hands of the poorly trained and equipped (ridiculous trigger pull) NYPD. At least that is what recent history has shown.

      • Absolutely. Even more so.

        The French are even more domesticated slaves than we are.

        I have no need for such a disarmed bunch of Kayfabes. Let them die. They wouldn’t lift a finger to save America; that’s pretty clear.

      • Absolutely, then we will get the push for more common sense gun laws. “Close the gun show loop hole!” bs. Liberals cream themselves when these things happen in the US. Never let a crisis go to waste.

        • Motto of the Democrat Party:

          “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
          ~ Rahm Israel “Dead Fish” Emanuel

      • Look no further than the way their neighbors in Boston behaved after the Tsarnaev bombing… They’ll shelter in place and let the swat teams kick their doors in and shove rifles int he faces of their wives and children

      • Yes. Remember the “should have been a defensive gun use: pit bull attack” story? An entire block of concerned neighbors were completely helpless to stop a man from being mauled by a couple of trained fighting dogs. Last I checked, garden hoses and yelling isnt adequate self defense. Meanwhile president Obama is continuing to let thousands of convicted criminals out of prison knowing they have a 49% chance of reoffending, AND we are about to accept 10,000 “Syrian Refugees” with zero clue who they are… We are living in interesting times no doubt. Keep your powder dry, literally.

  2. Was sad and fucked up that the very laws that prevent the citizens from owning and possessing firearms has become their undoing…….. The terrorist attacks were all planned around that knowledge that they can go on a shooting spree and no one will do shit to stop them………. We all have to realize that self preservation and defending others is paramount……… I pray for the victims families……..

    • I would venture to guess that the gun laws don’t make too much of a difference on the jihadists–they’re probably willing to execute these attacks until they are killed. They willingly accept and embrace martyrdom. It DOES make a difference that Parisians cannot defend themselves, but I don’t believe that will change anytime soon. Will have to follow this closely.

      • To suggest we should not mourn the murder of innocents because they reside in countries less free than our own is shameful.

        • This thread is loaded with comments like that. It’s deplorable. Place the blame where it’s due.

        • Why mourn anyone (read: Liberals) who supported the destruction of their own nation by the unchecked mass immigration of Muslim savages and/or voted for politicians who kept them from arming themselves? I’ll save my sympathies for the victims of this attack who supported Marine Le Pen and the Front Nationale and demanded their own version of the 2nd Amendment, if there are any.

      • I do not know why, but your words made me think of this excerpt:

        “…the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human race theor personal responsibility.”

    • “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”
      –Mahtma Gandhi, Indian Political Leader; from his autobiography “The story of my experiments with truth” (Chapter XXVII, Recruiting Campaign, pg 446, Beacon Press, 1957)

      • Racist White liberals will pick and choose to ignore the inconvenient things that don’t match their twisted ideology. The armed for self defense dark skin person does not fit to them.

  3. Europe has committed suicide with it’s policy of “political correctness before common sense”.
    This will only get worse.

      • I don’t think this is going to be used to push for gun control so much as it’s going to be used to push for making private sector encryption illegal. NBC was already going off on it…

    • They prefer their common sense of strict licensing and significantly lower homicide, suicide and accidental gun deaths.

      • Your post is ironic considering the article… Are you that blind you can’t see how well that policy is working?

      • You could load the France to U.S. gun ownership levels and all of those categories would still be roughly the same. It’s not the gun laws that keep those numbers low.

      • “common sense”? What is “common sense” about 150 disarmed people mowed down by savages with AK-47’s in a Gun Free zone?

        I find people like yourself, that feel that being disarmed is prefered, so that homicidal maniacs with guns have free reign to committ mass murder, is disgusting.

  4. this is going to cause a very large amount of problems with the Mainstream Left, thats for sure.

    Unfortunately, a lot of gun owners are going to be pretty vocal about this mess as well, so expect some drama

    • Elaborate on the unfortunate part you are concerned about (not trying to troll, just want to better understand your comment)

  5. Let me guess—gun free zone? Do t those terrorists no they are not supposed to bring guns into those zones?

    Our prayers are with the families of the victims. This is a terrible event.

  6. So much for Obama’s idea and lie that his gun bans work France has all of his gun grab on the books. Did stop nothing from happening

  7. I could not help but notice the French Police were carrying a lot of 9mm sub machine guns that would have not have taken out a Terrorist wearing body armor. A 7.62×39 armor piercing round would have been better to be armed with.

  8. This is Bloomberg’s idea of an ideal city, all people disarmed so Terrorists can mow them down at will. Of course Bloomberg will claim more gun control would have saved them. Bloomberg was actually supposed to be in Paris within days for a meeting. To bad he did not arrive early to learn the truth about gun ban laws right up and personal.

    • I would suspect Bloomberg will arrive I his jet with armed security, just as his daughter travels with armed security to horse jumping events. As for you plebeians….you get knives and bats or whatever else you might find in your basement for protection.

  9. Half a dozen guys with AK’s kill over 100 people. Trust me, this is going to become a new gun control meme. And it’s going to be effective.

    • If it does the anti’s are more stupid than we had thought. That would be easily flipped on them since the guns were illegally obtained and possessed in France. If all the laws in the world didnt stop this kind of carnage, why are they trying so hard to do the same here? It is constantly floated as “common sense” reform that is supposed to save lives, but you have over 100 people killed in one day. How is this legislation supposed to save lives if it is ineffective in stopping one of the worst mass killings in human history?

      • horrible? yes. damnable? yes. one of the worst mass killings in human history? We are a long way from there buddy. Let’s take it a little easy on the superlatives.

        • 3 gunmen in the theater. Only 3 killed over 100. That could not happen if even a few in the theater had be able and willing to defend themselves.

        • “one of the worst mass killings in human history? We are a long way from there buddy…”

          No kidding!

          In many parts of the world, 100 dead guys barely warrant media coverage.

    • They bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun. If you hear anyone even TRY to make this a meme for gun control, point out that all these guns were illegal. If you refuse to secure the border, you refuse to secure weapons; and civilians aren’t legally allowed to have these things. Instead, they would have had a fighting chance with CCW instead of being slaughtered en masse like sheep. Don’t dare let them succeed. Not even once. THEY are partially responsible for this tragedy. Don’t dare give them a victory. This is backing US up, NOT them.

    • Half a dozen men with AKs slaughter over 150 defenseless people in a gun free city.

      This is going to be an effective gun-rights meme

    • No, it won’t; at least not in the U.S. This is certainly not going to help Hitlary’s gun control campaign. Americans see these events, and they drive to their local gun store to buy one if the don’t have any, and to buy more if they already do.

    • Yeah, I tend to agree with you. But the focus here won’t be on guns so much as it will be on the idiocy of important millions of Muslims who hate you. This is not first and foremost a gun control event. Everyone knows terrorists can get guns. It is a challenge to the multiculturalism agenda.

  10. Let’s all pray first…..
    Then we shall make conversation to validate the constant watch needed to protect our loved ones.
    Evil walks among us and it takes good people willing to lay down their lives at a moments notice to overcome this example of subhuman garbage that walks the earth.

    I am an American fighting man.I served in the forces that guard our country and our way of life.I am prepared to give my life in their defense.
    Carry on and secure the scene.

    • I don’t think this can be reiterated enough. I feel we have lost a bit of humanity during events like these. Thanks to the way SJW’s/anti-gunners/progressives jump to politicizing everything at the drop of a hat, we really don’t get a chance to stop and think about how there will be husbands and fathers and sisters and grandparents that all won’t have a loved one in their lives after tonight.

  11. Given their track record, I’d say there’s little chance anything will change. Leftist douchebags probably think this means they need *more* Muslim immigration, not less.

  12. There will be these victim rich killing zones as long as the liberal airheads continue to believe that plastic signs will keep out weapons.
    So when will these smart people learn?
    Glad I live on Texas. Carry and stay out of Condition White.

  13. The State Department vetted the two Boston bombers. Don’t worry, they will be the ones to vet the Syrians??? Obama is letting into the country.

    Call your congressmen and senators. We are next. Before the Paris attacks O said ISIS was contained. . . . . really?

  14. Take me or many of my friends hostage and see how that works out for you, you cowards. We live in NY, I can only imagine the uncalulated hell that awaits you in gun free states.

        • Here you can carry – concealed of course – in establishments that post ‘no guns’ unless that actually ask you to leave. TX does give places the option of posting signage. I think there are some other things but I’m not totally familiar with TX laws.

          Of course in NY you have to have permit to even touch a handgun, which may or may not be easy depending on the county you are in.

          Also to “Stuki Moi”, there is some talk yes, but it’s not serious, at least not serious enough. I think secession is a great idea and would support it depending on the specifics of course. But I think it’s a lost cause.

      • Is there any even semi serious secession (From MY, not the Union) movement in upstate NY? Similarly bifurcated between city and rural Cali and Oregon at least pays lip service to the State of Jefferson meme.

    • Even if my EDC (Shield) is not much of a match for multiple assailants with AKs and perhaps body armor, I at least want a chance. I’d rather go down in a pile of brass and hopefully take one of them down with me than get slaughtered

      • I agree with you there. Even if you had a full sized option with a few mags you’d be woefully outgunned. But better than nothing.

        • The Taliban defeated the Russian Army in Afghanistan (several years before the US went in there). It’s not the number and type of arms one has, but how they are used.

          Wait for the best opportunity to strike, from behind cover when your enemy is in a poor tactical position. Take out one or two of the terrorists with their AK’s, take their weapons, and then things become more even. Maybe the death toll would be one dozen instead of ten dozen.

        • Bob, while I agree with your general thoughts on the importance of tactics and skill, when you’re that vastly undergunned by yourself the odds of emerging victorious are still infinitesimal

  15. I don’t feel one ounce of remorse for the dead. The french voted for all of this, encouraged this and allowed the politicians and their misplaced belief that open borders and multiculturalism was the way to peace.

    They were complicit in their own slaughter.

    My prayers are to the brave Europeans that will take their safety and security to heart and begin taking their respective countries back.

    Nationalism is not a crime, open borders are a crime. Multiculturalism is treason.

    • Yeah, it’s like if terrorists were to nuke DC, would we really be that upset? I’d miss some great museums, but Congress and the bureaucracy? Not so much.

      Liberals getting snuffed out by the rabid dogs they invited into their homes? That’s irony.

    • You’re out of your mind. Just because they were there doesn’t mean they were French and voted for anti-gun agendas. I feel for the victims and their families. They are no more to blame than the Americans in the twin towers on 9-11.

    • I’d be willing to bet a great deal that you don’t know a damned thing about any single one of the hundred-plus victims. Maybe that’s the real reason why you don’t “feel one ounce of remorse for the dead”.

  16. “Some men made their way up to the balcony to beg for the lives of their wives and girlfriends.”
    -Shepard Smith FOX News 7:46 central time

  17. Probably got the guns and explosives at the Indy Gun Show without background checks.
    So when do the Aloha Snackbar fan boys shoot up a food court at the shopping mall on Black Friday?

  18. Alex jones claiming this was a false flag operation and all the victims were actors sworn to secrecy in 3…2….1

    • I’ve already seen at least one post claiming it was a zionist plot carried out by the Mossad to make muslims look bad. Personally I don’t think they need any help in that area. Conspiracy theorists gotta find them everywhere. The contrail nuts say they’re spraying lithium in my area, but hey, I’m pretty happy about it….

  19. Europe may change a bit because of this. It’ll be interesting to see what those changes are.

    • Whatever it is, it will be for the worse. As has been the case with every change for the past several hundred years. No amount of Muzzies will ever be able to do a fraction of the damage to the West that the progressives have done. Not even close.

        • “It’s not ‘Progressive’ as in ‘Progress’ but ‘Progressive’ as in ‘Cancer’.”

  20. Someone should point out to the nitwit of 1600 Pennsylvania Av that this is the reason we have guns available to citizens in the United States, of course he will just stick his fingers in his ears and shout LA LA LA LA LA LA. Like all of the leftists in the US he will not listen to logic or common sense. Nitwits, every one.

  21. Americans reported in the theater watching the concert. Geraldo Rivera’s daughter Simone was at the soccer stadium when the explosion happened. Now, the liberal panty weight is on Fox News saying we need to hit ISIS and bomb them to hell and put boots on the ground. Interesting because he was so against American troops and intervention in Syria. . . . PHUCK YOU JERRY RIVERS! See how this works. Close to home. suck failure fraud

  22. They’re “seizing weapons”… from citizens… while simultaneously warning of suspects still at large. Megyn Kelly @8:01central FFS, will everytown blame the NRA for this?

    And can somebody please tell me why tactical nukes can’t be an option in Syria? It’s just sand.

    • Because it’s exactly like Viet Nam, they all look alike, sound alike, attend the same mosques when they’re not blowing each other up. I’m with you, turn the whole of the middle east into glowing black glass, let God (not that other dude whoever he is with the 72 virgin goats) sort them out as they vaporize, but you’d have to take out all the good (if any) along with the bad, cause there ain’t no scorecard. You can thank us for destabilizing the horrible governments in all these countries except the ones where we support the corrupt governments like the house of Saud, the UAE, etc…. most of our mega corps have set up their headquarters over there to avoid paying taxes back home here. Sadam was a bastard but he kept a lot of the other bastards preoccupied, same with Gadhafi.

  23. I don’t want to hear any more BS about militarized police either. In the age of this kind of terrorism the police need to have military grade weapons available on the spot. In the US the initial responding officers would have had their patrol rifles with them and the SWAT guys would have been there quickly with high level firepower. The problem isn’t “militarized police. It is the misuse of SWAT for things regular police can do. SWAT is for active shooters and in the modern world coutnerterroism.

    • I reasonably believe police, no matter how well armed, would have done nothing to prevent this as they will/would arrive minutes at best after the nightmare had begun. Nope, MRAPS and mortars do not belong with the local police – leave that to our military.

      • What are you talking about? This is about response.

        The faux Libertarians ranting about police militarization would be saying the same thing if SWAT showed up in an old fashioned Paddywagon armed with Remington 870s and S&W 686s. Their agenda is the same as BLM i.e., delegitimatize public law.

        Even if the population was walking around with ARs all the time an armed citizenry isn’t going to prevent this either. Just look at what has been going on in Israel. Besides all you crybabies who complain about the weight of a full sized pistol so I doubt you would tote your AR around anyway.

        • Response is about mindset, not equipment. That crowd could have – literally – overwhelmed and pulled thoe shooters apart. 400 vs 6 – and the 400 lost. The police could have just stuck around for the AAR, if we weren’t talking about snowflakes who melt when they need to fight.

        • DJ:

          While that is a true statement people are it still doesn’t prevent the attack.

          You prevent attacks by premptive measures and to quote a former President “We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” We stopped fighting them over there so now they are here.

          And speaking of snowflakes stop whining about NSA and drone strikes

      • Prevent? No. I agree.

        Help save a few more lives? Probably. The main story on CNN said regular police tried to enter the venue that the 100 people got killed at but were repulsed by the far superior firepower. I’m not saying they need 240s and mk 19s but a semi auto, magazine fed rifle chambered in 5.56 or 7.62×39 would have most likely been of great benefit to the under gunned police.

        Before I was issued my patrol rifle, I had to respond to a house where a guy was randomly cracking rounds out with an AR. I was first on scene and all I had was my Glock, which looked pitifully small in my hands. Having a rifle greatly ups police ability to respond to stuff like that. Again, I’m not advocating anything crazy, just regular rifles that any citizen can purchase.

    • Convenient. Since the peasants in that gathering were disarmed. So of course they needed a militarized police to save them.

      I’m a veteran, and if I’m in a situation like that I will die in a pile of warm brass.

    • It takes only one choice and 180degrees worth of turn to Prove what a horrible and unconstitutional idea that is a militarized police. We need a militarized citizenry. Save the actually military for foreign rescue and counter-terrorism. That will save a hell of us from the killing of the family pet, flash banged infants and “oops I thought that was my taser” executions. Seriously. So many “righties” miss the first half of the 2nd Amendment.

  24. CNN keeps repeating that we are in great danger in the US because the terrorists have much easier access to assault weapons here. In the wake of this tragedy, they are STILL pushing their political agenda full force. This is disgusting and reprehensible. They have no shame.

    • Doesnt seem to me it was difficult for these scumbags to obtain their AKs. Yknow why? Cuz they dont have the Patriot Act. Wait, am i smelling a conspiracy here?

    • We’re in such great danger, that France has been mass attacked twice with horrific results, while the one attack here ended with only the terrorist being killed.

      Try again, fascist CNN.

  25. The events in Paris are tragic and reprehensible. My prayers, and I’m sure all of America’s prayers, go out to the French people.
    I hate that this has to be said. Ever. But a disarmed people are nothing more than targets.
    The State can only respond to violence. Unless the citizens are willing to relinquish all freedoms first.
    This is not the creedo of the US, and this was not originally the creedo of the ‘Democratic French’.
    We should all, free citizens of the world, open our eyes and realize that evil will only be defeated by force of arms, executed by those citizens willing to defend their own freedoms, and the freedoms of others.
    Only when this is embraced can we all truly be free.

  26. My fraternity brother (our token democrat (we have 1 out of 75 brothers)) said “damn west. You’re right about concealed carry. Where can I sign up. I don’t want to be a victim.” When he saw this.

    Also, ” I’d rather live on my feet than die on my knees.”

  27. Maybe this will knock the smugness out of those cheeky Euro mouths. Sooner or later the Aussies get their asses handed to them as well.

  28. Please use the correct language TTAG: It was a mass murder. A mass shooting is something like the Texas Firearms Festival.

  29. Wondered how many terrorists sneaked through the borders of the entire EU. We’ll just wait until refugees accepted by Canucks’ new liberal govt come through to NY to wreck havoc.

    • No need, there are thousands of them already here, some legally, some from our friend Mexico. Easy to find them, they all have food stamp cards and buy halal groceries.

  30. Clearly this story cannot be true, because France has strict gun control and therefore terrorists could not get AK-47s.

  31. Good thing they are not “unofficially” dead but “officially”…

    That headline could have used a bit more thought.

  32. You cannot recover from death. Sick perversion of the French governments…is NOW, by golly they are going to do something about terror. They’ve done absolutely nothing since the last shooting and all of a sudden they’re gonna get the bad Islamist. F them. They only way you have a chance is arm French citizens

    • I’m with you, some horrible sentiments here tonight. No one deserves this, no one asks for this, the problem is radical Islamic psychos. It’s sickening.

    • To play devil’s advocate, exactly how deeply should we feel for societies and people who designed their own fate? Who do nothing but demonize and hate us when we try to interject truth into their bubbles of illogic? Who haughtily disarmed themselves and gave in to PC lunacy to invite these terrorists in? And learned absolutely nothing from their last attack?

      This is a gun blog. We discuss the political ramifications of such actions like this. If you’re looking for emotional release, go to a prayer board.

  33. 140 more victims claimed by a gun free zone.

    Anyone who sees something like this, then does anything other than laugh at and scorn gun control fanatics is a bona fide idiot. Gun control would have done nothing here. Gun rights could have saved lives.

  34. Just saw the doofus on ABC 20/20 say “nowhere in the USA could we defend against this kind of attack”. Uhhh…350000000 guns,100000000 gun owners,8000000 CC holders. And that is in the vast majority of states…the derp is astounding. AND getting rid of “gun-free” zones would up the odds…

    • Typical leftist projection. They think everyone’s as cowardly, weak, unprepared, and irresponsible as they are.

  35. But assault weapons are banned in France! Didn’t the Islamic Terrorists know it was against French law to possess Kalashnikov rifles? How could this happen?

    Firearm possession by law abiding French citizens is strictly limited to sporting activities and hunting. Possession and ownership of modern defensive handguns, rifles, and shotguns is for the most part prohibited, forget about a home or business owner having quick access to a defensive firearm, and only a select few elite can carry concealed. France is one of the European nations that anti 2nd amendment zealots want to pattern U.S. “gun safety” laws after. An unarmed populace common in major cities with strict anti-gun laws like Paris and New York City enables Islamic Terrorists to slaughter innocents with the ease of shooting fish in a barrel.

    Apparently there are no active shooter protocols by law enforcement in France. Active shooter training is common nationwide with U.S. law enforcement and is based on hard learned lessons that responding officers do not have the luxury of waiting to make entry and confront mass shooting gunmen, but instead must act immediately accepting the risk of gunfire or explosives just as a fireman accepts the risk of running into a burning building if that’s what it takes to save lives. French Police storming the concert venue two hours after the terror began gave the Islamic vermin more than enough time to kill nearly all of the hostages.

    The gunman have reportedly been identified as Syrians on an Isis mission while here in the U.S. the Community Organizer in Chief has invited 300K Syrians of which 72% are males between the ages of 18 and 45. God help us.

  36. There is no substitute for the ability to shoot back; which is a natural human right.

    The government that doesn’t respect that is a government that doesn’t deserve to exist.

    This is why.

    • Another couple of attacks against mother Russia, and I believe Mr. Putin will be affecting the Muslim fighting population, as he has no qualms about “collateral” damage

  37. Strict gun laws and magic signs didn’t stop this tragedy. Apparently, the killers took their time in the concert hall and their captives could only beg for mercy. Tell me, wouldn’t you want to have been armed and at least have a chance in that situation? Wouldn’t the threat of armed citizens make the killers think twice, or at least, stop them sooner? I hope the French respond by arming themselves for their own safety, the safety of their families, and the safety of their fellow man.

  38. I have a suspicious feeling that France is soon going to change their law to allow their citizens to start carrying firearms.
    I don’t know if their constitution has a ban on federal restrictions (like ours) but I think it would be too much to hope they change it to recognize their personal right to keep and bear arms.

    • No, that won’t happen. It’s too deep in the culture to allow firearms to not be a prohibited item… The best we may hope for is less of the phrase from the antis: “You don’t see stuff like this in any other country.” (Except in Norway, France, and France again…)

    • Never gonna happen. They’re a peasant culture, where the subjects are subjects and it’s the government’s job to mete out the violence. Even if guns and carrying were made totally legal, no one would do it. They’d literally rather die than accept responsibility for their own safety through potential violence.

      The best that can be hoped for is the PC bubble to burst and the reality of mass immigration to finally be addressed.

    • It would take a whole new government (ie, a Sixth Republic) in order for that to happen.

      That’s not gonna happen – yet.

      Now, if Le Pen and NF get hold of the government, there’s a chance.

      • You do know that Le Pen and her father do support Hitlers theories right? I hope you didn’t until now.

        • Yes, I’m well aware of Le Pen’s perspectives.

          And that’s the quandary in which you Europeans now find yourselves.

          On the one hand, you have an unrestricted invasion of your countries by Muslims – who will tear your social order apart, rape your women and grift your treasuries empty – or you will have your Hitleresque nutjobs come out of the fabric. In the first case, there will no longer be a “France” when the Muslims are done, and in the second case, there’s a chance that France still exists, but with unpleasant people in charge.

          You just couldn’t decide on a sane middle way, it was “become a part of the third world” or “retreat into fascism.”

          This is why we Americans don’t think very highly of your societies. Other than the fact that many of us got kicked out or disgusted 100+ years ago and left, that is.

  39. This occurs at the same time as Obama, Soros, Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, et al., are working as hard as they can to make the American public as disarmed as the French.

  40. hard to stop when someone stops and goes boom it time for a concerted effort to take out all Radical Leadership, these terrorist efforts are not for god but more power for the Radical Imams

  41. This is what happens when you allow refugees enmasse into your country, when you let radical terrorist muslims into your country. When you disarm your citizenry and turn them into victims to the very ANIMALS you allowed to over run your “sovereign” country. The same is happening in Great Britain, Germany, etc.. This is what our turd in chief obama wants to do to us, disarm us and over run our borders with potential terrorist. What the hell did we learn from 9/11!?!?!?

  42. OK, look. I don’t mean to downplay the RKBA issue, but the detail of whether or not law-abiding people can (or are) carrying guns a pimple on the ass of a gnat riding on the southern end of a northbound Cape Buffalo here.

    The central issue here is Islam. 99% of the people in the west who aren’t Muslims are utterly ignorant of what Islam actually entails and what Muslims actually believe. That’s partly because the political left in the west has decided that the modern world is so very done with religion (ha!) and that the secular modernist perspective is going to triumph, just as soon as everyone wakes up and sees just how superior the ideas of the Frankfurt School are.

    Fat chance. Most of the people who peddle this post-modernist twaddle are academics, and we all know that most (the vast majority, in fact) academics are as useless as tits on a boar.

    Since 9/11, I’ve undertaken a study of Islam, as best I can, without being fluent in Classical Arabic.

    The hard truth is this: What you’re seeing is real Islam. Not “radical Islam,” not “crazies who pervert Islam” or any other such trope. Bush was an ignorant fool when he said “Islam is a religion of peace.” It is – for only Muslims, when all the non-Muslims have been either killed, converted or subjugated. That’s the only point at which Islam becomes a “religion of peace.”

    No, what you’re seeing in Paris, in Mumbai, in Egypt, in Syria, in the attacks here in the US, in the sex peddling scandal in Rotherham, the rate of rape in Sweden, the sudden upturn in rapes in Germany, the beheadings of non-Muslims by ISIS on film, the whole lot – that is real Islam.

    If you don’t believe that it is, then you should read a book called The Sira. You should read the Qur’an and Hadith too, but people really need to read The Sira. The Sira is supposed to be a factual account of the life, actions and military campaigns of the prophet Muhammad, and let me give you the quick Reader’s Digest summary: Everything you’ve seen in the last 15 years from the political Islam that has taken up arms against the west or “apostates” in their midst? That’s straight out of the Sira. Newsflash: There is no “radical Islam.” What you’re seeing today is Islam the way Muhammad practiced it during his campaigns.

    As we know (or everyone should know) Muhammad is considered by Muslims to be “without sin.” If you want to know why the rest of the Islamic world seems curiously quiet in condemning many of these terrorist acts, it is because Muhammad was without sin. If a terrorist (or group of same) act in a way consistent with how Muhammad is reported in the Sira to have acted in his campaigns, being critical of the modern terrorists would then, by extension, be making a criticism of Muhammad – and that can get your ass dead in the Islamic world.

    People who want to understand Islam need to read not just the Qur’an, but also the Hadith (so you can understand the basis for sharia law) and the Sira. The Sira is perhaps the least read of the three, mostly unknown in the west, and really not a huge best-seller in the Islamic world, but it is the key to understanding what you’re seeing in events like this. The beheadings, the enslavement for sex of non-Islamic women, the raping of young women and girls? All in the Sira. Sex slavery of non-Muslim women? In there. Pedophilia? In there. Beheading of apostates or traitors? In there. Going into cities who refuse to convert and just killing people left, right and center? In there. All of it. Muhammad was a busy boy.

    The first action that must be taken by western secular democracies is to prohibit immigration, ALL immigration (including student visas) from the Islamic world. That’s the first and biggest challenge for Europe right now, with Angela Merkel running her soup cooler inviting literally millions of military-aged males into the core of Europe with insane abandon. The second order of business is to deport all Muslims who aren’t citizens. There will be no peaceful co-existence with Islam, despite whatever trendy bumperstickers you observe on the pack of a Prius lead you to believe. We can either keep them in their sphere, or we will have blood in our midst. That’s the choice in front of us.

    • The Sira? I’ll look that up.

      I’ve read the English translation of the Koran, The Hadith and the history of Muhammad and the way he spread Islam.

      Everything you say is correct.

    • I don’t know whether bush actually thought religion of peace was an accurate descriptor or just thought that there might be some benefit to calling it such

      Though I do not think it will work readily , it is true that other religions have violence in their pasts and that deemphasizing may help

      Islam has issues with rigidity though that make that difficult

    • Racist maniacs like yourself is what is exactly wrong with this world. The Paris Muslim community was the first to condemn the attacks. Here in the U.S. Muslims have integrated into our society at al levels. In Michigan and Cleveland they own many businesses and employ many people. At the professional level we have Muslim doctors, dentists , engineers and they are in every other profession. Recently in Michigan they hold the majority of governmental seats I believe in Flint Michigan if I remember correctly from an article I read last week. If we subscribe to your xenophobic mania then the U.S. should never have accepted the Germans after the American Revolution When Benjamin Franklin stated they would destroy America or the Irish Catholics who they said would not fit in to our culture or the East Europeans who filled the Automobile industry and the Steel industry in the early 1900’s until the racist congressman Harry Truman along with his KKK buddies succeeded in banning the further immigration of the East Europeans which caused a labor shortage when American needed more people not less in the burgeoning auto and steel industry of the period.

      I might add that during the Crusades that it was Saladin that was the more humane leader while Richard the Lion Hearted slaughtered women and children to antagonize the Muslim troops defending their homeland. I make this point to show no one group of people are always without evil at all times in history.

      Having said all that Isis is against everything the West stands for but it was the French that recently started an intense bombing campaign against Isis so this attack should have been no surprise to the French. I think that if the West wants to stop all this carnage then France and other powers including Russia, the U.S, Germany and Britain should join in a coalition and invade and wipe them out once and for all but its the aftermath that will be the most complicated for without giving all the many, many ethnic tribes their own States, just as T.E. Laurence predicted back at the conclusion of WWI, that endless civil war would go on for decades and his prophesy proved to be only too true.

      • OK, let’s get a few things straight:

        1. Islam isn’t a race. I know, I know, you boot-licking liberals loooooove to call anyone who disagrees with your political agenda “racist,” but facts are facts, and Islam isn’t a race.

        2. Everything I said about Islam is true. You can read it for yourself. Listen to recordings made by imams peddling this stuff, and they’ll claim it is true.

        3. At this point, anyone with eyes and ears can tell the difference between an “extremist Muslim” and a “moderate Muslim.” An extremist Muslim wants to kill non-Muslims (especially Jews – they love to ramble on at length about killing Jews – which is a race of people, not just a religion, so that qualifies as racism, just so you see an example of actual racism to inform your pablum), and a “moderate Muslim” wants an extremist Muslim to kill non-Muslims.

        One level of indirection. That’s not a terribly large gap in epistemology there.

        4. There are plenty of other races of people other than westerners who have had a belly full of Islam too. Ask a Sikh what they think of Islam – and why they consider it a religious duty to carry a weapon on their person at all times.

        Now, run along, little person. I’m sure you have a global warming conference to attend, or a sensitivity seminar to put on.

        • It was actually a Paris Muslim that saved Jews during the Charlie Hebdo attack. He got France’s highest award for this. All this does not fit in with your xenophobic racist mentality now doesn’t it.

        • I might also add that the racist accusations against the Refugees fly in the face of the fact that these people were fleeing from the exact same people who attacked the people in France on Friday. Again the xenophobes have no explanation for this because its beyond their twisted ideology.

        • You do realize that at least one of the passports found on the one of the stiffs who did this was for a Syrian “refugee” who passed through Greece in October, right?

          Go ahead. Keep doubling down. It’s working out so well for you so far.

          • Jerry’s take on the Paris night of terror.

            The radical far right was quick to blame all Muslims and the Refugees for the Terrorist attack with the Racist Huckabee spewing forth his bigotry, religious and ethnic hatred and Xenophobia for the civilized American people to puke over.

            The Refugee’s were fleeing the same Isis Terrorists that attacked the People of Paris last Friday night.

            Survivors of the Paris attack drenched in human blood said that the Terrorists had French accents not Middle East Accents which proved true also in the Charlie Hebdo Terroist attack some months ago. In other words although the local Terrorists who were French citizens were responsible they had help from Isis in the Middle East both in becoming radicalized and in regards to access to weapons and logistical support. Could there also have been Middle East advisors there showing them how to do their deeds of evil, yes of course but do not blame the thousands of Refugees for the acts of a few evil maniacs.

            Young men with little education and no jobs or hope fall prey to Isis propaganda as they are looking for a cause to die for. These Terrorists are no more religious than the Isis Terrorists that recruit them.

            The Paris Muslims condemned the attack which of course was ignored both by Paris Right Wing Nazi’s and American Right Wing Nazi’s as well with nuts like Huckabee and Cruz pounding on tables much as Hitler used to do.

            Radical Right Wing People are no different whether they are Christians from America, Europe or radicals from the Middle East, as all march in lock step to Hitler’s beliefs found in his book “Mein Kampf”. Tribalism and Religious fanaticism rule their Neanderthal Mentality.

            Meanwhile Huckabee is calling for more military war in the Middle East. This Neanderthal must have been asleep in History Class as there is no Military Solution in the current Middle East Crisis. T.E. Lawrence prophesized as much 100 years ago at the conclusion of WWI and Europe and the U.S. have never heeded his advice or figured out how to act on it.

            Without a home country for each of the many, many ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East Civil War will never end even if Isis is wiped off the face of the earth for as soon as the troops withdraw yet another radical group will form yet another Caliphate.

            Of course none of this is understood by the war mongering Republicans who are calling for yet another expensive war we cannot afford, we cannot win and that we should not be willing to engage in that will do nothing more than throw more American lives down the shit hole of endless Middle East Civil Wars because we are not willing to find a Political Solution to peace in the Middle East.

        • I called for no war. In my top-level posting above, I called for a cessation of immigration from Islamic countries and a ejection of all non-citizen Muslims from western countries. All that can be done legally and without firing a shot. Every country in the world has a right to control their borders and determine who is allowed to enter their country.

          Europe has decided to double down on their problems with Muslims, especially France. France has a large number of unemployed, uneducated, welfare-grifting Muslims in their midst. Having seen the problem they already have, they decided “Suuuure! Let’s import more of the problem we have too much of already!

          Brilliant. They have at least two generations of Muslims who have failed to assimilate, who cause the civil authorities in Paris all manner of problems already, and the EU/France looks at this and sees not only “no problem,” they see some sort of success to be replicated.

          This isn’t terribly smart policy.

          Now, the terrorists might have been born or have French citizenship, but it is a pretty safe bet that they were in Syria (or some other area in the middle east) for training, to acquire weapons, explosives, etc. They most likely didn’t get up, To return to France, they joined the flood of “migrants” flowing into the EU to obscure their travel, which would have stood out in security logs if they had just returned from outside France as normal citizens would have.

          ISIS promised last year that they’d send “500,000 refugees” into Europe, and also that they were going to mount a campaign of attacks on the civilian populations of France, the UK, Germany, etc.

          If you don’t have border controls in place today, you’re going to get these problems. Bet on it.

          • Yeah sure your Hitlerite mentality is to turn machine gun nests on desperate people fleeing Isis. Or perhaps as you implicate build a fence and let them succumb to the elements and watch them catch and spread disease because they are dying of malnutrition. Brilliant. Disease knows know Nationality , Disease knows know religion. Have you forgotten how fast Ebola got to America on Jet Planes. It took only hours.

            Lets face some common sense facts. Refugees or no Refugees any Terrorists that want to get into Europe are going to get there. Its not even a minor problem. Fake passports and or stolen ones are for sale everywhere just as they are for sale right here in America. Thousands of people come to America through Mexico and have no trouble at all getting fake documentation. As fast as the Government issues a new foolproof idea the counterfeiters figure a way out to duplicate them. The weapons and ammo did not come into Europe on the backs of refugees they were transported there by the Terrorists themselves and they did not need a refugee crisis to get there either. Remember the Charlie Hebdo attack. This was long before the mass influx of the refugees so once again your Xenophobic rant against refugees has no merit.

            Your rant against refugees and Muslims is no different then the ranting’s against Latino’s in California or Cubans in Florida all coming from the mouths of Xenophobe’s yet when you visit these States they are teeming with businesses run by Cubans and Latinos. Far from ruining America the immigrants have increased its wealth. Again never mentioned by the racist radical Xenophobes.

            You can denigrate immigrants with your rabid Xenophobia and maniacal hatred but again History has proven you wrong and American History proved it since its founding. The European Union has also brought the former countries in Europe that were traditional enemies closer together than they have ever been in their history. A Polish plumber can do a job for a French citizen simply by getting in his car and driving there. Something the Xenophobes said would destroy European ethnicity. And of course we hear your racist ranting’s against Muslims which was done against America’s immigrants when they first came to the U.S. Again history has proven the ranting’s of the Xenophobes wrong time and time again.

            Does every immigrant have a job in Europe, no of course not, with the Busch induced world wide depression Europe has had a rough time of it but that is no reason to heap manure on someone who does not yet have a job. Of course you totally ignore all the immigrants in Europe and the U.S. that have made successes of their lives. This is something that does not fit into the Xenophobe’s philosophy of maniacal hatred.

  43. Damn, I LOVE Eagles of Death Metal…can’t believe a venue where they were performing was one of the targets. Glad to see that they are OK.

  44. Here is the simple truth about events like this: 1. The bad guys will always have the element of surprise. 2. The police will always take too long to arrive because they are reacting to an unexpected event. 3. The killing will not be stopped by the police until it is too late because of 1 & 2. What is the solution ? Or is there one ? More gun laws will not stop something like these attacks. A few armed citizens just might though. Or at least slow them down or cause the Perps to kill themselves earlier and thus save some innocent lives. I see no other practical solution. All the gun laws in the world cannot stop this kind of attack. But the call will go out for more gun controls anyway in a desperate attempt by the politicians to look like they are doing something to stop attacks like this. But the truth is they are clueless about what to do.

  45. I have no problem installing oil pipelines over a sea of radio active glass… We have the tech to keep the workers safe, and nobody will mess with it once its up and operating in a very hot zone.

  46. France is going to drop off the list of “developed nations” soon. Too many people getting shot there.

  47. Many of your opinions are wrong, though I want the same, France will not arm its citizens. France has already go down the rabbit hole. They will have Marshal Law, a police state, liberty will go completly away, data will be absorbed at every turn, video cameras, and oppression will become their way of life. They will resemble Mexico in some ways with Armed guards on platforms at the Grocery Store.

    I read an article from a person who was at the rock concert who said they sat and watched as the terrorists calmly shot up people, changed mags, emptied another, changed again. This circle of events lasted so they said for a good ten minutes before police came. Of course then we find the gunmen blew themselves up injuring more, even another one or two sat outside and picked people off as they escaped from the rooftop via a ladder.

    Obama is set to implement severe firearm and ammo restrictions, expenses and the like. He will spin the Paris attacks to frighten and divide our Country further. I hate what he is doing to us, we are good lawful people. But he is intent on making us into criminals either by appearance or for real.

  48. But if the three Americans from the train had been there!!!!

    (Sorry some American GIs weren’t around, like in 1918, 1941-5, the whole cold war (1946-89) and just the other day on that train).

    Maybe somebody other than the Foreign Legion needs actual combat training and guns. Just sayin’

  49. @Made in America: You do know that Marie Le Pen supports Hitlers theories. You know that right? I hope you didn’t before now, otherwise it is wow I don’t have words.

    • The way European politics appears to work means that the following will happen:

      Le Pen’s party (and similar parties in the EU) will increase their percentage of public polling as a result of this attack. The centrist EU-skeptic parties will add/strengthen their platforms on the Schengen issue, calling for a re-institution of some border controls and limits on how many people can come into their countries, and as a result the EU-skeptic parties will win more support than Le Pen’s types of parties will. Le Pen is simply going to help move what Americans call “the Overton Window.” We’ve seen this ourselves this summer. No one in US politics was talking of serious border controls until Trump opened his campaign with the issue. Now, we have several candidates taking the border issue seriously, and in the last 24 hours, we have Cruz agreeing that there should be a wall built.

      As it is, once again, the Germans appear bound and determined to destroy Europe for the third time in a century. This time, they’ve simply outsourced the job.

      • Border control in the U.S. is quite useless as long as corrupt Business men know they will never be fined or jailed for luring illegal immigrants here for jobs. Business men use them as slave labor at below minimum wage and with no benefits, and no workers comp which saves them money when they get hurt. Businessmen pay corrupt Republicans to thwart immigration reform and Republicans love immigrants secretly because they pay millions into the Social Security fund which they are ineligible to apply for and the Republicans can spend the Social Security funds as fast as they come into the government coffers.

        As far as the immigration here is “My Take on it” and its based on historical facts not Xenophobia, not racial prejudice, not bigotry, or narrow mindedness , or religious fanaticism.

        Immigration since the days of the Roman Empire have proved they are always an asset to a country. Rome fell when in an economic crisis the corrupt Government needed scape goats so they did away with citizenship for immigrants which was the straw that broke the camels back and doomed the Roman Empire which had spent all its money on wars of rape, conquest and pillage (sound familiar, it should we have already went down the same exact road). That coupled with high unemployment because the rich had taken all the jobs from the people by buying up their land and running it with slave labor and then putting the people on guess what “Welfare”. Again sound familiar? We have already done the same thing by shipping all the manufacturing jobs overseas for the benefit of the filthy corrupt rich.

        Our lack of free education has doomed most American Children to a life of working part time at Wal-Mart, now shamefully the biggest and most corrupt employer of all the American people. The rest of the world most of which have smaller countries and less wealth easily afford higher education for their children and we have fallen farther and farther behind in the economic race because we do not provide the same free education for our children.

        I might add that after as little as one generation immigrant children lose their native language and much of their former customs. They intermarry with the indigenous people and adopt the host countries way of life. I might add that immigrants save more of their money, are far more likely to start a business and employ people to help them run it and they are far more likely to be a success at their business. This is historical fact in regards to immigrants settling in many countries all over the world not just the U.S.

  50. You are a mentally ill libertarian if you believe suicide bombers have a right to travel to any country they choose to. You are mentally ill if you believe it is racist for a nation to pick and choose who they let into their country.

    What books do you read that say murders can travel as they please using open borders?
    Are you going to say more people die in traffic accidents than homicide bombing attacks?

    You people in California, Colorado, and Washington state will need all that Marijuana intoxication you voted for in exchange for your firearms civil rights. France is considered weak by the enemy. That is why they were attacked.

  51. Police can do amazing things and with a great show of force after the slaughter is over. Makes me crazy to know the first cops to arrive had no guns. Inside, kids were fish in a barrel.

  52. CNN 6:30am Sat morning EST. Reporter said Nations are in denial that restrictive gun laws stop this kind of violence.

    WOW just WOW. Is there an award for her? For CNN?

  53. Not to change the subject, but let’s suppose these bad guys served 50 years in prison and were released. By then, hypothetically, France had our 2nd amendment including “shall not be infringed.” Who among you supports rearming felons? Anyone? Anyone? Let’s quit pretending that EVIL does not exist. EVIL people lose their rights because they have done wrong.

    • I won’t speak for all, but most are in favor of restoring 2A rights to non-violent felons after their “debt” to society has been repaid. If (1) society jails individuals for its own protection and (2) society can’t trust them with weapons once they are set free, then why are they set free? Nobody but terrorists are going to advocate setting these terrorists free -ever. Let France try them in a French court of law until they are found guilty (the French system of mis-justice) and let France execute them once found guilty. To hold these people up as the excuse for not restoring 2A rights to a man convicted of urinating behind a public building in the dead of night is a bit of strawman argument.

  54. It was an interesting contrast in the WSJ today. Front page story headline “Dozens Dead in Paris Attacks” (Actually around 10 Dozen). Inside is a Opinion piece that covers “The Rise of the College Crybullies” and the tactics used to force policy change in campuses across the country. Those same tactics are going to be used on the 2A (and all Constitutional protections) and in the end, will land the U.S. (as in us) in the same weakened position that France found itself in last night, the day of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Sad state of affairs.

    • Actually several white supremacists have been arrested planning to kill Blacks and they had stated they were going to do exactly that. Calling students crybullies hardly faces up to reality. Its real and the arrests proved it beyond any doubt.

  55. I think you might be missing the point. Read the paper and form an opinion on the contrast of the worlds events.

  56. It was a Paris Muslim that saved Jews during the Charlie Hebdo attack. He was awarded France’s highest honor award thereafter. What say you to this dear xenophobe.

    • Nice. And, sadly, statistically irrelevant. You’re citing one case to try to prove a generality. That doesn’t work, mathematically or logically.

      Since you wanted to bring up Hitler, let’s talk about Germans then. There were some Germans who shielded Jews, helped downed American and British airmen escape, etc.

      And then there was the majority of the Germans, who either participated in, or gave silent assent to the actions of the rest of Germans in WWII.

      To cast your example backwards in time: We Americans/British/French/Russians occupied Germany for years and years after WWII – despite the fact we were impressed with the actions of one Oskar Schindler. Why? Because Schindler was the exception, not the rule. Your guy is the exception, not the rule. You make policy for the rule, not the exception.

      One Muslim here or there acting heroically isn’t going to change the overall pattern of violence here by the whole of the Islamic world. This action in Paris is a replay of the attack on “soft targets” in Mumbai, India. Similar tactics, similar tools, similar body count.

      Want to study up on the violent history of Islam apart from the history of the Crusades and every other European issue that gets the modern left into a righteous froth?

      Go study the history of Muslim violence in India, in particular (ironically) around what is now called Mumbai. Muslim-Hindu violence and large body counts goes back to, oh, 636 AD. That’s when the Muslims first tried to attack the area around what is now Mumbai, and the Hindus repulsed them. And then it was a cycle of every few hundred years, it was a knock-down, savage battle to repel Muslim invaders. To this day, there are sometimes huge Hindu-Muslim riots in India, with death tolls in the hundreds to thousands. As one Indian co-worker told me after 9/11: “Welcome to our world. We’ve been dealing with these guys for over a thousand years.”

      I’ve studied Islam. I come about my opinions from reading their “holy texts,” and a lot of history. We Americans and westerners aren’t the only people who had had to deal with Muslim fanatics, and fanatical Muslim savagery isn’t anything new. It’s been going on for 1400 years, everywhere they go.

      • Ever hear the story of the guy just like you that was always pointing his finger at another race or religion. Turns out he happened to look down at his hand and he had 3 fingers pointed right back at himself. Christians have committed many horrific atrocities in the past as well as the present. Singling out one race or religion only shouts to the world how racist and prejudiced you are to the worlds peoples and religions. I could give you example after example of Christian slaughters and tortures but I do not want to put myself anywhere near your class of hatred, bigotry, prejudice and narrow mindedness. As Mark Twain once said, travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice and narrow mindedness. When you visit a country in peace time and bother to speak to the people and get to know them you find that they are human beings just like you are, not the savage maniacal beasts that you want to convince the world that they are compared to you who in your own mind is “The Master Race” and only your religion and race should be permitted to exist on this earth. The nut with the small mustache thought just like you do today.

  57. Interesting you brought up religion. I have no care about someones race, creed, or color. What I was referencing is the belief and 2A protection that EVERYONE has the RIGHT to personal protection. Seems like the good people of France could used a little protection of their own last night.You can call me a “xenophobe” and the great thing is you are protected by the 1A to say it. I also have the RIGHT to say that the tactics “Crybullies” (the WSJ author’s words not mine – wish I was that smart) is undermining the freedoms (see above) of our country. Soon those same tactics are going to be used to strip the FREEDOMS we do have so we have so we are stuck sitting (and being slaughtered) for 20 minutes while some finally has the chance to rescue us. And again when that person is finally able to get on scene I don’t think anyone will care about his/her race, color or creed. Because in the end, we are all equal some are more equal that others – allowed to be armed.

    • By the way my comments were not directed toward you, they got put in the wrong place as I was responding to the dys peptic Gunsmith and his Hitler ranting’s.

      • Hitler rantings?

        Riiiight. You’re obviously an advocate of bringing in hundreds of thousands more people who chant “Death to the Jews,” and I’m the guy who’s backing “Hitler?”

        Do you ever listen to yourself, or do you just start your day with three tabs of acid?

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